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False advertising

Marks & Spencer really knows which side their bread is buttered, that much is clear, and I’ll prove it in a minute…but do they really need to persist with the blatantly false advertising?? Why not just come out and be truthful? Show a little respect for the market. Stop trying to pass yourself off as a decidedly English retail outlet when none of the clothes you sell fit the image you’re pushing. The Tsim Sha Tsui, iSquare image above, is highly deceptive and clearly indicative of the kind of false advertising I’m talking about. Here’s what it should look like:


A more accurate portrayal of the type of apparel you’ll find in Hong Kong Marks & Spencer these days…totally fitting of the kinds of sausage fingered customers you’ll find ransacking shop racks like people who’ve never seen a striped shirt with collar before. Gimmee gimmee gimmee…must buy my weight in striped collared shirts before dusk!

Let’s check out what’s on offer from the London based retailer. As I’m sure you’ll agree, they sure do cater to the market…


How do you like your stripes? We have them horizontal.


By the way, do you like collars? Coz all our shirts have them.


…all kinds of stripes…all kinds of collars…


…more stripes with more collars…plus…JUST IN!!! NEW ARRIVAL!!!…designs that don’t mean anything and look like the kind of total shit your weird uncle wore to your grandmother’s funeral last year…


…did somebody say ‘stripes’??


…stripes and holy shit, are they dots??…with a stripe on the sleeves…and bold black collar…??? I’ll have 45 of them, please.


…Did I hear someone say ‘stripes’?? Oh, yessss we have stripes…what particular kind of stripe were you looking for??


It doesn’t matter…just as long as it has stripes…preferably horizontal…if it doesn’t have stripes make sure it’s got a collar…I want to fit in.


Stripey goodness


If the stripe fits wear it


Cripes! More stripes!


Got stripes?


There’s some things money can’t buy…for everything else there’s stripes.

Anyway, fuck, it’s just rack after rack after rack of mainland shirt. That’s all you can buy there now. I’m not complaining though. Marks & Spencer is an overpriced fashion fop hangout at the best of times. I just think their slick advertising should represent the mainland infested Hong Kong customer base they’re dealing with more accurately, that’s all.


Mainland Martin sports the latest in stripes from Marks & Spencer. Lookin’ good Martin!


Leroy Lau brags about his new Marks & Spencer shirt, featuring, to the envy of his friends, some kind of checked combo…with collar. Leroy won’t shut up about his 4 suitcases full of striped, collared shirts.


With a stripe/ collar combo, you’re in like Ling here. Go Ling, go.


Stripes, collars and 250 bags of whatever


Ok, I’m off to Marks & Spencer. See ya.



This post brought to you by ‘taking your cat for a walk on a leash’


The thing’s head was whipping and darting around in a skittish frenzy of alarm and fear. Every sound was a threat, everything that moved spelled danger.


But of course, the cruel and ignorant owner was oblivious to all of that. She’s just taking her cat for a walk. What?? What’s wrong with that? This is Hong Kong style, you know?!


HI I’M ON A TRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN YOU HEAR ME?????????????????? I’M ON A TRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






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92 Responses to Mainlanders & Spencer

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ha! This is a good one!

    I kid you not…

    I was went to the Tsuen Wan Marks & Spencer just the other day. Walked up to the second floor where the male clothing is. Boy, was I in for a surprise! The only stuff there I considered buying were some of the sleep wear items. Passed because a pair of sleeping trunks were nearly $250.


  2. Buck says:

    The Shatin flagship store of M and S has relocated and downsized. Now they don’t have food. Food is the only plus for M and S. What’s an M and S without food?

  3. Gweilo suck says:

    Good post Dudley, but now you’ll have to deal with the torrent of gweilo built up frustration with how Marks n Sparks just isn’t like old blighty.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Seriously fuck this place….

  5. Anonymous says:

    maybe the stripes on the shirts distract from the buck teeth?!

  6. Buck says:

    I’m just having fun knocking over all the Pokemon Go fuckwits. I shouldered four out of the way tonight. Cant wait to score more points tomorrow. Selfish cvnts.

  7. SS says:

    Gweilo rage in HK, what a cliche.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Dudley, just check out M&S on Urban Dictionary: “M&S sucks serious hobo dick there… clothing would be turned down by a man wearing only pants on a typical Alaskan day and… food well……let’s not go there.” M&S has been a symbol of suck hobo dick here in the UK for years. The only thing… errr… people who kept this retailer alive has been desperate housewives in their mid 40s and 50s. Perhaps Marc Bolland has already given the signal to his successor, Steve Rowe, that the saving grace to keep this name afloat might rely solely on their HK market, and the expansion of the sausage fingered customers. I have always loathed this suck shit retailer anyway. And as for their overpriced shitty food, I guess it’s still better than fishballs for the average HK expat.

  9. Big Mike says:

    It’s the only place in Hong Kong you can find large and tall sizes even if the styles tend to be on the bland side. If anyone else knows of anywhere in Hong Kong where you can buy half-decent off-the-rack large and tall I’m all ears.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Pokemon Go – as if HK needed another reason for local ‘tards to walk around staring at their phones oblivious to everyone and everything around them.

    Looks like we’ll need another chapter in the ‘Stupid People Should Not Be Allowed to Own Smartphones’ encyclopedia.

  11. Mainlander says:

    What do you hate the most about the streets of Hong Kong?

    A) Water dripping from Air Con
    B) Brolly poking at your eyes
    C) Second hand smoke
    D) Coughing at your head
    E) Loud talking
    F) Stupid smartphones users bumping into you as if you were not there
    G) Flyers slicing your arms
    H) Luggages running over your feet
    I) Stepping on feces

  12. Buck says:

    Definitely “F”. But it’s kinda fun knocking them like aside skittles too. Ironically, when I do so, they will gawk at me as if I have done something wrong.

    It feels so right. Encourage more Pokemon Go players, I say.

    I’ll add one more to your list: HKers walking along the footpath four or five abreast with their buddies, and not making any footpath space for people coming the other way. Again, well, I treat them like skittles. Striiiiike!

  13. Gweilo suck says:

    OK, Enough: I like so suck white snake and luck hairy white balls.

    I am sorry for my rudeness. I have been trying to come to terms with the fact that no white man will let me suck him, let aline want ti fuck my yellow ass. They are disgusted by me, and I am disgusted with myself.

  14. Gweilos Suck says:

    Truly impressive piece of imagination there – spoken from the heart!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Who the hell is Gwielos Suck…brother of Gweilo suck?

    The former just confessed to being ashamed of his urges and disgusted with himself…the later has a gay photo of half naked white dudes! Yellow wants white.

    This blog is hilarious!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Do laugh anon, both those guys fxxking lisers n perverts. First one us a weird troll, 2nd one hard for white dudes. Both fxxked in the head.

  17. Every one hates Hong Kong says:

    instead of “i hate hong kong”, this blog should be renamed to every one hates hong kong../

    Four in 10 Hongkongers want to leave city and 1 in 10 has plans underway, survey reveals

  18. Winnie Ho says:

    If foreigener leaves then girls left with half ‘men’ like the trolls on this blog. Hong Kong must make itself more better / less bad.

  19. Cat's Eye says:

    We could use a new post, Dudley.

  20. Buck says:

    Winnie has a good point. The last thing HK girls want is the guys with balls to leave.

  21. Gweilos Suck says:

    I think “trolls on this blog” refers to you, buck. Although it’s hard to decipher what Winnie is trying to say.

  22. Winnie Ho says:

    I was saying you a weirdo pervert. I think you creme egg half Chinese. Not real man in any race.

  23. Gweilos Suck says:

    Ok buck, wherever you say.

  24. Guilherme says: HK Sucks says:

    You’re a fucking asshole.

    We love reading your posts and you only release a post per semester.


  25. Anonymous says:

    Agreed with the French dude above me. I need a dose of HK hate before winter starts

  26. Arthur H Smith says:

    just found out there is a book called “Chinese Characteristics” written in 1890 by an American missionary.

    Much of what are depicted in this blog have already been reported more than 100 years ago…

    Click to access asmith.pdf

  27. Anonymous says:

    nice one Authur. I downloaded and stated reading today.

  28. Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics on Steroid says:

    Good book indeed.. here’s the table of content..

    (1) Face, (2) Economy,
    (3) Industry, (4) Politeness,
    (5) Disregard of Time, (6) Disregard of Accuracy,
    (7) Talent for Misunderstanding, (8) Talent for Indirection,
    (9) Flexible Inflexibility, (10) Intellectual Turbidity,
    (11) Absence of Nerves, (12) Contempt for Foreigners,
    (13) Absence of Public Spirit, (14) Conservatism,
    (15) Indifference to Comfort and Convenience, (16) Physical Vitality,
    (17) Patience and Perseverance, (18) Content and Cheerfulness,
    (19) Filial Piety, (20) Benevolence,
    (21) Absence of Sympathy, (22) Social Typhoons,
    (23) Mutual Responsibility and Respect for Law, (24) Mutual Suspicion,
    (25) Absence of Sincerity, (26) Polytheism, Pantheism, Atheism.

    My favourite 10 chapters are: (5), (6), (8), (10), (11), (12), (13), (21), (24) and (25)..

    Top three are (10, (21) and (24)..

  29. Anonymous says:

    WOW, great read and in history nothing has changed with these brainless charmless fools… so it wont now! Sad but true.

    I recommend the beach for sanity: 28c and warm sea but almost no littering locals because its December and ‘Only crazy guilios go beachy in November’

  30. Insanity on steroid says:

    snippet from page 82 of “Intellectual Turbidity”:

    A prominent example of intellectual turbidity is the prevalent habit of announcing as a reason for a fact, the fact itself. ” Why do you not put salt into bread-cakes ? ” you ask of a Chinese cook. ” We do not put salt into bread-cakes,” is the explanation. ” How is it that with so much and such beautiful ice in your city none of it is stored up for winter ? ” ” No, we do not store up ice for winter in our city.” If the Latin poet who observed, ” Happy is he who is able to know the reasons of things,” had lived in China, he might have modified his dictum so as to read, ” Unhappy is the man who essays to find out the reasons of things.”

  31. Anonymous says:

    ‘Because, actually this is the Hong Kong way’

    It won’t get any less ludicrious.

  32. Gweilo suck says:

    Most interesting to consider these chapters missing from the book, which would be needed if someone was going to write about white people:
    – Alcoholism and drug use
    – Child abuse and paedophilia
    – Violence and hooliganism
    – Unhealthy bland cuisine
    – Lack of respect of children for their parents, disfunctional families
    – mistreatment of elderly
    – Bad work ethic
    – Xenophobia and racism
    – Poor lifestyle choices that lead to obesity and disease
    – Low importance of education

  33. Gweilo suck says:

    The key is chapter 12, contempt of foreigners. Yup, the locals look down on you. You can be sure they have a million more reasons to do so. The problem for you gweilo is that you’re the visitor here, the tiny minority, the insignificant shit on the shoe of the average Hong Konger. Banding together in this sad little site doesn’t change it. You are idiots and a long way from home.

  34. Anon says:

    Back to your cell now Rurik, move along now.

  35. John F. Kennedy says:

    Chapter XIII, p 107, “Absence of Public Spirit”:

    A plantation negro who had heard the saying, ” Every man for himself, and God for us all,” failed to reproduce the precise shade of its thought in his own modified version, as follows, “Everyman for himself, and God for himself!” This new form of an old adage “contains in a nutshell the substance of the views of the average Chinese with regard to the powers that be. ” I, for my part, am obliged to look out for myself,” he seems to think, if indeed he bestows any thought whatever on the government, and “the government is old enough and strong enough to take care of itself without any help of mine.” The government, on the other hand, although patriarchal, is much more occupied in looking after the Patriarch, than in caring for the Patriarch’s family.

  36. Anonymous says:

    They are fighting and rioting to try and cling onto British values and rights. Back in the 70s they were trying to kick the British out…putting razor blades on kids slides, spitting at people and even planting bombs. Deluded fools.

    Can you imagine if HK was allowed to self govern and ditched English law! Perhaps that ass licking troll pervert could be Prime Minister! It would be a failed state in months.

  37. Make Hong Kong Great Again! says:

    Hatred and bigotry can win.

    Dudley, do you plan on running for the Chief Executive in 2017?

  38. Gweilo suck says:

    Yeah the stupid gweilo elected a retard to lead them. Nuff said.

  39. Anon says:

    Well its more than a disenfranchised cockwomble from HK like you can do.

    You’d need a heart of stone not to laugh

  40. Gweilo suck says:

    Admittedly my 25 year old fuck friend (local) doesn’t have a clue who Trump is.

  41. Anon says:

    Very nice Rurik. Can you find something on female infanticide in poor Chinese and the comparable rate with girls from white working class backgrounds?

    Never mind I’ll do it for you and its a better source that a tabloid rag in the UK

    Click to access InfanticideChina.pdf

    Heres a copy and paste from another source

    Infanticide in China

    Chinese girls are twice as likely to die in their first year of life as boys.[i]

    The death rate of girls in their first year of life is up to three times higher in rural areas than in urban areas.[ii]

    The risk of death is three times higher for second girls than first girls.[iii]

    Second girls are more than twice as likely to die in their first week after birth as boys.[iv]

    95% of abandoned children in rural areas live outside of state-controlled orphanages.[v]

    Fewer than half of China’s orphans receive government subsidies.[vi]

    Parents who remarry have been known to abandon their child so they can have a new child with their new spouse.[vii]

    In 1995, the Chinese government reported that there were 40,000 orphanages.[viii]

    In 2009, Americans adopted more orphans from China than in any other country, totaling 3001 adoptions.[ix]

    In 2011, the most recent year for which data is available, Americans adopted 2587 children from China.[x]

    A total of 24,635 Chinese mainland children were adopted in 2012. Eighty-seven percent were adopted by parents from the mainland, while the remaining 3,311 children were adopted by overseas parents.[xi]

    Around 74 percent of Chinese mainland children adopted by overseas parents in 2012 were disabled or older children.[xii]

    China and Chinese people, a hopeless case?

  42. Gweilo suck says:

    Yadayada, I fucked two locals in the time it took you to come up with that. And still it’s YOUR standards you use to judge, as if they’re the only ones that matter. The example I gave is of English people failing in a system that they created, while Chinese excel in it.

    You think that you are on the moral high ground and you may be right. Have fun with that feeling. You live in a place where that has no value. So fuck off home.

  43. Anonymous says:

    infanticide in China??? I heard there is a government ministry in China who is responsible for arresting pregnant women and forcing them to have abortions.

    There are many cities, towns and villages where no one has any siblings…

  44. Anon says:

    GS aka Rurik
    Want’s to be a westerner, even pretends to be white, but doesn’t know how’to act like one.

  45. Anon says:

    if you bragged about shagging westerners instead of fish heads you might gain more street cried, at least amongst the more gullible.

  46. Gweilo suck says:

    I’m white, but why is your English so bad?

  47. Anon says:

    Jet lag and you aren’t white, you can’t prove it in any case so what’s the point in harping on about it all the time? Fucking cockwomble.

  48. Gweilo suck says:

    You are the only one harping on about it, you racist prick.

  49. Anon says:

    You’ve made similar comments on here loads of times. Pot calling the kettle black.

  50. Anonymous says:

    here Gweilo Suck,

    I think there are a few things u need to understand about MILF in Wah Fu:

    (1) One in three in Hong Kong suffer from some sort of mental illness in Hong Kong.

    (2) Women are 40% more likely than men to suffer mental illnesses.

    (3) Those living in public housing estate in Hong Kong have far higher chances of having mental illnesses than the general population.

    (4) A MILF Chinese woman who invites a gweilo (or self-professed gweilo) to have sex with her at her own home is ipso facto insane. A woman who her own husband and other local men do not want to near is just another indication.

    Mental illness can be contagious, you know..

  51. Gweilo suck says:

    Ah nice to see you again, nameless guy who needs other men to validate the women he chooses.

    You only posted 2 facts, one of which is not applicable to hk. I know you’re desperately searching for a reason to not feel jealous. But I’m sorry, she’s just an average hk woman with a job and kids who just loves seeing me and getting fucked.

  52. Gweilo suck says:

    On and by the way, she left her husband, not the other way round. Would you also like to hear about my 25 year old lover? She has a master’s and a steady boyfriend who she’s going to marry. She also loves fucking me. Have a nice life.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Lying fantasist pervert

  54. Gweilo suck says:

    Truth is stranger than fiction, my friend. Go read my blog, you can’t make this shit up.

  55. Anonymous says:

    so your 25-year-old “lover” is a highly intelligent pathological liar.

    let me guess, you are planning to have a threesome with the MILF and your “lover”, right?

    Better yet, you can have a foursome: you, the MILF, your “lover” and her future husband!!!

    sounds like a party there..

  56. Gweilo suck says:

    Sure, you want to join? Na neither of them are into that, sorry.

  57. Pandokie says:

    Stumbled on your blog while browsing biased HK protest news. You’re hilarious; keep on writing.

  58. Buck says:

    There is no problem finding the gate for HK flights, I’ve noticed. It’s the one with the noisiest people.

    Just sayin.

  59. Gweilo suck says:

    Yup, that’s the flight to Manila.
    As for the ugliest and fastest people, that’s either to UK or London.

  60. Buck says:

    You’re showing a bit of Chinglish there, GS.

    Lived in the west, but can’t be a westerner……

  61. Anonymous says:

    Gweilo suck says:
    November 8, 2016 at 9:17 pm

    “Most interesting to consider these chapters missing from the book, which would be needed if someone was going to write about white people:
    – Alcoholism and drug use (veru easy to spot in Tsim Sha Tsui – and from fucking locals, not gweilos!)
    – Child abuse and paedophilia (No comments… it’s all very hidden from sight, that’s all)
    – Violence and hooliganism (Just try to walk “normally” on the MTR, or Mong Kok, and you will have a taste of that)
    – Unhealthy bland cuisine (OHHHH YEAH! Not going to mention the lovely and traditional cha chaan teng! Absolutely FIRST CLASS SHIT!)
    – Lack of respect of children for their parents, disfunctional families (NO! Not in Hong Kong! Children will have to commit suicide before that!)
    – mistreatment of elderly (Noooo! Of course not! They’re just left to rot in “lovely” housing estates)
    – Bad work ethic (Yep… Lovely work ethics in Hong Kong…)
    – Xenophobia and racism (Fucking yeah, no racism and prejudice in Hong Kong… if you say no, go fuck yourself!)
    – Poor lifestyle choices that lead to ‘obesity’ and disease (shitty greasy, horrible food, cooked in the most appalling conditions, but the locals LOOOOVE IT!)
    – Low importance of education (or I would say high importance of all things education in the hands of self-important scumbags, which is actually worse)”

    WHOA!!!!! You’re just describing the exact social fabric of Hong Kong, you hypocritical arsehole! Smell your own fucking arse before complaining about the smell of others.

  62. tony m says:

    My heart sinks when groups of Chinese people head my way if I am say, in restaurant / bar / beach / airport…trying for persinal space for me and my family.

    I know I have to move to escape the non stop, rude, stupid dirge of their vile ranting.

  63. tony m says:

    The world should build a wall around China and stop all visas. The Chinese used to do this themselves pretty much, shame they opened up and polluted the world.

  64. Anonymous says:

    these fuckers have no conscience, and they don’t fucking care about anything or anyone but themselves.

    the best part: they don’t feel any guilt or shame about it.

  65. HK Mall Island says:

    I remember while in Vietnam on holidays, we had a family of HKer seating next to us. They were so fucking rude with the staff, ordered a hundred meals and were eating like pigs, not pigs actually but more like the Nazgul in LOTR. I remember the father was going for a pee when he saw the meal coming, instead of going for a pee he ran back to the table to feast like a horrible animal he was. I remember the look of disgust on the waiter’s face, he even told me after they were gone he was glad they left. GS is the exact representation of the HK cunt, so bitter with life he would act as a Gweilo and post on this website all the time. HK is a fucked up place, and I’m glad I have the option to leave it when I want. Fuck HKer, bunch of horrible cuntish selfish racist cunts. Can’t fend for themselves anywhere else without their helpers.

  66. Gweilo suck says:

    Guess you’ve never been to a Las Vegas buffet. As for “the look of disgust”, how does that feel directed to you daily? Sucks to be you.

  67. Abdul the bull says:

    I just posted:


    I must add: I have spent time in HK…don’s like the people much!!

  68. Anonymous says:

    “GS is the exact representation of the HK cunt, so bitter with life he would act as a Gweilo and post on this website all the time”.

    I will say that again.

    I saw him thanking Dudley for making this website. He calls this home.

  69. HK Mall Island says:

    once again GS displaying his lack of English skills. You don’t understand you have no culture, you have never been a country. You are hated by every normal human being, bunch of racist mofo without any hint of culture. Ever see anyone read a book in HK? No because that would cause their brain to work

  70. Anonymous says:

    seriously, why is everyone so bad to one another in Hong Kong? why? it doesn’t make sense…

  71. Buck says:

    I think they are all just so dreadfully unhappy. Unhappy is what sums up HK. Unhappy with their work hours, unhappy with their housing, unhappy with their health system, unhappy with their education system. That unhappiness is obvious for all to see. Just look at Mr and Mrs Wong on the street each day. Mr and Mrs Unhappy.

    I heard one of the CE candidates on TV today (I don’t know which of the tossers it was) saying that top of his agenda is housing, education, healthcare, and care for the elderly.
    Mmmm HELLO that was the same platform that Tung Chee Wah had back at the handover. Twenty years ago. It’s SHAMEFUL. As a poster said earlier, HK brags about having one the world’s highest fiscal reserves. Yes indeed, of course! It is because the Government either doesn’t spend enough money, or money in the wrong direction, on housing, education, healthcare, and care for the elderly.

    I’ve saved enough. I’m on the next train out of here.

  72. Dystopian Chan says:

    Not just Mr and Mrs Wong.. but the kids and the elderly…

    Believe me, someone much worst than CY Leung will take over in a few months. Much much worst.

    Run now. Just run.

  73. Buck says:

    The ones I genuinely feel sorry for are those with no options. Those who have to stay. Poor buggers.

  74. Anonymous says:

    I really feel sorry for the kids. 90% of them have no siblings. Beside school and tutoring, they spent most of the their time with a foreign helper, their grandparents or a “smart” phone.

    And because of “face”, everyone pretends everything is fine.

    Hong Kong Sucks.

  75. James says:

    Anonymous says:
    December 10, 2016 at 2:28 pm
    “seriously, why is everyone so bad to one another in Hong Kong? why? it doesn’t make sense…”

    Do you know what Dystopian mean? Try reading George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”, Dystopias are characterized by dehumanization, environmental disaster or other characteristics associated with a cataclysmic decline in society. People in Hong Kong are so bad to one another because they have been dehumanized, and remain so no matter what. They don’t give a rat’s ass if the whole society collapses because they think that their money (and only money) will buy their way individually and ahead or everyone else. Hong Kong has passed the edge of the abyss and is now in free fall, swirling all the way into hell. The mockery is that they proudly display their dehumanization behind the smoke screen of a “culture”. Culture which they “borrowed” from the West, and yet don’t fully understand, or let alone respect. They also hate their mainland Chinese counterparts, and yet do not accept that they are just the same vicious kind. They don’t even know who they are (nor Chinese or Westerns, neither Henderson or Huong) and yet use their “Chinese” identity to justify their own dejection as people.

  76. Abdul the bull says:

    The city is a buzz kill.

  77. Dystopian Chan says:

    Hong Kong is indeed a textbook dystopia:

    1. Politics

    Someone much worst than CY Leung will be appointed by Xi Jinping to be Chief Executive in a few months.

    2. Economics

    No. 1 in Crony Capitalism in the world and the most ruthless dog-eat-dog cut-throat laissez faire economic system ever known to man. Laissez faire is just French for “no one gives a fuck”.

    3. Family

    Lowest birthrate in the world. The real estate developers are now selling coffin-sized “home” for the family. In the West, even cats and dogs have better living conditions.

    4. Religion

    The only religion here is MONEY.

    5. Identity

    Xi Jinping will suppress any independence movement in Hong Kong and Taiwan. He is now preparing for a military confrontation with Donald Trump.

    The next Chief Executive will fire real bullets into a crowd.

    6. Technology

    Hong Kong has the highest broadband penetration rate and smartphone usage in the world. People here actually thinks dehumanization is a good thing.

  78. HK hole says:

    Good luck Buck and safe travels. Well done for reaming this dirt box of money and getting out.

  79. Cat's Eye says:

    The police don’t police
    The estate managers don’t manage (oh, wait, they put up meaningless signs)
    The estate security guards don’t secure (oh, wait, they put up meaningless signs and secure Christmas decorations)
    The government doesn’t govern

    The only things that are real: noise pollution, air pollution, corruption and inconsiderate clods. In Discovery Bay especially, I’ve noticed that some of the Westerners, who are so quick to loathe this cesspool, have morphed into the same pigs they detest.

    Yes, I take full responsibility and blame for agreeing to come here 5+ years ago. There is an end in sight (I don’t know when) but I thank my lucky stars I don’t have to stay here permanently.

    And, yes, I have met some extremely decent people here both Asian and Western, but overall this place is a living and breathing nightmare; an assault on the senses.

  80. Anonymous says:

    No money for schools and teachers or hospitals and doctors but apparently unlimited funds for vanity projects like the Macau-Zhuhai Bridge that no one will use, high speed rail to nowhere, the unnecessary third runway, etc.

    Buses and MTR trains packed far beyond any reasonable degree, and the govt does nothing to improve even this simple quality of life issue – in fact it is busy importing mainlanders to further reduce quality of life. And the locals tolerate all of it, so it will never change.

    Another HK blogger wrote a book called ‘We Deserve Better’. Anyone who has spent any amount of time here knows the response to that is ‘No You Don’t’.

  81. Anonymous says:

    To the above commenter, China doesn’t give a shit about how hong kongers feel. It’s the knowledge that things won’t get done even if they complain which gives rise to their apathy.

  82. Buck says:

    Cat’s eye summed it up nicely. If I may, let me add “noise pollution” to the cesspool you describe.

    So where is GS? Where’s the full force? Has he been KO’ed by the hubby of the MILF in WF?

  83. Buck says:

    I mean, “light pollution”.

  84. What a place says:

    if I may add to Cat’s Eye’s list:

    customer service do not serve customers;
    teachers do not teach
    parents do not parent
    lovers do not love

  85. Buck says:

    huh? Lovers DO love. Havent you been around on Valentine’s day, when the girls carry their conspicuous, obligatory, bunch of 40 red roses?

    HK: the capital of Cheeseness.

  86. Buck says:

    I’d really like to know what women think about adult men who walk around the crowded streets of HK with their head down glued to a Pokemon or Candycrush screen. GS, what do you think?

  87. ‘GS’ has been banned because every time he posts, 30 morons chime in with an avalanche of inane repetitive posts about his sexual habits. It’s boring as fuck.

  88. Anon says:

    Thank god for that, the creep was an attention junkie. Must admit I took a break from visiting this blog for over a month due to it. It’s nice to have it back to the way it was before.

  89. Anonymous says:

    I love your blog!

  90. As a whole says:

    Found the below when googling “differences between Chinese and Japanese women”
    Japanese women vs. Chinese women: A little mean, but makes some good points!
    Japanese women often teach their children to bravely fight the forces of evil, and even if they lose, it is still infinitely glorious, the highest honor.
    Chinese women often teach their children that when they encounter the forces of evil they must be good at hiding/running away/avoiding. They say that God will punish them [the forces of evil].
    Japanese women believe Japan is the world’s greatest country.
    Chinese women usually believe that the moon may be rounder abroad [“the grass is greener”].
    Japanese women usually believe marrying foreigners is a kind of disgrace.
    Chinese women usually feel that marrying foreigners is a kind of infinite glory.
    Japanese women are normally lady-like, but dirty in bed.
    Many Chinese women are lady-like in bed, but dirty out of bed.
    Most Japanese women abide by the rules of a woman, supporting her husband, raising her children, dutifully.
    China is the world’s number one country for one-night stands and extramarital affairs.
    Japanese women are almost all very filial, seeing their mother-in-law as their own mother.
    Most Chinese women are all too eager for their mother-in-law to quickly die.
    Japanese wives treat their husbands with encouragement and concern. Returning home late at night exhausted at the end of a day, the wife will say “you’ve had a tough day.”
    Chinese wives treat their husbands with complaints and scolding. Returning home late at night exhausted at the end of a day, the wife will roar “where the hell did you go this time?”
    Most young Japanese girls will find a man who is around their age to marry, and make a life with him together.
    Young Chinese girls always find a wealthy “old” man, and don’t mind even being his Nth mistress/wife.
    Japanese mothers teach their daughters to look after their husbands, and diligently be filial to her parents-in-law.
    Chinese mothers teach their daughters that they must keep firm control of all the man’s assets.
    Japanese women can tolerate men without money [poor men], but definitely cannot tolerate cowardly and weak men.
    Chinese women can tolerate cowardly and weak men, but definitely cannot tolerate men without money.
    Japanese women see manly men as the most charming men.
    Chinese women see manly men as male chauvinists.
    Most Japanese women are very lenient towards men’s infidelity.
    Most Chinese women are very lenient towards their own infidelity.
    Japanese women almost never say bad things about Japanese men in public or in the media.
    Chinese women always loudly curse and mock Chinese men on various media.
    The first words of Japanese women on their wedding night is: “If I do not look after/service you well tonight, please be forgiving.”
    The first words of Chinese women on their wedding night is: “Hurry and see how much money was received today.”

  91. Wang On Chin says:

    Excellent and interesting. Lucky Jap men: undeserving paranoid weaklings whose women think they are tough and deserve servicing in bed.

    Before the tolls come: I know what I am talking about.

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