Weekend at Bernie’s

He's the life of the party...well almost.

He’s the life of the party…well almost.

In a scene right out of classic comedy Weekend at Bernie’s, a homeless woman lay dead at a Hong Kong McDonald’s restaurant for hours surrounded by diners and staff who failed to notice anything awry. CCTV footage showed the woman had entered the restaurant the previous day at 8:39am. It wasn’t until 8:30am the following morning that a McDonald’s employee called police after finding the woman ‘unconscious and cold’. Unconscious & cold of course meaning dead as a door nail.

Customers go about their meals on Sunday even as the area where the woman died is cordoned off with a black sheet.

Customers go about their meals on Sunday even as the area where the woman died is cordoned off with black plastic.

Say what you will about the callous and morally bereft nature of Hong Kong society…the coldness, the lack of empathy, the selfishness, the obliviousness, the disregard, the shallowness, the base ‘me first’ attitude, Antisocial Personality Disorder Syndrome, the ability to fake genuine human emotion, the obsession with personal gain and material possession, Social Blindspot Disarrangement Dysfunction…say what you like about that…but I won’t hear a word against Hong Kong McDonald’s or Wendy Lam, senior director of McDonald’s Hong Kong:

“McDonald’s Hong Kong would like to express our grief over the unfortunate incident at our Ping Shek Estate restaurant. We welcome everyone to visit our restaurants any time. In order to provide a pleasant dining environment, we would not disturb our customers, but our service will be offered promptly upon request.”

Read it an weep naysayers! From the horses mouth, Hong Kong McDonald’s categorically states its grief over the potential damage to its ‘fortunes’ with this unseemly incident. You think McDonald’s Hong Kong doesn’t care? Wendy Lam, with her finger well and truly on the pulse, assures customers still living that their dining pleasure won’t be diminished and that they won’t be disturbed even if they are dead. She then reminds customers of the ‘prompt service’ they can enjoy. How’s that for compassion and heart? This kind of commitment to business, promotion and profit, even in the face of corpses piling up in your restaurant, is really touching and sums up Hong Kong’s spirit of capitalist adventure in the face of bad luck and adversity. Take a bow while the world is watching HK McDonald’s.

The dead woman is wheeled out of McDonald's who stressed to point out that the dead customer had not ordered anything from the menu.

Takin’ out the trash. McDonald’s stressed that the dead customer had not ordered anything from the menu. ‘Our food is totally safe. She just drank water.’

Senior Director of Hong Kong McDonald's, Wendy Lam relates how she 'sees dead people'...but let's them finish their cheeseburgers.

Senior Director of Hong Kong McDonald’s, Wendy Lam relates how she ‘sees dead people’…but let’s them finish their cheeseburgers.

Rigamortis set in about 13 hours ago

Rigamortis…I’m lovin’ it!

Dropping like flies

A ‘not so happy meal’. One minute you’re chewin’ on a burger, the next minute you’re dead meat!

New promotion: If you find you've been sitting next to a dead person next order 2 for 1!

New promotion: If you find you’ve been sitting next to a dead guy next order 2 for 1!

To fulfill this site’s unbiased and fair reportage policy let’s take a look at what some random people have to say about the ‘incident’:

  • The indifference of HK society on full display – Johnny. C
  • What a sad indictment of HK society – Penelope. W
  • So HK has outsourced its social welfare system to a hamburger vendor that can provide overnight shelter and toilet/ washing facilities. – Anon
  • Journalistically, are the last two sentences of the article, promoting McDonald’s, really necessary? It’s quite inappropriate in an article about a woman dying in a McDonald’s for the companies managers to be promoting it’s all night business. – Alan. P
  • And still no service…a whole new meaning to ‘I’ll be dead before the food is served.’ – H.C
  • Is anyone really surprised? It’s a disgusting culture with the way they treat people, babies and animals. – Cindy. C
  • They had a special on double cheeseburgers after they wheeled her out the back door – A.C. 
  • “Can I take that for you, or are you still working on it?” – Anon
Why don't we just pretend he didn't die? Just for a bit?!

Why don’t we just pretend he didn’t die? Just for a bit?! Worked for hundreds of customers and staff in HK McDonald’s!

McWeddings have long been a tradition in Hong Kong. Stay tuned for cheap funerals coming to a store near you

McWeddings have long been a tradition in Hong Kong. Stay tuned for cheap funerals coming to a store near you

This post brought to you by all the Bernie's of the world. Life goes on...all around you.

This post brought to you by Bernie…and…





...in restaurants.

…in restaurants.

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170 Responses to Weekend at Bernie’s

  1. Gweilos suck says:

    Maconalds? HK is for amateurs. Here in the west, you are free to die in hospital waiting rooms, and nobody will care.

    Or you can die at work, and nobody will notice for 2 days.

    Or you can die in peace on the street in downtown Houston, while people take pics.

  2. HK Mall Island says:

    Before Gaylord sucks comes in. Yes it’s what happened, but then look at the bright side, that’s one less seat occupy by one of the lower class cum, at least next time I go play candrycrush with my fiance and slurping on my Apple pie, I would have a seat. Take that sucker, hong kong pee pole vely talented and lich!

  3. Delay No More says:

    Yes, HK is heartless and amoral. Most people in HK do not know what the word “humanity” means.

    But if you are reading this, stop bitching. Just give some money to the homeless.

  4. Gweilos Suck says:

    Here in the west, you are free to die in hospital waiting rooms, and nobody will care.

    Or you can die at work, and nobody will notice for 2 days.

    Or you can die in peace on the street in downtown Houston, while people take pics.

  5. M Johnson says:

    It’s difficult to tell is someone is sleeping or dead.
    So perhaps now Macondalds will stop anyone taking a nap.
    Will you then blog about a heartless capitalistic corporation operating in HK?

  6. RSG says:

    So glad you are still posting.

  7. Anonymous says:

    They just don’t care shit, just like they’re shitty life, personality and soul, anyway i’m not loving it.
    Keep them cUming OP

  8. HK Mall Island says:

    I like how Gweilo sucks is trying to dig shit about people dying at work in the world. You fucking dickhead, did your maid steal your lunch when you were 12? did you GF fucked a gweilo later on because she liked feeling a dick inside?
    Not long a ago an intern jumped from the roof of JP Morgan in Central, a FUCKING INTERN, why, his girlfriend was being bad to him.
    Same in Citibank building, this guy jumped and left a note, my girfliend too bad.

    You guys are the pussiest people in the world. Face it and stop hiding behind your mask like you’re not from here or you’re gay or whatever. Pussy

    Come meet me if you have balls

  9. Now there's a Batman says:

    America is the best country in the world!! Virginia Tech, Foot Hood, Aurora, Sandy Hook — just to name a few great places!!!


  10. HK Mall Island says:

    we have to admire Gweilo sucks for his amazing google fu, where else other than dictatorship arab cunts countries you find these:



    and that’s only after typing Hong Kong delicacies in Hong Kong in Google. What a sad fucker you must be, ever managed to see your dick between your body hair?

  11. Anonymous says:

    This story could also read: “Night of the Living Dead.” Living dead customers and staff at a Hong Kong McDonald’s failed to notice one of their own.

  12. AAUSAAA says:

    I think I just gasped out loud when I saw this new post. Thank god you’re still going!

  13. Gweilos suck says:

    HK Mall Island, got anything else than FDW stories?
    #2 link just means the filipina was retarded or guilty. Jumping out the window in that situation is DUMB.
    For the others, I could find a 100 stories of FDWs stealing from their employer, being lazy/incompetent, having a million kids back home and never visiting despite being given the air fare, and having sex with teenage kids of employers. Their dishonesty and stupidity pretty much balances out the employer abuse. Not that either are good.
    And don’t be an immature dick with your personal insults, I don’t give a fuck and it’s boring. Either make your points or refute mine. As someone else said here, play the ball not the man.

  14. Anonymous says:

    There are good and bad Filipino maids and good and bad employers. Some maids are downright cheeky and crafty, and you have to be careful with some if you have small children. I would never employ one because of my small children. Life in Hong Kong is a nightmare when you have small children. Even shopping is a nightmare, you can’t find everything you want in one place because supermarket chains suck in Hong Kong, so you end up having to go to 1 million places to buy the things in portions. That’s when a maid could help. Other than that they are not necessary at all. They’re just one of those commodities which can easily turn into abuse in a place which is dominated by the dog-eat-dog mentality and the imprints of the Laissez-faire Policy inherited from the British rule.

  15. a says:

    I’m pretty sure I saw “Gweilo sucks” in the gym recently. A short Chinese guy with an inferiority complex when gwielos are around. Hang on, that describes the majority of local guys…..

  16. Gweilos suck says:

    Sounds like someone has some self-flattering delusions. I doubt the locals give two shits about you.

  17. Anon says:

    Oh yes you do. Lets face it most of you wish you were white and spend a fortune on anything that gives you a more western appearance. Even the male models in your adverts have western features..

  18. Anon says:

    So all in all its a curious way of not giving two shits about us when sales of skin whitening products are riding high and young men and women in Hong Kong are having plastic surgery to alter their faces because they are desperate to have more western type eyelids, noses .jawbones etc.

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery after all.

  19. Gweilos suck says:

    And white people go to tanning salons and copy black music. What’s your point?

  20. Anonymous says:

    Gweilos suck must have had a dreadful life in the West to lash out like that at Westerners. Maybe he found Asylum in Hong Kong and is blinded by the topsy-turvy mentality of it all. It’s all a matter of perspective. Anyway, the world has gone mad.

  21. Gweilos suck says:

    Painful truths maybe, lashing out no. As for you, you must be having a dreadful time in HK to lash out at HK people. It’s all a matter of perspective, and yours is that of an outsider, so it’s worthless.

  22. a says:

    What HK needs to do is get rid of dumb people with smart phones. Although it is kinda fun knocking down zombies on the street.

  23. Anonymous says:

    So it’s yours chum. Maybe you don’t realize that your perpective is also worth shit because you’re also an outsider. But you like the chinwag, so keep at it.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Hence the blog dipshit. If everybody was having a good time in HK this blog wouldn’t exist.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I don’t understand why are you giving so much attention to Miss Suck… Can you imagine the life of a person that bothers to defend HK on a random blog in the internet, just try to imagine… yes worthless in any way.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Miss suck suffers from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

  27. Anon says:

    She’s single. Has to be to have all this on her hands to post so frequently. Her more attractive friends are copping off with westerners and enjoying the new lifestyle that it brings. They don’t want to spend time with her anymore.

    Shes frustrated because she cant pull.a guy who can get her out of the shit hole she calls home..
    That’s where those comments come from in a previous post. The one about all the beer bottles left in the street in LKF..It has nothing to do with the effect she claims it has on local culture. It’s all about her and the increasing bitter feelings she has towards western guys. They ignore her and take away her friends who are more attractive or have better personalities.

    That’s why shes positing several times a day. She’ s finally get the attention she craves from westerners.

    As for the tanning salon comments she made, its a busted flush, Their effect is temporary and they give a more bronzed appearance than anything resembling asian skin tones.
    She ignores the plastic surgery issue completely. Look, lets face it there are no westerners going to plastic surgery clinics to ask for a procedure to give them a more asian appearance. But there are asians of both sexes attending them to have work done to give them more a more western type face.
    Why is this?. If they don’t give two shits about us, as you claim, why are they are they trying to look more western Miss Suck? Why do the girls go for western boyfriends and husbands if they don’t give two shits about us ?

    There are increasing amounts of Chinese girls in HK (both local and migrant) getting hitched to westerners, You cant deny that. You can call it gold digging all you want but the fact is they realise it gives them both the option to stay and have a better lifestyle in HK or get out of this fetid shit hole whenever they want. It can’t just be because their kids are less likely to be born with myopia.

  28. Mattstar says:

    That is hilarious! Laughed out loud. Missy Sucky has also made me laugh out loud, but she never intended to I am sure!

  29. Gweilos suck says:

    Anon, good attempt at stringing sentences together. But as I’ve said before, I’m an anglo saxon male, so most of your post is irrelevant. Regarding cosmetic surgery, seems you’re more interested in putting down the entire Asian race rather than HK. Sorry, not what this blog is about, go to stormfront.

    My two shits comment was about you loser(s) as individuals. You are confused. HKers do aspire to western imagery fed to them by mass media. That does mean they have any interest in you as a person. For most locals, a gweilo on the street is just a blank space, or sometimes a source of pitying amusement.

    I got no problem getting a tan personally but I won’t go to a fucking tanning salon. As the wholesale decades long pillaging of black music and culture by white people, see you skipped that completely.

    Anyway, this isn’t a racial blog. After all, when did the creator of this site say he/she is white.

  30. Gweilos suck says:

    I meant to write “That does *not* mean they have…”

  31. Anonymous says:

    What is black music? Michael Jackson wasn’t black…? Bach was black…? Or maybe Oscar Peterson was white and Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen was black and they changed their colours on screen… oh, now I have learnt another word for promoting, that’s called pillaging. Did I hear a fart? Was that you, Mattstar?

  32. Mattstar says:

    I thought that, for the benefit of readers unable to think laterally, logically or creatively (missy sucky and friends) this might just be an epiphany moment for them. Saying this I am am likely giving way too much credit to the local fuckwits to understand the below (or what epiphany means), but here I go:

    So…to all comments related to ‘Why don’t you just fuck off if you don’t like Hong Kong?’

    On the up side:
    – If you hate a TV show / food dish / person but someone paid you a LOAD of money to eat watch it / eat it / hang out with the person, you just might: perhaps until you were rich enough that you could no longer be persuaded and bribed to keep doing it
    – Once we realise Chinese culture, manners, approach to life is a joke we non-HK Chinese often choose to live in a non-Chinese styled apartment, we hang out with non-Chinese, watch ‘Foreign movies and TV shows’, fire our Chinese staff for incompetance, eat safe Western food…keep up fuckwits! = we create our own reality that is bearable but does not change the fact that Hong Kong and its culture is a shithole and its Chinese scum…think triumph of the human spirit (or look it up meat heads)
    – The airport is easy and close…we are in a shithole, many non HK Chinese an escape easily and frequently. So, whilst the local fuckwits are having a one of their lame and weird holidays e.g. climbing up a fake tree to gather plastic buns or wondering at their ability to make a paper toy lantern(!) or eating moon cakes(!!) we non-Chinese can be jetting off to culture, beauty, cuisine and charm and less spoiled nature. The British designed and Western built airport is a porthole to sanity
    – We can afford to jet off and escape because we earn a lot of money for the reasons that include the fact that we are smart, decent and are hard working and, also, because locals are incapable of doing our jobs because they have shit-for-brains, no charisma or charm, so we get an additional $ premium on top

    On the flip side, if we are ‘Hongkongers’ but are not Chinese ethnicity, and we have no other passport we might be stuck and we cannot just ‘Fuck off’ like you want us to. In this case, pity us, stop hating us, scorning us and excluding us…you scum. We hate Hong Kong, it sucks, but we are stuck like a rare animal in a Chinese market….laughed at, tortured, eaten and shat out. You have blocked our life chances to make yourselves feel less inferior. You bullying piss stains.

    Remember you turd stained shit-for-brains clowns that HK Island was considered unliveable by China and Chinese until the Brits, Indians, Pakistanis, Aussies, Kiwis and Nepalese built the infrastructure: from the reservoirs to toilets to roads, ports etc. etc. Or you do you choose not to admit that you were amongst the last race to arrive on the Island?

    Get it, you brainless cunts? No? Why I am not surprised, why did I bother (it is rather like my failed attempts at developing my since sacked, brain-dead, Chinese employees)

    Finally, check the name of the blog…you winnit stains, can’t you just fuck off and join one called ‘Me Lovey Honkey Kong’s’ or something similar?

  33. Gweilos suck says:

    Seems like the negatives outweigh the positives for you. Why can’t you emigrate to another country, like millions of other HK people? Not qualified?

  34. Anon says:

    ‘as I’ve said before, I’m an anglo saxon male, so most of your post is irrelevant”.

    Oh no you aren’t girl. I’ve seen enough of your comments and attempts to raise what you believe to be relevant counterpoints to know that. Your method of arguing and ignoring the issues you can’t answer well are typical of someone who passed through an asian high school system. You cant’ help yourself. Not to mention the corrections you frequently make to a post you’ve submitted..

    Your way of answering the plastic surgery issue was just to hurl another criticism.
    Still cant answer why so many of your girlfriends are so interested in western losers that they end up marrying them and leaving HK .can you girl?

  35. Anonymous says:

    Are you qualified to stay in Hong Kong, Miss Suck?

  36. Gweilos suck says:

    Oh Anon, you so great sleuth – I think you got a thing for local girls and have a subconscious fantasy that eventually you’ll get to meet this feisty intellectual chick and woo her and stuff.
    You are hopelessly off target pal. But keep dreaming.

  37. Anonymous says:

    “Seems like the negatives outweigh the positives for you.”

    If you’re qualified to stay in HK, why don’t you make a comprehensive list of the positives, like a good local school girl.

  38. Gweilos suck says:

    I’m just here for pussy and taxes.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Well, well, well… Miss pussy suck encapsulates the real Hong Kong spirit. Channeling adolescent anger and frustration into positive and inclusive feelings of belonging towards the Pearl of the Orient and its half-wit apes. Radiating an ideology that celebrates stupidity met by a landscape of soggy borderland numbskulls, and a doctrine of projecting and amplifying feelings of insecurity and fear outward and inward until the rest of the world seems like an ice cave. Providing a corrective dose of “hard truth” unaware that whilst clinging on to his/her doctrine he/she started to suck too. Rebel against free, hateful “gweilo” speech until it includes everything: from music to cosmetic surgery, tanning salons, hospital waiting rooms, downtown Houston, work, and finally, growing up.

    Have contempt for every Western institution and “gweilo” opinion, except cha chaan teng, Cafe de Coral and Fuk Tat until this very contempt and suspicion are the first and only reactions he/she has to everything. Bad news is shameful, and a happy childhood in the West an unthinkable transgression. These personality disorders are just miss suck in practice.

    I bet miss suck wears ugly thick glasses, with ugly mohawks, tank tops, abercrombie stuff, earrings, tats. Parades the streets of Hong Kong wearing every fashion in one outfit and thinks nothing of it because she needs to blend in, and of course look at those sad, loser Western faces with disdain and contempt. Keep on distilling your slow-acting venom, dulling your expectations by narrowing the aperture of “cool” and neutering your taste by sneering at new flavors until every expression of actual individualism is corralled and expunged in favor of your newly adopted group-think conformity.


  40. Anon says:

    Dreaming? Me? You are the half witted cunt who lied about his demographic origin at least twice in the last week.

  41. Gweilos suck says:

    @1:39 am (trouble sleeping?). That just about typifies everything about this site. Miserable foreigner with anger issues grapples with situation he does fully understand. Jumps to wild assumptions and misdirects anger against them. I didn’t read most of it because it’s just too bizarre. What a dark confusing world you’ve made for yourself.

    My situation is this. I am an expat who has been in HK on and off for years. I know many people in the local and expat community, some are good friends, some as assholes. Many of the locals I know are great people, just trying to raise families or make a half decent living in a tough environment. I fucking hate gweilos coming over here and looking down on them, laughing at them, complaining petty shit that offends their western values, in most case without having a FUCKING CLUE about local culture and the stuff that people deal with in their daily lives. It’s just backwards colonial white man bullshit all over again, except this time white privilege is evaporating, so now you guys spike your ignorance with hate because you can’t deal with the fact you’re number 2.

    I have no problem with people bitching about real issues in HK like the government, oligopolistic companies, pollution or whatever. Just leave the everyday people out of it.

    Some expats get continual bad treatment from the locals. Knuckle dragging gweilo logic dictates that therefore all locals are rude and evil. Wrong. Only delusional paranoiacs try to generalize about “everyone”. The reason you get bad treatment is you.

    Anon – it’s called the internet, people lie.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Just another gweilo then. Trouble with you is that you (just as the local idiots who will take offence at this blog) think that the “stereotypical” gweilo you see in your delusions are only white people who post in here knowing absolutely nothing about local culture, live isolated in a bubble and cannot see the real people and real life of Hong Kong. You are such a colossal cunt and a ridiculous nitwit to assume that. Only you know best, only you see the good side of people, only you have friends, only you understand, you, you, you… nobody else. Get a life, grow the fuck up and shut your hole if you have nothing better to do in your life. Piss off you half-wit, gweilo wanker.

  43. Gweilos suck says:

    Where did I say all gweilo are like that. If you don’t fit into that stereotype, feel free to prove me wrong. I don’t know what you’re so angry about… oh wait, maybe it’s because I made you look like a total fucking fool by disproving all your ridiculous assumptions about me.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Me… me… me… why don’t you start your blog and vomit your gibberish about how HK people don’t give a shit about the waste of space gweilos, how your biased views of the West don’t fit the “hard working” life of honkongers, etc, etc, etc… READ the TITLE of this blog airhead! And if your shit-for-brains still cannot GET it, get some psychotherapy.

  45. Gweilos suck says:

    Actually my last post was all about you. Can’t be bothered to start my own blog sorry. I’ll be here indefinitely to correct any misinformation. Like the “story” at the top of the page, which is actually something that happens in every country so it has nothing to do with the suckiness of HK.
    You should be grateful, I mean how boring would this blog be if all the comments are “OMG this is so TRUE this blog saved my sanity THANK YOU”.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Well, it does for a good number of us. Try to understand this once again… the topic of this blog is not about the suckiness of other countries. Every person who is well travelled knows this. The point of this blog is to complain about HK and not to give a comparative insight between the suckiness of HK and other countries. If you disagree with this topic just leave your opinion and stop trying to throw all the shit that goes on around the whole planet to disallow everything people are saying here. It’s a simple concept. That’s all.

    By the way, your post: “@1:39 am (trouble sleeping?). That just about typifies everything about this site. Miserable foreigner with anger issues grapples with situation he does fully understand. Jumps to wild assumptions and misdirects anger against them… …What a dark confusing world you’ve made for yourself.”

    Actually reads and sounds as you are talking about yourself.

    What is desperately boring about your posts is that you relentlessly repeat yourself ad nauseum. Take a break, enjoy your life and just let others be. At least try to follow the mentality of the very people you’re trying to defend (and I am not saying you’re wrong by doing so), but it actually isn’t your problem because you seem to be happy here. That’s what most Chinese will do. Follow their lead and just knock it off.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Furthermore, this blog actually does serve as a kind of anger management for a good number of extremely frustrated people such as myself. A place on the net where you can vent a bit all of your frustrations and aggravations from your daily life. Be it here or somewhere else (i.e. UK, Australia, Bermuda, Russia, Indonesia, etc.) it does not make a difference because people does not change their mentality wherever you are. You might say, but your frustrations are unfounded because you know nothing of the people and the culture. Even so, whatever shit we have to endure, wherever we are, it’s good to at least know you’re not alone on this boat and you can relate your daily miseries with the ones of others. I am happy for you that things are going your way here, and I hope it keeps like that for you. I am on the way out (thank Christ!) and I will prefer, as someone said previously somewhere, to donate bone marrow than to ever come back here again.

  48. Gweilos suck says:

    Fair points made, anonymous. I respect that you don’t like it here, but I ask you be careful where you direct your frustration. There is a fine line between trashing the place and xenophobia. I will try not to befoul this community service, but if ugly slurs are made about the general population of HK, I’ll be out in full force.

  49. a says:

    full force…. .on a keyboard.

  50. Anonymous says:

    It’s a fair game Gweilos suck. There’s a lot of swearing here I know, but I also know the people of Hong Kong have one of the dirtiest vocabularies around (especially among themselves). They swear a lot (also at us). To call them shitheads, bla, bla, bla is not xenophobia. The fine line you might find is when you discover, for ex., corruption and dirty dealings between themselves to undermine you at work and stab you behind your back for example (but that can go either way – be it from locals or from gweilos), but it’s always a lot more subtle and obviously it can happen anywhere in the world. Here though, you feel the knife a lot sharper for some reason. Perhaps for some of the same reasons given in this blog… anyway, like I said, I hope things keep on going your way for you. Cheers.

  51. Anonymous says:

    “I’ll be out in full force.”

    I think i “meet” this guy on the expats forum before, the keyboard warrior that will “turn blue” debating a person that has a different opinion from his until he is left alone in a post talking to himself, what a sad life… lol

  52. Scrotbags says:

    “The general population of Hong Kong is just a bunch of ugly slurs.” – Scrotbags

    Now where’s this “full force” from Gwelio Sucks?

  53. Scrotbags says:

    Sorry, Gweilo Sucks.

  54. Anonymous says:

    I hope Miss Suck sticks around!!…I laugh at her / him / it. Can’t laugh with Miss Suck because it has no humour. I am also loving the hilarious imagining of what Suck is like, here’s my effort:

    Miss Suck is the offsrping of a Brit guy and a Chinese. Dad was disappointed in Suck Mum was indifferent. Suck has not traveled much but did spend a year in Cardiff whilst studying. Suck made no friends there. Suck is now in a low paid role in Kowloon. It visits the Island when it wants what it thinks is international glamour. When Suck is in ‘full force’ it hopes desperately to attract a well paid white man. This has never worked. Suck is now stuck in HK and is determined to believe that it is a nice place. Suck cant stick up for itself, a result a being ugly and having been pschologically broken as a child.

    If Suck vanished one day the only people who will notice are those on the blogs it trolls for a social life.

  55. Buck says:

    why is it often a western man marrying an asian woman, rather than a western woman marrying an asian man?

  56. Anonymous says:

    Ask a western woman.

  57. Buck says:

    Playing with their hair all the time, attaching little dolls to their bags, and not giving a seat to pregnant women and old people. I dunno. Is it manly?

  58. Anonymous says:

    I would say it isn’t. It actually is an attitude of a rat and not of a man. I think it all boils down to attitude. If I was a woman I would simply find 99.9% of Asian man simply repulsive. But that’s only my biased male opinion.

  59. Gweilos suck says:

    @4:03 pm
    Wrong again!

  60. Anonymous says:

    Mattstar on October 14, 2015 at 10:46 pm “So…to all comments related to ‘Why don’t you just fuck off if you don’t like Hong Kong?’”

    Let me add to this. Imagine this scenario, you get an offer of work here, don’t have the foggiest idea of how life in HK really is, hope and believe that you can make things work. Touch down and proceeds to your new life. Already getting a chill by the sheer number of angry stares. Try not to think much of it… fast forward a few years and things never improve, the weather tortures you, can’t spend more than 5 mins outdoors without sweating your your ass off, tried every shopping mall and it’s just the same boring shit everywhere. Ok. Let’s try hiking when the weather doesn’t also punishes you. Most places which are supposedly to be unspoilt turn out to be horrible land fills. Etc. Then you think, shit let me get out of here. You realize you have basically dug a hole for yourself and is currently buried in it. Invested so much buying shit for your overpriced crap little flat… so much money thrown into the bin. Getting out of this hole is no joke. Doable no doubt, but a monumental task. Wears you down to the last drop… and the fucking Summer will be back soon… more sweat.

  61. Buck says:

    Why do they yell when they talk? There’s a clown outside my place screaming right now. No one can see the elephant in the room? I cant figure out why none of them stop and say “hang on, that’s a fucking terrible noise we are making. Let’s speak at a normal volume”. What is it with shouting “bye byeeeeee” so fucking load in corridors? What is this whole “hanging round in corridors” thing all about? I’m an “outsider”, but I’ve been on the inside so long (nearly 20 years). Some of the things which seemed odd in the beginning dont seem so odd now. Nevertheless, I still cant get my head around the motivation for shouting on phones, in corridors, and in restaurants. Everywhere actually.

    And another thing I cant figure out. HK people, in the main, are extraordinarily selfish and small minded. You see it in the “seat grabbing” on public transport, you see it in the queues for free samples at supermarkets, you see it in the zombies walking round starting at their candy crush or Korean drama whilst bumping into people. You see it everywhere. But if they are so selfish, then why dont they take care of themselves? Why is my gym always empty (apart from old women shaking their arms, or WALKING on treadmills?) Why is it so difficult to find healthy food and smoothie shops in HK? Why pick your nose, when it is the “hand to face” cycle that causes the spread of so many germs?

    Selfish people ought to take care of number 1, yes? It’s all bizarrely incongruous.

  62. Anonymous says:

    Discrepancy is the name of the place. Forget the yelling, forget the nose picking… what gets to me is how the fuck a young male cannot surrender his seat to a frail old lady or gentleman in a public transport. I mean, how can you even call yourself a “man” if you’re not capable of standing on your fucking feet for a few mins to relieve those in much more need than you? I just can’t get it. I’m not that young, but I can jolly well still support my weight on my legs in favour of those in much more need than me. But most of those shit little vermins choose to conveniently shut their eyes, pretending they’re asleep, to deny a few mins of rest to the elderly or those in need. What kind of “man” are you? You shit little shit for brains? Are you so hopeleesly disabled that you cannot support yourself on your fucking legs? I can. And I feel very good when I do this. It makes me feel more manly, more masculine, it makes me feel my juices running to my balls and reminds me that I still have enough testosterone left in me to give a chick a fucking great orgasm. I don’t need to save it because I am a man. When they do this I can only assume they don’t have balls, are fucking cowards and don’t deserve that little shit they have in between their legs. Pussies!

  63. Anonymous says:

    Tonight I was lucky enough to get a nice guy driving me back home on a taxi. No fucking formula 1 racing, walky talky very low and no blasting radio. There are still decent ppl round here.

  64. Anonymous says:

    And I wrote both posts at 12:50am and 1:53am. No racism or xenophoby here. Just facts.

  65. Buck says:

    I was talking to one of my HK subordinates last week. He was telling me how his domestic helper hand washes all his office clothes (despite them having a washing machine). When I asked why, with some glee, he said “because she doesn’t have enough things to do during the day laaaaa”. He is not riff raf. He’s highly educated. Christian, even.

    What more can I say? Well, what I can say is that his contract wont be renewed in January. Now let’s see who “doesn’t have enough things to do during the day laaa”.

  66. Gweilos suck says:

    @12:50 am having a nice weekend? Can you tell us how a woman should feel when she gives up her seat?
    Seriously, you have some major fucking issues.

  67. Anonymous says:

    That’s called euphemism you git. A woman would feel like… errr… a woman! Having a bad weekend? Or don’t you like to read “balls”… “testosterone”? Did it offend your sactity, Mother Teresa?

  68. Anonymous says:

    You sound like the kind of guy who goes out raping women to prove his manliness.

  69. Anonymous says:


  70. Anonymous says:

    @8:59, and you sound like a dumbass who can’t read in between the lines.

  71. The Peanut Gallery says:

    @Hong Kong Mall Island

    GoogleFu…. nice bro. Nice.

  72. Anonymous says:

    For those idiots who think the post Anonymous on October 18, 2015 at 12:50 am sounds like the guy is a rapist, or has serious issues, look up rhetoric.

  73. Gweilos suck says:

    Hey Buck,

    So you would just let your Filipina spend time checking facebook, gossiping with friends, or using your washing machine to do laundry for other people, all your dime? Then you’re a fool.

    Assuming you’re telling the truth that you have any hiring authority over this guy, if you did terminate him over this, then you’re just as bad as the worse FDW employers in HK. So you’d be an asshole too.

  74. Buck says:

    Signs You Have Lived in Hong Kong for Too Long: a compilation

    You have paid enough rent to buy a moderate-sized North American or European town.
    None of the sea-front buildings existed when you arrived.
    The shoreline itself shifted by half a mile.
    All your friends are now living in London, New York, Singapore or Paris.
    You can’t put a proper sentence together in your native language.
    You got really excited when Starbucks opened their first outlet in Hong Kong.
    At the movies, you take bets on the number of phones that go off during the performance.
    You push past pregnant women and old ladies to get a seat on the train.
    You walk slow and diagonally.
    You sneak threw doors just before they close, without touching them.
    You developed an acquired taste for mooncakes.
    You dont indicate when turning.
    Orange traffic light means go faster.
    In a crowd or a queue, you learnt to stay away from frail-looking old ladies carrying umbrellas.
    You seriously considered taking up golf.
    You have a Mont Blanc pen clipped to your shirt pocket.
    You have stopped noticing the grotesquely deformed leper on the Exchange Square flyover.
    A sexual pervert is a man who prefers women to money.
    Your building’s security guard is 4 times older than the building itself.
    You have become a shameless name-dropper.
    You feel a compulsion to take exams.
    All you need is Louis Vuitton.
    165 decibels is a normal noise level for lunchtime conversation.
    It’s OK to throw rubbish from your 18th-floor window.
    You believe that pressing the lift button 63 times will make it move faster.
    The ultimate status symbol is a lawn-mower.
    You learnt to recognise Andy Lau, Leon Lai, Aaron Kwok and Jacky Cheung.
    You aren’t aware that one is supposed to pay for software.
    Pink bathroom tiles can make any building or public garden beautiful.
    Your colleagues eat sun-dried cuttlefish coated in sugar and you don’t bat an eyelid.
    You actually purchased a canto-pop CD.
    You actually played it several times.
    You believe shopping and eating are the only forms of entertainment in Hong Kong.
    Queuing in the rain in a diesel-choked Kowloon backstreet to buy a HK$6 Hello Kitty plastic doll at a McDonald’s store is not the mark of an insane person.
    You believe Li Ka-shing is a saint.
    You test your seafood for mercury, hepatitis B and cholera.
    You have attended at least 4 weddings and a funeral in a language you don’t understand at all.
    A PhD in Nuclear Physics fluent in 7 languages irons your socks for a pittance but she is from the Philippines so it’s all right.
    You are not surprised to see your tap water run dark brown.
    Drilling on the walls in the wee small hours in the morning is considered acceptable behaviour.
    If it’s Friday, it must be Typhoon 3 day.
    If it’s Saturday, it must be Typhoon 8 day.
    You tell your parents their house back in your home country has bad feng shui.
    You get offended when people admire your chopsticks skills.
    20 degrees Celsius is chilly.
    Your collection of business cards has outgrown your flat.
    You are convinced that the only thing that moves more slowly than continental drift is a Causeway Bay crowd on a Saturday afternoon.
    You are not surprised to see 85-year old ladies pushing tons of garbage up the streets of the financial district.
    You bulldoze your way into lifts and MTR trains before other passengers have a chance to alight.
    If someone smiles at you for no particular reason, you know she is a Filipina.
    The word “wildlife” refers to the family of cockroaches that dwells in your kitchen drawer.
    You use the word “Ayyiieeaaahh” every few sentences to convey surprise, pleasure, pain or anger.
    You speak enough Cantonese to make your colleagues laugh their heads off (attempts with anyone else still only draw blank stares).
    You are not surprised to find footprints on the edge of the toilet bowl.
    You believe you are really tall when you are only 5’10”.
    You use Park ‘N Shop bags as binliners.
    You always leave your shoes at the door.
    You have a piano in your living room.
    You can twirl your pen around your fingers.
    You like congee with thousand year old eggs.
    You have Tupperware in your fridge with three bites of rice or one leftover chicken wing.
    Your grandmother lives with you and your family.
    You always have water when dining out.
    You say aiya! and wah!
    It annoys you how shops close at 5pm in other countries and you expect them to be open.
    You love little red envelopes.
    You know at least three people named Alan Wong.
    You have a 40 lb. bag of rice in your kitchen.
    Your friends’ houses smell like incense.
    Your kids MUST play the piano, the violin, or both.
    You think McDonalds in other countries is expensive.
    You own a rice cooker.
    You’ve seen all of Edison Chen’s naked pictures!
    You dont flush.
    You blow dry your pubes in the gym changing room.
    You read this list and understood everything.

    (source: a variety)

  75. Anonymous says:

    “You’ve seen all of Edison Chen’s naked pictures!”

    Hahahaha… dunno who the fuck this guy is, but I bet Gweilo sucks has a collection of his nude posters in his bedroom.

  76. cai my breast says:

    Buck is clearly a local.

  77. HK Mall Island says:

    Gweilo Sucks is the typical local wimp. Always complaining about all the stuff their maids don’t do, but then he’s at work arguing with other people, doing fuck all I’m sure. If I had to guess, he works in finance, he’s a fucking douche in one of these back office in North Point, just angry at all these gweilos telling him what to do. Because you know, they’re so smart with all their degrees, but yet can not do anything unless you do a step by step guide, but even that is not enough, they bought their degrees, paid some mainlanders in Uni to write their dissertation (I’ve seen that happen so many times), had their maid wipe their ass, put food in their mouth, hold their school bag, teach them English. BUT NO, still think Filipina are thieves and lazy. Look yourself in the eye you fucking moron, you have done nothing, you don’t even know how to cook, cycle or swim. Fucking city full of useless cunts. Thanks for being incompetent morons, so we can live in the nicer places while you fuckers stay in your overpriced shoebox with mommy, daddy, grand parent, great grand parents, the 2 huge dogs, oh and I forgot, the maid, who is the only one sleeping on the floor.
    Never in my life have I see so much useless cunts, yet still online trying to act like they’re the smart shit here. You’re fucking fishermen who got bankrolled by Gweilos. Be thankful we didn’t decide to rape you like the Japanese, fucking pricks

  78. Buck says:

    You’re asking for “full force” there buddy. Stand clear, its gonna go off in his hand……

  79. Vachina says:

    G-Suck – I didn’t sleep at all well last night. Do you recommend I boil up some seahorses?

  80. Asshole says:

    Vachina…your posts are hilarious! Laughed out loud to some. Nice work!!

  81. Anonymous says:

    Hey Vachina, try that turtle shit, or gwei ling go. You can also try the other shit they call ya sei mei. It’s supposed to make you fly high in life, high above the earth, all the way to the milky fucking way… there’s even a canton pop song about this shit. Check it out:

    “Janice:Hey Come on in
    Don’t be late for the show now
    We’re Outta Space
    We’re gonna go with the flow now

    Phat:去左 去右 將身體融入呢個節奏
    Phat:heui jo heui yau jeung san tai yung yap nei go jit jau
    無人會怕醜 喺飲醉之後
    Mou yan wui pa chau hei yam jeui ji hau
    Yu gwo gok dak yit jik gun gaai hoi nau kau
    Dung jok hoi chi yau dik tiu dou
    Keuk pou hoi chi hou chi yau dit piu fau
    我大膽要求 你對孅孅玉手
    Ngo daai daam yiu kau nei deui chin chin yuk sau
    Jeun leung hei ngo bui hau maan yau
    我我要知 你對我有意思
    Ngo ngo yiu ji nei deui ngo yau yi si
    Faai dit wa ngo ji
    Nei yung gan ge heung seui hei mat ye paai ji
    yau dit mat ye seui yiu jik gun hoi hau wa ngo ji

    Sir JBS:Hey Boo You’re so fine
    Enticing me I’m a make you mine
    Like a diamond in the rough,
    you shine
    You fine what’s ill,
    leave the rest behind
    I’ma make you, my lady and maybe
    We can make some babies
    My Bonnie, partners in crime
    We’ll be together for the whole nite…”

    so on and wang kee, wang kee, wang kee…

  82. Buck says:

    The seahorses are for treating sexual dysfunction, which is why they are in such high demand. I dont know what local guys are doing (or not doing) in the sack, but they sure aint doing a good job of servicing their women folk. The seahorses arent working (surprise fucking surprise).

    The problem with seahorses (apart from the fact that they must be fucking tough to eat) is seahorses dont treat the real problem, which is a little pecker. And that is why local guys hate gwielos. It’s a case of small man syndrome.

  83. HK Mall Island says:

    Seahorse bear the baby so maybe they should think of something bigger. Like a helper that raise their entire family. Oh no, I should never have wrote that, we’ll start seeing the fuckers buying them in bulk and then drying them in Sheung Wan

  84. Dan says:

    Yes the maids here seem to be innocent. Many are, but at the same time, many many Filipino maids are conniving, bitchy, lying scum. Don’t let their short statures, fear of eye contact, and general insecurity-rooted passiveness in person fool you. On social media, they may be gossiping with their friends, badmouthing their employers, sending pictures of their employers and making jokes about them. Not to mention they are often hooking up bareback on their day off. Anybody who has hooked up with one will know.

  85. Sam says:

    Recent examples of small-mindedness:

    Minibus driver cursing for ages over a slow driver.
    50’s man dressed in rags squeezing through a 1 foot wide gap between two people just to be able to stand first in line to cross the street.
    Bus driver shouting at an old lady for asking directions and wasting his time.

    What do they all have in common?
    – They’ve gone nowhere in life.

    That realization has kept me sane here. I’ve realized that every bad person I’ve encountered here is being rightfully punished through karma. The rude restaurant waiter making minimum wage, the retards playing games on their cellphones who will never get anywhere in life, general assholes (men and women) who are single and have no friends, nobody who loves them.

    The decent people I’ve met here are often of a higher social strata, look more attractive (yes they do), are more educated, have a loving spouse and kids. You reap what you sow.

    Instead of lashing out in anger at the lowlifes here, I’ve learned to
    – realize you are not the only one on the receiving end of their selfishness. their attitudes guarantee that most other people they deal with daily find them terrible as well.
    – there is no point in trying to correct them. people who are capable of change will have changed.
    – why try to correct a fool by lashing out at them? why not let karma give them the punishment they deserve.
    – engaging them means potentially hurting yourself over someone that matters nothing to you.
    – you can’t make everyone like you or respect you. people will seem to disrespect you, for a number of reasons not related to your worth. These include their selfishness, their lack of sophistication, their envy, their insecurity. Insecurity is a big reason why the people here (or anywhere in the world) act the way they do – its just manifested differently. In the US, its often overcompensation via masculine pursuits (guns, lifting, homophobia, racism, yes chivalry). In HK, its manifested in judgmental attitudes, timidness, racism, body language that could be interpreted as arrogance and lack of respect but are actually signs of insecurity (lack of eye-contact, short/abrupt speech, lack of manners).

  86. Gweilos suck says:

    Sorry but you are applying a very western lens and reading way too much into things. A pissed off bus driver is not insecure, he’s just tired, stressed and… pissed off.

    A story: I once was invited to dinner with a family and there was an elderly relative eating with us. He ate like a pig, rushing at his food, making every kind of noise, talking over people, finishing off dishes. I thought to myself: what a cunt, disrespecting me the guest, and being so incredibly inconsiderate to everyone at the table.

    Later I learned he had fled China to HK during the war and lost all his siblings to starvation. This obviously had made him approach food in a unique way I didn’t feel so disrespected and judgemental after that.

    I’m just saying, sometimes our perspective can be completely wrong.

  87. Sam says:

    On the whole, I do think HK is still a better place to live than say the US.

    HK is generally much safer, a much more peaceful city. Sure the people talk loudly and the streets are noisy. But violent crime is way lower and no guns. Its clean, efficient, and generally well organized, with proper rule of law. Any ‘hurt’ you sustain is just through inconsiderate things (umbrellas, bumping into you, lack of personal space) and whether we like to admit it or not, ego – nobody likes to feel disrespected, or not acknowledged. In HK, whether you are a rich person, dressed finely, or goodlooking, often nobody on the streets pays attention. Nobody likes to feel like just another statistic – we feel good when we feel special. But its not deliberate in most instances. Many will readily apologize when they bump into you. And while the locals seem unfriendly, there is also less pressure to put up a friendly, sociable demeanor that you have in the US, when you just want to be left alone to have a meal, a cab ride, or a walk and not want to be social. There is no pressure to tip.

    The things I find frustrating in HK – the lack of worldly awareness, the apathy, selfishness, timidness, and the behaviors that can be mistaken for arrogance/disrespect, are real. But there are flaws in every society. In fact, for those with superior qualities in these areas, its not hard to get ahead, in social and professional life.

  88. Sam says:

    @Gweilos Suck

    No I didn’t say the minibus driver is insecure. I pointed out that for all his hustling about, sweating the small stuff, he has gotten nowhere in life.

    Its true everyone has a story, and to an extent we are all products of nature and nurture. None of us are truly responsible for our personalities. Nature and nurture shaped all of us. But we have to draw the line somewhere – we do need to take responsibility for our actions. Many here feel entitled to be assholes just because they were dealt a bad hand. That kind of mindset gets them nowhere.

  89. Gweilos suck says:

    But how can you assume a minibus driver has “gotten nowhere in life”. Maybe he owns a small fleet of buses, lives in a big village house in NT, sends his kids to university overseas, and supports his elderly parents. Or maybe he lives alone in a cube with a gambling addiction. Who knows.

  90. Ryan says:

    Who gives a shit about what mini bus drivers dwell on. They are “professional” drivers but they drive like fucking maniacs on pot. Dive-bombing corners so fast that you have to hold on for dear life to the rail by the windows or front seat not to be “ejected” from your seat. They are pissed off? Well go and get a job pushing fucking trolleys, not driving passengers. Most of them shouldn’t be allowed to drive a passenger vehicle in the first place. Are they tired? Take a break but don’t put other people’s lives at risk. Desperate for money? Hit the brakes for that passenger who waved late? Well, why the fuck do you have to drive faster than anyone else (on the outside lane) in the first place, then swerve like an idiot forcing other drivers on the road to make an emergency braking to avoid collision. If you are a “professional” driver, carrying people, elderly and children, drive decently and professionally and not like an idiot, because nobody cares about your problems. Your passengers just want to get to their destination in one piece, and preferably alive.

  91. Ralph says:

    ‘Professional’ means acting in the best interests of others, which is all lost in a good majority of people here. Selfishness. That’s it. But if these minibus drivers had any ability to think deeper in those noggins of theirs, they wouldn’t be stuck behind the wheel scraping spare change, and trying to make an extra $2.5 and hour driving the way they do. Might as well euthanize them from their pathetic misery.

  92. Ralph says:

    On second thought, maybe its not such a good idea to get rid of them. Who would be our waiters, drivers, and low wagers? Let them be. And be happy to know they are miserable, every minute of their lives. Like that local woman Gwielo sukcs. Every criticism here hurts her ego so much, she can’t sleep, Subscribed to this blog 24-7, so insecure that she needs to constantly defend herself against every criticism.which she internalizes as a local. Oh yes, they are suffering. Enjoy it.

  93. Buck says:

    Ths morning I held a door open for a women, and out of nowhere a slaphead sneaks through. That’s HK.

  94. Anonymous says:

    God i hate those lazy sneaky fucks. Aren’t even men. Too lazy to even open a door.

    Same with the typical bus rider (young, old, men, women). Sits on outer seat. Reluctantly swings legs out to let someone else (could be huge, but all the same), squeeze through to inner window seat. Too lazy to even stand up a quick second.

  95. Gweilos suck says:

    “Ths morning I held a door open for a women, and out of nowhere a slaphead sneaks through.”

    Shit, that’s terrible. Really sorry you had this happen to you man. I hope you can get over it.

  96. Sleeper says:

    Hong’s Kong’s lack of affordable housing fuels ‘McSleeper’ trend, where the homeless sleep at McDonald’s..


  97. Vachina says:

    Thanks g-string. I saw this guy with a complexion like the bottom of a boat with his doughy moobs squeezed into a bathing ape t shirt designed for someone half his age and by taking your understanding and even handed approach I now totally respect him.

  98. Cock says:

    Vachina…your posts are hilarious! Laughed out loud to some. Nice work!!

  99. Buck says:

    anger management issues…..

  100. chillouthk! says:

    there is no good driver what so ever in hk bus, mini bus, taxi,even casual people!
    the signs on the side of the road “Keep left unless overtaking” is to small for them i think.
    i can understand what ”gweilo sucks” said about the story everyone have one but not every single one of them have a shitty story behind.
    i’m a teacher and if i do my job same as they do theirs i should be already in jail, and god knows how often i want to slap a kid and his parents a told them to fuck off but i dont, so why they can’t be respectful keep the shit for themselve and do a good job.
    we already have to line up with a millions people for get in the bus race each other to get in having the seat taken by all the shitty people arrived after you and after that you got a bus driver who’s got his license from a kinder surprise braking speeding over and over

  101. Anonymous says:

    Drivers using the horn at the slightest delays.
    No respect for pedestrians.

    That’s when you put the same selfish idiots behind the wheel. Or give them any slight power over others and they will abuse it.

  102. Gweilo suck says:

    Damn right, just look at how this douchebag drives!

  103. Gweilo suck says:

    You want to see a selfish idiot with no respect for pedestrians using the horn at every opportunity? Check out this douchebag. Yeah this is China not HK, but HK drivers got nothing on this guy.

  104. TonyM says:

    The issue is that HK Chinese cannot drive cars or buses yet they are- wrongfully – entrusted with peoples lives on the ferries. If I fly Sing Air I am fine with the Sing Chinese Captain, I believe that Sing Chinese have had the nonsense educated out of them somehow, but on Cathay I would no way want a scared HK Chinaman in charge when more than 1 problem occurred at once or he had to manage a storm, and thank god here are no HK Chinamen Captaining on CX.

    Meanwhile the death toll is rising on ferry crashes, I think HK Chinamen in charge of ferries needs to be re thought. A terrified and panicking HK Chinaman shouting at his subordinates as the crash lomms…no thanks.

  105. Chinese Army says:

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  106. White people suck horse dick says:

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  107. TonyM says:

    Wow, I don’t think you would cope very well under pressure. Please don’t try to drive or operate machinery.

  108. Papa smurf says:

    TonyM, did you know that, statistically, caucasians have more vehicular accidents than all other races?

  109. Gweilo suck says:

    “Drivers using the horn at the slightest delays.
    No respect for pedestrians.”

    Check this douchebag driver out, I think this is exactly what you’re talking about.

  110. Anonymous says:


    Spot on. You can’t put people who are miserable and have deep issues in charge of taking care of others. They simply don’t care about others because they were never respected and don’t give a shit about others. Now put these people with deep psych issues in charge with cooking your food, piloting your bus/ferry/taxi, performing your surgery. Scary thought isn’t it. Now thats Hong Kong.

  111. Gweilo suck says:

    Confirmed aviation pilot suicides… lots of caucasians, no Chinese. I know who I wouldn’t trust.

    Andreas Lubitz
    Herminio dos Santos Fernandes
    Andrew Joseph Stack III
    Luigi Fasulo
    Charles J. Bishop
    Chris Phatswe
    Frank Eugene Corder
    Colin Richard Forman

  112. TonyM says:

    Thx Anon. I think it is major concern. Hong Kong has enough flaws, but if the ‘Goverment’ forced through quotas for HK Chinese pilots…oh no, lets hope not. BUT to your point: surgeons YIKES: doctors, even GPs are all educated and trained in the West, and are westernised, but frankly, at surgeon level…an HK Chinese worrying…they did not know what buttons or watches were and all boats were wooden with sails as recently as 75 years ago, and now they operating? Too much too soon.

  113. Anonymous says:

    @ TonyM

    Your English sucks. Please improve your written , it’s so horrible.

  114. Man Ho Wang says:

    Under British rule ferries were safe. Since British rule they are not. I think we should swallow our pride and pay for British, or at least Western, management of the ferries.

  115. Man Ho Wang says:

    ….and maybe no, we are not ready to fly

  116. Hitler says:

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    Gib Gas!Deutschland!Gib Gas!Deutschland!

  117. British Loser says:

    I’m British . i suck at everything . My wife ran away with a black dude. I have no job, no money.

    I’m a complete total fucking loser .

  118. Cunts says:

    Anon/TonyM stop talking to yourselves, you are clearly psychotic.

  119. Hannah Montana says:

    I’m so fucking hot before i take drug . Anyone want to have a threesome?

  120. Man Ho Wang says:

    To Troll(s) all the non HK Chinese people on this blog know it is 1 or maybe 2 of you. Please stop embarrassing us HK Chinese you make us look dumb. Don’t you know that Germans supported Japan…who made us starve and raped us in WW2.

    US and AUS, UK and NZ defeated Germany and Japan and saved us??!! You make us a laughing at case not knowing this. Learn you history.

    To other bloggers, this person is a stupid fxxk. Thank you for saving us from Japanese.

  121. Man Ho Wang says:

    These have no good job very dumb. Maybe angry. So sorry about this person or maybe more than 1. Actually, any case no difference.

  122. David Fairless says:

    @ Man Ho Wang

  123. Hitler says:

    Heinrich Himmler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mein Genosse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mein Genosse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Germany tomorrow will expect you, Germany’s young boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kill all the Jews and gay people
    Gib Gas!Deutschland!Gib Gas!Deutschland!

  124. Winnie Chan says:

    To G Suck. There are few Chinese pilot suicides because…THEY ARE NO CHINA PILOTS.

    Titanic sink was 1911…Actually then at least this was a steam ship. China did not have.

    Because you trying to be smart you making us all look so fucking dumb.

  125. Man Ho Wang says:

    Because your English no good and so angry, actually everyone on blog knows who you are when you lie for name. Yes you make us look dumb. I am ashamed.

  126. Anthony Colson says:

    I’m British . To the Troll comments that toward the HK Chinese people on this blog ,make me feel
    embarrass. Please My White fellows, STOP IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! stop embarrassing our race. You guy make us look so dumb . Our country is falling down , We need the Chinese People to save us.
    My White fellows !!!!!!!!!! Do You Hear Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  127. Gweilo suck says:

    Winnie, the means of ship propulsion are irrelevant. The issue is captain competency. And the record speaks for itself.

    Plenty of Chinese pilots in China, not one suicide. The issue is mental stability. Again, the record speaks.

  128. Gweilo suck says:

    Also do you put out?

  129. Anonymous says:

    Man Ho Wang- Winnie Chan -TonyM -Buck

    You guy are the same person. Please stop lie for name. Loser

  130. Hitler says:

    Gib Gas!Deutschland!Gib Gas!Deutschland!
    Gib Gas!Deutschland!Gib Gas!Deutschland!
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    Ya YA YA………………………..

  131. Winnie Chan says:

    So dumb. You are joke, right? You don’t see.

    Sexist too. No I don’t want date with losers who live on blog they dont belong to. This is sad. Get job.

    Plus. I like white guys. True and sorry but this is truth. You show already what Chinese guy like. Also true other thing about white guy which Chinese guy don’t have.

  132. Anonymous says:

    @Winnie Chan

    Stop lie for name ,actually everyone on blog knows who you are ,Mr Buck.

  133. Gweilo suck says:

    Winnie, show your pic and then we’ll talk. I got 8″ of prime white meat for ya.

  134. Pride Indian says:

    I Iove eating chicken curry and rice , Indian is the best……. best …………..best……………

  135. Last thoughts on Hong Kong says:

    I used to be the centre of attention. Now everyone has gone away. I’m so lonesome.

  136. Pakistan pride says:

    Fuck you Indian shit, Pakistan is the best

  137. Weekend at Bernies says:

    Haha loser

  138. Winnie Chan says:

    So sexist. Now everyone know why Chinese girl hope for Western guy. See?

  139. Pride Nepalese says:

    Fuck you Pakistan and Indian shit , Nepal is the best.

  140. I Know What You Did Last Summer says:

    @Winnie Chan

    Buck…your posts are hilarious! Laughed out loud to some. Nice work!!

  141. Your posts are hilarious! Laughed out loud to some. Nice work!! says:

    All together now:
    Now everyone know why
    Chinese girl hope for western guy

  142. So dumb. You are joke, right? Sexist too. No I don’t want date with losers who live on blog they dont belong to. This is sad. Get job. You don’t see. Also I like white guys. True and sorry but this is truth. You show already what Chinese guy like. Als says:

    my name is winnie
    i suck your willy

  143. I am Buck sometime i 'm a woman says:

    My name is Winnie , most of the time my name is Buck .I’m White. I love to suck my own dick.

  144. I think HK Chinamen in charge of ferries needs to be re thought. A terrified and panicking HK Chinaman shouting at his subordinates as the crash lomms…no thanks. says:

    I have other name, is TonyM, he vely racist stupid no good enlish fucker

  145. TonyM says:

    It is beyond this fact that there HK Chinamen cannot fly, it goes to surgeons, magistrates…indeed anyone who has a responsibility for the lives of others. It is sad, but true. Perhaps in time things will evolve and change, as they have in Singapore, but right now, HK needs a lot of help from Aussies and Westerners…who may be of various racial profiles. For example, surgeons of Chinese ethnicity who are Western / fully Westernized can be trusted. Facts are facts.

  146. I am Buck sometime I 'm TonyM says:

    My name is TonyM ,most of the time my name is Buck. I’m White. I love to repeat my racist speech two thousand times.

  147. It is beyond this fact that there HK Chinamen cannot fly says:

    What the fuck am I talking about

  148. It is beyond this fact that there White people have soft penis says:

    What the fuck am I talking about

  149. Klara Hitler says:

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    Ich liebe dich!!!!!!!!!!!! Ich liebe dich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  150. A fucked up mind says:

    Because you trying to be smart. Facts are facts. Sorry to say. So sexist. Beyond this fact that there Aussies and Westerners cannot fly. Why do they yell when they talk? It is sad, but true. I like white guys. Perhaps in time things will evolve and change. You are joke, right? Titanic sink was 1911. I like white guys. I think it is major concern. Scary thought isn’t it. All boats were wooden with sails as recently as 75 years ago. Oh yes, they are suffering. Thank you for saving us from Japanese. I like white guys. God i hate those lazy sneaky fucks. Why is my gym always empty. Yes you make us look dumb. I am ashamed. I dunno. Is it manly?

  151. Justice Knight says:

    White men can’t even protect their own women .

    (Police ‘told mother of girl raped by 14 Asian paedophiles to keep a diary of her ‘chaotic’ life rather than investigate when she went missing’ )


    The disgrace of England Police and England Government show the world how useless White People are .

  152. Buck says:

    “lived in the west, but cant live like a westerner”. Ouch.

    GS/FOL is showing his true Chinese colors now. “Full force” means fake names, biting, kicking, screaming. Typically Chinese. Typically barbaric.

  153. Revise Machine says:

    lived in the East, but can’t live like a Eastern. Ouch.

    Buck/Man Ho Wang/TonyM/Winnie Chan/etc…………… is showing his true White colors now.“Full force” means fake names, biting, kicking, screaming.Typically Westerner .Typically barbaric.

  154. Gweilo suck says:

    Buck, your denial is ingenious and strong. But you are still a banana.

  155. Learn how to fucking indicate says:

    Glad you came back, I thought you’d shipped off to a better place.
    Syria sure is tempting.

  156. Learn how to fucking indicate says:

    @Anthony Colson you are full of shit.

  157. Just passing through says:

    Very difficult for a normal person to thrive in any alien culture. The chinese culture of greed, materialism and utter selfishness is a particularly difficult one to take, unfortunately. Best to have a plan to get out after a defined period – you will feel better and perhaps enjoy your time here more if you know that it’s only temporary.

    In my generous moods I feel sorry for the HK people. Imagine having to live here in the knowledge that the best you can look forward to is giving a large part of your next 20-30 years’ earnings to a handful of ‘tycoons’ who will rip you off at every turn, as will every single one of your fellow citizens, with a government that, when it’s not selling you out to the gangsters in beijing, actively conspires with those tycoons to screw you at every opportunity and destroy what little natural beauty remains here. Living in a spiritual and cultural desert, surrounded by high-functioning zombies, being poisoned by polluted food, air and water, with every single interaction a struggle, from getting on the MTR to getting your child in to a decent school. Really it’s no wonder so many of them decide to take the big swan dive out of their miserable tiny flats, to the accompaniment of jackhammers, pile drivers and retarded neighbors slamming doors and screaming incoherently in the lift lobby.

    Very sad.

  158. Not Just passing through says:

    Lol Then fuck back to German or France or any other shitty Western country , you will be very happy.

    With your stupid government , no limit accept those “peaceful” Muslim Refugee came in , it ‘s a matter of time your “dear “country falling . Not soon enough , you will need to wear a head-covering , recite Quran , and your woman and children will get rape. (High five to your lovely government , They even cover up the bad news about the Refugee and Muslim immigrant with their criminal activity , to make sure the White ppl know nothing about it and open up their hand to fully accept them. Lol ,How naive is that?

    By the way , ISIS is coming , they gonna kill a couple White Trash like you , good luck for your family. I’m very happy .

  159. Anonymous says:

    @Just Passing Through: I’m in total alignment with your feelings of this place. I’ve finally gotten out of here permanently, but still need to come back from time to time for work. I do have more empathy now for the locals, but it’s a long row to hoe when you’re stuck here with no end in sight.

    @Not Just Passing Through: Does any comment get you 50cents or just the really sick and mean ones? I do hope you can experience beauty, peace, love and kindness one day.

  160. Gweilo suck says:

    Just passing through, nothing very wrong with what you’re saying, except we all know you’re not “just passing through”, your hollow condescension gives you easy as just one of the usual suspects who cannot leave this site alone.

  161. Holy shit ‘Just passing through’ your comment about the tycoons and the big swan dive etc is a classic. Couldn’t have put it better.

  162. Anonymous says:

    “they gonna kill a couple White Trash like you”

    Read the news
    They also killed a couple of zipperheads in Mali,last week, just like you.

  163. Jojo says:

    @Gweilo suck – “Just passing through, nothing very wrong with what you’re saying, except we all know you’re not “just passing through”, your hollow condescension gives you easy as just one of the usual suspects who cannot leave this site alone.”

    “Just passing through”‘s comment is spot on. What you are calling condescension seemed to me an attempt on his part to empathize with the plight of the local population. The fact that you even find anything offensive about JPT’s humorous and dead-on accurate comment reinforces my suspicions that you and others on this blog are HK SAR government employees paid to undermine the comments section on this blog. In other words, PR bitches.

    Hong Kong *is* a cultural and spiritual desert where materialism and shallowness reign supreme – there’s no question.

    I know and respect a number of HK people, some are locals, some are not even high school educated, some are back from expatriation after a Western college degree – all I would call nice and kind people. I also know a number of mainland Chinese – good people whom I like to think are generous. But these are few and far between. The majority of HK people, including the caucasian/white expats, are shallow, emotionally immature, nasty people whose only obsession seem to be self-masturbating to their most basest of desires – they wouldnt bat an eyelid if it meant screwing the next guy. So fuck you.

  164. I hate Trolls says:

    Gweilo Suck. Fuck you. You managed to get to Cardiff where you where a shit-for-brains coward scared of the guys and resentful that the girls had NO interest in you or your maggot dick. I guess your English dad is disappointed and your Chinese Mum don’t give a shit about you?

    Just fuck off and join a site called ‘I love Hong Kong’

    This one ain’t for you…you fucking maggot.

  165. Paf Dvorak says:

    IDK about Gweilos in HK, but most Gweilos everywhere else don’t even have maids.

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