There’s a shit load of shit things happening in the world so don’t take this site seriously. This site is for idiots like me who enjoy sinking the boot into the kinds of inconsistencies and annoyances that people who aren’t idiots are oblivious to.

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  1. Iago says:

    Been reading through your blog – top stuff!

    I’ve never understood why people don’t mention all this shite before recommending you come and live here. FFS.

  2. Thanks Iago…glad you like it! I sure didn’t know about any of this stuff either. Especially the volume…issues

  3. Anonymous says:

    I just moved to Hong Kong and came across your site. This is really funny shit. I’ve noticed a lot of the same stupid shit, elevators, santation, slow grocery store tellers, loud morons, assholes on nathan avenue (how could you miss them). It’s great to know that I am not the only one–keep it up. Have you noticed how there is no where to sit, plastic film to keep elevator buttons “sanitary” and, of course, everything is stupid expensive (22″ Pizza for USD$39.00). I ask myself daily what have I done.

  4. gowron says:

    I’ll tell you where we all went wrong….. We saw some stupid movie, or TV miniseries that overated Hong Kong as some magical expat port, where romance and wealth are abound, and we’d all end up as Moguls of what ever business we’re in, like James Carvelle said in that stupid poltical-romance “Taipan”. We though that this would be be a paradise of palm trees beach bungalows, like they have in Thailand or the Pinoys, instead of stupid dick shaped tombstone like mosleums lifeless like the soul of Hong Kong, like Vanfuckover (Vancouver’s Cole Harbour). And each time we look at these buildings, we wonder Gee what would it be like to jump from them. (They seem to make alot of movies like this).

    Except I’m on beautiful Lamma Island, yea beautiful in a mutant radioactive roach, infested open sewer reek mosquito swampy…… Gahhhh Fuck Hong Kong, Fuck Szhechen, Fuck Shanghai, Fuck Cangzhou, Fuck Zhuhai, Fuck Lamma. Why in the hell did I come to this place that resembles all 9 levels of buddhist hell AND CATHOLIC HELL?

  5. John says:

    Attention: Dudley Dawson and all posters: The fact that you guys are living and working in Hong Kong, having come from Western countries on work visas/ inter-company transferee visas, attests that you are supposedly well-educated, well-adjusted, well-spoken, middle class professionals. However, this website, and the people who have posted comments, resemble something that would come from high-school dropouts on pot, seriously. What the heck you guys are doing, living and working in Hong Kong, east Asia is absolutely beyond me. Granted, we live in an imperfect world, but c’mon, grow up. Folks, kindly stop living on your expired 3-month visa free dreamworld in HK(presumably a intial 2- day pit stop after coming from Thailand), start acting your age, stop thinking you can nab a Chinese mail-order bride here, and get a grip with reality. Kindly pack up, grab your passport, and head to the airport and to the ‘real world’, as you guys are obviously not living it here in the far East. I hate to be so blunt, but seriously now.

  6. John says:

    To Dudley and all Posters; In summarization of the above:
    GROW UP, start acting your age and education level, stop overstaying your visa-free permit, leave HK, and GET a life. Sure, our world isn’t perfect, but this is website is Middle-school stuff. Word.

  7. K-man says:

    @ John

    I am sure some of us chose to come here, some of us got relocated because of our job, some I am are as you say overstaying their visa, and I am sure there are others, but since I am acting like a middle-school kid, my attention to detail is not that great. Also, have you not heard the volume of the people here… why would I want mail order bride who has that loud, grating tone in her voice???

    I have travelled, and lived in various countries,and yes, there are annoyances in all of them, I will even criticize my home country. Do you ever hang out with friends and bitch about work, politics, religion, sports the press etc??? How is this any different? it is a way to vent frustrations.

    For people who are thinking about coming here, I little taste at what to expect to help get past the 4-day stopover paradise syndrome that people have of the city. If you are all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed about Hong Kong, good for you, I applaud you, I am happy for you… there ARE places here where you can isolate yourself from what us ‘high school drop outs on pot’ are saying, but staying locked in a room all day is not my idea of fun, so I do go out, I do interact with the locals, and I do see the shite that is all around. Perhaps you should visit for a while, take off the blinders you must have on and watch the day to day happenings of the people in this city, then perhaps you can appreciate this blog and perhaps understand why people like me comment on it… We have a grip on reality!

    Also, thanks for summarising you first post with your second… due to our low education levels, we couldn’t understand what you meant in the first one…

  8. Anonymous says:

    Some people were born here. Good thing you love the place that is your home.

  9. AnonyMoose says:

    This is some funny shit you’ve got here. Very true cultural observations – you’re entitled to love them or hate them, and obviously you’ve chosen the latter.

    Anyhow, good entertainment for an hour or so. Thanks.

  10. fucking idiot man says:

    john is a dick

  11. Frankie says:

    Yep. I’m not a high school dropout on pot. Although, I do kinda miss smoking pot 🙂 I came to HK for a good job offer and I was one of those starry-eyed people who had only been here before on a 4 day visit. but visiting Hong Kong and living here are 2 completely different things as I’ve managed to find out the hard way. Personally, I wish I was here overstaying a visa. That way, I might be able to get myself deported and get a free flight home! I’m just spending the next month or two undoing my move over here and that’s it for me. I’m happy I found this website since it’s nice to see other people share the same viewpoint I do

  12. OCtopus says:

    How did I end up in this rubbish dump of a website? The stuff here is so inane and exaggerated it’s not even funny. Stream of consciousness spewing does not equal writing skills.

  13. heeeheeehhee hoo hooohooo haaaa haaa haw haw heee heeee heeeeeeeee

  14. Atlanta says:

    Funny. I just came back to the US from HK and have never experienced a cleaner mass transit system. If you guys think HK is bad you should try the train and bus system in Atlanta, Ga. The shit here is still from the 70’s and you’ll be lucky not to get mugged by the homeless and thugs in the trains. All the trains, buses, and station platforms smell like urine. HK is heaven compared to US cities. And the last time I checked, leaving HK is as easy as coming in. So of you people don’t like HK, you should really consider going home.

  15. Noise pollution is a form of filth, Atlanta…if that is your real name…

    It doesn’t matter how clean a train is when sheer volume makes it a horribly polluted and detestable trip

    Leaving or coming in to HK is never easy…when you are surrounded by Hong Kong tourists.

    How you could possibly think that’s an easy travel is beyond me.

    I think you’re making a few schoolboy errors here.

  16. This is the funniest blog I have ever seen.

    And true, it’s so so true!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Just pissed myself laughing. I can identify with your observations of HK life. My pet hate is sidewalk etiquette whereupon you must make way for the crowd tsunami coming the opposite direction. Usually on the walkway to the central ferry or MTR. After 2 years here i’ve learnt politeness is for the weak. Now I just to plough straight through them!

  18. Anonymous says:

    This blog is possibly the funniest thing I have ever read… maybe you have to live in Hong Kong to fully appreciate it but believe me… its spot on.

    My wife told me to read it, why she was googling “I hate Hong Kong” I don’t know! Actually who am I kidding of course I know, it’s because Hong Kong is living hell. But worse than that is Discovery Bay – a soulless depressing excuse for a town, every day is like groundho day. What sort of hell hole did ex-pats who actually enjoy living in ‘disco bay’ come from? Iraq? Afghanistan? And don’t get me started on golf carts what kind of douche bag would pay HK$2 million for a fucking golf cart? What fucking planet do these people come from? Do they seriously have that much money?

    A little tip to any would be Hong Kongers… don’t be seduced by a 4 day business trip then decide to move your wife and baby to Hong Kong – that business trip that fluttered its eyes and seduced you turns out to be a filthy STD ridden whore bag who will bleed you dry of money!

  19. Steve R says:

    Love it.. after 7 years in Hong Kong I just want to kill them all.
    It’s such a disgusting environment filled with filthy dirty people.
    Great Blog.

  20. godwine says:

    Great site, glad that google search worked. I was born there myself, but moved to Japan and subsequently Canada at a young age. Can’t stand anything about HK at all. People who live there are retards who refuse to admit that there is a bigger and better world out there.

    If given a choice, I will never go back there ever……

  21. ninetieskid says:

    Honestly people, do your research before settling in another country. Travelling to one is evidently much more different than actually living in one. HK is extremely claustrophobic, and, can be a major culture-shock for some. I would say the same for Tokyo, and Seoul. Pretty much every Asian city? Although it must be said, HKers aren’t the friendliest bunch.
    I agree with the aspect that women in HK are too materialistic and pretty much only look towards wealth, BUT that is certainly not true for everyone. I am a local HKer (left HK after junior school) and still don’t understand the HK psyche properly, perhaps, one would say it is because I don’t really live there anymore. Can’t say I miss it terribly.
    HK isn’t multi-cultural as some claim it to be. It should probably learn to be.

  22. lamma island? says:

    any thoughts on living in lamma island? i’m planning to live there for a month or two. seriously reconsidering hong kong after reading this blog.

  23. I wouldn’t take this blog too seriously. For every one person who agrees with all this there are fistfuls who think HK is just peachy. Lamma Island has a big fancy expat community who think their own shit doesn’t stink…or so I’ve heard. You can probably handle it for a month or two.

  24. lamma island? says:

    thanks dudley. will check it out.

  25. oil says:

    you have a lot of first world problem going on there

  26. Anonymous says:

    What makes you think anyone wants you here, or cares what you think about one of the best cities in the world? You ignorant fucks – go home!

  27. Blah blah blah…you’re an idiot

  28. Anonymous says:

    I agree and have experienced most of the things blogged on this website, and dread hong kong for all the same reasons! just out of curiosity, are visitors here mostly expats or are there actually local hong kongese who agree with the stories here?

    I was born in hk but grew up in the states

  29. Anonymous says:

    This blog made my day, thank you!

    Before I left Australia tell anyone you’re going to HK and they fawn ooohh you’ll love it, such a wonderful place. Speak to any of the cashed up idiot expats in the bars here and they tell you how much of an amazzzzzing place it is and they wish they could stay forever. Even my boyfriend, who’s based here for work loves it and questions, cant you feel the energy, the vibe of the place? Err sorry guy, no!

    I was beginning to wonder what was wrong with me, what am i missing here? Ok, i admit I googled I hate Hong Kong and found this little gem of a blog, the answer to my question – there is no beauty in HK, the absolute unfriendliness of the people here, spit lined streets, polluted island beaches littered with rubbish. It seems if you aren’t obsessed with making money or here to shop then this country has nothing to offer.

    I’m here for two months, been here am month and i’m counting down the days.

  30. LovelyShades says:

    dude i love your blog! especially the sh!t u say about HK – it’s all so true! i’m glad someone notices a problem with those umbrellas and the pushiness and the conceitedness.

  31. DRCM says:

    You could argue that a lot of the criticisms of HK are objective ( and funny as hell if you didn’t have to experience them for 4 years like me ). I mean hell, maybe living in one of the most densely populated, expensive, full of rude fucks cities in the world is your thing, BUT one thing that is not objective/subjective is the pollution. That is some real scary shit right there that many head up their arse expats choose to ignore in the quest for the most important thing ( by polling HKers btw ) in HK, Money ! 1 in 7000 people will die from diseases directly caused by pollution each year, 10s of 1000s more will suffer a poor quality of life through ill health, and like smoking related diseases, many more will not live as long as they should ( don’t believe the HK life expectancy bullshit, the pollution has only been real bad for just over a decade, let’s see how much they’re bragging in another 10 years ). Any one planning on moving to HK do your research !! It’s all there on the net, if you hate your kids, then by all means move there, if you have 2 kids there’s a great chance one of them will develope asthma and anyway they’ll turn out extremely well adjusted hanging out with other 6 year olds with iPads, iPhones and a Phillipina helper to wipe their arse, whilst all the while being brought up in a city that considers ( yes by public poll ) money more important than health.
    Having said all that, if it wasn’t for the pollution I could seriously and happily have shards of glass inserted into the eye of my cock rather than move back to that syphilis ridden shithole.

  32. I hate Hong Kongers as well–for different reasons. But I hate whiny spoiled white trash filth like you guys even more.

  33. DRCM says:

    Rather be white trash than yellow trash , LMFAO 🙂

  34. timothy says:

    I am a local Hong longer, have been brought up here until my 20. Not until I went to the State did I realize that there is a much much more wonderful place in this world. I mean Hong Kong is hell. This city is a shithole with the longest working hours, most demanding and merciless boss, a fuck up autocratic yet idiotic government who will only answer to its Communist overlord in Beijing, extreme noise and air pollution, hostile rude and materialistic population, the highest rich poor gap among the developed world and the most tiny living space ( guys, think about the space you got in the mtr and your home! you are fucking like living in fucking squeezed up can of tunra ). Seriously if I can’t get back to the state I would rather live in some so called developing countries like Thailand rather than this so called highly developed shithole.

  35. DRCM says:

    Good on you for getting out Timothy and for seeing HK for what it really is, a worn out, arrogant, rude, smoky old whore

  36. The main thing is you’re full of hate Nishi (several posts above)…you should be proud of that

  37. Stacy says:

    Hi! I just like to start of by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. I was in HK for an exchange semester last year, and noticed that a lot of the seniors there (like, over the age of 50+) are very arrogant. For example, while walking down the streets, they expect people to walk around them; the expect you to let them cut in line while waiting for a bus or in a store; they don’t say excuse me when they try to squeeze by you. I know that it’s normal to bump into people and stuff on the streets, but I just find that the people past their 50s give off this arrogance sort-of vibe. Even the grandma’s and grandpa’s there are like that. Do you notice it?

  38. What do you mean do I?

  39. kk says:

    Fuck you racist you are suck. Who are you huh? are u qualified to say anything about hk people? how could you judge a city on this way with this rubbish blog. you are definitely jobless man. if u got nothing to do in your life then end it. you idiot.

  40. timothy says:

    Hey, KK fucker, that’s straight fact fucker! It is only asshole and ignorant piece of shit like u who can’t accept the fact. Go around the world and take a look see how awful this dirty city is. Yes this city is a sinful smoky whore. Everyone just for themselves and money, nothing else. No moral ,aspiration, and noble idea. Girl sell their body to the rich, man sell their ideal, dream, aspirations, youth for money and a fucking tiny apartment.. Fuck Hong Kong!

  41. Anonymous says:

    You guys are funny, just go back wherever you think is better. Moaning around like sissies how embarassing. I like HK, I dislike the pollution and some other things but I am here because I like it. One of the things I do not like actually is stupid Anglosaxons like you guys who think London is better or NYC, I’ve been living in both, get over it, it’s not. The chinese are nice people but you might be to occupied with your own crap. Just go home retards¨

  42. I don’t think anywhere is better…or worse…everything just is

  43. HarveySpecter says:

    This is the funniest shit I’ve read. I moved here 1 month ago. Packed my bags and moved thinking I could make it here. I had big dreams and aspirations. I wanted to leave after the first 4 days. And I regret not doing it. To fuck with Hong Kong and the dumb fucks that live here. I have never seen so many stupid and ignorant people in one place. I don’t understand how Hong Kong became the finance center of Asia. It must be the westerners and their creative, methodical and problem solving minds that lead the herd of retards to stardom. On my second day, I met an American (lived here for 5+ years) that called Hong Kongers “Sheeple” (Sheep + people for the retarded Hong Kongers). I thought it was a little harsh but now I realize it with my own eyes that he was spot on. They can’t stand for them selves, they can’t think on their feet, they need to be lead and they are oblivious to everything that surrounds them, just like sheep. I finally realize why I couldn’t undertand Hong Konger’s that moved to North America to study and were so arrogant and clueless at the same time. Its Hong Kong that breeds them. I am so fucking pissed writing that I am going to stop right now. The best blog ever. I am counting down the days till I leave this shit hole. Everyday I feel like body checking the next person that bumps into me on the MTR or cuts infront of me at the turnstiles. I going to do it on my last day and I want to see how far their arrogance will take them.

  44. Sean says:

    HarveySpecter, tell me where and when you’re going to body check a random stranger. I’ll watch and then knock you over, just to see how far your arrogance (and machismo) will take you.

  45. M says:

    Love your blog. Been in HK for a long time now. Speak Canto better than many of the locals, know more about the culture than most of the locals. I have to agree with all of your observations. Thankful that there’s someone out there with awareness. For all of you dumbfucks who have taken offense and think the posters should GTFO of HK… I say eat your own advice and GTFO of this blog. Go back to your cup noodles and cheesy soap operas!!

  46. Sooutofhere says:

    Damn. And I thought I hated Hong Kong 🙂 Loved your blog. Leaving Hong Kong in 5 months and counting the days. I shall not return!

  47. nausikaya says:

    i guess like everyone else i stumbled upon your blog simply typing ‘hate hong kong’ into google and there i was reading what seemed like my own thoughts. now, i come from a far away mediterranean country with residency in london and i come here every few months to visit my bf and work in an industry where i have close contact with locals and get to travel outside the ‘white ghetto’ quite a lot which i believe gives me a fairly clear picture of life here. i find this place possibly the most boring big city in the world. Its dull, there is no good quality entertainment for general public, sport in both recreational and entertainment way is almost inexistent as well as music and art scene. this city is, it seems, haunted by a stale spirit. the rich came to become richer and the rest seems to be wondering around denying the obvious for one reason or another or just doesn’t know of any better. I never wanted to move here for all the above reasons which put a bit of a strain on our relationship but i had to be persistent and it finally paid off. my boyfriend is moving back to london this summer. i hope whoever decides to move here will not be disappointed and for those who do, i hope they find a safe way back where they want to be…

  48. Nick Morgan says:

    I think your observations are pretty accurate but I think it’s also important to clarify that you are expressing black humour, rather than spitting in the face of those people who welcome you to their city lol
    I find it amazing that the expats in Central gush positivity about the place so much, it isn’t perfect by any means, but neither is any big modern city in the world.
    One of the byproducts of living in a big modern city is having a need to vent your frustrations every now and then, I know that feeling well! It’s important not to make this a specific bash on HK people though, on the whole they are good people you just need to take the time to get to know them (can they be irritating and hard to figure out at times, YES at times but so are many people in the world).
    I actually find myself more frustrated and annoyed at the Expats to be honest, firstly for living in a self contained bubble, oblivious to the city they live in and secondly for when they gush about how awesome HK is when they have never ventured out of that bubble (or beyond Central MTR).
    The reality is, most people in this city struggle to make ends meet and are caught in a poverty cycle that was designed to keep them there, so they are not going to be radiating with positivity at the sight of people who are paid three times as much for doing half the work (all for being white and English speaking).

  49. I don’t think it’s important to clarify that

  50. Newbie says:

    Thanks for your blog. I particularly enjoyed the readers comments. I’ve been here about 8 months now (forced company move). The thing about Hong Kong that drives me completely around the bend mad dog crazy is the disjoint between image and reality. Many get passionate about how wonderful HK is, the great “vibe”, what a fun city it is … and then of course there is that sickening “Hong Kong – Asia’s World City” … I feel my blood pressure rise as i write that bit… but I doubt seriously whether these same people are particularly sophisticated, have lived abroad, think before they speak, spent any time exploring the city outside the confines of the LKF bar scene … or perhaps they are just a bunch of pot smoking hippie left-overs from the 70s?

    Where to start?

    * Decrepit fire-hazard buildings all over … not a problem unless you charge millions in rent
    * Rats and roaches everywhere … not a problem unless you hold yourself out as a sophisticated world city
    * No-one speaks English … not a problem … unless you go around telling everybody that you’re Asia’s world city
    * Complete absence of intelligible trafic signs (yes i drive) … not a problem unless you go about telling everybody how great your infrastructure is
    * Tiny little sh*t-holes for houses, that are so cold in winter that you’re better off sleeping in the subway … not a problem unless you charge these kinds of rents
    * 80% of shops that dont accept Amex … not a problem, unless (again) you go around telling everybody how you are Asia’s world city
    * quite possibly the most boring place on earth … not a problem if getting plastered at LKF every evening is your thing,

    To conclude … places like Jakarta or Manilla are … sorry to say … sh*t-holes … but i love them for their lack of pretense and honesty … Hong Kong is on-par in the sh*t hole category but is papered over with all this pretense at greatness …

  51. Don Quixote. says:

    All in this Blog is the Truth, i pity the poor fools who disagree. Well sorry to say but your paradise of a city is the worst boring place on earth. Smelly, crowded, polluted. Is the greatest place to be if you’re are a shopping moron with a credit card. I hate it, i cant take living here no more, im going crazy. Im here because i married my Hong Kong girl friend. And since the five years i have been staying in this city my happiness and amusement meter have been dropping exponentially. I wish everyday for her to get bored of me, but she just takes anything she loves dearly and i dont want to brake her heart; I love her too, but this city kills love, kills happiness . Fucking shit hole of a city filled with morons. The only happy days i get is when we travel abroad, and i get to see the light of the sun outside this depressing cave. Ah yeah you have less thieves than other cites, LOL, you have the tycoons thieves stealing all the benefits of the working class who dwell in cages. Fuck you bastards, I hope one day they enrage and burn this city to the ground. Then it will be suitable for humans again.

  52. procrastination says:

    hahaha how did i end up here, i am suppose to be writing an essay about HK

  53. nkjnkjb says:

    If you think Hong Kongers are rude, think again, most of those so called rude people are fucking mainland tourists. If you take a trip to China, you’ll think that HK’s heaven compared to that communist shithole.

  54. Sure mainlanders are the rude masters…but Hong Kongers are still fucking good at being fucking rude pricks, don’t you worry about that old son!

  55. Anonymous says:

    I am so incredibly grateful i found this website. HK SUCKS and kudos to the author for sharing and documenting such realistic and on-point observations! ! ! ! !

    P.S. I am a HK-er who cannot relate to majority of the HK “values” (lived abroad for an extended period of time — US and UK respectively; HK is the worst city i have ever lived in; HK ppl are just… ’nuff said. That said, of course there are exceptions — nicer people blah, but they are a minority, consistently before/after i moved abroad, it seems…).

  56. Anonymous says:

    If you think Hong Kong is bad, you’re the one who is way out of touch with reality. Every place has its good and bad–and you chose to suffocate yourself with the bad. If you go on to say, “BOO HOO THERE IS NO GOOD HERE WAH WAH” then I think the right to be able to live is lost on you.

    For example: America. So much shit to say I’m not even going to go there.

    Anyways, have fun stewing in your own self-pity and hatred.

  57. I never said there is no good in HK. Did I say that? You said that didn’t you? DIDN’T YOU??!

    This particular blog focuses on the bad. That’s why it is so good.

    Stay tuned Katie, my next project will be a blog all about how great HK is.

    You’re gonna love it

  58. Ronnie Poo says:

    I’ve lived both in the mainland and in Hong Kong. As for comparing rudeness and/or lack of manners, I feel mainlanders are mostly innocent in their ignorance and display rudeness as a lack of manners or knowledge of manners as measured in other cultures. While annoying, they can be forgiven.
    The Hong Kong people however are NOT innocent. They know better but choose to display shocking and deliberate rudeness as a rule. There’s almost a sense of evil to it. And the way HKers feel toward their mainland cousins is entirely hypocritical and wrong.
    As for the future of HK, it will dry up and fall off the mainland like piece of dead flesh that is no longer useful to the body.

  59. Rebecca says:

    Thank you for spending so much time observing and writing about HK. You just can’t stop loving this city, can you? 🙂

  60. Kevin says:

    I’m so glad that I found this website because now I know there ARE people out there who feel the same way as I do. A lot of things said or mentioned here have struck a chord with me. Thanks for the great posts! Very funny.

  61. jack says:

    Ive had nothing but bad experiences with these RUDE!! arrogant racist A-Holes, Ive been there twice (regrettably) and I wont be going there for a visit ever again. Im always polite and I have great respect for everyone that is our upbringing and culture specially towards our elders in general, but not to these hong konger shitpants,you show them respect they slap it back right in your face, ive never been so insulted my entire life. I hope they get an even deadlier SARS outbreak and finally wipe these f@ckers off this planet, its very possible that this could happen again considering there lack of hygiene and sanitation. Seriously, it would do this world a great favor.

  62. Anonymous says:

    although i’m a transplant, i blend in quite well with the locals, looking like them and speaking the language. i’ve seen a few comments here about rude people in hk. just want to warn you to not overgeneralize. you might have based your opinion on just one case. i frequently lose my temper on the streets at these fuckers, who are playing games on their smartphones as they’re slowly backing up traffic. having said that, i never lash out at at the grannies, the disabled, the slaves (i.e. domestic workers). life here is hard enough as it is. can’t stand the ignorant fools that are the locals and spoiled expats that are too blind to see a better world beyond this hell hole.

    next up, dudley: you should talk about the abomination that is the education system here. people in hk are sheltered, narrow-minded, and have no critical thinking skills to think on their own two feet. they must have tripped over one another and landed on all fours. someone once called these people sheeples. not surprised, given that the education system is dominated by christianity and students are taught to follow the lamb of god.

    i feel that i may offend people by that last comment, but i’m thankful that this is still a democratic city and i have a right to voice out an opinion, but even then, i have no hope for this place. as someone else mentioned, the government here listens to their communist overlords up in beijing.

  63. There is a post about education here somewhere. Could do an update though. Good idea.

  64. Anonymous says:

    Any foreigner who has lived in Hong Kong for more than a month will know exactly what this blog is all about. It’s truly disgusting the way the vast majority of the Chinese in Hong Kong behave (locals and mainlanders). What’s even worse is how they hide behind their culture and say things like ‘Oh, that’s just the Chinese Culture’. They raise their children to be the same way, so their bad manners and the total disregard for other people just get passed down to the next generation.

    Rude taxi and mini bus drivers, people cutting queues and people bumping into you on the street is just a small fraction of the total lack of respect for others these people have. It goes much much deeper than this…it’s a deliberate callousness. It almost seems that the Chinese take pleasure in making others miserable. I’ve been here 13 years and I still can’t understand why they’re this way. I mean…there’s no ‘checks & balances’ here whatsoever!

    I came here with an open mind and without a superiority complex or any kind of entitlements. Thirteen years on, I have nothing but disdain for these people and all the crap they pull. This place has turned me into a miserable person, and I find that the Chinese will do that to you. They will bring out the worst in you until you start losing all hope and break down.

    This has been my experience, but what the fuck do I know? Most Chinese people would probably disagree with me and tell me to go back to my own country, which in my opinion is a copout from admitting the truth. Come to think of it, they could fucking care less. Sigh!

  65. Lamboferruccio says:

    I’ve lived in HK for a year and half now so I’m a newbie, was recruited by my Chinese boss out of New York and was given the VIP treatment over 5 days and fell for it. Came here with stars in my eyes with hopes of making it big like everyone else. The first few months was great, experiencing shit like the LKF and Wan Chai night life so was fun at first so that clouded my judgement. I soon came to realize that dealing with my local staff and worst yet my local clients was an exercise in patience, never have I dealt with more arrogant people. When ever I questioned them the answer to everything was “that’s how we do it in HK” to which I would say “well obviously HK style aight working or you wouldn’t have hired me” it boggles my mind to see how they do things, when mistakes are made they’re repeated over and over again, a true sign of stupidity, they think working long hours means working hard while normal people prefer to work smart not hard. I can write a book about my work experience here I swear but then there’s life outside of work. I like to infuse myself in the local culture in an effort to gain an understanding of my surroundings whenever I travel and prefer not to flock towards where all the foreigners gather I mean what’s the point of going to a foreign land and hanging out with your own kind you can do that back home but boy is it difficult to do this in HK, never have I encountered more racist rude people in my life and I’ve traveled everywhere. These people have a huge chip on their shoulder for some reason, must have something to do with its previous UK ownership I don’t know but telling us foreigners to go home wont fix the problem, come to think of it I can’t help but wonder were HK would be without foreigners, sounds arrogant I know but think about it. Obviously not all Hongkees are like this I’ve met some truly genuine locals here but they are a rarity, even they agree with my views. I stumbled onto this blog by mistake and was blown away at how accurate it is. Not an advocate of spreading hate toward any specific group but HK makes it really easy to do, more than any place I’ve ever visited.

  66. Anonymous says:


    Amen brother! It’s always satisfying to read a post like yours (and others on this site). Makes me feel normal to know that I’m not alone and there are other people out there who live in ‘reality’.

    It’s almost like we’re living in an alternate universe where being bad is good & being good is bad. In other words, all the traits that I was raised to be believe are good, are considered bad here. These include honesty, sympathy, empathy, kindness, consideration, etc. All the traits I was raised to believe are bad, are considered good here. These include being arrogant, rude, greedy, selfish, sneaky, LOUD, etc.

    Hope this makes sense to everyone.

  67. Lamboferruccio says:

    Absolutely makes sense, I’ve actually had clients tell me it’s so refreshing to actually deal with someone as blunt as me, I tell it like it is in as a professional manner as possible while my Chinese colleagues have this look of absolute shame and disgrace (loss of face) when I tell a client his demands aren’t feasible or rational for that matter, what is wrong with telling the truth or admitting something can’t be done, are we really living in an alternate universe….

  68. Anonymous1 says:

    Dudley Dawson: I can understand that this is all a joke, but sometimes jokes can be taken too far. I’ve been living in Hong Kong for 6 months and I understand some of the views you have, but I also understand some of what Hong Kong people do. For example, while I don’t agree with the burping in public cause that’s just rude. Why do you think that people clean the utensils they get at Chinese restaurants (you answered that yourself. Everything’s dirty and they don’t trust the staff.)
    If you really hate it this much here, then don’t stay. I’m leaving because I don’t feel that this is for me. I’m Chinese but I’m from a western society and I much prefer that (mainly because that’s the norm for me). Please don’t continue finding the bad in HK and just live in the city for what it is. Life’s too short to dwell on the bad. At least you’re working here and you’re able to afford the basics (and I’m guessing a lot more because your company sent you here).

  69. Anonymous says:

    Come on guys…

    Go back to your own country. Don’t stay here. Get out. These are all bullshit comebacks…really!

    This blog is simply pointing out the inconsistencies of this self proclaimed ‘World City’. There’s a whole lot of bullshit that goes on here. Chinese people have serious issues when confronted with the truth. Most of the racism on this blog is perpetrated by Chinese people defending all the crap they pull. Not saying everyone is bad, but it is indeed disgusting they way the locals (and mainlanders) behave. Totally out of order in many cases.

    Also, why would someone who disagrees with comments like mine assume I was a white man from a western country. Would it make a difference if I was a local Chinese who was fed up with all the daily bullshit? And for the record, not all foreigners living here are rich. A lot of them have to go out and work hard just like everyone else.

    Here’s a quick story a friend of mine told me, which is not an uncommon occurrence in HK. It really boils my blood…

    Him and his teenage son where with their Chinese friend in an MTR station, when all of a sudden some random Chinese man started yelling at my friend and his son. Turns out this man thought they were harassing the Chinese man they were with, when in actual fact they we all friends. This went on for a while and my friend had to call the police because this random man would stop his abuse. The police arrive and deemed the situation a ‘misunderstanding’ and let the random Chinese man walk away. However, they held my friend and his son there for nearly a half hour, checking their ID and giving them the 3rd degree. ‘It’s procedure’ they said. Blatant racism if you ask me!

    Had these roles been reversed, my friend and his son probably would have been detained. This is the kind of shit that makes Chinese people look so bad. Truly disgusting actions by all parties involved, expect by my friend and his son.

    Ever stop to think why many view Chinese people in a bad light? I know I do.

  70. Anonymous1: Chinese people clean utensils at Chinese restaurants because they are profoundly afraid of germs…it stems from their SARS experiences in about 2003. 10 years later it’s a kind of one eye open hygiene mania where rinsing a bowl with some tea stops SARS cold don’t ya know!

  71. Chris G says:

    Absolutely spot on, when I lived in Austlalia my wife and I took two of her friends from HK to a Chinese restaurant and they cleaned the utensils with the hot water provided. When they saw me looking they said it was due to Sars from 2003. During their stay they drank so much boiled water (“have to keep your stomach warm”) you would have thought we had a cholera epidemic.

    A lot of the people in HK have a morbid fear of germs or bugs that verges on OCD. I am reminded of the last time I was in Hong Kong Central Library. There was a guy in the computer room using a mouse with a tissue under his hand so he didn’t touch the plastic! Then in the main part of the library a woman moving 4 chairs, placed in pairs back to back, further apart from each other, using a tissue in each hand so she didnt touch the metal frame of the chairs!

    Dont even et me started on the hike I took in Cheng Chau where i saw a girl in her 20s running past me in a state of panic because she thought a butterfly was chasing her, I shit you not

  72. Anonymous says:

    On the whole, they do indeed have a ‘morbid fear of germs’, but have no problem leaving their area a filthy mess for someone else to clean. The epitome of selfishness and such a huge inconsistency in HK. Those of us who live here know all to well about this crap.

    There’s an old saying that goes ‘Don’t shit where you live’. A lot of Chinese people in HK won’t shit where they live (a lot will by the way), but they won’t think twice about shitting where someone else lives. Just my two cents!

  73. I think there’s even a post here called ‘Hygienic Inconsistencies Pt1.’…I should get on to part 2 one of these days.

  74. Lamboferruccio says:

    Not cleaning up after themselves has alot to do with the fact that labor is so cheap here and unappreciated so they have this mindset “oh don’t worry they have people to do that” going to a restaurant and leaving your shit there is one thing but doing it in Starbucks for example there’s no excuse it’s a cup and plate at best yet they bitch when they can’t find a clean table to sit at.

    Speaking of germs can someone explain to me why they all wear a mask when they are sick I mean most people just stay home and rest when sick not honkies they continue to go to work wear that mast and take forever to get better because they might loose face if they take a day off to rest, AIYA!

  75. It’s because they all have shit for brains

  76. Don Quixote says:

    Shit for brains, because heart thats just western imagination.

  77. Don Quixote says:

    Cant wait to be able to scape this shit hole, and the mother fucking rain; freaking hell on earth hell on earth.

  78. Great blog! It’s like you took the feelings right out of my head. I’ve been here 6 years and have noticed my personality change drastically while in HK. Much more of a rude, inconsiderate as$hole now compared with when I live in a small city in the US.Unless you surround yourself with other foreigners, you’ll slowly become like a local.

    Either learn to deal with the massive amounts of people or you will go crazy here.I try to go hiking in remote areas, hit up a beach on the weekdays or just stay at home to get away from it all.

  79. not a hk fan but need to pay rent says:

    fxxking hating hk right now. it seems to me that only (or mostly) asses do well and climb up the ladder, whether local or expats. but do i want to be an ass? do i really want to be an ass? argghhhh help

  80. Miguel Sanchez says:

    Love this website!! Reflects so many thoughts I’ve had over the last few years that I thought no one else has. A couple other favourites of mine: (a) clipping speakers on their belts churning out 1950’s Cantonese music at full volume in the middle of an otherwise serene and peaceful hiking trail or country park, (b) the overwhelming stench of mildew and stale sweat on people’s clothes on buses, (c) the complete lack of any interest in reading for pleasure (especially novels) – only intellectual pursuit here seems to be ‘Candy Crush’ or same lame South Korean soapie on their (not-so) smart phones, (d) the efficient public transport that seems to take up to one hour to get 3-4 kilometres and (e) the national sport of Hong Kongers – dragging furniture across floors, preferably between the hours of 12 am to 4 am. Keep up the good work!!

  81. Anonymous says:


    Your (a) through (e) of HK bullshit is oh so true. What the hell is wrong with these people? I ask myself this question every day and have been for over a decade. I often hear people say things like ‘That’s just the culture’ or ‘They don’t think there is anything wrong with what they’re doing’ or ‘It’s that same everywhere else in the world’, etc.

    I say – It’s not culture. They know what they’re doing is wrong (they just don’t give a flying fuck). And it’s not the same everywhere else in the world. There are plenty of places where the people have heard of these things called respect, courtesy and empathy. We often give HK people (Chinese people) more credit than they deserve. What I mean by this is if any of us do to them what they do to us they get just as mad. Try it! Cut in front of someone in line, play some rock music with your front door open, stand so close to someone that it actually seems like you’re humping their leg, shout as loud as you can on your phone next time you’re in a public place, move your furniture in the middle of the night so the unlucky bastards below you can’t sleep, and so on and so on. The list goes on….I can probably come up with a cool 100 fucked up things these dimwits do. The sad part is they’ll never learn their lesson; they’ll just go through life without a care in the world except for their own pathetic lives. They have no humility or perspective. They’re some of the most closed minded people on the fucking planet.

    This should be the new slogan of this ‘not so’ world city:

    Friendly Fucking Hong Kong! Bringing you the lovely sound of ball bearings dropping on the floor at 3:00am in the morning.

  82. Jon says:

    Couldn’t agree more with everything you and most of the other people on this thread have said about this vacuum of moral integrity, this shallow, this cultural wasteland, devoid of character, soul, colour, and kindness. I’ve lived here for nearly two years, only for work, and I’m also waiting for an opportunity to leave. It’s great to know there are like-minded people out there, I never seem to meet anyone who sees HK for what it really is.

  83. Don Quixote says:

    Jon, and we agree with you. Vacuum of moral integrity – Cultural wasteland. Its sad and depressing to have to deal with this kind of people daily. Hong Kong its a doomed city, even the mainland gave up upon it, focusing over shanghai that i know it be by far more cultural and open minded. Hong Kong sucks, sucks big time.

  84. Miguel Sanchez says:

    anon @ September 16, 2013 at 7:45 pm – yeah, what’s the deal with those @#%&! ball bearings!!? Scared the crap out of me the first time I heard “iron rain” coming through my ceiling….

  85. Anonymous says:


    Beats the crap out of me…hahaha! Here’s another for you all…

    Was on the bus last week and some lady opened her umbrella (that’s right, on the fucking bus) and held it up against the window to block out the sun. I wanted to scream at her but instead just closed my eyes and pretended I was in another place with normal decent human beings.

  86. Kevin Mallen says:

    I read your blog a few times. I’m just interested in knowing – “If you hate it so much, why don’t you just leave”? Is it the jobs or benefits you are stealing from the local populace that keeps you here?

  87. Kevin Mallen says:

    By the way, I hope you realize you are being a giant fucking douchebag hypocrite in posting this random garbage. I know a million plus Muslim immigrants to your shithole of a country which complain as bitterly as you do about what a shithole it is. “If you don’t like it so much, why don’t you just leave?”

  88. I love Hong Kong…it’s great

    What I love even more is being a troll I suppose

    It’s all pretty simple…childish even…but that’s the way she goes

  89. Don Quixote says:

    Kevin, what the Fxxx are you talking about? Benefits? What benefits? The shitty health care? The lack of a real pension system? The overcrowded public schools where they tyrannies upon students and teachers? The flux of mainlanders sucking this city dry? The hatred between locals against mainlanders? The lack of representational government? The ultra polluted waters ? The rotter quality of air? I understand locals defend this city as is their hometown, but expats who know better systems by far? Come on, you can place your words up your ass, Hong Kong is a pool of misery where a few pretend to live like tycoons but in reality can’t even buy a shoe box apartment as this city is ruled by the builders mafia the Land mafia and the Upperclass of Hong Kong. People who don’t seem to care if the poor live inside cages or have to see the elderly picking the garbage to survive. Fuck your benefits you’re a mayor asshole who likes to kiss the ass of the locals. Go and wipe the shit from your nose.

  90. Lamboferruccio says:

    Why is it the first rebutle people have is “if you hate it so much why don’t you leave” yeah it’s true we should all leave but it doesn’t change the fact that everything he said is true. I often wonder what would happen if we all leave and let the locals take the jobs we so called took from them what will happen, actually I would like to see what will happen. Trust me I aignt no fucking miserable expat living here for 10 plus years coz I have no place else to go so I don’t have that have fucking god complex what I do know is we’re all here mainly because we have a required talent that is obviously lacking amongst the locals and if we do leave HK this place will fail to function as a country. That I do know. Not saying all locals are stupid not at all a lot are very talented just most are…

  91. Anonymous says:

    Hong Kong doesn’t suck. Hong Kong-ERs SUCK. really sucks.

  92. Lamboferruccio says:

    Well put yourself in their shoes, the country they are born into is actually smaller than most big cities around the world, they have to compete with everyone for anything from getting into kindergarten all the the way through university if they make it that far. Their country is overrun by foriegnors competing for jobs I mean honestly if I was born and raised here I would be miserable too and make it my duty to get to fuck out. Reality is many don’t have that opportunity and are stuck here while most of us pretty much leave after our contracts are up. So I can understand were they’re coming from.

  93. Anonymous says:

    I don’t find HK that competitive — it is a developed world after all; PRC or India is much more competitive if you talk about competition (1 billion for like 20 world recognized uni in PRC; close to 1 billion for like 8 or 9 world recognized uni in India; here merely 7 million for 7 or 8 world-recognized uni). The good jobs are not hard to get at all compared to other major cities i have been to; there are many jobs in HK actually. not an excuse to suck as a person. exceptions are HK-raised and-bred actuaries, medical doctors, engineers and pharmacists (not exhaustive) perhaps — not talking about the rich princelings educated abroad. hk ppl are very good at math though — perhaps only behind PRC-ers and certain frenchies.

    another example — it is very easy to be a lawyer here, and not hard at all to get a job in finance — standard is mediocre many a time; a lot of people who had only make it to the back-office rank (operations, IT, etc.) in other major financial centers like NY and London, all became traders, front-office investment bankers when they look for jobs in HK, those include hker-returnees themselves. another example — i have a few UK friends that are sales in retail stores in the UK and a few did not graduate from college from canada — they all became kinder garden teachers in HK. talk about “competition” from abroad. and the frenchies that have jobs in HK — a lot of them, i was told, actually couldn’t find a job back home in france and that’s why they came. “competition” from abroad? not “real competition” IMO sorry, unless you don’t care about competing for real… sorry this is harsh, but this is nothing near real competition in my eyes. you compete and survive in your home turf — you excel already and you are so good there THEN you come out here, its a different story.

    i bet it is in their blood — just “nicer” gene pool.

  94. Anonymous says:

    correction at 953pm — kindergarten.

  95. Jon says:

    haaaa! Kevin Mallen! New levels of idiocy! Thanks dude, you just made me laugh out loud for quite some time. Congrats on winning retard of the week award. Maybe you should try getting a spot on Fox News, they’d love you.

  96. Jon says:

    It really does show how little you know about Hong Kong (Kevin) – to suggest that an ex-pat could live on benefits here. There are 100,000 people on the waiting list for public housing, in the country with the biggest rich/poor divide in the developed world. 100,000 live in cage/cubicle homes. 1 in 5 live in poverty. And Hong Kong doesn’t recognise refugees – it isn’t part of the Geneva convention (even though China officially is) so if you don’t have a work permit here, you get NOTHING. The ex-pats in HK are such low-level pondlife (on the whole) that they genuinely think that HK is a prosperous place for all. They are that deluded. Or of course they simply don’t give a fuck. The only people who happily stay in HK are people who prioritise their own wealth over everything. And finally Kevin – in the modern world, it isn’t easy to “just leave”. Like Anonymous just pointed out – it’s a piece of piss to find a job and be relatively successful here. It isn’t competitive for ex-pats in most industries – why do you think selfishness thrives… Back home these people are failures, mediocre at best. Here they are celebrities. It is a breeding ground for narcissists and egomaniacs.

  97. Anonymous says:

    back home “some” people are failures. Here they are celebrities. It is a breeding ground for narcissists and egomaniacs. SPOT ON Jon!

  98. Anonymous says:

    Back home “a lot of these” people are failures, mediocre at best. Here they are celebrities. It is a breeding ground for narcissists and egomaniacs. SPOT ON Jon! Allow my slight revision in quotation marks.

  99. Anonymous says:

    a lot of these expats, if men, came out here for another common reason — asian festish. and when asian festish is a big proportion/motivation of your life’s aspiration (and not judging your prioritization), one cannot be that ambitious/competitive in my view… i guess one will then mostly be concerned, and consumed, about how easy it is to get laid (e.g. see Clockatron’s comment earlier on Solas) as opposed to how easy it is to advance one’s job skills and to learn from the best (in that case you won’t really get that in HK). it is a sad but true reality seen in HK. If there is any expat benefit — maybe the asian women here and its ease of access, is going to qualify.

  100. Anonymous says:

    quite some perv-ish asian festish going on — any MOVING asian female body works for some of them i feel. sweeeeeet.

  101. Anonymous says:

    fetish typo typo sorry

  102. Anonymous says:

    oh…. apparently recently they employed some englishman from bristol to be the vice chancellor for HKU… Hongies are yelling about it and legislators saying “how can you appoint some white Caucasian to be the vice chancellor of a Chinese uni?” ]
    maybe having some white dude heading the best education institution here would help change the shitty culture! yay! yea right…

  103. Anonymous says:

    if you don’t like hong kong, then just leave..?

  104. Anonymous says:

    You forgot to mention the resentful Filipino women towards white women. They are some of the worst encounters that I have had in the couple of years I’ve lived here. I don’t really have a problem with the locals other than pushing on the MTR.

  105. Anonymous says:

    Hi Anon at 10:11pm last night,

    Care to elaborate? Resentful towards white women? Why and how so… curious

    -Anon@439pm today

  106. Goteburg says:

    Well, I wish someone find conspiracies of HSBC. In cold war, Hong kong was one of the little entrances to communism countries and poor countries with French. From soviet Union to USA. It was impossible. But From Soviet Union to French it was possible.

  107. Lamboferruccio says:

    Yeah I’m curious about these resentful Filipinos you speak of, they hate the Chinese more than we do coz they treat them like shit and all wish they could work for westerners, granted they probably steal the white women’s men from them so maybe I’m thinking it’s the other way around…

  108. Anonymous says:

    Yeah we get it, you hate Hong Kong. I don’t understand why you made this blog. Why waste so much time on a ‘Shit-holed’ city? If you want other people to know, why not you let them visit first? And if they visited, they may end up with the conclusion: “Oh I hate this place, I’m never coming here again” or “I can deal with these problems, I like Hong Kong, so I’m going to stay, despite the shitty flaws.” It’s nice that you decided to express your opinion here, but honestly, you’re just wasting your time. Everyone has a different view, but it’s not fair to force it upon them. To all those people who agree with this person, well, good for you. I totally respect that. But get over yourselves as those comments and this blog is just a tiny little speck in the Hong Kong society. Us locals don’t give a shit (because like you said, we’re rude) and we’re too busy staying alive in this city rather than complaining about the crap that you are complaining about.

  109. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous (Nov 10 @ 12:37),

    “Us locals don’t give a shit (because like you said, we’re rude) and we’re too busy staying alive in this city rather than complaining about the crap that you are complaining about.”

    Spoken like a true Hong Kong person! The lack of empathy, consideration, and just plain old humanity is appalling here. You people don’t give a shit about anything unless it affects you directly or you can benefit from it financially.

    We’re all just trying to “stay alive” and make it through our daily lives without being fucked with. Hong Kong (Chinese) people are so goddamn miserable that they feel the need to bring everyone down with them. It’s almost as if you people take pleasure in making others as miserable as you. It is most definitely a deliberate callousness that comes from within.

    If people started acting just a little more courteous and civil, life would be better for everyone…trust me! Oh, and this applies for all people, not just Chinese.

    One last thing I need to mention because I know someone will bring this up…

    The way people behave and treat each other in this city is not culture. There’s only so much you can chalk up to culture before one realizes it’s much deeper than that. Most, (not all) Hong Kong/Chinese people have bad hearts in my opinion. Until this changes, nothing will change. Unfortunately things will only get worse.

    Good luck to all the decent people out there who do give a fuck, and who are trying to make it through the daily grind.

  110. Goteburg says:

    In my business, Unfortunately there are really rudest shitty some of the Asians. I guess they are Chinese or Filipino. At first Hong kong culture is Formosa culture not British or Chinese. Weihai is more British than Hong kong I think. Not only pushing,Often Acid terror in Mong kok. Noir, Can occur in so modernized city? They are really harmful. Old scot snobbish… Oskar snobbish.

  111. Goteburg says:

    Anonymous, This kindergarten is really awesome. Laugh out loud. A kindergarten is Biggest palace and bank in the world. I have no idea how British tutor taught this children. Search “Lone Star” “Texas”.

  112. Goteburg says:

    I love Ireland. I love England. I love China. But I hate Texas and Hong kong, Macau, Taiwan, Philippines. That’s alll!!!

  113. Goteburg says:

    Anonymous, Are you live in Hong kong?Why are you saying like you were native of that place?

  114. Anonymous says:

    Goteburg, Your Borat-like ramblings on here were charming but you’ve lost me now. How dare you lump the Philippines and Taiwan in with HK? And you like China? Jesus H. Christ on a hockey stick, China makes Hong Kong look positively perfect. Ah yes, the pollution, uncouth rubes, and hillbilly-like behavior of the country-folk so much better eh mate?

  115. Goteburg says:

    Oh Anonymous, Jew is diminator of Britain. It’s fact. But behind mao, there is Henry Kyssinger. Luckily, the revolution is able to started at China. You maybe hear it creepy, Jay chou’s melody is sounds like Eurythmics.

  116. Goteburg says:

    Anonymous, George Orwell’s 1984 is brilliant society rather than Hong Kong kindergarten. How that snobbish Obrien can say like spoled child?

  117. Goteburg says:

    Anonymous, Hong kong is just a old scot who wears diaper and spread his shit on floor. Why don’t you give football uniform to terrorists?

  118. Salmon the Salmon Fish says:

    Help!!!.. I’m from Malaysia and Malaysia is becoming HK!!!! These self-centered yellow people are poking and bruising all the fresh fruits in the supermarkets too!!

    P/S: I think the root cause is pork. Eat too much and you’ll act, breed, roam, and become noisy like those adorable pink cupcakes with tails

  119. Anonymous says:

    Okay, enough with the caps. If there are any westerners thinking of expat’ing to HK, think again! HK is the worse Asian city to work in. People are rude, but if you show that you can help them in any way, the freaking two face comes out. People are stinky and dirty, even though they go all ew ew, at the sight of anything dirty, they themselves stink, so that tells you they are NOT so clean themselves. OTHERWISE WHY ELSE WILL YOU REEK??? OMG. HKners will always complain about something. I don’t know why they cant just shut up and enjoy the company. Most conversations will end up with one person insulting the other or showing up the other or talking over the other. ALLOW ME TO INSERT ANOTHER OMG!!!!

    Anyway, thumbs up to the owner of this blog. I couldn’t have done it better.


  120. Anonymous says:

    diu the immediately above.

  121. Snowflayk says:

    Sigh… Being born here and a resident in HK, I’d like to say, “That’s not it!” and just focus on the good things (after all, if you go far enough away from the city, it is pretty nice), but I honestly can’t. Some of the things in your posts are slightly exaggerated, but they ARE mostly true… Eh, whatever. Good job with the blog though, pretty strong persuasive points you’ve got there. I’m used to the environment here more or less, but I can completely agree on some of the things you’ve said here. (:

  122. notagook says:

    It’s pretty sad that despite such a blog, no-one changes, people in other countries have everything so easily done while Hong Kongers(even if not chinese) have to work their asses off, The stereotypes for asians are always right and people laughing at asians have a good reason to laugh because they can enjoy everything, these ugly chinese from china are so racist, making fun of other races like indians,blacks,pakistanis,filipinos etc and think they’re the most alpha race when their country china has been known to be a 3rd world country and the country that makes the most fake stuffs, Seriously Hong Kong sucks dek and so do the people in it that think Hong Kong is the best, what a bunch of gook workaholics, guess they must be mad because of their small penis’d race. LOL.

    Asian father meme was the best meme to have ever been made
    you better be a good at school or this is what happens

    and people who are going to say i am wrong and Hong Kong is full of kind people then why don’t you take a look at the hong kong forums (Hong Kong Geoexpat) full of sheep advice and 0 freedom, anyone who talks like a good society sheep gets to stay while people who different opinions get banned.

    ugly arseholes

  123. LedZep says:

    Notagook. Dude I completely 100% agree with you regarding the Geoexpat forums. What I hate the most is the fake self-righteousness always on display in Geoexpat as the scared sheeple who provide useless advice will immediately revert to insults once you criticize this forsaken city.

  124. Stevie G says:

    Congrats on the blog. Just came across it as I did actually google ‘I hate HK’ which I kinda do. Moved here because wife convinced me it was some kind of expat paradise. It ain’t. Good to see I’m not the only one who feels that way. I’ve been here almost 2 yrs and the only attraction I can see is the massive pay packets (which I am not getting btw), tax breaks, domestic slav…sorry, helpers, and club memberships so you don’t have to mingle with the riff raff. Offset that against massive overpopulation, pollution, ignorant people, high cost of living, costs of schools, pollution, smog, too many people, high-rises everywhere, smell, high % of expats with heads up their arses…..did I mention pollution? I see a few comments from people saying move if you don’t like it. Try telling that to my wife who has her dad & friends here and thinks its fucking great. Me? I left a good job in the UK to come here and have struggled getting something similar. I’m an engineer and it’s pretty f**king competitive. They value qualifications over experience. I work longer hrs,including Sat, have a 1/3 of the annual leave I used to have and the job I have right now is tedious. Ok the weather is better but at 90-100% humidity I couldn’t give a shit. Anyway, I’m stuck in an office with one window. What weather?! Oh and the morons here have the AC on even in the middle of winter when it is 10C outside. Air circulation apparently. Fucking idiots. Then there’s the people staring & laughing at your young kids and even touching them ‘for luck’….you can fuck right off. And the dirty old expat men with their young chinese/filipino brides…….you make me sick. Not to mention the incessant plonking on pianos morning, noon and night while you’re trying to watch the football at midnight. The quality of life here really is shit but most don’t realise it because it’s all they know, or they’re getting paid too much to give a fuck. There are so many better places to live and I hope, one day soon, I can get the fuck out of here. In the meantime I shall be dropping in here from time to time to get some welcome relief. Keep up the good work.

  125. h wright says:

    Just got back to Seattle from a week in hell……er Hong Kong. Damn you! Damn you Damn you! Laughed till I cried several times. Wouldn’t be funny if it weren’t all true. O, and if you think HK is dirty, you haven’t been to the mainland. Border cities are bad enough, but we went to VILLAGES around Kaiping. After a few days there you expect the cities to be filthy, but even remote farming villages are swimming in litter, crap, garbage, construction debris…….in some places it looked like trucks full of crap just pulled over and dumped all their garbage on the side of the road. Please carry on……even after reading posts back to 2011, there’s still a lot I didn’t find in your posts……spitting, ubiquitous escalators, the rugby scrums when getting on the Peak Tram or the MTR, the lack of napkins in restaurants……….the list seems endless.

  126. Chris G says:

    “Don”t keep your eyes only on your mobile phone”. A sad comment on the human condition and the lack of personal responsibility in HK. They need to tell people over the PA system in MTR stations not to do this.

  127. h wright says:

    My family and I tried to keep track of the people NOT with their faces attached to phone screens. Almost ALL of the younger people, but very few of the older people.have their faces attached to phone screens. What is even more amazing are the people that manage to walk through the MTR stations, eyes firmly glued to their screens, WITHOUT CRASHING INTO OTHER PEOPLE OR OBSTACLES !! Must be graduates of a mandatory high school class.

  128. Anonymous says:

    if you don’t like hong kong why are you living here? no one wants you spoilers here in our wonderful city

  129. Anonymous says:

    Well actually Hong Kong was not SUCKS before the mainlanders came…
    Hong Kong which before 2009 was a great place.Good economy, low crime rate, not crowded and you can see no rubbish on street.
    But what happen now? I tell you, Hong Kong has became a city with full of idiots, full of trashes, full of shops that only sell expensive things that only offer to mainlanders, an avalanche of mainlanders come to Hong Kong everyday and lead to the exigencies of HongKong’s value.
    I am not telling you how Hong Kong was beautiful, but I am telling you and guys who are watching this comment that the reason why Hong Kong became worsen and the most racist place is mostly because the mainlanders. They violate the law and live here without paying anything, as you can see 99% of the people who throw rubbish onto the street and destroying the peace in Hong Kong are mainlanders, we are trying to push the violators out of Hong Kong but the shitty government help the violators! Sounds ridiculous? Try google “Mainlander in Hong Kong “or “New Hong Kongers”,you can find a lot of news of how the mainlanders invading law in HongKong…

    You are right, Hong Kong sucks now…
    and our government sucks too…

  130. Hate says:

    We should all make a much bigger effort than this where we can often post our dissatisfaction with Park n Shop and post pictures of how bad stuff they sell us e.g. mostly China food and cheat us at the cash register when discounts at the shelf is ignored when you pay

  131. sofuckingwhat says:

    HK lost it when the British left.
    Blame the mainlanders all you want.
    I blame you stupid ignorant people for missing a chance to take HK as your own and not be a dog to China as this is exactly what has happened.
    Woof woof!

  132. sofuckingwhat says:

    If any HK’er is reading this AND drives a car—-

  133. Actually Hong Kong is much better then Guangdong. WAIT till you see the rest of Guangdong, and they have hyper stupid messy selfish behaviors.
    The truth is, if there’s a major city in the world, there’s always bad things going on in that city.
    Scams, rude people, rape, theft, these are just the common things the happen in all of the world’s great cities.

  134. Yep. Blame the SON OF A BITCH Mainlanders. If Hong Kong was still sticking to Britain these days, Hong Kong would have so much freedom and people would be happier.

  135. Wayne says:

    I have some photos you can use. Email me and i’ll send them.

  136. duan says:

    I think its really unpleasant for those who CHOSE to work in Hong Kong and then complain so much. since a CHOICE has been made to move to HK,if it doesnt suit you, try to find a way to move BACK? This “expat” paradise bullshit.. i dunno who the people making these comments are from but im assuming some white man in their late 20-30s. Just be cause you are fucking white doesnt mean everything will magically be good for you in an Asian country ya?

    and so what if those unpleasant/gross things on this blog is true? Im sure for every unpleasant/gross sight/thing/incident/ whatever, there is something nice elsewhere.

    and no im not from hongkong

  137. Gabe says:

    First of all, It’s a cool page for ppl to rant and shit, and I totally agree with all the negative feedback for HK to certain degrees, BUT why are some of you guys taking it so personal up to an extent where you gotta throw racial slurs at each other (It was fun watching you guys bitch against each other, maybe its my turn now heh.)? I personally am born from HK but was raised in Toronto for 27yrs, if I ever retire I will go back to Toronto where the air is cleaner. It’s a fact that all those bad stuff are really happening in HK, but I still love HK for it’s entertainment and night life. So in my opinion to sum it up, HK is a great place for shits & giggles while you’re still young, but shitty place to live and work if you wanted to move away from your hometown and try something new.

  138. Anonymous says:

    I came across your blog after having a bad day in HK – sick yet again from the pollution or having to touch various handholds on mtr trains, or possibly the general stress that comes from trying to eek out an existence here. Thanks for covering the major gripes so thoroughly. Just as future topics of your blog, you might consider discussing 1) the trash heaps that are left behind in the cabin after any flight on any plane out of Hong Kong, and 2) the people who say they absolutely love it here, then when you ask why, they say it is because it is so easy to travel to other parts of Asia from Hong Kong. Maybe if I wasn’t feeling so ill, I would have gotten a little incensed at some of your posts. But probably not.

  139. Anonymous says:

    Hong Kong sucks. Totally.

    Out of the 7 million local population, I’d say a quarter of them are somewhat normal, sensible people (usually older, educated folks). Half of them got depression not knowing it, and the rest one-quarter are completely insane.

    My impression of HK people: hypocrites, double-standards, inferiority complex, rude

    If you still think great food and exciting night life is a good trade-off for living and working among a shit load of fuckards in an expansive, noisy, crowded, polluted hellhole, then give this fucking place a shot. Otherwise, go to Singapore or some place else better. Take my word for it.

    I am from Hong Kong, and I hate this fucking place.

  140. Anonymous says:

    Yep Hong Kong sucks hard!!!
    I am one of those guys who came here following my wife who is local(yet so different from most of the locals). We were living back in Europe and she couldn’t get used to the life back there… I had a very stable lifetime job (civil servant), yet I committed the biggest mistake in my life when I moved to Hong Kong!!! I agree with most of the facts brought up in this forum
    I would rather ask a few questions about the behaviour of some (or many) of the locals hoping to get some answers:
    Why most of them never give way in walkways and corridors?
    Why some of them keep spitting on the ground or in rubbish bins even in MTR stations?
    Why some of them burp in public?
    Why most of them never hold the door for you when getting in or out of malls or whatever?
    Why some of them will rather use another door when you kindly hold the door for them!!!???
    Why most of them never say thank you or even give a s**t about you when you hold the door for them?
    Why some of them do sneak out in or out when the door is half open then you get it back right in your face?
    Why a few of them will get up and sit somewhere else in the bus if you sit beside them?
    Why some of them keep staring at you from toe to head in elevators as if they have never seen a white person before?
    Why some of them will just tell you no, no, no, before finishing you sentence or asking them a question?
    Why some of them jump in front of you as soon as the train doors open? Or even worse as they sometimes send their children to get a seat!!!
    Why most of them never give their seats to elderly, pregnant ladies and so on?
    Why do some of them keep staring inside your shopping cart when you are at the supermarket?
    Why some of them never answer when you say good morning or hi to them?
    Why do they pick up your plate and bring you the bill as soon as you finish your meal in local restaurants and never say thank you when you pay them?
    Why some of them do open their f*****g umbrella right in your face and never say sorry?
    I am tired writing all this s**t! Can someone help please?

  141. Lamboferruccio says:

    I think it has something to do with the ingrained insecurity most locals have toward foreigners whether they care to admit it or not. I mean think about what it must be like growing up here, the competitiveness they deal with just to go to school, get on the bus get on the MTR, then they have to deal with all these Gweilos who take away their jobs. The only hope they have is to go abroad and study only to come back and compete with said Gweilos for jobs. Then they have the certain contingent of local women who only date foreigners for whatever reason that must piss them off too. Our presence pretty much pisses them off so they live a life of misery and take it out on everyone around them. You think they treat us badly look at how they treat their own cousins from mainland lol!

  142. Anonymous says:

    As a local ,it’s always good to know the bad side of Hong Kong so that we can make an improvement. I agree most of it except those comments which are extreme or subjective. By the way, try not to include political thing here, which is the Mainland-Hong Kong issue. If you are not a local you don’t even know what’s the situation. The word ‘cousin from mainland’ is very disgusting and I am wondering where you get it from. No matter how bad HKers are, Chinese and HKers are different. Would you say British, Australian and American are cousins? Saying HKer=Chinese is already an insult to them so it may gives you a rough idea how rude it is to mistake the identities.

  143. Anonymous says:

    I am the Anonymous above and want to say more about the things here.
    Some said they bumped into people while walking on the street. Personally, I didn’t experience things like that much. Maybe that’s because I am still studying, and never get a chance to experience in rush hours. Some said people don’t hold doors for the next one coming in. That’s very true and inspiring and probably I am going to do that after reading these comments.
    I am actually sorry for the expats or tourists if you find Hong Kong is such a bad place.

    The fact is, Hong Kong, is such a busy city and many of the unfriendliness or rude behavior are the consequence of it (i.e bumping into people/ don’t hold the doors for others, cos they are in a hurry!). HK is so stressful, comments above made a good point — the education. Imagine what kind of person you will be, if you are brought up in such a competitive place where you compete from kindergartens to university. People don’t intentionally behave this way, but they unconsciously express their sorrow or stress in behavior. I hope whom you encountered are just minority.

    Actually, I am a student who is studying university, after reading you guys’ comments make me feel the necessity to change my attitude. Thank you so much, and at the same time, I want to apologize for people who get offended in HK. Hope that someday HK will be a better city.

  144. delrin says:

    I’m going to be in Hong Kong for three days this September. I’ve never been to Hong Kong before. The first thing I googled was ‘fuck hong kong’ and your blog came out on top. Do you have anything like a top ten list of inconsistencies and annoyances that I could make use of? I’d prefer to see this city as if I’d lived here for 3 years, as opposed to just passing through for three days.

  145. Andrew says:

    I sometimes look around and wonder if anyone else is actually thinking the same thing, or if I am imagining it all. It is only after I return from other cities and countries that I remember what almost everywhere else is like, and that I am not actually going crazy.

    The lack of decency here is really disturbing. I keep telling myself that there must be some good people out there. The problem is how rarely I come across them.

    I keep asking myself: how can somewhere be so full of cold, mean, obnoxious, materialistic, aggressive, nasty people? How is this possible? What kind of society is this?

    As a previous poster mentioned, it is as if I’ve walked into an alternate reality. How can it be?

    Really – can someone tell me?

  146. Anonymous says:

    I think these behaviors arise from their cultural values. One of their core values is industriousness, and it is shown by the pressure on their children to achieve in school, and by their willingness to work incredibly long hours performing tedious tasks. These values, will, and did, produce high achievers earning good incomes. Unfortunately, many Hong Kongers have come to believe that nothing else is important in life…….the cleanliness of their environment, kindness, politeness, cheerfulness, art-for-art’s-sake, empathy for the suffering of other people…..many of the things that make life on earth a pleasurable experience. While their values produce material wealth, they will not produce happy people. Maybe it’s best to hope that Hong Kong is an evolving society and that they will learn, over time, the value of producing happy, as well as productive, people.

  147. Anakin says:

    a brawl in a dim sum restaurant. At the end, the waitress ask customer to pay first before leaving.

  148. Andrew says:

    Notice how locals always say ”if you don’t like it leave”.

    Whether it’s life or career circumstances, not all of us can. And just because we’re racially different, it doesn’t mean we’re any less entitled to comment on the culture here.

    In western countries, the door is always open if you’re willing to integrate. It doesn’t matter what colour you are – you can become British, American, Australian, Canadian if you adopt our culture – and you can still preserving some of your own too.

    But in Hong Kong, you can only be a true Hongkonger if you look like one. I’ve met people of South Asian or African appearance, they’ve lived here all or most of their lives, they’ve tried (or had) to learn the language, but do locals view them as Hongkongers? No, not at all. They think they’re dirty, smelly, to be avoided, not to be trusted, to be looked down upon – and most of all, an outsider, just because they look at one.

    Even as a gweilo (and I find that term grating), I even feel I’m treated differently here (and not in a good way, I don’t reside in the Mid-Levels). Yet I know whites get a good deal here in comparison, so I can only imagine what it’s like to be ”brown” here, or a mainlander.

    Everything in Hong Kong is surface level. Nothing deeper matters. And I think the reason people post here is the disbelief that in the 21st century, a ”world city” can be home to so many backward people.

    I won’t even get into all the rude behaviour. You could literally write a book.

  149. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been in HK for the past two years, and I fucking hate this place by now. I study in university here, and young people, whom you would expect to be better than older ones, are actually even worse. Extremely narrow-minded, rude, mainly depressed and victims of an unsolvable inferiority complex. Fucking ridiculous. I really think the ONLY reason Hong Kong is not as messed up as the rest of China is that they got colonised by the British. (not being racist here)

    Ah, I feel so much better now. Thanks.

  150. Lau says:

    Hong kong is an ill-bred bastard son.

  151. FuckFuckFuck says:

    its good to find this site as i’ve tons of shit to blow, fuck!! FUCK!!!! F!U!C!K!!! FUCK YOU CY LEUNG YOU SHIT!!!!!!!

  152. Jason S says:

    If you want to leave a comment back it up with your real details. Be a man or fuck off chink..

  153. Jojo says:

    Thanks for this blog – I was starting to doubt my sanity. HK looks good on the surface, but it is a soulless, soulless sh**hole. Probably the outcome of an extreme materialistic culture combined with a system which is designed to keep people in a permanent cycle of poverty. The worrying thing is a lot of the foreigners in HK end up becoming complete a**holes after an extended stay. This city *will* turn you into an a**hole whether foreigner or local.

  154. J says:

    I’m a Brit living in Hong Kong, have been for three years now, and I came out here because my partner was offered a really good job out here. It began as a short term assignment and then it kept getting extended and extended until it grew into a permanent position.

    In my heart I’m a Brit, and I hate Hong Kong right down to my bones, but I love my partner, and so here I am. We tried doing things long distance at the beginning, with me in the UK and him out here, but it sucked for both of us, and so I upturned my life and joined him out here. I left my home. I left my job. We got married. I got one of those dependant ID card thingys. I don’t regret marrying him at all because I I did it for all the right reasons – I love him so much and he’s my best friend, the other half of me, I can’t imagine life without him, and I’ll stand by his side through anything, including this and more. I’ll walk through fire and brimstone for him if it comes to it lol! I also know that we won’t stay here forever…but Hong Kong is indeed all wrong for me. Some days are harder than others. This is a city consumed by materialism, passive-aggressive rudeness, saccharine smiles from salespeople, heat, humidity, shallowness, narrow-mindedness…it’s all brands brands, brands, things, things, things.


    People also stare because I’m blonde and he’s Chinese and that’s a bit unusual. You come across it the other way round a fair bit (western guy and Chinese girl) but this way round…not so much. I’ve seen it maybe three times in three years. It’s less common. I hate this because I’m a very shy person with a borderline social anxiety disorder (and I think that’s actually DEVELOPED out here, though I may have been on the cusp of it anyways) and I’m also very self-conscious by nature….it causes me a lot of stress to be looked at like that. I can feel the eyes on me as a foreigner, even if it’s just innocent curiosity. It makes my heart rate go up, my breathing quicken…it’s kind of like a panic attack. People treat me differently. I feel different. I want to shrink inside myself and hide so that I’m no longer visible.

    But I love him so much I just deal with it. I close off completely when I go out, literally just shut down. When people cut me off, stare, or bash into me, I just pretend I’m somewhere else. I could yell but I don’t want to be like them. In fact, I REFUSE to be like them. Sometimes I even walk around with a big grin on my face just so I’m NOT like them. I will continue to hold doors open for people. It’s who I am. I don’t care what label you’re wearing. I couldn’t give a rats ass how deep your pockets are if you’re actually shallow as hell. There’s more to life.

    Maybe this website is a bit immature…but it makes me feel not quite so alone. If anyone wants to talk, maybe I can help somehow. Stay strong and wishing a good new year to you all!

  155. Anonymous says:

    Many of the observations in this blog and its comments are on the mark, but what you guys attribute it to are not.

    There are certain perspectives of local Hong Kong life and culture, for better or worse, that will never be afforded to foreigners, ABCs, or even bananas like me. In Hong Kong for example it’s important to realize there are different tiers of rudeness, and not all are equal. There’s the type of rudeness and crassness that is ingrained in the ‘true’ locals (those of the lower socio-economic class) simply by way of having been brought up through unimaginable hardship, cut-throat competition, emotional/physical battery or discrimination. As a result they end up developing a thick skin, and PRAGMATISM becomes their overall governing philosophy. It’s not really their fault as they are merely products of the environment they were raised in, and these skills are necessary to their survival and sanity. And although the things they do or say may sound rude, there’s usually little real malice behind what they do or say and it can even be endearing. I only have fond memories of my primary school bus driver who constantly got into shouting matches with other drivers and told them to EAT SHIT.

    Then there’s the type of rudeness bred out of arrogance, and no it’s not always or even usually the rich or foreign kids either. Some of the young local kids think they’re hot shit, maybe because they have triad ties or for some other reason, but essentially they think they’re untouchable and act accordingly. When they’re rude, it’s usually out of pure spite. When you look at depictions of Hong Kong’s youth in the news and media, you’re mainly seeing the good eggs (e.g. the ones that actually made it into university, the pacifists, the young professionals etc). You don’t see the dropouts, the bullies, or the delinquents, but there are just as many of them, and they’re part of the growing problem of insolent youth. They’re mostly invisible to foreigners and even to ABCs though because they usually don’t have the balls to start shit with them, but they’re the ones you see hanging around in shady shopping complexes or in large groups at McDonalds at 3am. Try staring at one for more than a few seconds and you’ll get a rise out of them. There’s just as many of these guys walking the streets, hiking the trails, camping, and making it to a ripe old age as the straight-laced dudes.

    If you feel there is a disconnect between the youth in the OCCUPY movement picking up after themselves and the utterly poor state of some of Hong Kong’s hiking trails and beaches, this is why. But yea, as always this is not the whole picture. One thing we can agree on is that the culture here is sick. Too many people living in too small an area, with a few making a lot and the rest making nothing. And it’s only going to get worse as other cities follow suit.

  156. herb w says:

    well thought out, anonymous. two thumbs up

  157. rofl-ing says:


  158. Johnson Jefferson says:

    Dudley why don’t you just fuck off back to Britain you goddamn child?

  159. Because I’m not from fucking Britain you silly dumb cunt.

  160. Matty says:

    To all those who assume gwailos on this blig should pack their bags or whatever, well, i am gwailo 100% anglo sax, but i was born here and soooooo sick, and tired, and pissed off that all people want to ask ask is, in this exact order 1) do i speak gongdongwah YES 2) Oh you must have Chinese girl friend NO 3) You have Chinese wife NO 4) I dont think you can be born here, you not Chinese

    I feel trapped here and worry for the racism my kids,will encounter once they pass the stage of being touched for luck or invasively photoed. i think its time to iproot my business, make the lical team refundant, and fuck off somewhere trurly intetnational, respectful and…polite.

    finally thank you Dudley. great blog.

  161. Matty says:

    re spelling above:

    thick fingers and 6 beers


  162. Cryssy says:

    I wish I came across your website when I lived in Hong Kong last year. Your descriptive misery is on point and anyone else who doesn’t realize how fucked up and stupid society is there is obviously blind. We would of made great friends. No one believes me how Redic. Hong Kong is, so seeing this confirms my sanity. For instance I’m trying to cancel a bank account there and they said I have to come to HK to close it to prove my identity…… Over 115HKD!!!!! Just fucking close it idiots. And the school I went to, don’t even get me started with this one. I went to school thinking I would be with some fine intellectual gifted people instead I was in a class with 50 donkey brains who didn’t even know how to communicate with each other in their own language. I left my email incase you want to keep in touch. Best to you mate.

  163. Bob says:

    This website is great keep up the good work! I have attempted many times to escape this putrid hell hole but never have any luck getting out. I’m beginning to feel trapped and need an escape route and quick as I feel it killing my soul and ruining my health! I agree with everything on here, it is a nasty, callous, superficial hell hole. It has nothing to do with the “competitiveness” of growing up here, that is complete bullshit, it’s just simply a place full of people with lead for hearts and zero empathy, simple!!

  164. Anonymous says:

    As someone who was born here it’s hard not to agree with most of the things said here. But at the same time, what is rude to you might not be for Hong Kong people. This is also true the other way around. Fucking dumb ass drunk foreigners in Wan Chai is a perfect example. And don’t get me started on the stupid shit foreigners talk about. So you have to look at it from both sides of the coin.

    Honestly, I am truly not a big fan of white people in Hong Kong. They act like pampered assholes that think they are better than other people. Some of them I just want to smack. I grew up abroad so, no, you aren’t any better. Locals might not know but I do. You guys are just as fucked up as the rest of us. And no, you aren’t rich back in your home country so stop acting like a douche.

    Get off your high horse about being better mannered and all that shit. There are tons of rude white people back in your home country. It’s just that you are used to that kind of rudeness and not Hong Kongs. The world is huge and there will be different definitions on what is acceptable in each society.

    At the end of the day, Hong Kong is not a pleasant city to live in. Honestly coming back to his city for 10 years has truly changed me and not for the better. I now act in the same level of rudeness when dealing with local people. I feel nothing about it anymore. As they say, when in Rome be Roman.

    This is not a easy place to blend in especially if you come from a Western background. It is what it is. You just got to accept it and move on. The one thing I want to say to these readers is that no matter how much you hate the manner of some locals, don’t fall into the trap of thinking all people are like that. I certainly don’t think all white people are idiots either. Judge a person as an individual. You were brought up better than this.

    P.s. By the way if you think HK is dirty, try going to India.

  165. Sterling Archer says:

    As someone who was born in Hong Kong and having spent 10 years of my life in England, I fail to see how other people don’t see the hilarity in this blog. Like seriously, I agree with most of the things he says but this blog is absolutely fucking hilarious, thank you for making my day!

  166. Boogie Lunch says:

    HK like any other city, filled with a lot of people, and with a lot of people comes problems in dealing with people.

    But the real contrast and positive trade off is the crime rate. You can wear all you fancy expensive accessories and no one will pull a gun and rob you. You can walk through a dark alley on HK Island and not get killed. Unlike the states or other western cities, where the chance of gun violence occurs everyday. Shooting within city is a common occurance, and we are talking within the city, not just the poor side of town. Also no serial killers on HK Islands.

    Only killing are love triangles, where the end results is murder commits suicide, open and close case, crime solved every time. No child abduction, or other similar crimes. Very low violence compared to the rest of the world.

  167. hker says:

    Are you a Hongkonger?

  168. Matty says:

    HK Chinese are often amazed / don’t believe that my white kids could have been born in HK…even insist it can’t be. What rude fuck wits.

  169. Au Gourmand says:

    I actually just had to, absolutely had to, yell “Hong Kong Sucks!!!!” while waiting for the workmen to finish for the umpteenth time whatever shit they are doing to fix the leaks – plural – in the bathroom, without expecting any half-decent result/resolution anytime soon. God, I hate Hong Kong!

  170. long time resident says:

    What a sad bunch of expats that never even tried to understand this fascinating place that brings opportunities and efficiency like no other. Indeed, this place is not for whiners or people not interested in learning about the culture they live in..

  171. long time resident says:

    Bob you write : “I have attempted many times to escape this putrid hell hole but never have any luck getting out.” Unless you had your passport confiscated for some reason, it should be pretty simple to get on a flight or a train out of Hong Kong.

  172. Cam says:

    Go fuck yourself ‘Long time resident’. Hong Kong was established by criminal British drug dealers and imperialists for the sole purpose of consolidating wealth into their own hands. They did this by out-muscling an inferior culture who couldn’t compete with their level of technology and ability to intimidate and dominate. In other words, a bunch of spineless pirates, robbers and bullies billy clubbed their way in, set up shop and began the slow rape of the resource. And here you are bleating on about the ‘culture’. Are you talking about the schizophrenic, traumatized culture? The culture sold by their own into the hands of thugs? Here you are talking about opportunity. What opportunity is that? The opportunity to ‘legally’ rape a region of the world for over a hundred straight years? Just what the fuck are you talking about you vague nut.

  173. fuck off loser says:

    if you don’t like here , fuck back your shitty country ,ugly, fat, smelly, white trash

  174. Mattstar says:

    Can we make 2 statues, 1 to ‘Fuck off loser’ and one to ‘Gweilo Sucks’ life size (so very short) with drains at the bottom so that we can piss on them? Mind you, that thought might arouse them…they are likely to have a thing for guys like us, scary but true.

  175. Anonymous says:

    Hey, how do I “fuck back my shitty country”? Still trying figure that out. The funny thing about this blog is exactly the twist it provides. Not about the corruption and ineptitude of its government – that would be too boring and tiresome to talk about anyway. Who gives a damn about the fact that Hong Kong people have some of the worst English in Asia. The crap education system – how it focuses on rout memorization over comprehension, and so on. Its focus is on individual behavior which is simply atrocious, and that really exposes an Achilles heel for this grotesque people. That’s why they react so badly to the topics on this blog, despite the fact that they are wicked and funny as hell, and shouldn’t be taken so seriously. It just shows how abysmal is the backwardness and the unwillingness to look inwardly among the people of Hong Kong.

  176. Anonymous says:

    “sofuckingwhat on April 6, 2014 at 8:36 pm
    If any HK’er is reading this AND drives a car—-

    HAHAHAHA… I any Hk’er read this they’ll will be like: “INDI CATE? Didn’t know this bland name. LOUNDABOUT? About lound is my wife’s bullocks (buttocks).”

  177. White people suck horse dick says:

    White people are like
    White Devil……………..White Devil……….White Devil

    ISIS will kill all of you……………………….

  178. ISIS says:

    Fucking White People I’ m COMING………………COMING………………COMING………………

    I will kill all of you …………………………………………………

  179. Retard says:

    Should have a retard detection filter in this blog.
    But I guess it makes for good comedy.

  180. Anonymous says:

    I have been living here for 18 years until I have moved to a better place – true, for many things, Hong Kong has its beauty in its own way, but that is just what we present to the public, the local side is totally different. I am dying because so many people just couldn’t understand this, and keep telling me they love Hong Kong. For so many reasons, I got hated, bullied, isolated, at school just because I don’t like K-pops, selfies, and speak English, apparantly speaking English is snobbish while I am just trying to practice. Seriously, I don’t understand most of my Hong Kong friends, I would rather be friends with BBCs or ABCs at least they are more decent people. But oh well, I am stuck in the middle of Hong Kong and westernized stuff and always swing between these two.

    It’s such a shame to act like Hong Kong locals, I can’t tell you how dirty, and how filthy these people are, mainly in my schools, I have seen all the things people up there say about. To this point, I felt myself so not understand, and so shameful to blame on Hong Kong. But let’s face it – there are so many ill-logic thoughts of some locals, and lack of respect to people. What’s worse, the enablers are even more ridiculous in rationalizing these ill-behaviors. People don’t change their behaviors but step on each other. “It’s your fault if you don’t do X.” That’s what they teacher you, be careful of your shit or you will get slammed for the good.

    Hong Kong is the yuckiest city from my sad experience, sometimes I just hope this land will sink for its good. Evil land of greedy, lousy people. Even I am in Canada, I refuse to speak to any people who act like real locals from Hong Kong because they are just plain rude, arrogant people who think their opinions matters and if you don’t react they will bite you afterwards. And few of my co-workers are these kind of people. You can never be clean after you immerse in this place.


  181. Anonymous says:

    And btw, I have learn English on my own, very hard to learn real English but not crap English just to deal with that stupid-ass DSE shit. I watched YouTube videos everyday, my written is poor because I still haven’t got any training from that. But what I’ve seen is, most local students have no interest in learning English and that’s okay – I don’t blame that because of the education system, but? I was ridiculed, stared, humiliated, because I spoke English. “Why do you speak English?” (accusing voice), seriously? I CAN’T PRACTICE MY ENGLISH??? I explained that I am trying to practice English and I got slammed by their long face, indicating I am a stupid-ass shit to even try to learn speaking English. I was so freaking picked and depressed just because I am trying to learn English, and ALL of them were trying to threaten me, ridicule me because I am trying to speak!! How rude was that! Do I have to ask your permission to speak!? That chick in my school just doesn’t know how to respect a decent learner! I admit I will never go back to my school for the good. And this all stem from that stupid HK culture, look down on westerners, snobbish if you practice English, means you are that wealthy, filthy ass shitty family, and I bear all these fault all my years. If you are a local who has tried to speak English at school, you will know what I mean. If you think I am wrong, you might be one of those filthy locals who looks down on good English speakers and you should look at yourself and ask if you are bullying anyone in your school.

    sorry to sound a little harsh, this is all true

  182. Anonymous says:

    “There’s the type of rudeness and crassness that is ingrained in the ‘true’ locals (those of the lower socio-economic class) simply by way of having been brought up through unimaginable hardship, cut-throat competition, emotional/physical battery or discrimination. As a result they end up developing a thick skin, and PRAGMATISM becomes their overall governing philosophy. ”

    To the person who is writing this, if you have been through the hardships of hanging around these people, you will not say this. IT IS THEIR FAULT and they never realize, never admit, and never willing to see what is real nature in their colour. You can be rude-ass but you can’t be evil. When they have no morals, they are just a bunch of blood-sucking dickheads trying to rob you out for money and pride, and lavish themselves with what you got. “Oh, one more likes with my cutsy face!” “Oh! One more like with a handsome guy!!” “A gwailo in my picture can get more likes”

    Honesty, I feel utterly disgusted by this kind of competition, but that’s okay, but they have no respect towards your more decent way of living. If you try to get some finer things in life? Holy shit, you will be pinned on the wall and ridiculed to death because WHY SHOULD YOU ENJOY THESE THINGS IN LIFE? When I was applying my university, I was told I was “too ambitious” – haha, so I should just go to a crappy school like you guys and end up being a shit job working as a slave in your office? Oh, sorry to step on your foot to get a degree better than you! Not to mention, they judge you based on what you got, what you have, how much you earn, the wealthier the winner!

    I got sever depression for my whole life, and never got a good sleep ever on those cramp small beds, and guess what, after I moved to a better place the second time basically, my depression has gone for the good. Whoever think Hong Kong is the best place is either an idiot, or have no morals, or just plain dickhead who love power plays and manipulate people to the death for their little sly purpose.

    Next year, or later in my years I’d probably move to Seattle, a more calm, quiet, civilized place where decency is embodied. At least a basic amount of respect is received regardless of who I am.

  183. Anonymous says:

    “As a previous poster mentioned, it is as if I’ve walked into an alternate reality. How can it be?

    Really – can someone tell me?”

    Really, it’s all about capitalism. And the deep rooted sucking habits of Chinese people in general. Look how ill-mannered some mainlanders behaved in public, you will get an answer.

  184. HATER says:

    Every time i saw a White people , i want to puke. why are those monster do in hong kong ?They don’t belong here .

  185. Retard says:

    Everyone in this blog are retarded .Especially those stupid White Trash .

  186. Retard says:

    Get your own name ^^^douchebag^^^

  187. Anonymous says:

    I strongly agree with you. I will burn down this shit hole if I could.

  188. Anonymous says:

    I just paid 2,000 HKD for annual car examination + engine oil replacement. WTF? It usually costs less than 500 HKD in total in other countries. Fuck HK. I will burn this shit hole down.

  189. Anonymous says:

    I hate HK because Hongkees smells like shit everywhere.

  190. ISIS says:

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    I will kill all of you …………………………………………………

  191. Anonymous says:

    I fucking hate those White pig . They ‘re fat, smelly ,ugly as fuck . ISIS keep up the good work.

  192. Andy Allen says:

    I hate everything about France . France people deserve riot in the hell.

  193. Pussy Cat says:

    to the owner of this blog

    After almost five years , you still here bitching ,You such a big pussy . Grow up ,

  194. NomadicHeart says:

    Hong Kong is soulless. Try as I might to unearth some genuine kernels of culture during my recent trip there, all I could observe is a fixation with consumerism and materialism.

    During my last night in HK, I found myself at a crowded club where a well-known DJ, Kaskade, was playing. The scene in the club consisted of people glued to their cell phones, texting, and some, actually making phone calls while heavy bass reverberated through the walls. Others sat unimpressed in circular booths, chain smoking while they enjoyed bottle service of Veuve and Belvedere.

    Determined to have a good time and enjoy the music, my friend and I managed to carve a small space on the dancefloor halfway through the evening. But after just a few minutes of dancing, we were promptly dragged out of the club. $70 tickets down the drain.

    As a DJ, I can say with full confidence that the goal of playing music for a crowd is ALWAYS to make people dance. That this club found two young women dancing to be more obscene than the throng of chain-smoking, texting Hongkongers is the reason I curiously typed “I hate Hong Kong” into the Google machine upon my departure from this sad, robotic, inhumane land.

  195. Tony Allen says:

    What a typical dumb blonde . If you don’t want to get dragged out of the club , next time please try to improve your ugly dance and put some clothes on,slut.

    Because you get dragged out of the club and your precious $70 tickets down the drain ,and the throng of chain-smoking, texting Hongkongers ,So you suddenly found out Hong Kong is soulless ,inhuman, sad , robotic. What a wonderful narrow-minded you had ? Lol , sorry for your loss.

    You are the reason I curiously typed “I hate Blonde” into the Google machine to release my angry. You ‘re a disgrace so-called journalist and a stupid ,sad human being.

    Well ……..What you can expect from a Blonde?

  196. Anonymous says:

    “I have seen the beauty of good, and the ugliness of evil, and have recognized that the wrongdoer has a nature related to my own—not of the same blood or birth, but the same mind. And so none of them can hurt me. No one can implicate me in ugliness. Nor can I feel angry at my relative, or hate him. We were born to work to together… To obstruct each other is unnatural. To feel anger at someone, to turn your back on him: these are obstructions.

    Choose not to be harmed—and you won’t feel harmed. Don’t feel harmed—and you haven’t been.

    We all love ourselves more than other people, but care more about their opinion than our own.

    It can only ruin your life only if it ruins your character. Otherwise it cannot harm you—inside or out.

    The tranquility that comes when you stop caring what they say. Or think, or do. Only what you do.

    It’s silly to try to escape other peoples’ faults. They are inescapable. Just try to escape your own.

    Leave other peoples’ mistakes where they lie.

    That kindness is invincible, provided it’s sincere—not ironic or an act.” – Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor.

  197. Well done ISIS says:

    All the White Trash in this blog should fuck back to France , ISIS well done.

  198. Deano says:

    I see this blog been taken over by bitter and twisted monkey rapers, pity it used to be good for a laugh

  199. Learn how to fucking indicate says:

    Don’t let them get to you.

  200. tridang says:

    Hi all… i am in hong kong for the last 7days over 2015 christmas and new year period.

    I read a lot of posts from expat “westerners” saying hong kong is souless and robotic..based on say a few weeks here…

    Note im australian, cantonese speaking and late 30s.. i grew up in australia with dual western and chinese cantonese culture.. inc. Watching all the hong kong cinema and cantopop over the 80s and 90s etc..

    The problem i see with typical western travellers is they do typical western tourist things and.you need to.make it real obvious like put a sign that say “this is cultural ” or you need to take them to a night district where they can see locals riding motorbikes and get drunk with them in clubs.. thats thw westerners idea of an asian city as having culture and life… spirit.

    I think if you dont speak the language, have parents who brought you up with the culture then you dont see it… you just think its all about prada, rolex, bmw and standard chartered… and thus soulless.. westerners also think all culture revolves around the uk and usa… so if they cant see typical asian brochure stereotype like in movies they think they are cheated… eg. Maybe you want to see a dragon dance and bruce lee or junk sail down kowloon bay…at night… but shite bro that stuff never happens unless its made by the jewish hollywood media

    I cant explain to you or show you the culture as you dont speak the language nor is it part of your life or identity, so i can see why western tourists think its just a big city of people rushing about and.being rude etc… btw i never experienced rude… if you speak the language and know how to interact its very good experience for a returning cantonese… in hong kong they work by half second… i find even myself having trouble because in the main busy areas it is very quick…like new york, vendors dont have time to explain the menu… thats why some people think it is rude… because it is so fast many people unless they are experienced cannot get service.

    As for living here… its not nice as its too crowded..also mainland chinese is a problem that makes life uncertain. Much prefer melbourne Australia as i can buy a large house and invite mates over for bbq or dinner without always rushing

    Bad thing is it is too competitive place… it is a crazy enclave that you need to understand the history… china is also a problem… inequality is high… rich and poor… money doesnt buy a good life or happiness .. sometimes chinese dont realise this… but they try to have both… that is part of the folly of the people

  201. Anonymous says:

    Get a clue you wankers, this site is tongue in cheek…… errrrr sarcasm!!!! If you are not intelligent enough to get that, stay off the internet.

  202. helptheanonlittleoldlady says:

    Here is a quiz for you for haters of Hong Kong who might be interested in a proper scandal.

    Which Deputy Justice is being referred to here by lawyers from Deacons, Andrew Bullett of Convention Chambers and Joseph of the law firm Joseph C T L as well as the firm of Rajiv as over-ruling a more senior Justice. Hint. Something to do with a water investigation.

    Lots of juicy bits flow from this such as a lady who is the ward of court with an estate worth HKD100’s of millions about to run out of funds for hospital bills, family members profiting from payments for their maids and approved by the Committee handling the estate (and apparently the courts) at the costs of millions of dollars. Also seems to be the basis of a new budding business of Hong Kong people renting out their maids for profit.

    Rajiv, a specialist in looking after Part 2 Wards of Courts (minors, people who are mentally incapacitated etc) stated the following as part of the basis for over-ruling a Justice of the Court order to examine “any and all” aspects of the costs of his former colleagues at Ernst and Young and their legal advisors Deacons before “a mental health Judge”:

    “we have met with Andrew and Joseph and also had various communications with Deacons and the High Court over setting of a hearing date for the Costs in front of the [judge]….. I also sense the Court is somewhat ambiguous about the process and far too much is left to the discretion of the [judge]”.

    The result was the review never took place.

    You can try contacting the following directly who were cc’d. “Joseph” at info@jctlee.com, Andrew Bullett at ahbullett@gmail.com, Rajiv at rmakhi@gmail.com,

    More emails can be supplied by the above parties if you are interested with regards to the alleged rulings by judges allowing third parties to rent out their maids for profit to mentally incapacitated wards of courts.

  203. Eduhkong says:

    One reading that should be compulsory to HK residents: The Sane Society, Erich Fromm

  204. They wouldn’t get it

  205. Anomonous says:

    If you guys hate living in Hong Kong, why continue to live here?

  206. Anonymous says:

    You’re wonderful.

  207. Dave says:

    Hong Kong girls love white men!! The chinese trash local men are wimps!!!! 😀

  208. At last! Someone who speaks the truth. Your humour helps lighten the facts you write so eloquently and honestly, sweetening the bitter pill that exists as HK. I have lived and worked in kowloon and NT long enough to know what this ugly beast is all about. And yes – I am counting the seconds until I can leave. And no – it’s not that easy to go if you are not working in a corporate job on a package. Saving money takes time and not all western folk are earning big salaries. Many are helping the local children to speak English working for peanuts despite having university degrees ( earning not much more than a local hairdresser) so the kids have a shot at getting to university and have a better life – escaping from here. Except they don’t leave hk for long returning to their families. If everyone is so family oriented why does your granny have a hunch back and works through the night pushing heavy carts of cardboard? Why does your grandpa work all night as a security guard in an apartment building? Why are graduates so spineless to accept the lowest pay offered compared with other countries? Why do the government, businesses and local people think working like a dog is quality of life? In London and France we have a work life balance with 2 days off per week and don’t work late every night. Try and stop behaving like animals without brains. Stop giving your kindergarten and primary aged kids energy drinks and energy bars to make them get through the day of endless homework and extracurricular lessons. Some highlights from my time here:

    – Was spat on by an old angry Chinese man for being western.
    – Was ripped off when renting rooms several times. Worst one was when the landlord added an extra 1500 hkd to the original price agreed, when I went to sign the lease. Chinese people always taking advantage at the vulnerable moments, like when someone needs a place to stay urgently. I would never sign a one year lease after living next to mahjong granny who played until 1am – then had her apartment renovated with purpose built furniture being made inside her place. Try listening to drilling all day weekends included for 6 months. Piano noise badly played from another neighbour plus the usual ball bearings furniture scraping etc and loud music being played at midnight.
    – No one actually speaks English. A few words doesn’t count. Enjoy being ignored in restaurants because you are western. The English menu is a joke. It doesn’t describe the dishes correctly. Try ordering something plain after food poisoning ha ha. Pork floss, spam and seafood are thrown in for good measure. Forget being allergic to anything – they just don’t care. Food hygiene is non existent. Raw meat sits out in the sun. While a lady with long hair and bare hands kneads it on a dirty table. Taxi drivers are useless – they live here but don’t know how to go anywhere, don’t speak English and pretend not to understand when you speak Chinese. Mini bus drivers cause many road accidents. They are either too old to be driving or too crazy. I have had the drug addict driver bus crash experience. I also had the “I refuse to stop the bus for you when I needed to get off because you are western experience”
    – Men aggressively push women and children out of their way. I have seen a huge bruise on a child’s arm from a Neanderthal being. I have been pushed out of the way down stairs more times than I care to remember. Men shout at woman. It’s intimidating and scary.
    – Local people look dead and walk like aimless zombies. They don’t show any expression. They cannot talk honestly and openly about themselves. They never admit any weakness. Any problem or emotion that is expressed to them is met with their standard reply, “Never mind.” I am dying of cancer – never mind. Ask for help and you will hear,“Cannot” or my favourite response which is any lie that pops into their head in order to save face. I met a lost student recently who was duped by 4 different locals guiding her to the university in the wrong direction. Maybe HK is a social experiment of robots?
    – expats stay because private schooling is heavily subsidised for those that work in education and it’s cheaper than other countries. Expats stay because they want an Asian girlfriend.
    – If I stop in the street where I live to check my phone, I am asked for sex by old sleazy Chinese men and have been followed into my building. The whole area (10 km) is full of prostitutes who work to pay off their husbands gambling debts and feed their kids. Indian men hang about when it’s dark and try to make you go with them. They hope you are drunk and naiive. Hong Kong is no longer a safe place.
    – loud televisions everywhere buses trains restaurants streets – living room kitchen bathroom bedroom – that shows real progress in a society NOT.
    – Forget making calls or hearing your dining companion in a restaurant. Forget pleasant bus or mtr journeys. If the screaming banshee canto doesn’t get to you and being pushed and pulled by smelly strangers – the announcement of every destination in 3 languages plus the constant loud tv noise and the constant loud beeps and loudspeaker announcements will kill you.
    – silent meditation retreat in hk means opening all windows in a shared dorm during winter and talking and burping. Locals said the westerns were stressed when complaining about the noise preventing them from meditating in silence and having hypothermia. There is no quiet restful place in hk. Even the posh 5 star hotels are over run by noisy staff who delight in shouting in corridors at all hours – add on the extra volume from screaming Chinese guests. Forget sleep… forget good service… Waiting half an hour for the bill and I finally found a member of staff to help me. Next thing the original staff member runs over shouting loudly – you cannot leave you haven’t paid.
    – I tried the mainland – I had to get a gynecological examination to be allowed to work with kids – locals have to do this yearly. Every morning staff were told they could get fired. When I resigned my belongings were confiscated and I was locked in a room with 4 Chinese woman who demanded payment for their release. I was mugged in the street. The expat villa promised to me was a rat infested hostel with a bedroom and Chinese loo with the shower head above it.

  209. mojo says:

    Nobody ask you to come here, go home to momy if you can’t stand it, it is not a place for everyone and definitely not for you. People in Hong Kong are nice and respecting each other.

  210. Anonymous says:

    Allergic: poor you, this is terrible. I believe that the world will soon learn the truth of these people and their ‘Culture’ and Karma will follow. I hope things get better, but it is henious here.

    Mojo: poor you, you brainwashed brainless fool.

  211. Anonymous says:

    I live in hk

  212. M says:

    Great read! I’ve been in HK for eight years, and I blame my husband for landing us in this hellhole. What did I do in my previous life to deserve this?

  213. Jaded says:

    I recently moved back to Hong Kong and it’s killing me. I hated this place when I left and I still hate it now. And I’m now stuck here unless I find work abroad because I’m actually from here.

    The city is backwards, racist, soulless, filled with mindless drones, has no future. And for a city that can afford Prada and Gucci and every other luxury brand imaginable people have fucking atrocious dress sense. Does this Hermes scarf match my flower print shirt and neon leggings and croc skin Birkin and kitty flats? In which universe is that okay, fuck, have you seen yourself in the mirror???? Money can’t buy style it’s true because HKers have NO FUCKING STYLE.

    And if you complain about Hong Kong locals are guaranteed to throw buzzwords at you like “Asia’s World City” or “world’s freest economy” or some other deluded bullshit. It’s a fucking echo chamber here. Yeah? Just because y’all have milk tea and macaroni for breakfast and the only pasta you know is Bolognese doesn’t mean you’re Asia’s World City. And world’s freest economy”? Do you even know what that fucking means you drone? Free economy means you can spend more hours overtime at your sad desk job to cover your extortionate rent/20-year mortgage for your pathetic little cupboard of a home while your boss makes more pay cuts because hey it’s a competitive economy. Free economy also means that technology is somehow still stuck in the early 2000s – why are online services so shit, why is everything still paper-based, why do people still fax, has nobody heard of email? Ugh. And HK people think they are so efficient compared to gweilos. You think you’re efficient because you’re doing mindless repetitive work (read: pushing papers from desk to desk) from 9 to 9. People put in the hours abroad and still manage to have a life! For such a depressing place I don’t understand why alcohol and drug abuse rates aren’t higher. People should be downing at least two bottles of red a day to survive but somehow outside of LKF I have never seen a local drink.

    I could go on but thankfully I don’t have to because you cover it all on this blog. Have been following for years and still churning out quality content. Godspeed my man.

  214. Anonymous says:

    Love your rant blogging style. These are the stuff I can relate to, thanks a bunch for blogging and to know there are people like me who cant understand these so called culture and behaviors. I am a Canadian that moved back to Hong Kong to pursue a career, and boy do i want to go back…

  215. Attention all people: Dudley Dawson is speaking the TRUTH!
    If you like hong kong, then F you! Hong Kong SUCKS! No returns!
    And furthermore, I order you to GTFO out of Lord Dudely’s blog.
    I’ll see you all in hell (hong kong)

  216. Truth! I am a banana living in Hong Kong for five years now and my dislike for this place is growing by the day. Like many people in the comments here, I was so frustrated and tired with it all I googled “I hate Hong Kong” to see what comes up. Am not disappointed.

  217. Pingback: Concrete Jungle – Diary of an Introverted Banana

  218. Conrad says:

    I agree. Hong Kong is just wayyyyy too overcrowded. Yet, the locals are still happy to stay here AND reproduce. The government telling people to have more babies to solve the aging society problem just makes it even more overpopulated. Hong Kong has already not been self sustaining in terms of food for many years. I wonder why HKers are happy and prefer to live in crowded rabbit conditions. Luckily, I was born abroad and plan to leave the “rabbit cage” HK as soon as I graduate from university. Heck, even the rural mountain trails are crowded during holidays. I have never thought that the wilderness can be as crowded as an urban sidewalk. This just shows the Chinese, Indian, South Asian, and African mentality. Absolutely no regard for personal space. I would bet that they would be okay with living like insects, that is, half a million people per square mile!!!!!!!

  219. Kalogero Battazzoni says:

    Hi people, let me tell you my horror:

    I came to Hong Kong 6 years ago as an academic. Lots of money to be made here (this is true) and a so called “modern, cosmopolitan” city.

    First 4 years were OK, until I hit 30 years old. I am a tall (6’5) Italian man that has this stereotypical Mediterranean gangster look. Even though I am a junior professor who cares for people a lot, I can’t help looking manly, strong and, hence, intimidating.

    Seriously, Hong Kongers are so goddamn prejudiced that they cross the damn street when they see me approaching. Or a women will see me and walk a mile around me as if I have the plague or something. Women get scared in the elevator and people are too damn scared to even look me in the eye.

    Never have I been in a place where people treat me so openly as if I am a god damned monster or something.
    The past 2 years I have started to hate this place and Chinese so much, that I will be happy the day I say goodbye to this godforsaken place.

  220. Anonymous says:

    Are the majority of people here foreigners who moved to HK?

  221. Anonymous says:

    Before coming to HK, make sure to bring like a shit loads of cash and have some friends already in HK so you can live somewhere closer to the new territories, the more quiet sides of Kowloon i.e. anywhere not close to the MTR, or just on an Island next to Hong Kong.
    Or else if you come to HK, you will just live in those rental estates like in the blogs and meet terrible people everyday.

  222. VICHK says:

    For someone to think that this website is greatly exaggerated, I worry for you. You have clearly become way too acclimatised or desensitised to the filthy, nasty side of Hong Kong. As an expat here for many years, I still experience shock and awe at how disgusting and gross many aspects of Hong Kong life are.

    Of course there are some good points but I’m still not used to the snotty tissues shoved into taxi door handles, left ever so sweetly behind for the next unwitting passenger to find and touch. And no the taxi driver could care less when I freak out or complain. At best they seem bemused that I am even bothered. Why should I care that I’ve been contaminated by someone else’s disgusting body excretions, filth and diseases?

    When my husband was newly arrived in HK and opening a bank account the HSBC bank clerk warned him “Hong Kong mouldy, my bed mouldy, my clothes mouldy, everything mouldy!” Never a truer word spoken by a local.

    Other irritants include:-

    The cockroaches! The landlords! The real estate ads for jail cell apartments that either wont show pictures of the kitchen/bathroom (red warning sign right there) or show photos complete with current tenant’s untidy, debris strewn about or piled up on every surface. No interior design apt staging here! And what passes for new/modern/designer decor is a pathetic joke and an insult to anyone with any taste or decent standard of living.

    Greedy misers!! Selling cheap used crap including “designer” paper bags on asiaxpat instead of donating stuff (of no value) to charity.

    The knock-off copies in SZ complete with fake printed ‘receipts’ from designer stores. So brazen.

    When you stop noticing this stuff, you need to start worrying!

  223. Escapee says:

    I’m back here on business having left on the glorious date of July 27th.

    I made my money and got out.

    I am back for 1 week mopping up business stuff and sucking out a more money. I thought I might remember things I liked about the place 10 years ago when first I moved here: NO it is like a shroud has lifted and I can see how utterly shit this place is. Its worse than I thought. I was trying to channel something positive out of it when here.

    Thank god I am out. 2 days till flight. NEVER COMING BACK.

  224. Hard man says:

    Born and raised hongkie here. Fuck this cunthole. Full of passive aggressive pussies. I see it in my uni, it is fucking tedious seeing these arrogant-for-no-reason hongkies discriminating against “lesser” people (including mainlanders) but scared of white people.
    The “group meetings” are like fucking TVB office shitshows where the shallow bitches gather around and gossip and giggle and snicker at strange things (even the guys).
    No one plays sports because they’re all fucking weak dorks. Maybe that’s why they’re so fucked up in the brain, unhealthy body unhealthy mind.
    Everyone is so affected by “tradition” and societal norms (nice terms for peer pressure) simply because they pussies, end of story. With no backbone. Full stop.
    Why can’t they stand up for themselves? Why do they follow everyone else like sheep? Why do they kiss the boss’ ass? Why don’t they try something different from what they do every fucking day? You guessed it.
    Thanks for reading.

  225. Hard man says:

    Born and raised hongkie here. Fuck this cunthole. Full of passive aggressive pussies. I see it in my uni, it is fucking tedious seeing these arrogant-for-no-reason hongkies discriminating against “lesser” people (including mainlanders) but scared of white people.

    The “group meetings” are like fucking TVB office shitshows where the shallow bitches gather around and gossip and giggle and snicker at strange things (even the guys).

    No one plays sports because they’re all fucking weak dorks. Maybe that’s why they’re so fucked up in the brain, unhealthy body unhealthy mind.

    Everyone is so affected by “tradition” and societal norms (nice terms for peer pressure) simply because they pussies, end of story. With no backbone. Full stop.

    Why can’t they stand up for themselves? Why do they follow everyone else like sheep? Why do they kiss the boss’ ass? Why don’t they try something different from what they do every fucking day? You guessed it.

    Thanks for reading.

  226. Let's hear it for dawson says:

    loving the realistic satire vibe.

    It’s not exactly satire if it’s all true though…right?

  227. soulshock22 says:

    Hey guys, in honor of Dudley Dawson, I started a facebook page for Hong Kong Sucks, as there is no official one. Obviously you chicken shit cunts aren’t going use your real FB profile to post there, but if you do, you deserve a free beer and a blowjob from a Russian hooker for being so savage.
    Here ya go: https://www.facebook.com/hksux/

  228. tck_in_limbo says:

    Interesting blog and comments. I am a typical third culture Asian kid who has done two 7 year stints in HK with a 7 year gap in between: first during the pre-handover period for schooling in the late eighties and early nighties , and then for work in the noughties after HK returned to the mothership. I have recently returned for a third stint after 7 years away. HK has definitely changed over the years, and IMHO its for the worst. If the locals were uptight before, they are super uptight now. There is no humanity left in this greed driven city (although it keeps on getting more efficient and the rich keep on getting richer). Soaring housing costs, shrinking housing spaces (i.e. nano flats the size of car parks), and a local population that would rank dead f*cking last on a global survey on likeability, all combine to make it one of the least livable cities in the world…unless you are wealthy. If you are wealthy, HK is paradise: it’s still a great place to park and grow your wealth and you can live a beautiful bubble where interaction with grumpy locals from lower social strata can be minimized. If you are not wealthy, I suggest you avoid moving to HK or settling here in the long term if you have better options.

  229. Gweilo Rules says:

    So true. People here are just dogs who follow, obey and have no life. I have never seen such creeping by the shoebox living scum at work in my whole career.
    Also driving ! they can’t drive – lets go and buy a new E class when I just passed my test ! You bad breath, crooked teeth fucker – I enjoy horning them until they shake in their rubber shoes.
    Another enjoyable past time of mine in Central first thing in the morning is to call every pointed shoe Playlord suit wearing slut a miserable bitch because that is what they are ! That makes me smile in the morning you guys should try it !

  230. Gweilo Rules says:

    Another thing how come they eat like pigs and just sit their taking pictures of their lousy food and playing with their phones instead of being able to hold a conversation.
    Another hobby of mine is kicking them out of coffee shops when they are not actually customers – great fun.

  231. Mila says:

    Dude… It’s been a few years since I came back from this noisy, stinky, obnoxious, “many good food” concrete hell they call a city, but back in the day this blog saved me from what could have potentially become a long, unsatisfying therapy. Adventurous as I like to see myself I would not in the least have expected Hong Kong to hit me in the face like that. With a small part of my heart I kinda love it still, but I just came to Korea for a vacation and as with so many Asian urban environments this one too makes the old Hong Kong trauma creep up again. So I guess it’s for the best we parted, HK.

  232. Fuck yeah says:

    I want to buy you a drink so check my email. Great and often hilarious stuff. Sorry to see so many naysayers talking about how HK is still a far better option than many “world class cities”. Anyone well travelled would much prefer living in the third world than in this shithole. I am here for money, so I am a whore, and HK is the greatest whorehouse. Never befriended a HK guy in 20 years despite trying. The shittiest people you could ever find, and ISIS is counted.

  233. Fuck yeah says:

    Actually, I should mellow down my comments. HK people are resilient, hard-working and amazingly efficient. That, however, does not make them likeable. For sure, this city is extremely safe, and that cannot be said of most cities in the Western world. The key issue with HK people is they have no ideal, no big quest for self-improvement. Just look how backward HK is in the realm of technology. Oh yeah, we are welcoming big IPOs for Mainland tech companies. Wow. I was a fan of the students who pushed for freeer elections. Nobody supported them, not even the working class. Stop interrupting business, they said. For fuck’s sake, the Finance Secretary was saying that restaurants dishwashers were too high. Is that really the problem that is hurting the city’s competitiveness? Wake up Hong Kong. Anybody in his right mind would fight against the cronies, and the master-slave contract between the tycoons and this people.

  234. AlmostAnonymous says:

    haha. wonderful observations. to truly live in Hong Kong for any length of time, you must have a sense of humour.

  235. I hate Hong Kong and China they are the worst

  236. Ances says:

    Came to Hong Kong in the late 80’s what a wonderful beautiful place People 90% helpful lovely happy 10% arse holes. Shit it’s changed 10% great 90% arse holes. Whats changed we asked the happy people – nobody is happy just some of us are living with partners from other countries and only visiting very occasionally – the hong kongers all said they hate the Chinese. We felt same way in just 5days. Thank god we dont live here and we won’t be back. Never had a good or bad opinion about Chinese until now. So don’t expect us to welcome you – you have taught me to hate your hospitality and believe me I’ll return the favour and be nasty back so you stay in China and never leave

  237. Regretful says:

    I moved to HK from Seoul last yesr. Spent 6 years in Seoul and regret every fucking day I gave it up for this. I can not put into words how much I hate living in HK.

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