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Please welcome tonight’s guest speaker…

Let’s hear it for Jacques Ellul. Take it away Jacques… Men now live in conditions that are less than human. Consider the concentration of our great cities, the slums, the lack of space, of air, of time, the gloomy streets … Continue reading

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A quick word from Frank…


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Two thousand, eight hundred and thirty nine Hong Kong dollars…for a single pair of plain brown, lace up shoes. I just about had to do a barrel roll to shake the horror of this grotesque obscenity from my senses. What … Continue reading

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The Perfect Storm – Part II: MTR Murder

I’m on the verge of tears by the time I reach the platform. I’m trying to listen to the new Cantopop Hits of the 80’s & 90’s CD, but every Wong, Ip and Lee is buzzing in my ear…yelling into … Continue reading

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The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm – Part 1: Morning Madness The Perfect Storm: an especially bad day where conditions dish up nothing but snake eyes I’ve never experienced the perfect storm in Hong Kong…but if I did, I imagine it would follow this … Continue reading

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Andy Lau Fell Off A Horse

If you’re stuck on the MTR and packed in so tight you can’t even access your phone, it can be a sound ploy to distract yourself from the surrounding scum by focusing your attention toward the on-board television, insipid and … Continue reading

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Meat Bakery Blues

Hong Kong bakeries specialize in soft, limp bread with soft, limp crust. That’s how they like it in Hong Kong. Their bread mirrors the people…soft and limp. Now, because Hong Kong is shallow, superficial and gaudy, Hong Kong bakeries feel … Continue reading

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