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The Fairwood Feedbag

2011 AGM Chairman Report . The Fairwood Feedbag chain has been speed feeding exhausted but fast moving Hong Kongers since the first site opened in beautiful downtown Tsuen Wan in 1972. There’s now more than 100 locations littered around Hong … Continue reading

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Hong Kong Video Highlights 1-7

Clip 1: Bring it home baby…on a mission for some shittin’ . Clip 2: The great fruit grab…the kind of pandemonium I could watch all day… . Clip 3: Don’t get up gentlemen…I think I can make it to Mong … Continue reading

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Sick as a dog…

There’s days you wake up and think hmm I don’t know if I can  shoulder-barge and body-check my way through this depressingly loud and aggressive, blunt and selfish, unrelenting and uncompromising, dog eat dog internationally famous mega city today…I’m starting … Continue reading

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Textbook Canine Toileting

At some point, everyone’s issued a dog in Hong Kong. Which is a good thing because Hong Kong people are incredible lovers of nature. They’re mad for it. Nothing can make a 19th floor, 400 square foot unit feel more … Continue reading

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Hong Kong Summer

Well it’s getting hot in Hong Kong. Damn hot. The full force of summer is just about here and that means chicks with short skirts…and dudes with their shirts pulled up under their armpits. In Hong Kong…summer’s like a sauna…a … Continue reading

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I Hate You Park ‘n Shop

…PARK ‘N SHOP MASSACRE If ever there’s going to be a place where a man goes bezerk with guns in Hong Kong and mows down 60 people before turning the gun on himself…it’s going to be in Park ‘n Shop. … Continue reading

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