Invasion of the Chinese Body Snatchers


I’m thinking about going into the politically subversive book business. Rents are dropping, I hear. And with all these local booksellers mysteriously vanishing without a trace, there’s a handy little niche in the market. Who’s in?


There’ll be something for everyone at Dudley’s Book Exchange!

Some of the choice titles to look out for:

Five’s Company Six is an Orgy: My life as a pimp – by Xi Jinping
How to Spot a Dissident: And what to do when you don’t ‘love thy neighbour’ – by CY Leung
Dr StrangeXi or: How to Stop Worrying and Love the Police State – by Tommy Chong
Getting Away From it all…Forever: a hiker’s guide to Hong Kong – Associated Press
Prostrate Yourself and Get Healthy Stupid!: the art of the Kowtow – by Raymond Tam
Sex, Lies & Booksellers: a juicy expose’ – by Ng Leung Sing


Condition Red, sir, yes, jolly good idea. That’ll keep them on their toes!


‘Most people saw the installation but gave no immediate reaction, the artist said, which had been his expectation. Although most people knew about the missing booksellers, their responses have remained online only.’


Kidnapping is such an ugly word…couldn’t we just say the unlawful taking away or transportation of a person against that person’s will, usually to hold the person unlawfully?? – Xi Jinping

dead activist

Edgy but always classy, Hong Kong Free Press tells it like it is, complete with grisly corpse picture. ‘The family would have wanted it this way’ – Kris Cheng


“Er, yes, um…I believe all 5 missing booksellers entered the mainland to frequent ‘sex workers’…hmmm yes, sex workers, that ought to stick, Ng you genius, you.” – Ng Leung Sing (Provisional Legislative Council Member, HK)


Your days are numbered son.


“I’ve tried pottery, squash, reading, gardening, jogging, stamp collecting, Caribbean voodoo…everything under the sun to try and tear myself away from this porn star addiction. But what can I say, the hook’s sunk deep.” – CY Leung.


Ants, wasps, locusts…whatever…do what they say and everything’ll be just fine!

Hey Hong Kong…all your sheep are belong to us!

This post brought to you by the Hong Kong For Hong Kongers Anti Chinaman Committee of Hong Kong. Give a locust an inch and they’ll billy-club you in the face, put a bag over your head, shackle you at the wrists and ankles, shove you into the boot of an unmarked car and abduct you to an unknown location somewhere in China.






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3 Responses to Invasion of the Chinese Body Snatchers

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just to show the date 2047 means shit, they are already here, they control everything and they do whatever they want.

  2. what do you expect? says:

    Just commie thugs being commie thugs and showing everyone who’s boss in this town.
    You want to Occupy HK? Occupy THIS, bitches!

  3. Anonymous says:

    A lot of new material for a new post with this retards going to hike to see ice on the hills and the ridiculous fireman sliding to rescue them!

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