Last Thoughts On Hong Kong

That's ok for Rome...but what about Hong Kong?

That’s ok for Rome…but what’s one to do in Hong Kong?

When in Rome do as the Romans do. That’s what they say. It’s an invitation to be polite and to abide by the customs of the local culture. Does it apply to Hong Kong? Do I, as a visiting expat, do as Hongkongers do? Do I behave like them? Do I conform to the prevailing opinion of larger society? Do I respect local practices? Is it possible I’ve picked up the attitudes, values or beliefs of locals just by living here over the last few years? God, I fucking hope not. I’d rather be trapped up to my nose in some Roman septic tank shit facility than synchronize my watch to the deplorable practices of these shallow, selfish assholes.


My trip to Rome…wish you were here 🙂

Yeah, I’ll eat a dim sum. I’ll snarl the meat off a chicken wing to ‘fit in’ if I have to. But I won’t spit saliva covered bones onto the tablecloth in full view of other guests when I’m at a wedding. And I won’t lose my fucking mind at the mere mention of chicken wings either. The locals do. They suck chicken wings like lollipops. They dance around like Santa is coming if you mention chicken wings.

A comprehensive list might break the internet so here’s a very short list of some of the things I won’t do…when in Rome…

– I don’t care how drunk I am…I still refuse to burp and fart audibly at work. It’s just not right.

– I won’t take pictures of food or pose for photos where I’m shoveling food into my mouth. The locals love this. If you’re going to take pictures of food, honour the cycle…get some shots of giant coilers floating in your toilet bowl too.

Say cheese...cake...

Say cheese…cake…

– There’s too many self-proclaimed ‘foodies’ in Hong Kong. A self-proclaimed ‘foodie’ is on par with someone who takes scatmunching ‘selfies’. A moron. And there’s a lot of them in Hong Kong. Hongkongers never, ever stop talking about food. Yeah, food. I get it. Shut the fuck up.

– I’ll never assemble my friends together and take photos where we all simultaneously jump into the air with huge shit-eating grins so it looks like we’re floating above the surface of the earth, high on life. You’d think this practice would be limited to 14yo girls in Hong Kong. But it’s not. Everyone does it.

Hurray! Hurray for us and hurray for our tour holiday to Beijing!

Hurray! Hurray for us and hurray for our tour holiday to Beijing!

– I won’t travel overseas as part of a Hong Kong tour group, listening to some tour guide chew my ear off with a microphone and loudspeaker every waking second of the trip. I did that once and nearly committed suicide.

– I won’t invite someone to a workmate’s wedding 2 weeks into their working contract in Hong Kong…and then hold my hand out for an $800 ‘wedding gift’. I thought you were inviting me as a kind gesture…a measure of your goodwill and generosity. Having only just touched down in Hong Kong, and not knowing the bride or groom from a hole in the wall, I kind of thought you were letting me tag along as some kind of cultural experience for the new guy…you know…to show me how humble, down to earth and friendly you all are in Hong Kong. You really slapped that innocent assumption off my face with the entrance fee you artless fuck.

–  I won’t explain cheerily to my workmate that I am going on a trip to Korea over Christmas and am flying Air India because the flight is cheap…and then say, with complete sincerity…I hope the plane doesn’t stink.

What is that stench??

What’s that stench??

– I won’t suppress anger, critical thought, empathy or my own opinions because I’m terrified of losing face or being ridiculed for stepping outside of the group think bubble.

I agree. Me too. Me too. Me too. Me too. Me too. Me too...but just to be sure we better discuss it for another 10 hours. Agreed.

I agree. Me too. Me too. Me too. Me too. Me too. Me too. Me too…but just to be sure we better discuss it for another 10 hours. Agreed. I agree too. Me too. Me too. Me too. Me too….

– I won’t blindly worship the value of education or allow the future of life itself to hinge on the ability of conman celebrity tutors to get a high school kid a slightly better paying customer service job than the next kid.

The conmen

The conmen. The shot of Samuel Chan (3rd from the right) makes me want to smash his teeth in. You know the other thing about ‘Samuel Chan’? I bet if you tried to call him ‘Sam’ his brain would freeze and he’d point blank tell you ‘no…no…my name is Samuel’. Ok Sammy, you colossal fuck knuckle.

– I won’t buy a slave and arrive at work every day of my life with a ‘lunchbox’ prepared by said slave then sit down and eat it like a pampered 2 year old. I won’t have the gall to refer to my slave as a ‘helper’. I won’t  torture my slave. I won’t produce TV ads where locals dress in ‘blackface’ to portray   clumsy Filipina ‘maids’.

Aw me so clumsy!

Aw me so crumsy!

I dunno, I could go on and on and on. You can read a massive laundry list of all this kind of shit here. About the only thing I will do ‘when in Hong Kong’ is walk in a straight line without budging or moving out of the way of others. Now there’s a Hong Kong custom I’ve really come to embrace. That’s how they do it here…and I’m happy to oblige. Not going to move? You oblivious ignorant fuck! Me either then. Collision course is a go…only difference is I’m ready for it. 😉

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  1. Ralph says:

    This article just made my day, I just cannot agree more!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why did you say “last” in the title? Dear God, please don’t stop posting. I cannot survive this city without this site.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hope it is not the last Dudley and that all is OK with you?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Fucking hilarious, keep it up, this is the only way to go through all this ridiculous and pathetic “culture’ every single day, laughing of it!

  5. the_travelling_trini says:

    Yeah these better not be true last thoughts — please don’t stop this blog! It is always good for a laugh… and a bit of sanity.

  6. Anonymous says:

    You Sir are my Hero…

  7. Anonymous says:

    If you got out of this, I am happy for you. I am next to get the hell out in the first window of opportunity.

    Let me add to your precise description of how those assholes when they walk straight at you. Some people have done this to me… as they are walking on a collision course (mostly older women) they pretend to go through their hand bags and stick their elbow out to hit you with their elbows. One bitch caught my arm with her elbow and before I knew I was seeing stars from the acute pain. Next time I swear to God I am going to smash their faces in (even if it’s a woman).

    Mostly older men and women like to hunk up that almighty spit by making a hideous noise on the streets. I hear this disgusting noise on a daily basis (how shameful). And I swear to God that if some of those apes end up spitting on me one of these days I will probably lose my mind…

    They also belch on buses like heinous animals. The other day I was coming down from the upper deck of a bus when an old man, sitting near the staircase, started to stare at me (most of us probably know this pretty well by now) and burped out loud as a form of animal confrontation. Luckily I had a huge fart limbering up and at that exact moment I did not hesitate to turn my ass towards his fuckface and released an enormous drawn out wind breaker with all the extra pressure I could add. I would never do this in normal circumstances because I did receive very solid notions of good manners from my parents. But this is as far removed from a “normal” situation as it can be.

  8. Anonymous says:

    HAHAHAHAHA! And you think you would be invited for a wedding upon arrival in HK for a “cultural experience”? Gesture of kindness? You stupid gweilo… “Give me your fucking money!” Our gweilo faces mean more business here my friend. Nothing else! And you should be grateful that they smiled and bowed to you when you handed them $800. Or what the hell do you think? Their smile and cordial gestures cost money mate.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Well there’s a typical Hongkonese style slant eye view showing some world famous HK warmth and generosity right there. Gweilo faces in HK mean the rape and pillaging of HK and the fucking of HK women. If they make 10 cents here or 10 cents there, who gives a fuck you stupid cunt? lol

  10. Anonymous says:

    Gweilo faces in HK doesn’t only mean rape, pillaging and fucking of HK women. Of course there are a number of low-life, twats, rats and assholes from the west in HK with the only intent of what you just mentioned above. This is a cliche associated with the British rule. But there are many gweilos here (like me) who have families to look after and came here with the only intent of earning a living and trying to live as decent human beings. Difficult task here because first, as a gweilo you’re only seen like a piece of white meet with deep pockets by the locals, AND THAT’S ALL. Whatever it’s due to mistrust, resentment, or what not I don’t give a fuck. For me as a human being the fact is that my daily reality in this craphole is simply depressing. Tried and tasted all their fucking culture to only see myself smashing my face against a concrete wall time and time again. No local friends (real ones). The only thing they do is to “probe” you as if they are going to get some kind of valuable information out of you. You’re right, in the end of the day nobody give a fuck about anything and anyone over here, and that’s what makes Hong Kong such a heinous place.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Excuse my typo in the previous post. I meant to say: “as a gweilo you’re only seen like a piece of white meat (not meet) with deep pockets by the locals, AND THAT’S ALL.”

    Further to that, I’d like to add that previously I had a completely erroneous idea about Chinese people. Before setting foot in this swamp I used to believe the Chinese to be a sincere, honest, collected and gentle civilization. How unbelievably mistaken I was… honesty, sincerity, and virtue are words they only use for their filthy businesses. The real meaning could not be further away from reality.

  12. Anonymous says:

    “– I won’t invite someone to a workmate’s wedding 2 weeks into their working contract in Hong Kong…and then hold my hand out for an $800 ‘wedding gift’. I thought you were inviting me as a kind gesture…a measure of your goodwill and generosity. Having only just touched down in Hong Kong, and not knowing the bride or groom from a hole in the wall, I kind of thought you were letting me tag along as some kind of cultural experience for the new guy…you know…to show me how humble, down to earth and friendly you all are in Hong Kong. You really slapped that innocent assumption off my face with the entrance fee you artless fuck.”

    Dudley, do you know what the chinese will think of your comment? I do. “This gweilo is really too greedy. He’s a trouble maker”. Fact! Been here, immersed in this surreal culture myself long enough.

  13. Anonymous says:

    From the previous post, did it happen to you, or did you learn about it from someone else? If it was with you, did they actually warn you about the “entrance fee”? To pay for your head at the table and delight yourself with the finest cuisine on the planet, and have the pleasure of having lengthy conversations about philosophy, world history, international socio-economics, etc. with your delightful neighbours at the table. If you received the shock of your life by being asked for the money at the “reception desk”, I would love to be there just to watch your reaction hahahaha.

  14. On a subconscious level they will register deep shame at my comment. And rightly so.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I would like to think so, Dudley, but I think you and I know by now that this wouldn’t be the case. Maybe in rare instances, but on a general level it won’t really (i.e. the old smoke screen of hiding behind a culture).

  16. It all goes through to the old subconscious. The shame is most certainly registered on a subliminal level. And that’s where it counts. No-one gives a fuck what these slap happy cunts consciously dwell on.

  17. Anonymous says:


    Dudley, let me tell you a few things in 2 different posts. I am the author of those 2 posts:

    “Wow, that’s a heated up thread right here…

    let me give my 10 cents as a driver in Hong Kong.

    You know when you’re turning local when you…

    – Never use your indicator.
    – Indicate right when you’re turning left.
    – Indicate left when you’re turning right.
    – Keep indicating on a highway for several kilometers and never change lane.
    – Don’t have a clue about the rules of a roundabaout and think you can turn right or left from any bloody lane (without indicating, of course).
    – Drive at night with every damn head lamp in your car on (headlights, foglights, pimplights, shitlights… bloody everything on despite the fact that HK streets and highways are all well lit up and there’s hardly any fog).
    – Drive at night with full beam on and don’t give a shit whether you may be dazzling other drivers.
    – Drive like an absolute idiot, or an absolute maniac.
    – Don’t give way to anybody (including pedestrians).
    – Slow down for no apparent reason, blocking every body else behind you.
    – Park 20 meters from the curb.
    – Park in diagonal to the curb.
    – Park with one or both tyres on the curb.
    – Park anywhere, anytime in any situation, even if you are going to block someone else. Who gives a fuck, right?
    – Will accelerate the car to tailgate the car in front should you see somebody indicating to change to the lane you’re on and block their way. Why should I give you a few meters of space in front of my car… I AM ALWAYS FIRST!!! This is particular of truck, van and taxi drivers. They are such cordial “professional” drivers, aren’t they?
    – Drive a container lorry at 100 Km/h in Tuen Mun Highway (speed limit 70/80 Km/h) and race other cars with a huge 10 – 20 Ton lorry. (I have actually seen a container lorry taking a sharp bend in Tuen Mun Highway doing over 100 Km/h and the container tipping to the side as he took that bend – HOLY SHIT!!!!).
    – Drive while talking on the mobile phone. (Well, people do it in many countries… although it is illegal).
    – Drive while texting on the phone. (Only absolute cunts will do it…)
    – Drive while BROWSING FACEBOOK! (I swear to God I have never seen people doing this nowhere else! – I saw a few people actually doing this in HK with my own eyes, in shock, horror and disbelief).

    There’s more, but these are the most obvious ones.”

  18. Anonymous says:

    … and this one as part of the same thread of replies:


    First of all, this blog is about the dreadful experiences that we expats endure in this shithole of yours. Whether you “Are in agreeing” or not, like you shitheads say, is completely irrelevant to us. I am sick and tired of this, you, and your shitty culture, under which you’re always ready to excuse yourselves and shelter your abhorrent attitudes and behaviour. AND YET, you’re all too ready, and desperate, to take advantage of OUR education system by means of attaining a half-arsed degree in USA or UK (mostly) because you in fact cannot have real access to serious research and quality education in this wasteland of your culture.

    I am married to a HK chinese woman (obviously not an idiot like you) and know all too well the ridiculous hypocrisy which underlines your family dissimulation, within the context of your monolithic and morass culture.”

    Dudley, I wrote this reply to the lady in question because it roughly sums up the reason I came to make the decision of coming here. And it points towards the powerhouse of their whole identity and self belief. I don’t really know to what degree you immersed yourself into this culture, but I have been as deep as one can be down this rabbit hole. And I tell you something, I left my quite comfortable position in UK, and everything else behind because my wife’s family kept hammering in her head that she would be too vulnerable in UK as a Chinese. I then decided to be the “nice guy” and left everything behind to join this tormented and disfunctional family. And I promise you that this disfunction in the disguise of “cultural tradition” is what lies at the bottom of all this horror we see and experience in HK. I have been torn appart, discriminated against, and disrespected by her family at all possible levels. And ironically this disfunctionality is the very thing this people pride themselves. A level of hypocrisy and dissimulation which is really beyond words to describe.

    We now have 2 little ones, her family is set on hijacking their minds and soul. This problem takes on a much sinister dimension. I am now set on taking them away from here before they are irretrievably contaminated by this sick society. For me this is a matter of life and death (death for their souls, like I nearly had mine obliterated here).

    Enough said. I just would like to thank you, Dudley, for this exquisite work you have done, and for your great and hilarious writing style. Me and my wife laughed our asses off reading your blogs. I found this just in time, because I was really beginning to believe I was going insane, everything was only on my mind, and so on… your blog not only revitilized my energies, but also strengthened my resolve to save my children from this madness.

  19. Anonymous says:

    One last word, Dudley. Of course there was the “entrance fee” to our wedding, but although I didn’t think much of it at the time (after all I was getting married in Hong Kong), I absolutely did not compromise in regards to what kind of food our guests (or customers) were going to eat and did not allow them (her family) to choose a freaking Chinese restaurant. Instead we offered a Western style buffet and barbecue in the best setting and kitchen HK can offer for that purpose. People ate like kings, and in the best HK style, ended up sucking up the bones of those delicious charcoal grilled lamb chops like they do with their chicken wings. But on a much more stylish cuisine 🙂

  20. Anonymous says:

    And by the way, the entrance fee did not cover even half of the cost of that Western style wedding dinner, as it is intended for Chinese restaurants (it’s all carefully worked out).

  21. Yeah well weddings anywhere see brides and grooms showered with money and or gifts. I get that. The point is that if someone had just arrived in my country a) I probably wouldn’t invite them to some wedding they know nothing about anyway and b) if I did invite them I wouldn’t make them cough up cold hard cash for the privilege because that’d be somewhat rude.

    Hong Kong people don’t really ‘get’ this because they’re shallow superficial money grubbing money obsessed oblivious dumb fucks.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I hear you Dudley, and believe me they’re not only dumb fucks, they are vicious. I also have been invited many times for weddings (people related to my wife) and I simply gave up going because of this very reason. Like you said, I don’t know them through a hole in the wall, so why should I actually go to their wedding with a pack of money? Fuck it! She goes by herself now and I just get on with my life. They don’t get it is an euphemism. You know, I just see myself isolated more and more because I cannot consider her friends remotely acquaintances, let alone “my friends”. The same goes to her family. Why? I honestly haven’t been able to figure out yet. Language maybe? But hey, I spend my whole day working in English to earn our living in this fuckhole and don’t have the time, or patience, to learn this stupid language any longer. If you try to make an effort to communicate with those fuckheads in their own language they will reply to you in English. It’s like we are not entitled to communicate with them in their language! But then again, her friends use to come to my house and ignore me, like I am just an ornament in the house. Eventually I had enough of this crap behaviour and began to stand up for myself. If those fucks cannot have the decency of making a little effort to communicate with the person who pays the fucking rent and everything else, don’t come to my house again. You know what some of her friends told my wife about this? “Oh, this concept of my house is a very western thing” because in HK it’s simply part of their culture to behave however the fuck they like in someone else’s house. I used to go to my in-laws for dinner before, as good Hongkongers they eat like animals, spitting everything on the table cloth, crewing up meat until they debone it inside their mouths, etc. I simply refuse to eat like that and all they used to do was to make fun of my table manners. My brother-in-law is well into his 30s and still lives with mommy and daddy. At least he found out in recent times that he’s been a useless fuck for all those years and decided to become insurance salesman. Good for him! But guess for what he contacts me now… to ask about the family? to say hi? No! To try to sell me as many insurance policies as he can, and that’s that! I could go on and on and on… In all my life I saw truculent, selfish bastards of all kinds in any country, but this is just the most ridiculously abusive people I have ever encountered in my life… by a billion light years. My wife isn’t like this, and she knows the hell I am going through, but she can only be herself and help me keep my sanity, she cannot single handedly change this sewage.

  23. Anonymous says:

    … and just scratched the surface here, Dudley. The shit goes much deeper than this, but I better stop here before I kill myself…

  24. Anonymous says:

    The psychological warfare against us in Hong Kong is brutal and relentless, and it will only get worse… it’s just overwhelming.

  25. gman says:

    Well said Anonymous. So absolutely true. Also the violence from them too. Especially from the filthy mainlanders. The pack mentality and downright rudeness, pushing, shouldering, punching from behing, spitting on you from behing and that monkey stare from the hairless chimp faces. I hate the staring. I look back with complete contempt and disdain at the souless fucking monkey eyes and really want to headbut the fucks. If I stared like that anywhere else in the world i’d be knifed…and so on and etcetera

  26. Anonymous says:

    To :Anonymous says:
    July 23, 2015 at 9:59 am

    Im in the exact situation you are, married with a local woman, but in a bit worst situation as im living in her parents house, but we are soon to move out.
    2 long years now, and my wifes brother told me a total of 10 sentences combined, during those 2 years, the rest of her family maybe 5. Just her parents make the effort to show any care for me.
    The same goes with almost her friends, so i, as you did, just gave up on trying to even meet her friends…
    When i tell my wife what’s going on she just replies me “they are shy”…
    What i think its going on is, they dont want to mingle with foreigners, they see them as a exotic animal, that they like to admire as they were in a zoo, but never getting too close or never giving to much of them to the gwailos, because we are not their species.
    Same goes at work, all my local colleagues are “shy” with me but with other local colleagues they are the most extroverted persons.
    I just learned to deal with it, being as cold as they can be, but always keeping in mind, some people and even some locals (very,very few) deserve the best “me”, all the rest of the superficial cold obnoxious dirty animals will face the icy “me”.

  27. Anonymous says:

    To: Anonymous on July 23, 2015 at 2:21 pm

    Best thing you can do!!! I am truly sorry to hear what you had to endure for the last 2 years. The way now is upward and forward. The important thing is that your union remains unshakeable and that you always trust each other.

    Worst situation than me…? My mother-in-law is now living with us to look after our 2 little ones. That’s because my wife also do some work. We both agreed not to leave them in the hands of a stranger (helper) and it’s too far to take the children to their flat… to put it mildly, I am having to turn into a ruthless dictator in order to keep her a bit in cheque, otherwise she will mop the floor with me, shit on my head and piss all over my gravestone once she’s done with me. I promise you, I am having to make use of every ounce of my energies, and looking for spares now. So….. think twice before having children in HK, unless your wife is really prepared to be a full-time mom for a few years. Although I take care of all the bills, do I resent our decision? Of course not. My wife has all the right in this world to do what she likes doing, and earn some money as well. As they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And believe me, this woman gives me a fucking good run for my money hahaha.. best of luck with your new sanctuary. A renewed man you will feel after that, for sure. 🙂

    All what you hv said about their attitude towards us, gweilos, are spot on. We just have to deal with it. For us, they way out is soon to come. After that, I will give a shout of freedom that will tremble the 4 corners of this planet.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Ops, a bit of a crumble in the last sentence. The way out is soon to come for my family. But not without further pain and distress in the meantime…

  29. Anonymous says:

    To: Anonymous July 23, 2015 at 4:01 pm

    At least you have your place and you can have the last word on everything, i just shrug it off…
    Im not planning to have kids in this shithole! Like you said before it will contaminate kids soul and personality, in this ultra competitive educational system and society, they will turn to robots just like everyone here.
    We just have to keep our head in place until that last glorious day in HK, may it arrive earlier then we expect it!
    Thank you for your encouragement words.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Before you leave, can u do a post on psychopaths in the office?

  31. Anonymous says:

    Dudley Dawson on July 23, 2015 at 5:09 am

    “Yeah well weddings anywhere see brides and grooms showered with money and or gifts. I get that. The point is that if someone had just arrived in my country a) I probably wouldn’t invite them to some wedding they know nothing about anyway and b) if I did invite them I wouldn’t make them cough up cold hard cash for the privilege because that’d be somewhat rude.”

    I have to somewhat disagree with you. I got married in the West, and have been to a few weddings from friends and relatives in the West. Guests are invited as a gesture of good will, normally we don’t invite people we don’t know well from at least some walks of life. In general terms giving wedding presents is simply a gesture of courtesy, not an obligation. Also to my knowledge, I am not aware of wedding gifts in the form of hard cash. The norm is that the bride will edit a list of presents so that everybody can consult in order not to offer repeatedly the same gift. Others will, as a matter of courtesy, offer a token in aknowledgement to the newly wedded couple at their discretion. However none of this is an obligation. I can only assume that this practice is a form of control in order to control, and standardize, system of offerings. Perhaps to avoid abuse? Who knows. But it is extremely diselegant to impose this norm on a visitor. I seems that, after all, the Cultural Revolution did in fact come to Hong Kong, as it appears that what was supposed to be a rich culture has been relegated to only one principle of values, money.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Dudley Dawson on July 23, 2015 at 5:09 am

    “Yeah well weddings anywhere see brides and grooms showered with money and or gifts. I get that. The point is that if someone had just arrived in my country a) I probably wouldn’t invite them to some wedding they know nothing about anyway and b) if I did invite them I wouldn’t make them cough up cold hard cash for the privilege because that’d be somewhat rude.”

    I have to somewhat disagree with you. I got married in the West, and have been to a few weddings from friends and relatives in the West. Guests are invited as a gesture of good will, normally we don’t invite people we don’t know well from at least some walks of life. In general terms giving wedding presents is simply a gesture of courtesy, not an obligation. Also to my knowledge, I am not aware of wedding gifts in the form of hard cash. The norm is that the bride will edit a list of presents so that everybody can consult in order not to offer repeatedly the same gift. Others will, as a matter of courtesy, offer a token in aknowledgement to the newly wedded couple at their discretion. However none of this is an obligation. I can only assume that this practice is a form of control in order to standardize a system of offerings. Perhaps to avoid abuse? Who knows. But it is extremely diselegant to impose this norm on a visitor. I seems that, after all, the Cultural Revolution did in fact come to Hong Kong, as it appears that what was supposed to be a rich culture has been relegated to only one principle of values, money.

  33. So what do you disagree with? You basically said what I said.

  34. Dude Dudley, I think I’m done reading all your posts and you have the gift of gab and language. Compile all these and do a bit of revisions then publish. I’ll buy copies and distribute them at airports and travelers HK bound.

  35. Anonymous says:

    I disagree with the sentence “weddings anywhere see brides and grooms showered with money and or gifts”. I have never seen people giving money in lieu of gifts anywhere else. Only in Hong Kong. Perhaps very close friends and family will help with money, but like I said, it is not compulsory.

  36. Ah right yeah I see. Well I’ve seen and heard of money as a wedding ‘gift’ all over the world. I think it’s pretty common. But whatever. Hong Kong has an entire cultural celebration that revolves around the giving of money….Chinese New Year. Very practical I suppose. A handshake and a few warm words won’t help you to pay for your mini bus drivers licence or for your daughter’s violin lessons.

  37. Dan says:

    I am Chinese but grew up in the US. I love your website and am glad to find some like-minded people. I check in here to keep me sane from time to time. I moved here for work and met a fantastic woman who was born in the Mainland but moved here a decade ago. She also keeps me sane and prevents me from writing everyone off in HK as (insert your own uncomplimentary remarks).

    I think the bottom line for all bad behavior here boils down to insecurity. Which manifests as either compensating aggression (ex. to achieve wealth, fame, show off via brand names, eating and going on holidays to show sophistication, rudeness, racism, abuse of others, general abuse of any power they have, overcontrol/abuse of kids, unjustified arrogance) or passiveness (ex. shyness, rudeness, passive aggression, indifference, cowardice). The women here are so insecure, that they fear a slither of sunlight will downgrade them to maid status (which they look down on to make themselves feel better) or a drop of rain will ruin the makeup and clothes their self-esteem is attached to. This insecurity is perpetuated by the way they treat, abuse, and teach their kids. A funny thing that reveals the depth of people’s insecurity and overcompensating tendencies is this: HKers love to throw in (horrible) English into conversations to appear sophisticated, but when you speak English to them (and if they know you can speak Chinese) they get so freakin’ offended. Normally I speak Chinese to them so as to not offend, but my Chinese is accented and not great and I can feel they look down on me and treat me a lot more poorly than if I spoke English. You really can’t win against these people, who are basically extremely miserable and insecure, who overcompensate with nasty behavior/complexes.

    Add to that the ignorance/lack of wisdom/not having seen the ‘real world’. The only education they get is from the media, the marketing – all the goodness that comes from unbridled capitalism that teaches them that wealth is good, success means a Benz and a concrete sh*tbox in Midlevels. There is no moral education, no spiritual faith. None. They wear their selfishness proudly (naive idiots) and chant in the name of democracy and free markets. That’s why China, until the past 10-20 years had been poor, but the people were still kind and had humanity. The embrace of free markets and capitalism allows bad people to manipulate the masses, to take their money by making them feel insecure about themselves, their appearance, their state of wealth. Let’s face it, many HKers look really ugly. In natural appearance and the way of dress. Ads of beautiful people plastered everywhere on billboards and TVs only makes them feel even more miserable. That also engenders ugly behavior.

    I can’t say everyone is terrible here. I’ve also met a great many locals who are humble, smart, and kind, who also privately suffer from bad parenting and general societal misguidances. Not every person not blessed with a beautiful visage are ugly on the inside. Conversely, let’s face it – not every foreigner who comes here are saints. Many come here because frankly they couldn’t cut it in their home country and also enjoy the special treatment they get in Asia. But they get offended when locals don’t give them the respect they think they deserve. Again, obviously not every foreigner has this mentality. Many are just appalled by bad behavior, and nobody likes being mistreated and made to feel disrespected. I think that is the root of all the grievances and problems we see in HK and other societies. What can you do? Frankly nothing. What we see are symptoms of complex causes. It is what it is, and all one can do is leave if we find it too unbearable.

  38. Dan says:

    Would like to also add another observation.

    HKers work so freakin’ hard, wearing their work ethics, and general busyness as both a badge of honor and an excuse for so much bad behavior/rudeness/apathy. They love to pat themselves on their back for their resilience and general ‘smartness’.

    But in the decades-long history of this place, has it produced any inventions, great art/music, or any great contributions to humanity, or great athletes? I think the answer to that is quite telling.

    True achievement is for the sake of achievement, or to help others. The truth is, most people here work hard for the sake of proving a point, for the sake of showing others that they have made it, to compensate for their otherwise miserable existence. That’s why the only ‘achievement’ you see in HK is monetary. Achievement is the digits in the bank account, and what latest gadget you are seen with, or what restaurants you can dine in or holidays you can afford. It is all selfish, all overcompensating, all for show. The only heroes are the billionaires, who ironically control the monopolies, build the ugly lowest-cost-possible sh*tboxes that make HK the ugly city it is, who own the bus monopolies that spew diesel fumes into the air and have no financial incentive to upgrade the fleet. Those are the heroes and role models people here worship and aspire to – they have no idea they are the chumps and that their role models think of them as idiots.

    It is important to point out though that any trip to London, NY, Vegas, Miami, or Dubai would show that such selfish, overcompensating, showoffish behavior can be found globally. But for some reason it seems a lot worse in HK, and a lot less bearable.

  39. anonymous says:


    I do take some small solace from their deep and obvious unhappiness. I suspect this stems in no small part to swilling around in a piddling little gene pool for so long that they have become the physically repulsive bundle of congenital failings we see today.

    Shortly I will be leaving after 3 truly miserable years here. I would rather donate bone marrow than set foot here again. 3 fucking years! You get less for manslaughter. Where the fuck are you going in such a hurry that you can’t afford me the patch of pavement I’m standing on? It’s not the fucking dentist, that’s for sure. Maybe you’ve got a trolley to push.

    And to those who ascend to the dizzy heights of Benz ownership, know this – you are still Chinese.

  40. Mike says:

    Sadly, many of the commenters here have developed the very traits we have come to despise in the first place – anger, bigotry, racism, crazy ranting, vindictive, narrow-mindedness. Shows how little this actually has to do with race but rather human nature and the awful people we can all become given the right mix of circumstances

  41. 15wongnh1 says:

    Hang on, the commercials use blackface? WHAT? I THOUGHT THAT PRACTICE DIED OUT AGES AGO!

  42. Dan says:

    The funny thing is many guys here have no shame, self-awareness, and actually think they are attractive. I’ve seen so many ugly guys who also wear (fking ugly thick) glasses, with ugly mohawks, tank tops, Abercrombie stuff, earrings, tats. Often these d*cks are like in their 40s and 50’s too. Sorry dudes, doesn’t work on ya. Grow the f*ck up, get some class, a mirror and realize you are ugly. Then humble up and work on that inner beauty…because you have none either. It takes arrogance, delusion and supreme lack of self-awareness to dress that way. The cliche goes “don’t judge a book by its cover” but appearances often do reflect how these people are inside.

  43. leventselèveilfauttenterdevivre says:

    The bottom line is if : don’t come here unless your wages are good enough that you can live in the mid levels or somewhere in the city which isn’t ridiculously crowded.

    Fixed everything for me, I do have to put up with the arrogant and racist gwai los but at least they have the decency to keep all that filth in instead of throwing it in my face. I’m thankful for it.

    Work for western companies, with gwai lo’s, at least they’ll give you a 9 to 6 job and won’t treat you like garbage.

    Also, weddings between people from different cultures are a risky thing, If your wife to be lives in a tiny apartment with her parents, you should probably back off. Don’t ever forget if you end up in this situation that it was your decision. No one will force you to surrender your life away to an old fashioned HK family who has no respect for you and who sees you as an intruder, you most likely won’t make them like you.

    Just target some fat lonely insecure gwai lo expat instead, much better value, she’ll let you walk all over her as the white boys here are almost all on the hunt for local girls. Great stuff.

    I can’t wait to go back to Europe but at least I’ve found a way to make it work for me for a while.

    This is what HK is all about, just selfishly and shamelessly find a way to make it work out. No one is going to help you. Don’t forget that there is no country in the world where foreigners are welcome.
    The way HKers see you is as people who get better jobs than them just because they are white, I’m not saying it is true, but then again I do know of a great number of foreign Halfwits (namely from my home country) who couldn’t even get a job scrubbing the pavement in Europe and who are just here in Hong Kong leeching off their girlfriends or getting jobs with ridiculously inflated titles because they have friends in the expat community.

    Also think about what london/Paris/New York would be if there were that many people crowded into so little space…There are some things you can’t change. Namely the environment around you when you’re in a foreign country, so find a way to adapt and be smarter.

    It is obvious from the moment you set foot here that this city is not for fun or culture, you’d have to be a complete moron to not see that.

  44. Anon says:

    “the white boys here are almost all on the hunt for local girls”

    Exactly and its often the western expat wives who are to blame. They invariably get pregnant within months of arriving in Hong Kong in the belief that it will stop their old man from copping off with some attractive Asian bint when they go out with the boys after work. It actually has the opposite effect. If emigrating isn’t stressful enough they pile even more stress on the guy so he ends up straying.

  45. Anonymous says:

    leventselèveilfauttenterdevivre says:
    August 11, 2015 at 11:46 am

    Although I do agree with most you said, it’s not as clear-cut as you put it. Of course there are assholes in every country, and of course foreigners aren’t all that welcome anywhere. I think most of us get that and understand the consequences of venturing into a foreign country. The problem in Hong Kong isn’t the xenophobia in itself, which as I said is found anywhere in some shape or form, in the dark alleys of suburbs or in every nook and cranny where it’s written all over “come here and you’ll find trouble”, does not surface as readily as that. It is much more insidious and dissimulated, like the fucking Cantonese language itself, full of double meanings and innuendos. My experience here has two sides, the first time I was here only for a year, lived in Tsim Sha Tsui and as a good gweilo I used to walk those streets in a mix of amusement, awe towards the “culture” and slight discomfort. The late I took as it could have been part of any big metropolis. How wrong I was… I used to wonder why those scumbags selling copy watch and crappy tailors, together with the relentless pimps (pulling you by the arm sometimes) wouldn’t stalk the freaking Chinese as well. The answer I have now. After 4 years this time, getting a lot deeper in this shithole, I came to understand that we are simply a consumer item, pieces of “white meat” with deep pockets and perverted minds, and/or naive enough to feast on their refuse. And that’s how most Chinese see us. There are gweilos who actually fit the bill. But as a matter of fact we are dehumanized – from pieces of garbage to consumer items to boost their image or sales. And I am talking about this nauseating phenomena in Hong Kong and China of paying gweilos (only white people) to promote their businesses or whatever. And of course there are a lot of those who will sell off their dignity in this sewage to fill their pockets with HK dollars or RMB faking to be anything, from experts in arts to PhDs in medicine to act as guests from Western universities for conferences in “reputable” hospitals in mainland China.

    The problem here is that the balance of filth tips a lot more here than in any other country I have been to (and that’s many). The proportion of shit behaviour/mentality here is overwhelming, thus making your life turn into a living hell. BUT, as the author says, and correctly, the perceived notion of Hong Kong outside is completely erroneous and misguided. “Asia’s world city”, the “pearl of the orient”… what a load of garbage. My first impression of HK living for a year in TST didn’t leave the bitter taste of being “gently” scalded, spat at morally and targeted at every corner by an angry stare from low-lives, repugnantly “well dressed” scumbags and self-important retards. And I am only warming up. I could crash this thread with an endless list of circumstances when I could murder someone. Have experienced first hand the insidiousness of respectable Chinese professional charlatans to being sworn at in Cantonese for no reason other than happen to be a Westerner walking on the streets simply minding my own business. (I understand a lot of their swearing pretty well by now).

    When I came the 2nd time here, 4 years ago, UK was going through riots and turmoil because of the down turn of the economy, and IRONICALLY the BBC was showing a program about the “happy life” in Hong Kong, showing an utterly deceitful and misguided image of this shit and its people. The BBC should be sued for that! Reason why I couldn’t agree more with the comment here which says that this blog should be published and distributed to every HK bound person, because the extent of this shit isn’t as clear cut as it may seem when you first come here.

  46. Anonymous says:

    To add to what everyone on this blog has been saying…

    Nothing can truly prepare you for what’s in store if you choose to move to Hong Kong…no matter your reason for coming here. Even if you’re warned ahead of time by your closest friends/family, you’ll still think to yourself “That won’t happen to me! No way! Not me!” Maybe not at first, but eventually this place will get the best of you. You’ll realize you’re fucked about 6 months in. It’s been 15 years for me, and all I can do is pray every day for the strength to get through it all. Really!

    It’s sort of like looking at a crackhead and saying to yourself “That will never happen to me!” Fast forward a few years and you’re a fucking crackhead too. Just a satiric analogy of course!
    What is all comes down to is feeling human. Feeling like a man, like you can do something about the situation you’re in. Fixing a problem, making things better, etc. In reality though, you can’t. Not in this city. This place will strip away all your hopes, dreams and aspirations, until you feel unhuman, demonized, bitter and pretty much just in despair.

    Imagine the following scenario…

    “You’re on your way to work in the morning. The bus you’re on is third world crowded! The person next to you is eating some nasty food (chewing it like a pig) smelling up the whole bus. The person across from you is shouting on their mobile phone. And the person next to him is cutting her fingers nails. You can’t do anything but sit there and take it. There’s literally no room to move. You decide to take a taxi to work the next morning for a little piece of mind. Big mistake! You get in and the taxi smells like cigarette smoke. The diver has his stereo blaring, and his walky talky blaring even louder. He takes off like he’s in a formula fucking 1 race. You politely ask him to slow down and lower the volume on his radio & walky talky. He then proceeds to yell at you in Cantonese, stops the taxi and tells you to get out. But not before paying him first. How can you feel good about yourself after going through some shit like that?”

    And you still have the whole rest of the day to go, not to mention the bus/taxi ride home. Oh! And waiting for you when you get home are Mr. & Mrs. Chan upstairs (and to the left and right of you) dragging furniture around all night, banging the walls, slamming the doors and all the other foul shit these people do. You finally get to bed, but know in just another 6-8 hours you’ll have to go through the same shit all over again.

    The city of Hong Kong, Hong Kong people and Chinese people are truly fucked up. They’re relentless bastards! You just can’t catch a break in this place. I truly feel sorry for all the foreigners who behave like them too, just to fit in. Shame on all of you!!!

  47. Anon says:

    This is what happens when you cram so many people into a small city and pay half the population too little to pay income tax and the other half enough to give them disposable income to spend on useless shit they don’t need whose attitude then becomes one of non stop consumption. I cant understand why people who have the skills, qualifications and work ethic don’t move.

    If its that bad there are some great countries to emigrate to. Sure the income tax will be higher but the quality of life is far superior in other countries. Better weather, access to beautiful countryside, cheaper and larger housing, less self obsesed gold digging women I could go on.

  48. Comfortably Numb says:

    Comments are amusing today. All these comments reminds me of Korea. Maybe that’s why I think Hong Kong is actually pretty chilled out. After spending a few years in Korea this place is an oasis of calm, well-mannered, suave worldly people. LMFAO…… Hong Kong had a 150-year run of actual British bureaucracy running the place. The Chinese that fled here during the Cultural Revolution knew the place was run by the Brits. They knew what they were getting into. Most Hongkies actually speak at least some English, and among the kids its like 1 in 3 has spent at least a few years in some foreign country for work or study. Add to that the fact Hong Kong has always had a large presence of foreign monkeys around, loads of foreign tourists… nah, all things considered this place is about as cosmopolitan as it can get in Asia.

    Remember now… Korea… the “Hermit Kingdom.” Actually terrified of being contaminated by humanity’s humanity they pursued the same jackass ostrich head-in-the-sand policies as the Japs and Chinese, with a modicum more of success than either, if for no other reason than that the place was literally a shit infested impoverished hole (human dung fertilized rice fields well into the 1990s, my olfactory organ will attest to the horrendous memories of shit splattered countryside).

    Dan, insecure women? Wanna do insecure? Try the leading cosmetic surgery industry on planet earth. You can’t find a Korean broad these days over the age of 18 who hasn’t had work done on her face. It’s the latest graduation gift from mumsie these days. Nose job, eye job, get the jaw shaved down, stick some pig fat under the eyes, get a bulge on the forehead…. fucking freak show central, Kangnam Style. Oh you mean Gangnam? It used to be spelled Kangnam, but Korea is eternally involved in a cultural war with the rest of the world, and “officially” reclassifying the romanization of Korean language is one of those cutesy byproducts of this never-ending obsession. And the ensuing goddamned arguments over “correct” spelling… with people who don’t actually speak Engrisheeeeee.

    Anyhow, there’s a plastic surgery pandemic afoot in Korea, but I notice it’s starting to infect the rest of Asia. Starting to see the shit now in Japan and Hong Kong too, and in Taiwan it’s spreading like typhus. I have nothing against plastic surgery per se. But this lemming-like herd mentality where every fucking retard in the country has to get their face slashed up to look like whitey because that’s what everyone else is doing too… that’s pathological. It’s all good though. Some of these “surgeons” are fucking butchers. Chicks walk out of the clinics hideously disfigured, with grotesquely plastified, horrendously fake, perversely ugly masks. 21 years old.. and fucked for life. But hey, she looks goooooooooooorgeous….. compared to Freddie Kruger.

    Ah, I could spout off for pages about how Korea makes Hong Kong look like the London of Asia. Let me sum up thus: what’s the commie shit hole north of Hong Kong that this city has become so unfortunately reattached to? Red China. Sucks. Yup. BUT… what’s the commie shit hole north of South Korea? That’s right. North Korea. And you know what North Korea is full of? Koreans. Don’t let that fucking 38th parallel fool you, or the contrived political systems. Those are the selfsame people on both sides of those borders. And they’re all fucking insane. North Korea is to South Korea what Red China is to Hong Kong. So now you get it.

    Korean culture is Chinese culture on mutant steroids. The Honkers are measly pathetic, mellow, soft-bellied sweethearts compared to the fucking Koreans.

    So, you guys go on and enjoy frothing and seething over not very much, I’m gonna continue to chill out, enjoy my ice cold Hoegaarden in absolutely deliciously frozen a/c faux Brit pub, and fondly recall the close calls I had with actual lynchmobs of actual mutant fucking Korean hordes actually attempting to murder me over not very much at all. And the next time some ancient Hakka grannie sweetie cuts my off in some queue somewhere in the Po, I’ll take it all in stride smilingly, recalling those days in Namdaemun being assaulted by fat cow Korean housewives pushing and shoving their way onto the bus like it was the last goddamned chopper out of Saigon.


  49. Anon says:

    You forgot to mention how the women in S Korea aren’t allowed to marry a guy unless he’s older than she is. In the unlikely event they were born on the same day and year the parents get together to check the time of birth so the guy can pop the question.

  50. Comfortably Numb says:


    Dude, you haven’t even scratched the surface. Hymen reconstruction surgery to fake virginity before marriage. Check. Not registering your marriage the first few years in case of divorce so you have a “pristine” marriage record. Check. Rampant polygamy, “second wives,” “mistresses,” “girlfriends” off-the-books. Check. Arranged marriages up the gazoo. Check. Don’t get me started man. Suffice to say… watching you guys bitch and moan about the “ills” of Hong Kong is a good laugh.

  51. News, Weather and Sport says:

    For me, it’s obsession with food. I mean, it’s only fucking food. I was at a work lunch last winter with 17 of my colleagues, and when the waitress lifted the lid on a bowl of fried fucking rice, all 17 of them intoned ‘Waaaahhh!’ in unison.

    I had the misfortune to work with a self-proclaimed ‘foodie’ here a few years ago. Naturally her knowledge of cooking didn’t extend beyond a spoon, a fork, maybe a knife and definitely chopsticks. Given the option, she would burn water if asked to make anything palatable. It transpired her human mule did all the cooking at home anyway, so she had to go to Causeway Bay to find ‘many delicious foods’ that were ‘interesting’ and ‘extremely delicious’.

    Of course, it’s more than the food. What makes Hong Kong truly average is the rudeness of the locals and, indeed, their localism. Oh aye, and the casual racism.

  52. News, Weather and Sport says:

    And don’t get me started on my rat-infested neighbour.

  53. Anonymous says:

    @News, Weather and Sport, the amount of shit food that they have on offer in Hong Kong is enough to make a homeless who haven’t eaten for days bring everything out. If you’re not careful with what you eat here you can at the bare minimum spend the rest of your miserable days indisposed. The amount of “many delicious food” which are served swimming in oil,under-cooked or over-cooked, can make you want to commit suicide.

    @Comfortably Numb, you got me in stitches on this one mate. Koreans and Japanese are the icing on this Asian cake, on one side you have the crackpots and lunies (Korea) and on the other you have the almighty assholes and royalty of the east (Japan). In between you get an array ranging from retards to charlatans who add extra colours to this rainbow of horrors called Asia. A better picture to portray this madhouse would be to have the “truly Asia” Malaysia Air ad with the gates of hell opening upon you instead of beautiful air hostesses smiling at you.

    Hongkongers just look up to them because they are too retard to produce anything of any quality. All they can do is to be the slap happy idiots they are. But there is a dark side to this, there are two expressions they use here which roughly sum up their character “ok laaaaaa” and “pay money”. I have had my fair share of working with those utter incompetent idiots, charlatans of all kinds and the most usual daily life, comically grotesque animals, and I have to say that given the right combination this place can make you just as miserable as one can be. 150 years of British rule here and all they can achieve is to become half-domesticated morons, who think themselves very smart. They could at least do something more intelligent with the inherited English language, like the Singaporeans, and make it at least something of their own, even if unintelligible like the Singaporean English, but at least with more character. Not even this they are capable of accomplishing in Hong Kong, and end up either speaking it worse than their slaves from the Philippines or shouting at you in their half cast, dying language. I say dying because Mandarin will swallow this gibberish of slang they call “language” and this place will implode on itself sooner or later, and I really don’t want to be here when this happens. Talking about Singapore, apparently another shithole, just a bit more sophisticated than good ole HK.

  54. Anonymous says:

    Oh, and just top up to my previous post, “ok laaaa” means that they have not got a clue about how to expose their opinion (if they have any). “si dan nah” means the same, or whatever. And that goes for fucking everything they do. Working with those arses can send you to a mental hospital because everything they do is “si dan nah”. “pay money” is the reason they live for, especially getting into people’s pockets and trying to fuck you up even on pennies. And the best of all, “chi sin”. They fucking love this expression, or “crazy”. Trying not to let them get you “chi sin” is your daily task in Hong Kong.

  55. HK Mall Island says:

    The thing with HK is that it never improve. Of all the shit you see everyday, every thing that they replace your surrounding and conditions is just to replace it with shittier things.
    Like your local shop you like, well triple the rent and replace it with a 711, because you know we never have enough of 711 around!

    You like this nice pub that is quiet, has good food and cheap booze, well fuck them increase the rents of the fuckers until they leave, we will replace it with bag shop or some tsui wah bullshit or other money changing shit.

    You like your new flat, well sorry to hear that but fuck you, increase the rent by 30%, we’d rather wait with the flat empty than losing face and decreasing the price, stupid gweilo! PAY MONEY

    I swear the only this city is not fighting the shitty government is because they’re down the last level of DNA inbreeding before being officially classified as Asia Capital of Down Syndrome.

  56. Anonymous says:

    Comfortably Numb,

    Comparing Hong Kong to South Korea is like comparing dog shit to elephant shit. At the end of the day it’s still all shit. I have no doubts that living in South Korea is hell, but no way it makes Hong Kong seem like an “oasis of calm”. The people in Hong Kong are slimy bastards, something they are proud of too!

    It’s all shit mate! Shit I tell you!

  57. Comfortably Numb says:


    LMFAO. To go with your analogy, it’s more like Korea’s elephant dung makes Hong Kong’s issues seem like a dog pissing on your leg. Yeah, it’s annoying… but meh…. whatever. I still haven’t encountered the levels of naked hostility and outright violence that I have in Korea. Even the Triad guys over here are big fat cuddly teddy bears compared to Korean gang cunts. Maybe its the influence of military service in Korea. Hong Kong guys don’t have compulsory military service, most of em look like Silicon Valley stoop shouldered nerds whereas military service in Korea is mandatory and abusive as fuck. Korean guys come out of the military with massive anger management issues, PTSD, thinking their fucking King Kong and acting the part, one of the reasons they’re such aggravated little shit kickers. See… the slightest reflection on Korea gets me going again…… rrrr……

    I’ll leave you with this parting tale. This Korean cosmetic procedure franchise is expanding into Hong Kong. Because rents are through the fucking roof they’re being miserly as fuck with wages and salaries, they’re having a hard time attracting staff. Opening date is set in stone though, so the Koreans are going to fly in a whole gang of their own team to operate during the first few weeks until they are staffed up. Doctors, nurses… technicians… not a single one licensed to practice in Hong Kong. Koreans don’t give a flying fuck. Hong Kong doctor who was originally hired went to Korea for some training and was told to administer some procedure that is illegal in Hong Kong, when he objected saying he might lose his license the Koreans told him “don’t worry about it,” the Hong Kong guy quit. This one Hong Kong chick was hired for the front office was flown to Seoul for training, when she arrived she found out she’d be working Korean hours, 0900-2100, 6 days a week, no overtime. The icing on the cake… as soon as she arrived they sized her up and told her to get about a dozen procedures herself. Told her she didn’t look “presentable.” LMFAO. She quit.

    Etcetera… etcetera…. etcetera………..

    I feel everyone’s pain man. I really do. It’s just not phasing me anymore. In Hong Kong. Funny… cause every time I land @ Incheon I’m embroiled in shit within 10 fucking minutes. Weird. But hey, love the blog, love the comments. Keep it going. Used to have some expat blogs on Korea similar to this one, that was eons ago though. Don’t think they still exist. Now you’re getting a generation of degenerate fucktards in love with all things Korean because they think they have Korea all figured out watching K-Pop bunnies bounce their scrawny asses and plastic tits around Youtube. Laughing my ass off at all the neophytes slobbering over all things Korean. Bartender…. BEER.

    Peace out.

  58. marco says:

    tourist think hk is a great place but to be honest it sure is a fucked up place

  59. Anonymous says:

    Tourists don’t have to live and work with those bastards. If you work and live here you will be a tourist trapped in your worst nightmares. Get the fuck out before you end up buried alive in this sewage. Unless you are a billionaire, then you come and go as you like, and this people will lick your boots. If you have to work hard to make ends meet don’t even think about coming here. However bad your own country may seem, THINK AND THINK HARD!!! It will never be as bad as this.

  60. John says:

    At the end of the day, how long have you been here? A bit rash to jump into conclusion? I hope you are here voluntarily? Yes the universe does not always revolve around you Mr. Expat!

  61. Anonymous says:

    @John, yes and the same goes for you “Mr John”, and this sordid people. Don’t forget that there are a multitude of your people living in our countries, and they enjoy a much more humane and decent treatment from us “expats” than we enjoy in your land. A bit harsh to jump into conclusion, Mr John? There are lots of expats here who are decent human beings and educated people and deserve to be treated with due respect like you are in our societies. The bottom line of all this frustration is that the horrible treatment we receive from you assholes isn’t by any standard compared with the treatment you receive in our societies. FACT!

  62. Anonymous says:

    Well put Anon!

    Remember though, it’s all chalked up to culture on their end. Go back to your own country we are told if we don’t like being treated like garbage. The people here (and in other countries) ought to learn the golden rule.

    Treat people the way you want to be treated!

    I will never understand why everyone is so selfish and bad to each other. At least not on the level it’s at in Hong Kong. It just doesn’t make sense. I don’t get it!

  63. The Capitalist says:

    Why is everyone so bad to one another in Hong Kong? My theory is this:

    1. China’s two thousand years of authoritarianism and oppression.

    Result: selfishness, dishonesty and cowardice. Reading a Chinese history textbook is like reading a horror novel.

    2. British’s laissez faire capitalism (aka survival of the fittest).

    Result: crony capitalism and dog-eat-dog.

    3. 1997 handover.

    Result: brain drain of the middle class, educated elite and ordinary decent people during the 80s and 90s. More than one million HKers have left since the 80s/90s. Guess who’s left: the crony capitalists and their slave.

    4. HK people ruling HK

    Result: “Hong Kong is a prison, and it is run by inmates.”

    Good luck.

  64. The Capitalist says:

    Just a few more thoughts.

    5. China’s moral crisis

    People in China are politically, legally and morally corrupt as a result of two thousand years of authoritarianism and, more recently, the Cultural Revolution. Communist Party’s adoption of capitalism and industralisation after the Cultural Revolution but without the requisite intellectual, political and social reform a la Meiji Restoration has added salt to the injury. This virus of amorality (or immorality) is spreading to Hong Kong via the media and daily contact and exchange of the people.

    6. HK’s self imposed one child policy

    Because of dog-eat-dog working and social environment, long working hours and coffin-styled apartments, Hong Kong has the lowest birth rate in the world. Even if a couple chooses to have children, they will only have one child, whom will be raised by the domestic helper. Everyone in the family will treat the child like an emperor. The end result: spoilt brat everywhere.

    7. HK’s education system

    Money is the only thing people care about here (mostly because of crony capitalism and British’s laissez faire policy). Students, teachers, parents and employers do not care about literature, history, philosophy or the arts. The end result: a city without soul.

  65. Anonymous says:

    @The Capitalist, your reflexions could not be more precise. The only thing one can take from this hell on earth, learn from your mistakes (or wishful thinking) when making the decision to give it a try in this zoo, get the hell out and be very cautious with the Chinese people in general wherever you are.

    And enjoy freedom once out of here.

  66. The Capitalist says:

    One last note:

    8. Hong Kong is an asylum

    Hong Kong has always served as a place of asylum for the people of China to escape to. For much of the 150 years of colonial rule, from the Taipin Rebellion to the Cultural Revolution, Hong Kong was simply a temporary shelter for hiding, which explains why it has highest population density in the world. (You would want to get the hell out of here asap.) People who came here had experienced unimaginable horrors, which make George Orwell’s 1984 or the Walking Dead seems like just another day in the office. The people who setup this asylum had already left and the people still living in it would run it for 50 years. (Did you say psychopaths running an asylum?) At the end of the 50 years, the country which you are trying to escape from and turns you into psychopath will run the asylum for you. Feeling a little despair?

  67. Anonymous says:

    Mao Tse-tung made Hitler and Stalin look like nice guys. Talking about psychopathic behaviour, let’s see a few symptoms here:

    1. Unreliability, disregard for obligations, no sense of responsibility, in matters of little and great import.
    2. Untruthfulness and insincerity.
    3. Inadequately motivated antisocial behavior.
    4. Pathological egocentricity. Total self-centeredness and an incapacity for attachment.
    5. General poverty of deep and lasting emotions.
    6. Lack of any true insight; inability to see oneself as others do.
    7. Ingratitude for any special considerations, kindness and trust.
    8. Objectionable behavior. Vulgarity, rudeness, quick mood shifts.
    9. POOR BEHAVIORAL CONTROLS: expressions of irritability, annoyance, impatience, threats, aggression and verbal abuse; inadequate control of anger and temper; acting hastily.

    Any resemblances to what we have read here?

    Now, with regards to the last note from The Capitalist, every dynasty in China had their modus operandi for executions of people deemed as a threat to the regime. Just for a taster: one of the methods comprised of slicing the person until he/she was pronounced dead. According to the guidelines it would take about 300 slices all over the body for the individual to die. Another was to cut the person in half through the abdomen. Now let’s compare with the guillotine, which was widely used in Europe, which method could be said more humane? Enough said. Horror is a mild word to describe what has been going on in China for the past 2000 years.

  68. Local Psycho says:

    In 2010 the Hospital Authority said there were an estimate of 1 to 1.7 million people with mental disorders in Hong Kong. (Expats here might think that the real number should be far higher.) I heard on TV a few months ago that a potentially mentally ill person need to wait on average 3 years (yes, THREE years) before he or she will be seen by a doctor in a public hospital, UNLESS of course you threaten to kill yourself, in which case they will let you jump the queue.

    The trouble with these psychos is that they have the highest IQ in the world. (Hong Kong often comes out on top in most IQ tests in the last 10 to 20 years.) And they know (or think) they are the smartest people in the world.

    Worst of all, in order to save face, they look perfectly normal from the outside!!

  69. Anonymous says:

    Why were the last two comments about sociopaths removed from this post, Dudley?

    The link provided was a damn good read!

  70. It was spam. Hawking of websites. We won’t tolerate outrageous hawking website theories here.

  71. Anonymous says:

    Wow! No theories there at all man. A lot of people in this city fit the description of a sociopath or psychopath. They possess many of the qualities, I shit you not. You should have just left it. I mean who really cares anyway.

  72. I don’t like people hawking their shit. If the person had have made more effort to engage in the topic regarding hk it may have seemed less like hawking so fuck em

  73. Dr Never Wong says:

    signs and symptoms of psychopaths and how to deal with them..


  74. Always Wright says:

    Let’s look at some of the signs and symptoms for Hong Kong:

    1. Charismatic

    Dudley talks about HK’s love of superficiality at length already. I will say no more.

    2. SMART

    No one can deny people here have the highest IQ in the world.

    3. No feelings

    Again, Dudley talks about apathy and callousness here already.

    4. Impulsive

    Ever wonder why HK is an international financial centre? It’s really simple. People here love gambling in the stock markets, especially via the derivative market. This quick-buck mentality is what HK is all about.

    5. Winners

    Why do people here have to talk and walk so fast? Why do we have to be number one in everything? Because we are psychopaths!!

    6. Never Wrong

    Why do people here never apologise? Try living in a dog-eat-dog authoritarianism for 2000 years. Add another 27 years of Chairman Mao to that. Then you will know.

    If you show any sign of weakness, people will eat you alive (sometimes literally; for more details, just google cannibalism during the Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution.)

    Many of those who had witnessed or participated in cannibalism during the Great Chinese Famine and Cultural Revolution escaped to Hong Kong during the 1950s and 60s. The population of Hong Kong rose considerably during those two periods.

  75. Anonymous says:

    I have heard this bullshit that Hongkong people have the highest IQ in the world many times. I simply don’t get it. IQ stands for “intelligence quotient”, some of the dumbest idiots I have ever come across are in Hongkong. It just doesn’t add up. Either William Stern got his set of IQ tests completely wrong, or it is just yet another manipulation. In their vast majority Hongkongers cannot perform even the simplest tasks without being told exactly what and how to do it. Their language skills are appalling, their self-management control is at best ridiculous and their lack of critical thinking is blatant. What is this gross misinterpretation of intelligence quotient?

  76. Anon says:

    Having a high IQ just means just means someones good at performing iq tests.
    Ask them to do vary basic carpentry or basic mechanical tasks for instance, or grow their own fruit and veg, navigate around a city on foot or by vehicle and a lot of these “intelligent people just cant manage.

    I do wonder why when they cant use an umbrella without nearly blinding someone or a supermarket shopping trolly without colliding with someone they allow them to pilot planes and large ferries.

  77. thelowgrid1 says:

    Dudley, I urgently need to PM you. How can I contact you? Please, it is quite urgent. It is about some comments.

  78. Anon says:

    ‘Please, it is quite urgent. It is about some comments.’
    Yeah right…

  79. thelowgrid1 says:

    Look anon, keep your sarcasm to yourself and mind your own business. Dudley, I am serious. I posted a few things when I reached rock bottom and said more than I should. It could potentially compromise my personal life. I want to delete those posts but I cannot do it myself, only you. Please let me explain it to you in a PM.

  80. Anonymous says:

    Right! Let me just say this, shame on you all!!! Western and Chinese alike. Hong Kong epitomizes all that is bad, revolting, evil and despicable in this world. The reasons for that I do not give a shit. All I know is that I have been through unimaginable personal, moral, spiritual and psychological pain over here. NOTHING could have prepared me for what I would have encounter here. Drifting from total loss of faith in human kind to almost losing my sanity. Immorality here is a cultural trait which is celebrated in every filthy corner, every greasy pavement, every pathetic trail or beach, every road, every bar, every whore house and every self-proclaimed respectable family. Everyone turns into a faceless zombie trailing those fetid streets, Western and Chinese alike. Charlatanism, corruption, arrogance, cowardice, despise, defiance, apathy, opportunism, exploitation, machiavellianism, imprudence, mistrust, misjudgment are only a few adjectives which can describe the rainbow of disarray which this place is. Those adjectives serve for both Chinese and non-Chinese (Westerns included) because this place ONLY brings the worst in people. How can such a shitty little pinhole in the map bring so much shambles together I leave it to the troubadour to describe. I just hope that the gates of hell open its wrath in the form of natural disaster to sweep this place back into hell, where it belongs, and it stays there with all its riches choking up on whatever piles of money they have in their freaking bank accounts. I am done with this blog and I am definitely done with Hong Kong. You can all go to hell!

  81. Anonymous says:

    So you finally fucked off and left? You won’t be missed. What a prick.

  82. Anonymous says:

    Your last point about people not moving. Go to NYC and you’ll get the same thing. If a big black guy doesn’t move, are you going to cry about it on a blog? No, because you’re a pussy. You are just angry because the yellow man doesn’t give you the respect you think you are due. Go fuck yourself gweilo loser.

  83. Steve says:

    Now listen here anonymous you little pipsqueak – Dudley serves the community with aplomb and a certain, how do the French say….je ne sais quoi!? You can take your ‘pussy’, ‘big black guys’, ‘yellow men’ and other generally racist bullshit comments out of here. Your slanted views aren’t welcome.

  84. Anonymous says:

    What community is that then. A minority of whiny stupid foreigners who are pissed off that HK isn’t like whatever shithole they came from. Angry because they feel threatened by the sheer mass of Chinese people who they will never understand. A bunch of fucking losers basically.

    As for racism, that’s the reason most of you are here in managerial roles, teaching English, etc. Dumb misconceptions about the abilities of westerners.

  85. Vachina says:

    I understand it’s difficult. Perhaps you could try standing a little closer. If that doesn’t work maybe wait for a cubicle to become free and sit down instead. Hope this helps and good luck!

  86. wtf says:

    Ah the vicious lashing out we have come to expect from little Hong Kong bitches forced to live with their parents and geriatric grandparents in tiny polluted shitholes. This isn’t about your race you peon. It’s about the worst of the worst in terms of ‘humanity’. Where can we find the worst of the worst? In Hong Kong. A city sold to England by shallow brained money hungry losers for a pittance. Sold out by your own, anonymous. Sold like a whore. I’d be a twisted, brain fucked angry little man too if I was you. But I’m not. We came to take the wealth out of your shithole harbour over a hundred years ago and I’m still here doing it now. Racism = managerial roles and teaching English?? Wtf does that even mean? Shut up and get raped you little worm. Cough up your wealth to the west like you’ve been doing for decades.

  87. Gweilos suck says:

    First let me get a handle here.
    It is obviously important you that you think I’m a local. Well too fucking bad! I’m pure Caucasian, born in the west. I’ve lived in the U.S., Canada, U.K and Australia. There is idiocy everywhere, but I believe there is less in HK on the whole. Mind you, I came here with an open mind and a bit of humility. Perhaps you should all do the same.

    By the way, interesting that you make fun of hkers living with their grandparents. They make fun of you guys for putting yours in old peoples homes. Now who is more civilized.

  88. Steve says:

    It’s not important anonymous. Your defense of the city is important though and probably means you went full retard and married a local. It’s lovely that you arrived open minded and with traces of humility. To assume you are special or unique in that regard seems strange. HK is a blunt, shallow, soulless city. It’s almost pure dystopia from the horrendous pollution to the racist brain washing of children. This blog has hit a very raw nerve with you and I think that raw nerve’s maiden name was Chan or Wong or Cheung or Leung or something. Good luck anonymous. Try to calm down. Don’t take things so personal.

  89. Gweilos suck says:

    Any city is soulless and shallow when you’re an outsider. As for racist brain washing… hmmm. You are generally despised though, you got that part right. By the way I’m a gay man, currently single if you care. Enjoy your time here!

  90. Steve says:

    I don’t think any city is soulless and shallow when you’re an outsider. From your perspective, maybe. Yes, racist brainwashing. There’s a post somewhere on this blog highlighting racist textbooks. You can peruse at your leisure or read more here:

    Gay huh? Well that could explain the overly ‘dramatic’ nature of your lashing out. I’m kidding! Don’t fly off the rails! All the best to you, “Gweilos suck”. Bye

  91. Gweilos suck says:

    I “perused” that some time ago. Yes it’s fucking shocking and clear evidence of widespread brainwashing. That must be why those damn locals don’t show us any respect.

  92. Steve says:

    Oh you want to keep going, “Gweilos suck”? I’d say it’s also symptomatic of a lack of respect for not only ‘us’ but for all other races.

  93. Gweilos suck says:

    So this blog is really about how HK Chinese suck.Specifically the Chinese population of HK. Can someone ask the owner to change the name to “I hate HK Chinese people”?.

    If it sounds, like, racist or something, don’t worry. I’ll balance this out by making a blog about how HK white people really suck. I can cover LKF drunkeness and get take pics of drunken fat men with filipinas. Bemoan how they treat their servants/drivers and try to live like they never left home.

    Fuck that, why not a blog about white population of, say, England, sucks. We can start off with how they are alcoholic, obese, undereducated and violent. They bring up their kids to be lazy, promiscuous, disrespectful and stupid. We can get specific in posts about, say, downtown Cardiff on a Friday night, or old people left to rot in old people’s homes, or minorities getting bullied at school and work. Yes, that would be a fine blog.

  94. Anonymous says:

    To Anonymous on October 5, 2015 at 2:21 pm
    “So you finally fucked off and left? You won’t be missed. What a prick.”

    If I fucked off or not isn’t any of your fucking business, you shithead.

    Now, I will just say this to all others. It isn’t about trying to “earn” respect, it is about a fundamental practice of respecting people for what they ARE and not for what they look. Some of my most dear and respected friends are African blacks and Middle Eastern Muslim. Why? Because they know and respect the concept of “give and take”, and that goes for everything!!! Give you the respect of being who you are, despite the colour of your hair, eyes and skin. That os something which simply does not exist in HK, mostly from the locals. They will promptly judge you by your eye, hair and skin colour. THAT IS RACISM you twats! I can count in the fingers of one hand the people in HK who will respect other people for what they ARE and not for what they look. This kind of sordid racism can fuck with your life really badly. So grow the fuck up and open your eyes, if you can, rather than spend your days in HK on fucking boat trips or getting drunk around the mid-levels. Most gweilos actually deserve the racist “moniker” they have here.

  95. Gweilos suck says:

    ” Some of my most dear and respected friends are African blacks and Middle Eastern Muslim”


  96. Anonymous says:


  97. Anon says:

    Klaatu Barada Nikto

  98. vachina says:

    @Gweilosick – Odd that you claim to be Western. From your futile rage, mean-spiritedness and use of possessive pronouns I had you down as just another Honker sent westwards to be educated beyond his intellect. I don’t doubt you’re single though. Or gay.

  99. Mattstar says:

    Gweio’s suck is gay? I guess his name is therefore liked to fantasia he has about gweilos? I agree he is a fuck-wit who has little experience of life, culture and could not absorb the expensive education he was given do to his shit-for-brains.

  100. Gweilos suck says:

    Hey Vachina, takes one to know one right. Although what the fuck is a possessive pronoun? Maybe you learned English from a textbook, not me.

    Mattstar, don’t understand what you’re saying sorry. Fuck off back to Australia and start learning how to cover your tracks on the web.

  101. mattstar says:

    Mattstar here…What I am saying is that you are gay and like Gweilos right?…just guessing? Also, why do i need to cover my tracks…finally…I am from HK…surprise…and fuck you, I am 3 rd generation…and what a shithole the place is!! I have been to Australia twice…a lovely place. You are shit-for-brains, with no experience of the world or life…you are a pampered HK weakling…fuck off back to your Mum and die.

  102. Anon says:

    Gweilos Suck “old people left to rot in old people’s homes.”

    You are in no position to lecture people on this when old people in Hong Kong are kept in cages

    “minorities getting bullied at school and work”.

    Again pot calling the kettle black (no pun intended) This happens in all schools throughout the world. Western society doesn’t have a monopoly on cruel kids.

  103. Gweilos suck says:

    I see you cherry picked a couple of things and didn’t even rebut them very well. Of course these things exist everywhere, but it’s the quantity that matters. The amount of elderly living with family in HK is much higher than in the west. The kind of systemic ingrained racism in countries like Australia that keeps minorities down at every stage of the life has nothing comparable in HK. Don’t be a pussy and ask for evidence, I know I’m right and if you think I’m wrong, you prove it.

    A few more topics to cover:
    Bland unhealthy food
    Teenage pregnancies
    Multi-generational welfare dependency

  104. Anonymous says:

    Gweilos suck, you are dwelling on complete false allegations. You suck!

    Elderly homes are all over Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories. There are virtually hundreds of them, some of which are well hiden in decrepit housing estates. I have seen many myself and been to some doing voluntary work. You are WAY of the mark on this one.

    Unhealthy food (fast food) are all over the world for the take. It is YOUR choice because they are a filthy business just Cafe de Coral, Yoshinoya and some others which sells just the same filthy garbage. Some of which even used the so called gutter oil. You are an absolute ass. I actually would trust MacDonalds more than fucking Cafe de Coral for your info. MacDonalds sells more crap here in HK than in the USA itself, dumbass.

    Teenage pregnancy and paedophilia ALSO exist in Hong Kong. I myself have witnessed children victims of sexual abuse by PARENTS in Hong Kong and China. It is just concealled from the public. Also aplies for teenage pregnancy which is simply resolved with a swift abortion. Hardly nobody gets to know the figures in HK and China because it is all readily concealled. You are an obnoxious, ignorant and blatantly cynical asshole. Shut your damn mouth before pointing your finger at others, you dissimulated, insidious creature.

  105. Anonymous says:

    And of course there is no dependency on welfare in HK because simply there’s none. Here is the law of dog-eat-dog and if you don’t scrounge your way through somehow you’re simply left to die. Reason why this place is a paradise for parasites.

  106. vachina says:

    @gweilord suck – Is it racist that after Honkers turn 30 I can’t tell the difference between the men and the women?

  107. Gweilos suck says:

    Vachina, not really, just means you’re retarded.

    Anonymous, whoever the fuck you are, my point about QUANTITY obviously went over your head. Anyway you’re just pulling “facts” out of your ass.

  108. Anon says:

    The point about quantity didn’t go over my head it just isn’t relevant. More doesn’t mean better or worse. Its quality that counts.

    If it did it would mean white skin was more attractive because more Hong Kong women buy skin whitening products than those that buy tanning lotion.

    You shit stabbing cretin

  109. Anonymous says:

    Gweilos suck, and you pull ‘facts’ out of your shithead which basically made of the same matter that comes out of my asshole. And that is the difference between the 2 of us.

  110. Anonymous says:

    I’ll say it again (this time with the correct grammar)

    Gweilos suck, and you pull ‘facts’ out of your shithead which IS basically made of the same matter that comes out of my asshole. And that is the difference between the 2 of us.

    Whoever the fuck you are… 😉

  111. Anonymous says:

    Whoa I have to give my 2 pennies here. So “Gweilos suck”, you’ve been to Cardiff eh? And you’re a puff… hmmmm… I’m from Cardiff myself. Dunno if you really were in downtown Cardiff, but if you were I hope you didn’t stare at my mates like your fellow shit do down here, or else you’d receive a good ole British violence on your ass to teach you some fucking manners. You have a big mouth eh! you must be a hybrid of gweilo, chink, nigga and stinky indian coz your fellas are too dumbfuck or coward to be a big mouth like you. whatever baby, since you’re a puff stick some ice cubes up your ass to cool your head off.

  112. Gweilos suck says:

    Yeah baby, now that’s what this site is all about! Keep it up, the punters here love that kind of talk.

  113. Anonymous says:

    Yeah baby, look at your moniker you racist bitch.

  114. Gweilos suck says:

    I’m sorry, does the word gweilo offend, you shit eating white trash cracker inbred? The problem is, like most things in hk, you don’t have a fucking clue what it means.

  115. Mattstar says:

    Vachina…your posts are hilarious! Laughed out loud to some. Nice work!!

  116. Bird in a Cage says:

    In 2010, Reuters reported that there are more than 100,000 people living in cages in Hong Kong..

    I would not be surprised if the numbers are now near 200,000.

  117. Anonymous says:

    Yap yap yap yap yap yap… the thunder cunt strikes again. I love “shit eating white trash cracker inbred”. That’s so fucking gay. Don’t swear so much darling, your crackhole might get loose.

  118. vachina says:

    Cool thanks 🙂 it’s very important to me that I am liked by the people here.

  119. says:

    Is that a fucking smiley?

  120. Why so serious? says:

    America is the best.

  121. Gweilos suck says:

    No England is the best…

  122. HK Mall Island says:

    News headline – Gweilo suck is actually straight Chinese man pretending to be a gweilo. They’re just too thick to defend themselves when it comes to their city they pretend they’re Gweilos. Saying HK is the best is being a big fucking moron, but then if you’re actually GAYLO then I know why you’re here, a lot easier for a white fag to pick guys here isn’t it?

  123. Gweilos suck says:

    Looks like the blogger has turned comment moderation. What a fucking pussy.

  124. HK Mall Island says:

    Looks like Mr Faggaylo thought he would come here insulting people feeling special because he’s gay. This is a place to complain about HK not about you being in the closet and supposedly from the UKai. Fuck off priscilla!

  125. Gweilos Sux says:

    Actually I was just fucking with you homos, I’m not gay. But it makes you happy, you can continue to fantasize that I am! And no I’m from the UK, even though I have lived there so I know it’s a shit hole and the society is deeply fucked up.

    I mean take a look at this. How the fuck can anyone be proud to be from here.

  126. Gweilos Sux says:

    Correction, I’m NOT from the UK.

  127. vachina says:

    Did you pop over for one of our noses?

  128. Anonymous says:

    Vachina…your posts are hilarious! Laughed out loud to some. Nice work!!

  129. Anonymous says:

    Pathetic! This video is just about 2 drunken thugs in UK having a head to head. I have seen a lot worse than this in this shithole of yours. Craw back to your cave you fake gay pisshead.

  130. The Wonker says:

    In all seriousness, what should one do if one needs to live and work among these people:

    1. Keep your distance.

    2. Just play nice.

    3. Pretend there’s nothing wrong.

    4. All of the above.

    5. None of the above.

  131. Anonymous says:

    The Wonker, nice one. I tried 2 and 3 and it doesn’t work, especially playing nice. If you do that they will think you’re a mug and shit all over you. I am now on 1, which is the only way to somehow keep your sanity. More suggestions will be appreciated. Probably the best really would be to get the hell out, no matter at what cost…

  132. Anonymous says:

    Options 4 and 5 basically mean you’re about to turn into a crackpot yourself.

  133. The Wanker says:

    To The Wonker, here’re some tips:

    – Bite your tongue
    – Learn the rules
    – Don’t trust anyone
    – Hide your emotions
    – Make use of your cellmates
    – Choose your words carefully
    – Always be polite and respectful to guards and other prison employees
    – Don’t stare at the other prisoners
    – Don’t be a snitch
    – Don’t ask the staff to solve your problems
    – Don’t join a prison gang
    – Show allegiance to your race
    – Seek out people from your hometown
    – Respect the personal space of the other prisoners and don’t let them invade yours
    – Get used to the new rules

  134. M Johnson says:

    What seems to be happening with the OP and some commentators on this blog is this.

    Expats often arrive in HK with some misconceptions. They might expect the locals to be meek and polite like the asians they knew back in the home country. Maybe they heard stories about the colonial days from some relative. Or maybe they think they will keep the same social status they had at home.

    But when they arrive, they get shouted at by bus drivers, ignored by taxis, ripped of by merchants and worn down by toxic office politics. None of the western social vocabulary works here. Being an alpha male just makes you even more of a freak. Being friendly doesn’t work because there’s a massive language gap and most locals hate speaking English. Viewed from a western eye, many local habits are crass and offensive. Plus locals have their own big misconceptions about foreigners – like we all drink beer, we smell, and the woman are easy.

    “Respect” is a big part of western culture. Locals give expats no respect. Without knowing the language there is little an expat can do to fix this.

    The natural response here is to defuse the enemy. If someone is worthless, you don’t need their respect. The more sure you are that you’re better than them, the better you feel. So you need proof.

    And that’s the point of this blog – to validate this kind of expat vision of locals as comical lowlifes, to search for any signs of stupidity, social oddities, or strangeness in the western eye, and hold up these signs as golden proof. The signs are stripped of context, twisted and embellished, and artfully presented. Like religious zealots, the congregation eagerly awaits and feasts on these signs.

    Hong Kong has many problems. But to extrapolate like this blog tries to do is very childish.

  135. Mattstar says:

    M Johnson what a boring person you are. Humourless. Please fuck off and support insomniacs somewhere else. BTW…totally disagree with your nonsenzzzzzz

  136. Mattstar says:

    In art gallery today with my kids;

    Sales person: ‘Where are you from?’

    Me ‘Hong Kong’

    Sales person ‘ha ha ha ha ha’

    2 mins later

    Sales person ‘But what about your home country’?’

    Me ‘Hong Kong’

    Sales person ‘and what about your beautiful kids?’… said whilst trying to touch their ‘Gold’ hair for luck

    Me…getting the fuck out of the place before my kids get anymore confused by this drip drip shit for brains racist fuckwittery

  137. I think M Johnson’s pretty much bang on. It is childish…but so is popping bubble wrap or laughing when you see someone get hit in the nuts with a billiard ball.

    It’s not MENSA

  138. Anonymous says:

    M Johnson has some valid points, although the interesting overture ended with a patronizing anti-climax.

    The most telling problem here is indeed the language barrier, but the racist fuckwittery (like the accurate description given by Mattstar) here can drive even the most patient human being on the planet up the walls.

    Of course this blog is childish, and that is what makes it hilarious to read and to associate with the sheer fuckwittery that goes around this place on a massive scale.

    The problem with Hong Kong and its inhabitants isn’t the associated problems that come with a city like this, it’s the colossal disproportion and scale of it all.

    Like being ABC is cool, you see all those Sino Americans playing cool (comically grotesque), but they won’t throw shit and vulgar racist innuendos at you, after all they are part of it all now, Uncle Sam’s family, aren’t they? Being white here will only play against you in the eyes of the locals. Never mind if are born here… you’re not Chinese and full stop. You may consider yourself a Hongkonger, but do they (Chinese)? I have met Westerners who can speak Cantonese like a native Hongkonger, but they still are frowned upon by the locals. Will it change? Doesn’t look like it ever will.

  139. HK Mall Island says:

    You see now this Gweilo sucks saying he’s not gay or from the UK after we call him out. Just show he’s one of these shithead from HK.
    Like you know saying the UK is a shit hole and not safe. I lived in Northern England and never had any problem. I ve seen a lot of shit hole in the UK but that’s part of the country.
    HK is full of coward and racist cunts everywhere who are only attracted by money. I keep hearing them at work all the time, oh but when i go to flance – i got my camela storen by thief, vely dangelous. No it’s because you’re a fucking faggot, thief dont target male in their 20s or 30s as they know if you catch them you will kick the shit of them. Except for Chinese cause they’re pussy and cant see shit, so easy to rob. Like Gweilo suck, City of victims who can’t even fend for themselves. Only protest for a few months and no action taken, you’re fucked, that’s why you’re bitter, I can leave when I want. But not until I took as much money I can take from this wasteland.

  140. Anonymous says:

    Well said HK Mall Island. Thieves and pick-pockets in Europe are very aware of the Chinese show off mentality. Those cunts are so damn fucking stupid that they will carry bandles of hard cash, expensive cameras, etc. just to show off in Europe, and the thieves know it all too well. Then they come back to their craphole with their “horror” stories about how dangerous UK, France, etc. is. Oh yeah, Hong Kong is a very safe place… fuck you Chinese cunts with your fucking lies about this shit you call Hong Kong. The violence here is far, FAR worse than a few thugs and pick-pockets, as you try to portrait as the lowest, most shameful race from the most backwards, uncivilized countries on the planet. Only Hong Kong is safe and civilized, right? You will see how safe this place will be in a few years down the line, when mother China will send you all to rot in a dumpsite in the middle of nowhere in the mainland and replace you all with even more fucked up, overnight riches, from your mother land. Then they will call and say, and I quote from a fucking Hong Kong politician, “Hong Kong will become the Switzerland of Asia”. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… DREAM ON FUCKHEADS!

  141. Gweilos Suck says:

    Are you guys here teaching English?

  142. Anonymous says:

    Yes. Kindly leave and participate in sexual intercourse with thyself. Good day, sir. I Said Good Day!

  143. Anonymous says:

    Or perhaps Shakespeare can make you understand:

    “Vile worm, thou wast o’erlook’d even in thy birth.”

    The Merry Wives of Windsor.

    Hi yiaaaaaaaa

  144. Gweilos Suck says:

    How do you like it? How’s the pay?

  145. cai my breast says:

    Sleep dwell in thine eyes, peace in thy breast.

  146. Anonymous says:

    Gweilos Suck, let me leave you with Shakespeare again:

    SONNET 66

    “Tir’d with all these, for restful death I cry,
    As, to behold desert a beggar born,
    And needy nothing trimm’d in jollity,
    And purest faith unhappily forsworn,
    And guilded honour shamefully misplaced,
    And maiden virtue rudely strumpeted,
    And right perfection wrongfully disgraced,
    And strength by limping sway disabled,
    And art made tongue-tied by authority,
    And folly (doctor-like) controlling skill,
    And simple truth miscall’d simplicity,
    And captive good attending captain ill:
    Tired with all these, from these would I be gone,
    Save that, to die, I leave my love alone.”

    This is for you and your progeny to think about when your motherland decides to relocate you to a landfill in the mainland. Either you stuff your ass with money or your destiny might be somewhere very remote in the mainland. Perhaps it might not be so much gloom and doom, perhaps your destination will be Tianducheng in the Zhejiang district. A ghost town which hasn’t had the time to develop ghosts just yet (no gweilos just yet!). In a few years, this now-quiet development could very well be chock full of Chinese residents ready to begin their European-style lives. It seems the perfect place for you Hongkongers to take all your virtues, all your righteousness and arrogance and live happily in your very own Belle Paris, all for yourselves. La Belle Paris without the all so horrible, decadent, violent and perverted gweilos near you. Nowhere in sight, for you to boast that you’re Hongokongers, and as good Hongkongers everything you do is practical, good, honest, virtuous and decent. And I suggest you take this gift from your motherland graciously and be thankful for that, because after all your motherland doesn’t see you with good eyes just yet. They still think you’re running dogs of the British and they might spank your bottoms for being so disobedient (no umbrella will save your bottoms by then). They might also not grant you with your own Belle Paris and send you to Kangbashi, but you still will be able to retain your Hongkong lifestyle of high risers, greasy pavements, etc. But imagine the paradise, no gweilos in sight! What a bliss.

    Good luck.

  147. Gweilos Suck says:

    Yawn, I’m not from HK. What are high risers?

  148. HK Mall Island says:

    Gaylo sucks, now you’re not from HK or anywhere, don’t even know where it is. Trying to save face you fucking punk? Why do you think we all teach English you fucktards, You guys are so retarded to come with anything that you hire so many gweilos to do the job for you. Most of the big infrastructure you see there are from European companies, your cars? Japanese, your education? Send the kids to Europe and US, raising your kids? get a filipina maid or indonesian as we tool lazy to do any wollllk la. The only thing that HK could be proud of is being removed by real estate tycoons, you have nothing, NOTHING that you created in this place. Except greed and fucking arrogant culture. You think you’re better than mainland China, but you’re the same, except you pretend you’re different. What’s the next step for you gaylo sucks? I not flom this pranet, why bother me la

  149. Anonymous says:

    High risers, or high-rise buildings, are those fucking piles of junk you see spread all over this shithole. Hongkongers are ever so proud of living in coffin-styled boxes inside those. And even more proud of being absolute assholes and not respecting other souls who happen to live in the same pile of junk.

  150. Anonymous says:

    It’s “high-rises” or more accurately “high-rise buildings”.

  151. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the correction anon. Excuse my bad habits of language, it often occurs when I am deeply annoyed with twats like Gweilos suck. Done the corretion myself in the previous post.

  152. Anonymous says:

    You’re welcome. But I see you are still deeply annoyed.

  153. HK Mall Island says:

    where the hell is Gweilo sucks, probably queuing in one of this Open LICE restaulant. Waiting 50 minutes to get a tiny seat next to the toilet, so that he can enjoy getting great success of saving 2 HKD on the meal (special dealz omygod), for the amazing HK breakfast of Overcooked pasta with ham and a piece of sweet bread. For 35 dollah, velly good!

  154. Anonymous says:

    … and so spoke the fucktard PhD in English language… be it as anon. or as Gweilos suck or as fuckever. Keep it up sir, u really live up to the filthy, shit mentality of your people.

  155. Anonymous says:

    Still deeply annoyed.

  156. Anonymous says:

    @2:55 pm
    Full on racism… u sick little puppy

  157. Just Saying says:

    As ludicrous as it sounds, almost two decades after Hong Kong’s return to Chinese rule, local talent is often sidelined for high fliers from the West because “it’s good to have a white face”. I’m not kidding – this is a direct quote I’ve heard more than once.

  158. Mattstar says:

    Actually…not true. Don’t believe the scribe from SCMP (‘It’s in the paper,it must be true’). By and large, as a rule…HK Chinese name chap managers. They can perform some tasks well, especially if well directed, but is a crazy company that trusts it’s thinking or strategy to an HK Chinese. known fact. Sorry to say it. If brought up and educated in the West this can change, not always, but more often than not.

  159. Mattstar says:

    Name chap = make crap.

  160. Anon says:

    They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. They dislike westerners but aspire to a western lifestyle Some serious cognitive dissonance going on with these people. I mean come on, what would you think of someone western guy who took an interest in Chinese culture and history or some jerk who listened to K pop and practiced Chinese martial arts and then spent his time slagging the country off playing the victim all the time.

  161. Anonymous says:

    You mean like western guys who come to Hong Kong to make money then say how much they hate it here? Yeah cognitive dissonance alright.

  162. Anonymous says:

    It’s like the fuckehead said “@2:55 pm
    Full on racism… u sick little puppy”. They are the sick little puppies because they just aspire to beat us at our own game, but they are too mentally retarded to even get close to it, so they choke up to racism when we call them idiots. It’s an absolute fucking nightmare to work and interact with those shitheads, they will work hours and hours doing fuck all and messing everything about because they’re not capable of thinking outside the box. If you need their support they will leave you in dire straights because they are not capable of even accomplishing simple tasks for a team to function, and when everything goes tits up because of their sheer incompetence they will blame x, y and z, but never themselves for the mess. If you try to give them insights of how to improve efficiency they will bow and smile at you, but then ignore you completely. You cannot have an honest and direct discussion with them because they will resent you for the rest of their lives. They are as shallow as the sewages on the outbacks of Africa. They resent the open mindedness of Western people and take insult at the slight criticism. They can only think in their little pool of genes and they will not concede to our philosophy, open mindedness and achievements. If you are so proud of your race why don’t you fuckheads stop consuming our stuff and start making your own things, because you’re not capable of making anything of real value, you can only make fakes and try to swindle the rest of the world with your shit. Grow the fuck up and stop playing the fucking victims.

  163. Anonymous says:

    Like you say you went to the United Kingdom to benefit from our education and say how much you hate it there. Hypocritical ass.

  164. Anonymous says:

    What else there is to be made here apart from money for us “gweilos”. We can’t make friends because you’re too fucking racist to accept us in your insidious culture. We can’t make life plans because you’re too fucking greedy and the only thing you see in us is our pockets. We can’t have the decency of having a little fucking peace on our daily lives because you’re too gross and, inconsiderate and uneducated. We can’t trust none of you. We can’t rely on public services to ease the burden of living in this nightmare. I am not going to spend $20,000,000 to buy a shitty shoebox, in a shitty neighbourhood, thank you very much. Take your truculent, immoral and aggressive approach, shove it up your ass, go to hell and leave us with our afflictions in peace. We don’t need a fucker playing “moderator” here because we are too fucking tired and exhausted of this whole fucking mess we put ourselves in. Please disappear you fucking worm!!!!!!!!!

  165. Gweilos suck says:

    Sure I’ll leave you to your little circlejerk, as soon as you realize that the locals don’t owe you anything, you are a guest in this country, and the shit on this site is little better than stormfront.

  166. Anon says:

    Anonymous at 8.37pm my point entirely. A westerner can marry a local in HK and still can’t get accepted by her family.. Turn that scenario around and a HK/Chinese girl marrying a westerner gets the full on family member treatment in his country whether its just a short visit or to live for good. I cant say if its the same for western women marrying HK guys because It doesnt happen as often (I mean, who the fuck would?)

    Most westerners in HK gravitate towards golddiggers bay, I mean Discovery Bay, despite the high property prices because having tried to be accepted by locals elsewhere they have to give up and move there for their own sanity.

    Strange isnt it though on how during weekends and public holidays locals and mainlanders go there in their droves. To see whats become the most westernised part of Hong Kong. Walking around, staring like guppy fish at feeding times. Seeing westerners living life how its meant to be lived. With a semblance of good manners and decency to each other, dozens of different nationalities all getting along. Kids taught in a way that teaches them to think critically.

    You cant win though, move there (or any other western enclave) and its “You no want integrate la” and “You all take”

  167. Mattstar says:

    Gweilos suck….remember this;

    You WILL fail in life

    When you do, realise that you could have and should have learned from the tough but fair truths that people have been generous enough to give you on this wonderful blog.

    PS die screaming shit for brains maggot Ha Ha

  168. Anonymous says:

    “Gweilos suck says:
    October 10, 2015 at 9:16 pm
    Sure I’ll leave you to your little circlejerk, as soon as you realize that the locals don’t owe you anything, you are a guest in this country, and the shit on this site is little better than stormfront.”

    I/we never asked anything from the locals. Most of us who posted on this blog are expats who for one reason or another came to this place to only find the “stormfront” upon us with the force of a typhoon 10. Little did I know when I came here… that I was going to be treated like garbage… for what, I ask of you asshole??? I haven’t even settled yet and I was getting all sorts of shit from the locals. Give me a fucking good reason other than my blond hair and my green eyes!!!!! It’s been years now and it is only getting worse. I found this blog by accident because I was searching on the net (close to breaking point) if it was happening only with me. If I was going insane, what the fuck was happening? What did I do apart from doing my job and deploying my Western face onto the filthy, smelly streets you yours. Why oh why did I have to hear fucking locals swearing at me in Cantonese in supermarkets, 7/11s and on the streets??? (I do understand some Cantonese FYI). I have only been minding my own business. Doing my fucking job, dealing with the most truculent and disgraceful people I have EVER encountered in my whole fucking life… WHY OH WHY????? The reasons I came here? Nobody’s business. But then I remembered that “Mr & Mrs Chan” were being treated with respect, making friends and enjoying a good life back in my own country. I thought to myself “Am I going crazy, or what the hell is wrong here?” This blog just describes some of many of your disgraceful manners and attitudes. It’s written in a very witty and clever way (although there’s a lot of swearing from Dudley, but I understand his reasons pretty well). There is absolutely nothing wrong with the content of this blog apart from describing (with absolute accuracy) what is to live here as a Westerner. He actually did not mention all the racial abuse we are subject to here. I have experienced a lot o racial abuse here (for no apparent reason) and I will never forgive the Chinese people for that.

  169. Anonymous says:

    “Gweilos suck says:
    October 10, 2015 at 9:16 pm
    Sure I’ll leave you to your little circlejerk, as soon as you realize that the locals don’t owe you anything, you are a guest in this country, and the shit on this site is little better than stormfront.”

    I’ll be sure to make sure you fucking racist Hongkongers understand pretty well that you a a “guest” in my own country.

  170. Gweilos suck says:

    Seems this can’t be said enough: if you don’t like it here, fucking leave already.

    That’s right, if you don’t like it, fuck off.

    This really is the ultimate answer to everything. Even if you’re born here.

    And as for Mr & Mrs Chan getting treated with respect in your home country, thanks for the laugh.

  171. Gweilos suck says:

    “Why oh why did I have to hear fucking locals swearing at me in Cantonese in supermarkets, 7/11s and on the streets??? (I do understand some Cantonese FYI).”

    What exactly is this swearing you “understood”? Was it the word gweilo? Perhaps you don’t know that it is like saying “white guy”. Not PC, but not a slur. “sai gweilo” is an insult.

    I’m 6’1, 210 lbs and stick out like a sore thumb everywhere I go. I never get sweared at unless I do something stupid like step on someone’s foot on the bus. Sure I get ignored by people who don’t want to talk English, and the occasional dumb comment, big deal I don’t cry about it. I’m the foreigner here and it’s sure a hell of a lot worse for foreigners in some western countries. E.g.

    In your case I can think of a few possibilities.
    1. You’re too sensitive
    2. You have a bad attitude and deserve abuse
    3. You don’t really understand Cantonese
    4. You’re lying/exaggerating

    And at the end of the day, the locals owe you nothing, not even your own foreign ideas about civility.

  172. Gweilos suck says:

    And if I stop posting here, it’s either because admin has finally succeeded in blocking me (what are you scared of, Dudley?), or I just got bored of talking to little children.

  173. Posters get flagged when they try to post 3 or more links in a comment Mr Suck. You did that a while ago and WordPress must have flagged subsequent attempts by you to post. I’ve been doing my best to rescue you from the spam bin but you post so much it’s a bit of a chore. Ease up on the links and you’ll be right old son. Thanks for dropping by.

  174. Suck Gweilos says:

    can someone do a post on marrying a local? thanks..

  175. Anonymous says:

    Gweilos suck, you know fuck all about the life of others. Whatever your reasons to deny everything people say here is your own business, but jumping to conclusions that so and so has a bad attitude therefore he/she deserves abuse. or whether he/she is lying or they really don’t understand Cantonese is truculent, abusive and at best hypocritical. Where you’re coming from with all your abuse I don’t know and I don’t care, but you really are an unbelievable asshole.

  176. Anonymous says:

    @Gweilos suck 鬼拍後尾枕

  177. Gweilos suck says:

    Truculent again? Cmon, get a handle.

  178. Anonymous says:

    Correction, “get a handle on”. Youre making history here dude. Interesting read.

  179. Gweilos suck says:

    Handle = user name, so I know who I’m responding to.

  180. Anonymous says:

    You do..

  181. Anonymous says:


  182. CY Leung says:

    to Mattstar at “October 10, 2015 at 5:21 pm”

    “Actually…not true. Don’t believe the scribe from SCMP (‘It’s in the paper,it must be true’). By and large, as a rule…HK Chinese make crap managers. They can perform some tasks well, especially if well directed, but is a crazy company that trusts it’s thinking or strategy to an HK Chinese. known fact. Sorry to say it. If brought up and educated in the West this can change, not always, but more often than not.”

    I think the above pretty much sums up why HK is in such a mess right now. HK people ruling HK.

  183. Anonymous says:

    I think this might be of interest to some. Read also the comments (some are actually shocking).

  184. Social Welfare Department says:

    It seems the Hong Kong government realises Hong Kong Sucks for a lot of people.

    But the message from the government is clear: “Don’t kill yourself. We don’t have the resources to take care of your kid.”

    If you don’t have a kid, that’s for another video.

  185. Mattstar says:

    That Hong Wrong link from Anon above really does unmask the locals. Highlights the cowardice of ’em…none would say it to peoples faces.

    Missy Suck was probably on there before providing its tedium / laughed at hilarity on this!!

  186. Anonymous says:

    That was precisely my point, Mattstar. The git will probably rebut everything with his/her usual characteristic suckiness. They should erect a munument in Central “in memoriam of Gweilos suck”.

  187. Anonymous says:

    The pun on the above post was meant to read “mummynument”.

  188. fuck off loser says:

    i hate white people . Why Won’t they all Die? The world will be a more peaceful place without
    those low-class trash.

  189. Anonymous says:

    Ha! That should be left as a courtesy from the Chinese people for Gweilos suck to reply. “Out at full force”? Take that sucker. (If you really are what you claim to be). My answer to this little prick is KISS MY ASS. Our answer in the West will be “we’re waiting for you with arms open… and ready to fire”.

  190. Mattstar says:

    GOTCHA you and Miss Suck are the same sub human!!!…Miss Suck has added a name. You know how I know? You are a shit for brains not funny ANGRY freak.

    Do you want white dudes to die so that you penis is less tiny in global average??

  191. Mattstar says:

    Miss Suck’s threat to be ‘Out in full force’ still makes me laugh!

    Miss Suck is out in usual sad unfunny force under its new name of ‘fuck off loser’

  192. Gweilos suck says:

    I’m fuckin laughing here at how dumb you are. Every fucking assumption about me is totally wrong. Now wonder you are so pissed off, I would be too if I was retarded.

    I don’t agree that all white people should die, because I don’t want to die yet, but I won’t disagree to the suggestion that all white people like you should be sterilized.

  193. fuck off loser says:

    to mattstar
    lol white people all have soft dick ,can’t even tell it’s ‘hard’or not,can’t do much help for the global average,So please just die .i hate you guy so much,the world without you guys will be perfect.

    lol you can check my ip address to see if i am the guy you claim to be .Wait!!!!!!you can’t cause white people are so stupid ,they even own by the bastard obama ,happy sucking that big fat black cock, white trash.I hope you guys all die soon. 911 attacks one more time please.

  194. Anonymous says:

    That would great! Some of the tallest buildings now are in the United Arab Emirates and China (including ICC and IFC in this shithole). Bring on 9/11 then!

  195. Anonymous says:

    “Gweilos Suck on October 9, 2015 at 9:17 pm
    Are you guys here teaching English?”

    Hey Gweilos suck, I’m a black guy. I’m here teaching PE (penis enlargement). Tell your little prick friend “fuck off losers” that my students are kinda making progress with my techniques. They haven’t yet got their dicks to stretch beyond their pubic hairs, but they all got black dicks.

  196. Anon says:

    Fuck off loser isn’t the same guy as Gweilo Sucks. It’s his local husband.

    That’s why he hasn’t unleashed full force on the guy for making xenophobic comments about 9/11 and an earlier one on hating all white people.

    Come on man I thought you said there was a fine line regarding xenophobia? UNLEASH THE FORCE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Or does it only work one way?

  197. HK Mall Island says:

    I like how there is this Legend in HK that black and white people have soft dick. It’s just the Chinese guys trying to defend the fact they have a small dick. Look man, even soft it’s still a lot bigger than your tooth pick, that is why everytime I shagged locals they scream like it’s the first time they get shagged.
    I think the fact you guys have a small dick is the reason you’re that bitter. You’re so bitter you taste like pickled Marmitte in 1997 handover. Fucking losers. You’re all big mouth online but face to face are the biggest faggot I met. To the point where I wonder if most my coworkers are gays, oh no he not gay, he have girlfriend. Yeah right, nice cover so you can get flat fom famiry

  198. Gweilo suck says:

    @Anon on October 23, 2015 at 5:29 pm

    Yeah it’s one sided, kind of like slavery, colonialism and white privilege are one sided. Boo fucking hoo.

  199. Anon says:

    So no full force on your hubby for the xenophobic comments?

    Not just a little teensy weensy bit?

    This persona with a western post colonial guilt trip. The one that the voices in your head are telling you to adopt isn’t really working for you is it?

  200. fuck off loser says:

    to HK Mall Island
    lol white fucking dude just admit he has soft dick,can’t even imagine how you penetrate girl,man, just feel sorry for you , god bless you. Ha ha hope your white little BRO can get “hard” soon ,lol.

  201. fuck off loser says:

    to anon
    See ,that why i hate you fucking dirty white pig so much,always saying the gay thing. ERRRR………….you fucking white trash even approve gay marriage , betray your own religion
    ,you guys are fucking disgrace, deserve to go to hell, jesus will destroy you motherfucker gay shit.

  202. Gweilos suck says:

    Dear fuck off loser, some gweilos find your posts offensive. Please continue.

  203. Anon says:

    “Hmmm well goodness me what is the matter with you two today” (Said in a sotto voice with hands on my hips)

  204. Anonymous says:

    Offensive? Pathetic. Like your cunt faces. Two pathetic turds in one. Or one big turd split in two. Either way, it smells like shit.

  205. Anonymous says:

    I have been in this hole for 2 years and found the blog 2 weeks ago. First, Thank God…second…it is troll infested, the Missus Suck dude / tranny: please everyone stop giving the freaks like him oxygen, maybe they will then leave and hassle others. Don’t believe they wil ever join a I Love HK blog, cos freaks don’t do that.

    Second, time to add my thoughts to Last Thoughts: I came with an open mind…and hard cock…to HK. I found the local girls refreshing and new and, being lazy, succumbed to how easy it is fuck em. But their constant drive to stick theirs tongues up my ass / be fucked in their ass / swallow cum (usually after my thick duck had been in their ass and it was just too tight to cum)…I even had Chinese girls blowing bubbles / gargling with it!!

    Condoms…no, and the ones they had too small anyways.

    Bottom line, I ain’t kissing after THAT I never wanna date after that. Sluts wanting something…see below:

    So I ask myself, WTF…and here is my last thought on it before I escape this shithole in December (Yeah!!!) these sluts want, in no particular order:
    -A decent size cock…all have complimented me on my Western version
    -Someone with a brain they can talk too

    I am thinking that Chinese girls just CANNOT get this from a Chinese dude, the most a Chinese dude will have is 1/3

    The moment I knew I was done with it was when one yellow I had ass fucked, who had English name of Annie, told me her full name…Annie Ho!!!

    That and girls who keep cum on their face from white dudes thinking it lightens skin..WTF??!!

    That’s when I knew I was done with Chinky Anal ‘Ho’s…wanna get back to classy white girls, also cos they have much nicer ass cheeks and bigger tits…as well as some fucked variety in eyevand hair color!!!!!

    Anyways, that’s my last thought, Hope you brothers and sisters get out too. Can’t wait to a date girl from home once again… Adios x

  206. Anon says:

    Another thing the girls here appreciate is a guy with asense of humour. Asian guys can’t laugh at themselves only at other people.

    You are right about the trolls here. They are thriving on the attention they are getting here from western expats.

    A shame you found this blog so late in your time in HK. Have safe journey and all the best.

  207. Anonymous says:

    Excellent addition re sense of humour and lack thereof. Chinese are not funny…as proved by the trolls here…make me laugh fuck wit trolls!!

  208. Anonymous says:

    finally someone realized that HK is not a good place as Hker portrait…

  209. Anonymous says:

    Wow. Re the Chinese girls Anon it is so true. Lucky you for getting that in your rear view mirror. Congrats for getting out in December.

  210. Anonymous says:

    Another one breaks free. Good luck on your return to freedom anon. I’m counting the days for when my time will come at last. Thanks for the story Ho’s ass to mouth. Nice one.

  211. Gweilos suck says:

    “Another one breaks free” hahaha. You are free to go whenever you like, dipshits.

    Farewell, ass fucker, with your likely fictional tales. The others here will remember you, an alpha dog who passed through their little world and told wonderful stories of easy chicks which they could never find. Because the only easy girls for dumb gweilos are skanky lkf half bloods and flips in wanchai.

  212. Anonymous says:

    Finally Miss Suck outs itself as Chinese. What a pathetic little piece of pond life you are. And a racist hypocrite. Your full force is I guess wearing an ass plug after you been ass fucked? Sad little tiny friendless loser. BUT you do make me laugh, you think a story of local sluts is fictional and refuse to belive they can be ‘full blood’ racist turd…ha ha…you have no idea because no woman would go near you, loser. I think this is why you became tranvestite? Had your tiny tittle price shaved off? You are the shit stain on a cock that has just fucked a dirty butthole.

  213. Gweilos suck says:

    Nope, I’m white. What are you?

  214. Anonymous says:

    Hey Gweilos suck, what’s your deal? If you’re white by and large you also suck. Seriously dude, what’s your game… do you really think it’s all fabrication from angry “racist” westerners? You either must have a mansion on the peak and are completely oblivious to what goes on down there, or you owe to some triad guys and you’re trying to save grace by playing the prick/troll on this blog. What’s your game buddy? Are you really serious? or has your brain been turned into methane by the racial fuckwittery that goes on in HK….?

  215. Anonymous says:

    “Gweilos suck says:
    October 5, 2015 at 8:14 pm
    Any city is soulless and shallow when you’re an outsider. As for racist brain washing… hmmm. You are generally despised though, you got that part right. By the way I’m a gay man, currently single if you care. Enjoy your time here!”

    “fuck off loser says:
    October 25, 2015 at 5:57 am
    to anon
    See ,that why i hate you fucking dirty white pig so much,always saying the gay thing. ERRRR………….you fucking white trash even approve gay marriage , betray your own religion
    ,you guys are fucking disgrace, deserve to go to hell, jesus will destroy you motherfucker gay shit.”

    “Gweilos suck says:
    October 25, 2015 at 4:11 pm
    Dear fuck off loser, some gweilos find your posts offensive. Please continue.”

    You’re a colossal enema bag and should get skullfucked. Shut your cumdump.

  216. Anon says:

    Its a full moon. Expect more of this over the next 48 hours or so.
    Voices in his head will be telling him he’s a white guy 6 ft 1, 230 pounds, studied in some glorified UK polytechnic, lived in all these English speaking countries etc etc (probably had holidays there I’ll grant you).

    Instead of an Asian uphill gardener with a personality disorder he actually. A keyboard warrior living on cup noodles in his mum’s flat.

    Didn’t broaden your mind or pick up a western sense of humour did you though Mr Suck?
    You Aspergers ridden wankstain.

  217. Anonymous says:

    I think he meant write:
    ‘5 ft 1 and my cock sticks out like a tiny thumb’

    Wankstain! Love it! Suck certainly is.

  218. Gweilos suck says:

    @Anonymous October 27, 2015 at 11:38 pm

    So when I’m Chinese I’m a pathetic little piece of pond life, sad little tiny friendless loser, shit stain on a cock that has just fucked a dirty butthole, etc.

    Then when I’m white I’m just… by and large you also suck.

    The only difference here is the race you think I am. See that? You are a racist piece of shit. That’s my “game”, buddy, calling out worthless retrarded shit heads like you, who contribute nothing to the world but hate and sickness, so should just fuck off and die. Actually I hope you stick around in HK and have a miserable powerless life living with the people you hate.

    The rest of you losers, can’t be assed to reply to your childish shite, you are all probably the same person anyway.

  219. Anonymous says:

    Look you piece of shit (white, yellow, blue or black) read the blog and most of the posts. It’s about ATTITUDE not RACE. Most of the racist slurs were triggered by a bunch of sick fuckers such as yourself. Whether Chinese or otherwise, you are a sad, unhappy idiot who thrives on your own shit for a social life.

  220. fuck off loser says:

    to what ever Anonymous (you have too many here ,ha ha).
    Lol angry white trash , hey man just chill , don’t lose your fucking mind, cause you all have fucking soft dick how you can penetrate girl ?Ha ha just relax ……,don’t be mad and go kill yourself ,errrr………..ugly, smelly ,fat ,white fargot.
    By the way ,saying white girl being classy,lol ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?
    When i study in the states(california) , those girl here act like a fucking slut .

    I met a white girl here ,call Sandra Lawrence, she is the biggest slut i’ve never met in my entire life.Since we have been ‘dating'(just met her one or two days), she ask for sex almost fucking single day, she loves to role playing during Sex, like i tied her up and raped her.She love to suck my toes, lick my ass, put a vibrator in the ass while i ‘m fucking her pussy,always told me to cum inside that i don’t need to worry ,she had taken pills, SHE EVEN DRINK MY FUCKING PISS, she always yell”fuck me harder,baby fuck me harder”LIKE A FUCKING NOISY DIRTY PIG.She told me that she lost her virginity when she was FOURTEEN to a older man she met in the festival to get her SOME BOOZE(Lol,how classy is that .)she’s a complete idiot , always asking stupid question like ‘does china have Mcdonalds? ‘ha ha she even told me that all her white ex’bf have soft penis and launch faster than a rocket .I broke up with her after three months of dating ,date 5 more white girls (they all act the same ,being stupid and sluty,it makes me want to puke) Then i found out the truth that white girls are so easy .The trick is don’t be shy, be confidence ,make some stupid jokes(they laughed for everything), act like a gentleman or tell her you are a engineer or some shits ,you can take her to your home ,do whatever you want, they are so naive and stupid,many of them are gold diggers too. white girls are just like a fucking cheap whore , classy my ass.

    Like i said before ,if you don’t like here just fuck back your shitty country.GROW UP, be a man not a pussy .From my own experience, you white pig like a fucking toxic diseases,deserve to go to hell ,hope you all white trash get kill by ISIS soon.( lol not even troll,from the bottom of my heart,i just want you guys dead.)

  221. Anonymous says:

    God how awful… fuck that!

  222. Gweilos suck says:

    @10:33 am
    Like others, I see you’re still hedging your bets, vainly holding on to hope that I’m not white after all. The true hallmark of an outright racist. Cannot bear to see “one your own” break ranks because it fucks up your simpleton view of the world.

    What racist slurs did I “trigger” and how did I “trigger” them? You mean like this one: “the filthy, shit mentality of your people” which you wrote, right?

  223. Anonymous says:

    To F O loser above…this is hilarious! From what I can understand, which is approx 40%, you;
    -Have a thing for white girls and have a fantasy for Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Lawrence cos you see their movies
    -You went to the states and hired a Chinese prostitute to pretend to be them (and she got confused)

    The fact that you like being pissed on is disgusting. Pervert. But did make me laugh!

    Keep the unintentional humour coming tiny man.

    BTW, more sexual adventures await with Gweilos Suck’s…he claims to be a Gweilo…your fantasy..and he definitely Suck’s Chinese cock!

  224. Anon says:

    I didn’t even get past the first two lines of all that bollox from Mr Sucks husband. What a wasted education.

  225. Anon says:

    Mr Suck, your earlier comments about the “local sluts” etc say so much about you than anything you made up about yourself.

    You’ve never held a girls hand have you? Or shared a hug? Experienced some romance?

    Never had that “everything’s great in my life moment” when your date laughs at one of your jokes for the first time (a joke about yourself I mean, not some snide spiteful remark about other people)

    Pretend all you like but you aren’t western or white. (If you are you have a serious personality disorder and you need help.) The giveaway s this. You people can’t do irony or self deprecating humour. You just can’t risk the loss of face it might incur. That’s why the women don’t like you and that’s why you are such a bitter and twisted individual. Lose the ego Mr Suck, learn to laugh at yourself. Chicks really dig that sort of thing. It shows you aren’t insecure and that you have self confidence.

    Step away from the keyboard, put the cup noodle down,get rid of all those nylon shell suits, buy some new clothes and get out there.

    Above all stop wasting your time disagreeing with people on the Internet. Picture the scene. In years to come when you are dying from some respiratory disorder imported from over the border. Are you really going to lie there thinking “I’m so glad I spent so much time on Hong Kong Sucks sticking it to the Gweilos?”

    Life’s too short to spend it being a shrill geezer bird Mr Suck.

  226. fuck off loser says:

    To Anonymous
    ha ha white trash got mad . still remember when i holding her fucking hand . you motherfucker white ppl stare at me like i stolen some shit from them ,white loser.

    LOL ,”Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Lawrence” that the best you can mix with,dude , you gonna try a little harder.

    “being pissed on”Lol, open your big fucking colorful eyes , ‘SHE DRINK MY FUCKING PISS’ (that i wrote)like a thirsty pig.Do you understand?white trash .

    Oh my god why are you so gay ? ,i bet you suck your father’s dick everyday .Errrr……you guys are fucking disgusting.

  227. fuck off loser says:

    To Anon
    would you do me a favor ? Please ,go kill yourself .
    every time i pass by central ,i saw these white ppl with the big fat belly , i want to puke. white peope need to be extinct.

  228. Gweilos suck says:

    Anon, wasted effort. I don’t give a fuck what race you think I am, but why is it so important to you? Ask yourself.

    Oh, and I’m almost up to 50 local chicks fucked right now (nearly all Chinese), how about you?

  229. Anonymous says:

    Gweilos suck on October 28, 2015 at 1:09 pm
    @10:33 am
    “The true hallmark of an outright racist. Cannot bear to see “one your own” break ranks because it fucks up your simpleton view of the world.”

    *Clap* *Clap* *Clap*


  230. Anonymous says:

    Gweilos suck on October 28, 2015 at 1:09 pm
    @10:33 am

    “What racist slurs did I “trigger” and how did I “trigger” them? You mean like this one: “the filthy, shit mentality of your people” which you wrote, right?”

    That shows how stupid you are. But you think you’re very smart. No, I didn’t write that. I am referring to your “husband” F O loser and his outright racism. Backed by you. But who cares… I’m not feeding trolls on a random blog about HK. I’ll join the London Sucks blog instead, if that makes you happy. Enjoy your time in HK you homophobic faggot. That’s your true hallmark.

  231. HK Mall Island says:

    @fuck off loser
    I’m sure the white girl you’re talking about got confused when she saw you naked, after all the roofies you gave her you were surprised she was still standing up unlike your mum that you fuck in your 10 th floor walk up in Kowloon (All on a protein noodle diet to make you look buffed against your Somalian shaped compatriots). When she saw your body she understood there was no risk of being violently assaulted, so as she was slowly looking for your penis, she got confused and started sucking your toes, and that is where you got your only orgasm ever. You got so confused by it you starting peeing on her. Of course she was roofied, your body is so lacking of Pheromone she thought it was simple Bonaqua (which haven’t tried piss is probably close to the taste), anyway maybe she realized that the place you bring her in Kowloon is all tubed with lead, so she went bear grilz and decided to go for the lesser evil. Overall glad you had a good night, probably why she doesn’t see you anymore, she bought a Dildo the size of a toothpick and a water filter

  232. Anon says:

    it is important to you Mr Suck that’s why you were the first to mention it and carried on reinforcing it. Telling us how tall you are, your weight, where you’ve lived and so on. You should try some cardio on an empty stomach each morning and do some resistance training 2 or 3 times a week. Your weight is too heavy for that height. To be healthy.

    Now it’s a 50 girl thing that you now want to share with us

  233. Anon says:

    Like I said yesterday. It’s a full moon. The voices in Mr Sucks head are working overtime.

    Were these 50 girls impressed when you showed them you could eat an apple through the strings of your badminton racquet using only your teeth?

  234. Gweilos suck says:

    I first mentioned my race because people were assuming I was Chinese.

    Now answer the questions.

  235. Anonymous says:

    Whats the deal with eating of rare animals (ideally after they have suffered painful deaths or even while they are alive); disgusting deserts; carpets on restaurant walls; super bright lights…yikes. I notice that the more globalised the locals get the less they want this dreadful experience.

    BTW, thought this blog was about HK…I see some psycho is on about drinking piss and the Gweilo dude and trolling every 5 mins. WTF??

  236. fuck off loser says:

    to Anonymous
    Well, it’s still better than someone who has anal fantasy , has a soft penis that can’t get hard enough to put a condom on ,complaining anything like a little bitch, saying gay stuff everytime. Wait a minute! Is that you? ha ha white trash, please leave ,you are not supposed to be here ,your destination is the mental hospital.

  237. fuck off loser says:

    To HK Mall Island
    Lol, it’s not funny at all .Who said white people have sense of humour ? You are so BORING!

  238. Anon says:

    I’m not answering your questions Mr Suck because you ignore the questions I and others ask you. Or you tell lies or provide completely irrelevant information.

    Besides the blog isn’t about me or you (hard though it may be for you to understand). It’s about HK and how it’s becoming more and more fucked up. Seriously anyone new to this site in the last 2 or 3 weeks would think you were the main subject matter

    You consistently fail to show any ability in understanding irony or to have a self deprecating sense of humour. The vast majority of westerners can do this unless they are very immature or have personality issues. Combine this failure with the lies you have admitted to telling us in previous attention seeking posts about yourself and you have the main reasons why I don’t think you are a western expat.

    I’ve said before most Asian guys don’t like to say anything about themselves that causes others to laugh at them.

    If you wanted to pass yourself off as one that’s fine. Get together with your husband Mr Loser and think of a funny story about yourself. Post it here and maybe some of us might believe you are who you say you are and not some local troll.

  239. Gweilos suck says:

    Yes this blog is about HK, but it’s also has flavours of racism, especially in the comments.

    I see you are obsessed as ever about my race. And you make some nice generalizations about how all western people think too. Do you really think non western people are incapable of irony and self depreciation? Wow, just wow.

  240. Anonymous says:

    HK Mall Island
    @Fuck off loser
    “When she saw your body she understood there was no risk of being violently assaulted, so as she was slowly looking for your penis, she got confused and started sucking your toes, and that is where you got your only orgasm ever.”


  241. Anon says:

    Not all non westerners but certainly a lot of Asians, it’s the “face” thing.

    Also it’s self deprecation not self depreciation.

    It’s no more a generalisation than some you’ve made ie “LKF sluts” a few days ago and some on western colonialism (I’ll grant you but you ignore Japan from 1890-1945, Islamic caliphate till 17th century and 1918 if you count the Ottoman Empire to name but two), ditto the slave trade you mentioned.

    The issue about your race is something you continually mention but you were the one who made an issue of must be a fucking nightmare to work with. You are Personally Upset by Everything (PUBE)

    Anyway I’ve finished speaking with you. End of.

  242. Anonymous says:

    @ fuck off loser
    i am white, i have small and soft penis, so what?

  243. HK Mall Island says:

    “To HK Mall Island
    Lol, it’s not funny at all .Who said white people have sense of humour ? You are so BORING!”

    enough said, Rehtoric of a dead snail, jesus, you guys can’t even argue properly. 1/10 on effort

  244. Mark says:

    “Gweilos suck says:
    October 5, 2015 at 8:14 pm
    Any city is soulless and shallow when you’re an outsider. As for racist brain washing… hmmm. You are generally despised though, you got that part right. By the way I’m a gay man, currently single if you care. Enjoy your time here!”

    “Gweilos suck says:
    October 14, 2015 at 11:27 pm
    I’m just here for pussy and taxes.”

    “Gweilos suck says:
    October 28, 2015 at 7:30 pm
    Anon, wasted effort. I don’t give a fuck what race you think I am, but why is it so important to you? Ask yourself.

    Oh, and I’m almost up to 50 local chicks fucked right now (nearly all Chinese), how about you?”

    Gay man here for pussy eh? Busted.

  245. Anonymous says:

    Ha ha, Suck is a lying worm. Talks nonsense and can’t be trusted.

    I’d like to hire him and his piss drinking psycho friend…they will be so timid and obedient in real life!! They would be my diversity hires. I would scold them when they messed up my lunch order then, eventually, have to fire them for failing to deal with their stinky Canto breath.

    Other option is to lock them away together. They could take turns sucking each others tiny cocks…at least that would shut one of them up half the time!!!!

    To the shit balls themselves…if you reply can you PLEASE try to say something funny for the first time? I appreciate that clever is sadly out of your reach.

  246. fuck off loser says:

    To HK Mall Island

    WOW, just chill out man, i knew your wife ran away, cause you are a boring person.Please next time learn to be funny, ha ha white trash.

  247. Anonymous says:

    Not funny Loser. You failed.

    What kind a fuck up must you be to name yourself Loser?

    Even if you were burning I wouldn’t piss on you cos I know you like it too much. It would sicken me to see you frantically trying drink it with your final breath.

    I would shit on you instead, you Loser.

    Where’s Suck? I think on its knees in front of you with your tiny soft maggot between its lips. Yuck. You are both disgusting perverts.

  248. fuck off loser says:

    “Anonymous says:
    i am white, i have small and soft penis, so what?”

    HA HA , white ppl just admit he have small and soft penis. LOL ,nothing special, I knew this a long time ago! White= Small= Soft=Gay .

  249. fuck off loser says:

    To Anonymous
    Calm down bro , i knew you mad cause you have a small and soft penis .Anyway,you can’t get ‘HARD’, why don’t you just take it ‘EASY’ ? Ha Ha white trash.

  250. Gweilos suck says:

    @Mark, I guess you missed this comment:
    Actually I was just fucking with you homos, I’m not gay.

  251. Gweilos suck says:

    @HK Mall Island
    “enough said, Rehtoric of a dead snail, jesus, you guys can’t even argue properly. 1/10 on effort”

    Duh he wasn’t trying to argue anything, he was insulting you, get it?

  252. Anonymous says:

    Piss drinking Loser and Tranny Suck respond now or you will be fired and replaced by new diversity recruits!!!

    Do as you are told you maggot dicked shit for brains fools.

  253. Anonymous says:

    Suck, Loser: are you freaks too busy sucking each others soft maggot dicks to respond, cock got your tongues?!

    Guessing neither of you can get hard and that’s causing the dealy, I know that soft dick is an issue for Chinese dudes.

    Proof: he low birth rate in HK cos the guys can’t get hard (making it clear and repeating unless your minds have list thread already cos we in new paragraph, would not need to do this outside dumb ass island) and the solid fact that all HK Chinese girls dream and hope to be fucked by a big hard white cock, can’t get big or hard from the HK Chinese dudes. FACT. Fuck you both.

  254. fuck off loser says:

    To Anonymous
    Lol butthurt white ppl, talking about the gay stuff again and again……….. , it never end, you guys are fucking disgusting.

    Well, talk about birth-rate , do you even realize there are at least eight european country lower than hong kong.Check the Data here if you can read('m really sorry I have to do this, cause you are so pathetic)

    Bulletproof ,due to the low birth-rate, all white men have small and soft penis ,i feel sorry for you guys,ha ha white trash.

  255. Ryan says:

    Blimey! Looks like all hell broke loose in this thread. This chink “fo loser” is determined to keep at it come hell or high water. Someone has already said that they are relentless bastards. There’s the proof right here.

  256. Anonymous says:

    Not half as relentless as the foreigners on this thread it seems.

  257. HK Mall Island says:

    Fuck off loser, stop trying to say white people have small dick, because compared to you guys they look like the fucking wall of China. Don’t believe me, go to the gym and in the shower, Chinese dicks are so small you can’t see them within their body hair.
    I ll always remember the first chink I fucked, the look on her face when I put my dick in her. It was like she was having a baby. These girls here don’t have any sex at all, at work I ask them if they have some business time with their husband/boyfriend, nope, he’s busy playing candyclush and putting pics of his meal on facebook. Ever been to a restaurant here, where you see all the couples not talking to each other, head on their phones. Sad fuck
    I bet you’re one of these morons who have steel bolted doors, which you don’t oil because it’s too hard for you. You close it down in the morning at 5am to go to your 10K paid job, the noise the door make is like you’re opening the fucking doors to Mordor. Of course it’s not noisy enough, your grandma’s grandma has to shoot BIIIIIIIIIIBIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII about a hundred times, never know there is probably a chance the neighbour 10 stairs up haven’t her your screeching voice that sounds like a Nazgul is using a megaphone.

  258. Anonymous says:

    A good number of local hongers are despicable, but the expats aren’t much to look up to either. A lot of filth in this city.

  259. Ryan says:

    Whatever Anonymous, people don’t come here for the charm and culture (or shouldn’t fall for a ridiculous assumption). It’s pretty obvious Hong Kong is a run-of-the-mill from the moment you touch down. Money is the prime reason. Lots of gold diggers, scavengers and scroungers from the West coming to meet the same kind to compete for the same thing. End result: a battle of wills, who’s the better off, wide spread arrogance (what a nerve!) and outright loathe from either side. The dross dumped on this site does exactly make the grade. People who comes with any sense of cheerful acquiescence gets trapped in this hell breaks loose. It took me a while to catch the drift, but I keep a very safe distance now. Nothing else to do. Keep on yelling your lungs out, keep treating each other with utter disrespect and contempt, keep obliterating your living environment as if our planet has limitless resources to keep on taking your selfish plunder (just one ex., decimating the shark population of this planet in favour of a tasteless, greasy soup made with their fins). I don’t give a rat’s ass if I am seeing as a blank space, if I am despised, I just get on with my life and let them be. Carry on gambling your lives, your money and even our planet’s resources, but don’t even think of trying to gamble with my life. Let me finish with my little wine and enjoy a bit of cooler air at last.

  260. fuck off loser says:

    To Ryan

    Lol , white trash come here being rude and mean ,complaining like a bitch and expect no one fight back,are you kidding me ?your such a fucking hypocrite. I’ve said it a thousand times, if you don’t like here ,just fuck back your shitty country .

    White trash , please remeber you don’t bite the hand that feeds you, you come to hong kong to make money, here is not your home , if you feeling like you do not fit in ,please stop your bullshit and head back your goddamn country who made you such a pussy .

    You smelley, fat ,ugly,soft penis ,stupid white pussy make me want to puke .

  261. Gweilos suck says:

    Ryan, would a more concise, less fancy words version of your post be this: I just don’t like Chinese people.

  262. Ryan says:

    If you want to put it this way G Suck, be my guest. Get a life boy, trolling on a Hong Kong Sucks blog won’t get you very far with your pussy pursuit. A lot of time and investment is needed.

    fo loser, I am not “feeling like I don’t fit in”, I simply don’t! And I don’t care about your gibberish. I will certainly head back to my goddamned country, but I’ll do it of my own accord. Save your vocabulary for your Sandra Bullock or whoever feels like eating your toes.

    Don’t bite the hand that feeds you? Ha! little do you know, Miss Congeniality. Oh, and you can puke on the table of any tsui wah or similar of your choice at any time. And what were you doing back in the West? Preaching Confucius and getting magic beans in return? Hypocrite… (?) Of course! You were pissing on Sandra Bullock’s face and getting a year’s school bursary from her trust to improve on your Englisheeeeeeeee.

  263. Anonymous says:

    Loser / Suck you know we are not trash, because we are your boss. How about you fuck off to your ancestral shithole of a town and we stay in the place we found, founded and made great up until 97 when the decline Bega? Fuck of home Loser and Suck…and that’s China.

    Soft, maggot yellow, tiny cocks!!!

  264. fuck off loser says:

    To HK Mall Island
    OH MY Jesus, you stare at other people’s penis when you shower in the gym ,i bet you drop a soap too , no ……………….er……….. Why did god make white people so fucking gay ?

    Whit trash, do you even realize penis will grow ‘stronger’ and ‘bigger’ when you get ‘exciting’ , and i bet you don’t know cause white people all have small and soft penis , and they won’t admit it .
    Just to satisfy my curiosity , how many dicks you have sucked?( i mean ‘seen’ , sorry for the typing error ,ha ha..)

    Lol when you making up stories , please make it real . candy “CRUSH”( you spelled it wrong,loser ha ha ha) is your white people favourite game, not as much for us.

    when i date my white girlfriend ,she always complaining to me how annoying all her ex’s white boyfriends are . she said, they love to play stupid tv games such as GTA , watching stupid football games and drinking beer all night long. she even told me that all her white ex’bf have soft penis and they all rude in the bed . lol ,how pathetic you guys are ? Stupid white trash.

    Lol “Nazgul” Bro ,you watch wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much lord of the rings, ha ha .You’re looking like one of those white perv love to watch spider man , batman comic book, jacking off while watching child porn (in you case ,should be gay porn,ha ha……….) and living in your mother’s basement.

    Stop fantasising ,it ‘s time for you to going into the real world,white trash.

  265. fuck off loser says:

    to Anonymous

    Lol , you can trust me on that , you white ppl are all trash ,can’t be saved .

  266. Anonymous says:

    LOL one has to forgive fo loser. She gets too “exciting” when she fumbles yet another white trash attempt.

  267. fuck off loser says:

    To Ryan
    “I will certainly head back to my goddamned country, but I’ll do it of my own accord.”

    Well Said, so Why are you still here? What’s holding you back from leaving this place you dislike so much?
    If you want to leave ,you just need a fucking passport and air ticket, How hard is that? So stop making excuses ,Just Do it! Or you should save your vocabulary for your mum when you phone her , crying like a fucking baby , bitching about how you don’t fit in , but can’t go home . Lol fucking loser.

    ” Miss Congeniality”

    oh no…….. LOL How Big of a Sandra Bullock’s Fan are You? Do you masturbate while watching it ?Please save some cum for your mom ,she will need it when her listen to all your bullshit.

    “what were you doing back in the West?”

    Well ,ha ha as you said i ‘m busy pissing in white sluts mouth ,you know white girl are so nasty and cheap like a dirty pig, they even selling their bodies for sex in order to slash their debty and tuition fee .

    Sandra Bullock again and again……………. well , i know that you’re a big fan of her, but still not necessary bringing that up every sentence .(Next time try Sandra OH or any other similar name, please.) Lol White ppl are SO FUCKING BORING, you guys always doing the same thing over and over again.

    Hope you fuck back to your shitty country soon , i will pray for you, mama’s boy.

  268. fuck off loser says:

    To Anonymous

    Ok ,You ‘re right. I’m so ‘exciting’ right now ,I can’t help myself,
    white trash white trash white trash white trash white trash …………………i feel a lot better now, lol………….

  269. Anonymous says:

    Keep on saying it yellow turd.

  270. Ryan says:

    fo loser, so that’s what Hongkong Chinese is all about. My mother passed away many years ago. I hope your mother is doing well, if you have one.

  271. Zhangjuanbao says:

    To fuck off loser

    You must be very confused about humanity to hate it that much my friend. Why did you learn a “white language” if you hate Caucasians so much? Was it only to show your hatred? Do you bash up white guys on a daily basis? Be in peace dude and God bless!

  272. fuck off loser says:

    to Ryan

    Shhh,i’m sorry for your loss .If your mom is still alive , see you became such a pussy and racist human being,she would be very disappointed. Dude, grow a pair and fuck back your shitty country as soon as possible .

  273. fuck off loser says:

    To Zhangjuanbao

    LOL , I am more confused by your statement than humanity .Where have you been all these years?
    Did you know that the official languages of Hong Kong are Chinese and ‘ENGLISH ‘?
    The HK Government forced me to learn english when i was young,not my choice to learn that.

    I hate white people cause they are stupid, fat ,smelly and act like they rule the world. They are very racist too.

    Well,happy sucking that white soft dick .Dumb Bitch, may you rot in hell!

  274. Ostrobogulous says:

    @fuck off loser

    Surely, sir, surely you are a master of satire. Your sense of irony is heightened by the ferocity of your acerbic, discerning wit. Your writing conveys all this.

    Either that, or it conveys the possibility that you are a racist cunt.

  275. Anonymous says:

    Loser, the name he chose, is above all else a coward.

  276. fuck off loser says:

    To Ostrobogulous
    Hello , Sigmund Freud. You are one hell of a Psychoanalyst !!!!!!!

    Seriously!!! White Trash get out of here and find your real life please,ha ha ……………

    Lol , i may be racist but still better than the White People . They are the most racist people in the world and they don’t even realise. I’m pretty sure you are one of them ,White Cracker .

  277. Ostrobogulous says:

    Thanks for clearing that up, sunshine.

    I can relax now in the knowledge that you are, indeed, just a racist cunt.

  278. Anonymous says:

    Of course he’s a coward. It’s so easy to be a notorious hardman when you’re on the end of a keyboard. It’s also easy for him to portray himself as a notorious scrotum sack.

  279. Gweilos suck says:

    Thanks for the insight, captain obvious. Everyone’s a big man behind the keyboard, that includes you and me.

  280. Anonymous says:

    Yeah! On this note why don’t fuck off loser shows that he’s a better racist than white people and start learning his swearing properly. It’s “fuck OFF back to your OWN country”. Got that shit stained prick? No? Repeat it 1000 times until you get it. Or why don’t you show that you have balls and say it at white peoples’ faces for real? What’s holding you back? C’mon!!! show to HK how much better than white people you are. Oh no! there might be a problem, if you do that you run the risk of nobody understanding fuck all of what you’re saying and end up laughing their asses off at your face. So maybe it’s better to stay behind a keyboard then, because you’re a fucking faggot coward and can’t stand the humiliation of losing face, right? Because you’re better than white people. So yellow boy, show to the punters here that you’re a better racist than white people and get your fucking English up to scratch. Use verbs if you know what that mean. Stop being so FUCKING BORING like white people… on and on repeating yourself over and over again. Yellow trash! NOOOOOOO… I repeated the same fucking thing!!!!!!

  281. Gweilos suck says:

    Making fun of his English just shows you got nothing to say. How’s your Cantonese?

    And saying he’s a coward is dumb because I bet you would never say peekaboo to a local. They certainly wouldn’t understand you either.

    Apart from that, you’re obviously deeply upset. Keep it up, fo loser!

  282. Anonymous says:

    Fuck Cantonese and fuck you G Suck fo loser.

  283. Anonymous says:

    Oh yeah, I hv nothing to say because there’s nothing to be said to two fucking pricks.

  284. Anonymous says:

    Just “fuck back to your caves” and cry to your mamas that you can’t get rid of white trash.

  285. fuck off loser says:

    To Ostrobogulous

    I’m pretty sure i’m not your sunshine.Why are you so fucking gay?Er……………… so disgusting .

    Unfortunately ,you can’t relax now .According to what i said (i ‘MAY BE’ racist ,’may be’ mean uncertainty or a possibility ) So you should keep wondering ,cause i ‘m so important to you , you don’t need anyone else but me.

    Lol , stupid gay White Trash .

  286. Buck says:

    well, at least FOL isnt pretending to be white. Give him a mark for courage.

  287. Anonymous says:

    Loser and Suck.

    I think everyone stop giving them oxygen, ignore them 100%

    I have laughed at most of their unintentionally funny garbage, however, Loser insulted someone in the context of their mother’s death. Appalling. People like him very unhappy and will live and die sad.

    Now I feel Loser and Suck are like shit on a dogs penis after it has buttfucked another dog. I am disgusted by it and dont want to go near it.

    These half wits are very unhappy, angry sorts, cut the oxygen and they will suffocate. Up to ya’ll though. I miss the normal blog comments, and I think they will serve to send the weak turd dwelling maggots that are Loser and Suck over the edge in any case!

  288. Gweilo suck says:

    There goes the denial again. Why are you so keen to prove that I’m not white? Why does it matter? I can trace my full family tree back 3 or more generations, and they’re all pure anglo whiteys. Who gives a fuck? Not me.

  289. fuck off loser says:

    To Numerous White Butthurt Anonymous

    Lol…………………. You gotta be kidding me! ( ‘White people teach me how to swear properly’
    ‘It ‘s fuck OFF back to your OWN country’ )you must be a Cheerleader, it’s so refreshing. lol Bulletproof , White People always doing the same things, even come down to swear. (Oh, I think that I’ve found myself a cheerleader,She is always right there when I need her………………HA HA ,I can’t help myself …………… i repeat it 1000 times ,just for you)

    I’m sure White people will never fully understand what i say (you ‘re the proof right here.Ha ha………)cause they are so stupid ,they even can’t count anything properly( If it comes down to swear ,they must be a expert, ha ha ………………)

    Except to bitching everything you don’t like here ,swearing like a fucking baby, you can simply chose to fuck back your shitty country ( fuck OFF back to your OWN country .Just for your personal preference ,ha ha………… ) Of course ,You can’t. Cause you guys are fucking coward,
    you’ve got no balls, the best thing you guys can do are Swearing, Swearing and Swearing , what a pathetic human being. Do me a favor , Just Fucking Kill Yourself!!!!!!!!!!

    White Trash, White Trash ,White Trash, White Trash,White Trash……..
    White Cracker , White Cracker ,White Cracker, White Cracker ,White Cracker ……………..
    Redneck, Redneck, Redneck, Redneck,Redneck……….. (I repeat it 1000 times just for you, my Cheerleader, ha ha………………………….)

    Dude , no one need White Trash here ,please fuck back your shitty country(it ‘s my personal preference , don’t argue with me , White little Cheerleader,ha ha ha…………….) as soon as possible.


  290. Ostrobogulous says:

    @Fuck Off Loser

    My dear, dear homophobe (misplaced as your sentiment may be).

    As it is, you’re probably an immigrant. Two generations back, maybe, but I assume your family came from a vile, rat-riddled village in Guangdong province, chased out from your real country for not towing the line. Or Whatever. You can make up the reason if you like.

    Afterwards, they probable fled over the border to the British colony, as it was. Your family, I can only assume from historical evidence, probably lived in a slum at Chai Wan. Living in their own shite on a flood-prone slope until the British government chose to rehouse you. A crude scene, but, again, they, your dog-flesh guzzling inlaws, probably didn’t have a choice. It was the 1960s, after all. In free countries, we weare all a bit crude at that time.

    However, it gives you no right to call me a ‘White Cracker’. Unfortunately for you, I am not from the southern states of America. I am British.

    And I know all about your type.

    So come on then sunshine, give me a kiss.

  291. Ostrobogulous says:

    I think that’s sewn up you your weeping cunt of a mouth, But for how long, who knows.

  292. Ostrobogulous says:

    Sorry, let me rewrite that. I hate typos as much as the next white devil. I’ve been drinking with White Crackers all night, you see:

    “I hope that my comments have sewn up your weeping cunt of a mouth. But for how long, who knows.”

  293. Gweilo suck says:

    Not your only typo, smartass.
    Big vocab people can still be dumb racists, and you may well be.
    Your little history lesson may stroke your ego, but it has nothing to do with what our pugnacious chinaman had to say. He can call you a piece of white trash if that’s what you are.

  294. Ostrobogulous says:

    Oh, I’m sure he can.

    But it doesn’t detract from the observation that Hong Kong sucks, does it?

  295. fuck off loser says:

    To Ostrobogulous
    Hello ,Sherlock Holme……………. Where is DR.Watson ? You kind of fucked up without him.

    You are probably wrong about almost everything. When i have to go through Threes Pages of your Bullshift , it ‘s hurting my eyes.

    Sorry ,I’m local born and raised as my parents .you fucking british invasion our homeland, killing our people , that why i hate White people so much.

    At least you got one point right.Yes,I admit it . I fucking hate gay people, they are toxic disease like your entire race ,need to burn and rot in hell!

    What ‘s up ?Wanke . Feeling better right now? Fucking Rooinek Brit .

    WOW , i won’t kiss you .Please save it for your daddy when you fucks him hard in the ass.ha ha …….

  296. Gweilo suck says:

    If you’re white trash then all your observations are completely detracted, sorry.

  297. fuck off loser says:

    To Ostrobogulous aka (Sherlock Holme ,Sigmund Freud )
    “I hope that my comments have sewn up your weeping cunt of a mouth. But for how long, who knows.”

    Lol , not long enough, i guess……. ha ha ha ………

  298. Ostrobogulous says:

    It’s up to you, sunshine, but you’re still a racist moron with no sense of who you really are.

    Goo luck in your small, small world. 🙂

  299. Ostrobogulous says:

    @Miss Suck

    But what if I’m not white trash, What then? Hmm? Hmmmm? Hmmmmmm? WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? I’m full of trepidation and excitement about your next stream of invective!

  300. Gweilo suck says:

    Your words: “Oh, I’m sure he can [call me a piece of white trash].”
    I’m pretty sure too.

  301. Twattery says:

    Alright Ostro, whatever your fucking name is. You’re a but harsh.

    However, Suck and Fuck sound like a pair of repressed homos.

    Fuck off cunts and leave the blog. We’re trying to keep it funny. You are fucking tiring everybody.

  302. Gweilo suck says:

    I’m cool with that. Now someone say something funny! And not racist!

  303. Twattery says:

    To Gweilos Suck – how much money did you have to borrow from your family to get your minibus driver’s license?

  304. fuck off loser says:

    To Ostrobogulous aka (Sherlock Holme ,Sigmund Freud )

    Lol ,Calm down. My favourite White Trash Wankers .ha ha ………….

  305. Ostrobogulous says:

    It’s ‘Holmes’.

    You ignorant, barbaric, poorly read, fuck-knuckle.

  306. Twattery says:


  307. fuck off loser says:

    To Ostrobogulous aka (Sherlock HolmeS ,Sigmund Freud )

    Lol ,Thank you for correct me , my lovely White Trash Wankers. ha ha …………..

  308. Anonymous says:

    “I’m sure White people will never fully understand what i say (you ‘re the proof right here.Ha ha………)cause they are so stupid ,they even can’t count anything properly( If it comes down to swear ,they must be a expert, ha ha ………………)”

    What you say is just junk. Feeling sorry for your yellow ass because a bunch of white people expose the layer of dirt on the surface of the sad remains of once a great place, built by the British, Canadians, Kiwis, Pakistani, Nepalese and Indians. The 2008 law against racial discrimination does not cover mainlanders, immigrants or migrant workers. How convenient. Most of you were “brought” by the capital generated with the growth of Hong Kong as refugees from Mainland China. The indigenous inhabitants, or Hong Kong Hakka, still preserve special rights from the British Empire such as the right to abode in UK. But they are a tiny minority scattered in the New Territories and I don’t think you belong to this group because you’re an insecure idiot. But if you do, you’re an even more deplorable motherfucker. You’re the scum remained from the squatters from the Mainland who never got anywhere beyond their asses and will continue to be so until the Mainland decides to euthanize you out of your fucking misery. The white trash used to be your only asylum and safe heaven from Communist China. Not any more. In reality you fuckhead, if we all decide to leave at once you’re FUCKED faster than you can imagine. So fuck you, and I hope you get fucked sooner than later. If I am talking nonsense, fuck you all the same.

  309. fuck off loser says:

    To Anonymous aka Cheerleader

    Wow,White People talking about history .One simple question ? Since your Brit mother have left,why are you still here ?
    What the fuck is wrong with you ? i have to yell 1000 times to prove that i’m a Local ………….fuck you ,Cheerleader.

    You just are fucking foreigner, you came here to make money, nothing else , please fuck off !

    If you ‘ve seen those terrible things White people have done in Iraq , Libya and so on , you will know that the World will be a peaceful places without those White Trash Monster.

    Fuck back your shitty country and yell “God Save the Queen” you fucking White Trash…….ha ha.

  310. Anonymous says:

    To loser fucked aka Sorrydisciple

    “Sorry ,I’m local born and raised as my parents .you fucking british invasion our homeland, killing our people , that why i hate White people so much.”

    Awwwwww so sorry the little ass had many people killed by nasty british white trash… Fucking pisshead. This homeland of yours was sold by fucking Chinese pushers. The British
    just made use of the deeds you insufferable nitwit. Your parents were just fucking lucky to be on the right side of the border you silly Ka-niggit, protector of the poorly oppressed yellow race, who has the brain of a dead duck! ***Why do I insist on talking to this shitty little vermin***?

  311. Gweilo suck says:

    But you are a still a foreigner now. The magnificent “achievements” of your master race last century don’t mean shit. Now HK belongs to China and is Chinese.

  312. Buck says:

    It’s funny that locals have to clock in and clock out each day……

  313. Gweilo suck says:

    I don’t get it.. Lots of people in the west punch the clock.

  314. Buck says:

    But not westerners in the east.

  315. Gweilo suck says:

    I’m sure there are some. English teachers for example.

    Do you also find it funny that the average income of asian americans is 24% higher than white americans?

  316. Anonymous says:

    That’s how much “white trash” treat Asians badly…

  317. Buck says:

    Why should I care about murica? But anyway (zzzzzz) “Asian” includes the Japanese, Chinese, Indians and Filipinos blah blah. And both the Indian and Filipino Americans have higher household incomes than Chinese Americans (see what Filapinos can achieve when treated humanly?). It’s the former that is pulling up the asian american average that you refer to.

    How about you present the numbers for “household wealth”? You’ll see a different story. Actually, dont. This is HK, not murica. I don’t care about murica. I don’t really care about HK either, actually.

  318. Gweilo suck says:

    Well, what do you care about? Proving the inferiority of the Chinese? Or the superiority of white people?

  319. Buck says:

    getting laid and paid (in abundance), as I do here.

  320. Gweilo suck says:

    Who cares, if you’re a racist fuck you’re a racist fuck.

  321. Buck says:

    whateves, banana.

  322. You Orleans says:

    And in response, if you’re a useless fuck, then you’re a useless fuck. Ever been anywhere that isn’t Shenzhen or Vancouver?

    Ever had a job that pays more than the rent where you don’t give your parents money?

    Ever fucked a girl who isn’t one of you lil’ sister’s buddies?

    Ever had a shave?

  323. Zola says:

    Gweilo Sucks Dinosaur Dick

    Yeah well, I’s so sure that if you fucking faggots can’t get over the fact that you were colonised by the British cunts, then you deserve everything that comes to you. In France, we had the guillotine… Haha of course, you weren’t allowed your own justice.

    You always been a ruled people. You like it you sad fuck and so accept it. And remember we can always leave. You are fucked. You hate your own people. You missed the boat you sad racists.

    Thank you for your women. I really thank you. C’est bon.

    Cagot faggot.

  324. Gweilo suck says:

    That implies that if I’m Chinese I’m a useless fuck. Does it mean all Chinese are useless fucks?

    But as I’ve said a million times already, I’m not Chinese, I’m white. Now that you know that, would you like to ask a different set of childish questions?

  325. Zola says:

    No, it implies that you personally are a cagot.

  326. Zola says:

    This, from Wikipedia, for the sake of Gweilos Suck:

    “Cagots were shunned and hated. While restrictions varied by time and place, they were typically required to live in separate quarters in towns. The Cagots were not an ethnic group, nor a religious group. They spoke the same language as the people in an area and generally kept the same religion as well. Their only distinguishing feature was their descent from families identified as Cagots. Few consistent reasons were given as to why they should be hated; accusations varied from Cagots being cretins, lepers, heretics, cannibals, to simply being intrinsically evil. The Cagots did have a culture of their own, but very little of it was written down or preserved.”

    Sound familar, you moron?

    Grow the fuck up and accept the fact you are Chinese. Hong Kong is not special. You can get over your snobbery. There is hope.

  327. Zola says:

    Je excuses à mes amis français.

  328. Gweilo suck says:

    Thanks for the info, I didn’t know about that. So these people were hated for no good reasons other than misinformation and good old xenophobia. You’re into that kind of thing obviously.

    Actually I’m white, I can trace my family tree… oh nevermind.

  329. Ryan says:


    Pas de tout mon vieux.
    Très bien dit.

    And thank you for the anonymous above who acknowledged the disgusting insult to my deceased mother.

    Gweilos Suck, nobody gives a fuck if you’re white. You’re a fucking rat. End of.

    And I totally agree with Buck about Filipinos being way better than the Chinese. They are in every way smarter and more talented. Those Filipino maids (slaves) in Hong Kong don’t deserve to be treated like shit by those charlatans, stuck up, arrogant bastards.

    I came across this blog and read the comments. It really shows how racist are some (or most) of those low-lives Hong Kong Chinese.

  330. Gweilo suck says:

    Filipinos are way better than Chinese? Where do white people appear in your hierarachy? How about blacks? Really curious to know!

    And that link has been posted already, yes the HK education system is crap.

  331. fuck off loser says:

    TO Ryan
    WOW,’ Filipinos being way better than the Chinese but become our (slaves)’ LOL It doesn’t make any sense.

    By the way ,you White people treat them even more poorly . Many of them became your sex slaves , some of them even get kill by your Crazy White Wankers .

    Like i said before if your mom (no one insult to your deceased mother,stop being a victim, baby boy )still alive see you became such a racist and pussy human being , she would be so disappointed.

    Talk about racist People . Well, When you stand in front of a mirror ,you will find one.

    Your French is bad , stop writing it , It’s hurting my eyes , Lol White Trash .

  332. fuck off loser says:

    To Buck

    Your statement proved that White people are completely trash ,i’m so sorry for you guys.

    Of course , you getting laid and paid . You had sex with your dog ,while begging for money on a street corner. Good for you , White Trash, ha ha …………..

  333. Ryan says:

    fo loser

    “Talk about racist People . Well, When you stand in front of a mirror ,you will find one.”

    The same goes to you motherfucker. My French is bad??? look at your English you vermin. It hurts my ass. You should stop writing all together.

    I never had a “slave” because I’m not useless like you twats, and you’re making up lies about them getting killed by “us”. How come Filipinos become your slaves? Because these women are poor you maggot. They have to submit to your fucking abuse because they need to support their families (DUH!!!). But not everyone in the Philippines are maids FYI. Those women end up getting trapped in this scum of “working” in HK (getting paid less than half of a local domestic cleaner) because they didn’t succeed in life for whatever reason. I bet you will love what your fellow countryman had to say in that link which has been posted already (I am aware of that G Suck, and stop being a dissimulated fucker and read the comments, as well as the article).

    “it still won’t change the fact that University graduates from your country (Philippines) will still be more than happy to clean my fellow Chinese’s shit-stained toilets.”

    What a noble statement. This Chinese person also said:

    “Filipinos are so brave behind a keyboard but won’t dare react in person even when bullied especially if the person they really don’t like is their employer”.

    Bullied? How familiar it sounds coming from a HK Chinese.

    and more:

    “If you are questioning China’s general competence,I urge you to take a good look of the quality of outbound Chinese people around the world.Even millionaires and luminaries in Philippines are mostly Chinese.”

    “Luminaries…” hahahahahahahahahahaha

    And my favorite in reply to the following:

    Filipino: “What competence is there in selling and manufacturing FAKE products? stealing ideas from other people? Are you teaching me to become rich from mere looting? I rather be poor but/ and morally rich.
    Quality? i do not buy made in china because they break easily, it is cheap but not a good investment This is a situation Chinese should reflect on.”

    HK Chinese: “HaHa.I doubt you can afford Vietnam made products.Our products are strategically cheap so other countries have no choice but to buy from us which in effect grows our economy.”


  334. fuck off loser says:

    To Ryan aka( Mama”s Boy)
    (“Talk about racist People . Well, When you stand in front of a mirror ,you will find one.”
    The same goes to you motherfucker. My French is bad??? look at your English you vermin. It hurts my ass. You should stop writing all together.)

    LOL , You are the one accused another person of being a racist and making racist comments but on the other hand you’re doing the same thing .What a fucking Two-faced Bitch ,Baby Ryan.

    YAY , your French is so bad ,it ‘s horrible ,You’re trying hard to impress other people. Unfortunately You failed,ha ha…………..Loser

    By the Way ,Your deceased mother ………..Why do you always mention her ? Why won’t you let her rest in peace! You use her to earn sympathy. YOU ‘RE A FUCKING TWAT,UNDUTIFUL SON.You ‘re a fucking piece of shit.

    (I never had a “slave” because I’m not useless like you twats, and you’re making up lies about them getting killed by “us”. )

    Making up ?Open Your Fucking Eyes :

    British banker Rurik Jutting back in court over Hong Kong murder of two prostitutes
    Jutting, who is accused over the murder of two Indonesian(hmm…..May be not Filipino, you don’t give a damn.)women, has had his case adjourned until May.

    Want more : Philippines Sex Trafficking Raid

    A video show a White man name Benjamin being caught and admit had sex with many underage
    Filipino Girls.

    Enough ….Not …….Enough… ………you can google it yourself , thousand of story pop-up .White Wankers.

    Is that proof all White people are fucking murders , animal, cold-blooded bastard , pedophile, sex traffickers ?

    Please remember ,no one is perfect. Know your own faults before blaming others for theirs. You hear me ,Dumb Ass .

    A frog in the well does not know the ocean. You are a stupid , Narrow-minded(White People Problem) , White Trash . Please grow a pair and fuck back your shitty country immediately .

  335. Gweilo suck says:

    Ryan, since you never had a “slave”, my guess is you’re on a shitty wage, probably English teacher. Of course HK sucks for you. Being a racist makes it even worse.

    You probably can’t reconcile the fact that the students you teach will probably end up being doctors in your home country, taking care of you as you slowly die from type II diabetes, dementia and other western ailments.

  336. Ryan says:

    I didn’t bother to look at your bullshit video and I won’t bother replying to you any more. You’re a sad loser who dwell on garbage to prove your point. You live in a superficial society and a city without soul, which was built by people to people that don’t exist any more. You desperately cling on to your racists ideas of white people to justify that you’re a loser and cannot bear the fact that people you don’t know expose the sickness of this society of yours – “fuck back to your shitty country as soon as possible” – your only reply because you’re unable to argue. Tell that to your uncle Wong dwelling in China Towns all over the West. He’s there, farting and swearing like you, loser. This blog is about Hong Kong Sucks and nobody have to look into the mirror before voicing their frustrations. Because of free speech, and if you don’t like people “bitching” about your society that’s tough for you. You have been a ruled people because you’re weak, If you were better than white people Hong Kong, as it exists, would never exist. You’re the piece of shit.. Goodbye.

  337. Gweilo suck says:

    Um, if it wasn’t for Chinese people, Hong Kong, as it exists, would likewise never exist. Just sayin.

  338. Anonymous says:

    You said it yourself G Suck. The impressive infrastructure and basic law just appeared out of the blue. Congratulations.

  339. Gweilo suck says:

    Just like in the UK, which despite having these advantages for a much longer time, is in a very different state.

  340. Anonymous says:

    If you’re talking about the government, yes I entirely agree. But if you talk about ordinary daily life, no. Unless you’re looking for trouble ordinary daily life in UK cannot be compared with this horrible place, where ppl are rude just for the sake of being rude. If you encounter rude ppl in UK you just change direction, go elsewhere. Here there’s nowhere to run away to, to escape, to find peace. But the obvious answer from the locals is fuck off back to your own country, we get that. How many times do you hear this kind of abuse in UK if you’re a foreigner and make a complaint? I dare you prove me wrong G Suck.

  341. Gweilo suck says:

    Cmon, the UK has political parties and organizations with the agenda of kicking out foreigners. Ever heard of the national front? Nothing close to that in hk. I could post a million links of racist women on trains, bananas thrown at football games, foreigners beaten up etc. In hk, there more incidents of this kind of overt racism from whites to locals, not vice versa. Apart from this site, have you ever been told to “fuck off back to your country” in HK? You can be sure that nearly every non-white person in the UK has heard that at least once.

    Anyway the point was about rule of law and infrastructure. UK had a huge head start in these areas and it’s a fucking disaster in many economic and social metrics.

  342. Buck says:

    did someone say banana?

  343. Prick says:

    Buck…your posts are hilarious! Laughed out loud to some. Nice work!!

  344. Ryan says:

    Hahahaha… BNP? Nick Griffin is a cuddly teddy compared to Le Pen and the FN in France. The economic and social disaster in UK has 2 names, “coalition government” or the Cameron-Clegg which has failed in its promise to unlock social mobility and it has firmly occupied that same common ground – conservatism and market liberalism, first mapped out by Margaret Thatcher – the rhetorical commitment to the inevitability of austerity. End result: disaster.

  345. fuck off loser says:

    To Ryan aka (speechless baby boy)
    Oh, shit! I got you good, you fucker! , ha ha ha…………….. Now crying like a fucking baby …Lol , Baby Ryan.

    (I didn’t bother to look at your bullshit video and I won’t bother replying to you any more. You’re a sad loser who dwell on garbage to prove your point. You live in a superficial society and a city without soul, which was built by people to people that don’t exist any more. You desperately cling on to your racists ideas of white people to justify that you’re a loser and cannot bear the fact that people you don’t know expose the sickness of this society of yours)

    Lol ,if it ‘s true .Why i have to go through three pages of your nonsense again. What the fuck is wrong with you? Are you retarded? Hahahahahaha you’re ridiculous!!

    Everything you wrote is right on point about yourself .You ‘re a sad humans beings,You’re being rude to everyone,You’re pretty racist too.

    You always playing the victim game, you bitching about everything , you blame society.Stop blaming everyone else for your problems, stop making excuses , face your problems bravely. Like i said before, know your own faults before blaming others for theirs, why don’t you get it ? DumbAss.

    Well, I get it now. You had a tough childhood ,your daddy ran away with Uncle Wong , you lived in the ghetto with your mom , where black people always make fun of you .So you became a mad White boy. I’m Just kidding lol .

    (This blog is about Hong Kong Sucks and nobody have to look into the mirror before voicing their frustrations. Because of free speech, and if you don’t like people “bitching” about your society that’s tough for you. You have been a ruled people because you’re weak, If you were better than white people Hong Kong, as it exists, would never exist. You’re the piece of shit.. Goodbye.)

    The same goes to you…….

    If you don’t like people bitching about you why don’ t you stop complaining and solve the problem you’ve faced like a man .Screaming like a little Girl won’t lessen your pain.Man up ,Baby Ryan.

    Free of speech not mean you can said tons of Bullshift, your statement proved you should being locked up in the Mental Hospital.

    Deeds are males, and words are females. Please don’t reply to me any more,self pity baby boy.Please Fuck back your shitty country lol ……………..(i can’t help myself ,i had to said it)ha ha……

  346. fuck off loser says:

    To Anonymous

    I wonder what KKK do in the west ? I guess they “re selling cookies or something like that.

    Stupid Loser………………..

  347. Buck says:

    Just been to a function. Why do they always put the qweilo (eg me) on the head table, in the middle of photos, and do speeches in English if a gweilo is there?

  348. Cunt says:

    Buck…your posts are hilarious! Laughed out loud to some. Nice work!!

  349. Cunt says:

    That’s because gweilo are the best, white people are better than everyone, and all other races automatically worship them. Is that what you’d like to hear?

  350. Anonymous says:


  351. Anonymous says:

    loser, KKK is selling Marlboro cigarettes. I bet you won’t get it.

  352. fuck off loser says:

    Lol , They clearly want to suck your soft dick, just putting it out now.

  353. fuck off loser says:

    To Cunt

    WOW , KKK member discover, lol shut up cunt ha ha .

  354. Ryan says:

    Awwwwww fo loser… you don’t want me to reply to you any more… I’m devastated. I thought you had a crush on me. At least give me a kiss kiss goodbye… c’mon luv… No? Then I’ll cry like a baby in a mental hospital.

    There you are:

  355. Buck says:

    The angriest people are bananas i.e Chinese people who have lived in the west, but cant live like westerners. They eat western food, adopt western values, and speak in an exaggerated English accent (especially when Caucasians are around), but at the end of the day….sorry pal… still look Chinese.

    It’s pretty sad. It’s probably unfair. But that’s just the way it is.

  356. fuck off loser says:

    To Ryan aka (schizophrenia patient, Lady Boy )Location (Mental Hospital)
    (I didn’t bother to look at your bullshit video and I WON’T BOTHER REPLYING TO YOU ANY MORE.)you wrote.

    Man , What the fuck is wrong with you ? WOW ,Clearly the treatments in the hospital don’t work . Do you take your pills on time ?

    Baby Ryan Don’t cry, check this out

    Feeling Better right now ………….. gay shit……….ha ha….

    As i said ( Deeds are males, and words are females.)Since you had reply ,that mean you “re a
    Girl . LOL What’s up? Lady Ryan ha ha …………….. ,

  357. Buck says:

    and right there is a chap who, clearly, has never lived in a western country. Reading between the lines (infact, just reading the lines and the uncivilized style), I would say it’s one of our 50 cent army friends.

  358. fuck off loser says:

    TO Buck

    WOW , Why you suddenly so serious ? No banana joke anymore? I thought you’re funny duh. I guess i’m wrong.

    Dude , you’ re in the East, you miss your Western Value so much , Why don’t you fuck back your shitty country . Save your words and put out you dick now , According to your narcissism ,clearly many people want to suck your soft penis. lol White Trash.ha ha………….

  359. Buck says:

    you’ve earned $4.50 tonight, boy.

  360. Gweilo suck says:

    I don’t know Buck. They don’t seem angry when they go overseas to be doctors and take care of obese westerners with type II diabetes and dementia. One thing is sure though, you are 100% certified racist.

  361. fuck off loser says:

    To Buck
    Er………… ………………..Sorry I’m not gay………….. You can save it for your daddy or call boy.

    White Trash , ha ha …………………..

  362. Gweilo suck says:

    Oh, don’t insult his Daddy, he will be sad.

  363. Anonymous says:

    Buck says:
    November 5, 2015 at 9:28 pm
    “Just been to a function. Why do they always put the qweilo (eg me) on the head table, in the middle of photos, and do speeches in English if a gweilo is there?”

    Not because they think you’re the best and want to worship you like that cunt suggested. It’s because they hate you, they envy you and deep down they would rather stab you. But they are Chinese (don’t forget where you are) and they cannot step outside the group think bubble. So they suppress anger and emotions because they’re terrified of losing face. If this fo loser was there he would be very polite and all smiles at you. That’s that thing they call culture. And they’re stupid enough to think we believe in their bullshit flattery. Or maybe they really just want to suck your cock to check if it’s really soft. Give them a pay rise ($4.75).

  364. fuck off loser says:

    To Anonymous
    Oh my JESUS , another White Narcissists , God please destroy White ppl ,they can’t be saved.

    Dude, God hates fags .Please Keep your gay stuff in mind .ER ……….. Why are most gay people white..?

  365. Anonymous says:

    Enjoy your therapy.

  366. fuck off loser says:

    To Anonymous

    Dude, You’re the one suppose to meet with Therapist to treat your Pathological Narcissism . Unfortunately it’s too damn late, it damaged your brain,can’t be cured .Now you ‘re officially became a Psychopath aka American Psycho . Ha ha ………….White Trash.

  367. Gweilo suck says:

    “The angriest people are bananas i.e Chinese people who have lived in the west, but cant live like westerners. They eat western food, adopt western values, and speak in an exaggerated English accent (especially when Caucasians are around), but at the end of the day….sorry pal… still look Chinese.”

    Sorry pal, not many people think like you do. But don’t worry, there’s a place for you. It’s called stormfront. See ya!

    I don’t see many angry Chinese overseas. I did see an over-representation of Chinese doctors in hospitals treating white people dying from type II diabetes, dementia etc., and they didn’t look angry at all.

    Funny though, without many changes to your paragraph, we can sum up the losers on this site perfectly:

    The angriest people are gweilo i.e white people who live in Hong Kong, but cant live like westerners. They eat western food, hang on to western values (whatever they are), and speak in an exaggerated English accent (especially when Caucasians are around), but at the end of the day….sorry pal… still look like a stupid fucking foreigner

  368. Gweilo suck says:

    “The angriest people are bananas i.e Chinese people who have lived in the west, but cant live like westerners. They eat western food, adopt western values, and speak in an exaggerated English accent (especially when Caucasians are around), but at the end of the day….sorry pal… still look Chinese.”

    Sorry pal, not many people think like you do. But don’t worry, there’s a place for you. It’s called stormfront. See ya!

    I don’t see many angry Chinese overseas. I did see an over-representation of Chinese doctors in hospitals treating white people dying from type II diabetes, dementia etc., and they didn’t look angry at all.

    Funny though, without many changes to your paragraph, we can sum up the losers on this site perfectly:

    The angriest people are gweilo i.e white people who live in Hong Kong, who try to live like westerners. They eat western food, hang on to western values (whatever they are), and speak in an exaggerated English accent (especially when Caucasians are around), but at the end of the day….sorry pal… still look like a stupid fucking foreigner

  369. fuck off loser says:

    To Gweilo suck

    Well-said! You’ re right on point .Keep up the good work .

  370. Anonymous says:

    And without many changes to this paragraph we can basically sum up Hong Kong Sucks:

    The angriest people are chinese and gweilo put together i.e white and yellow people who live in Hong Kong, who try to live like the other don’t exist. The white eat western food, hang on to western values because they tried to integrate and were not allowed to, and speak in an exaggerated English accent (especially when Caucasians are around) to remind themselves of who they are, but at the end of the day….sorry pal… still look like a stupid fucking foreigner and don’t stand a chance to integrate.

  371. Gweilo suck says:

    Well put anonymous, except that the only people angry about this situation are the foreigners. As I’ve said before, most locals don’t give a shit about gweilos.

    Also, you can only integrate as far as you are compatible.

  372. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think foreigners give a shit about HK Chinese locals, unless the service they receive from them is bad?

  373. Gweilo suck says:

    This blog wouldn’t exist if people didn’t give a shit. Look at this page, 200 odd comments bitching about the locals. Gweilo are deeply offended by the indifference of locals.

  374. Anonymous says:

    Only if the service is bad: restaurant / taxi / hotel / shop / in-flight etc. or if the HK Chinese worker is under performing, otherwise I honestly don’t think so. We are relieved that we don’t have to pretend to make friends with HK Chinese (other locals are fine cos they have brains and humor). My opinion and I am entitled to it. No trolling from you will change it. Bye Bye…off to catch my business class flight, hope the service if good, and very relieved that the pilot will 100% NOT be an HK Chinese fuck-wit.

  375. Anonymous says:

    G Suck
    “Also, you can only integrate as far as you are compatible.”

    That really depends on a very large presumption from the locals.

    If they really don’t give a shit about white people why do they stare at white people so much?

  376. Gweilo suck says:

    Same reason they stare at a cripple or a car crash.

  377. Anonymous says:

    Generally, people who stare at a crippled person, or a car crash, are retards. Thank you for clarifying that.

  378. Anonymous says:

    Chicks stare at cripples…they are worse than I thought.

  379. Gweilo suck says:

    Better than being thought of as a cripple though.

  380. Anonymous says:

    When Chinks stare at me they either: want to take my order; await work instruction or, exclusive to yellow women, want to try and fuck me and or marry me! Sorry..
    I know sounds bad everyone…bit too true right!?

  381. Buck says:

    I hear you.

    The local girls are interesting. Apart form the inherent attractiveness of gwielos, I think Chinese chicks are desperate to escape their overcrowded flat, 12k salary, and poor performing local “men” that are always walking round searching for their reflection and attaching little dolls to their backpacks.

    The local girls look young for so long, but all of a sudden, they shrink, make their hair short and curly, start wearing sunglasses inside, and get the most horrid yelling voice. They are certainly not a long term prospect. You have to keep trading them in for a new model.

    There’s not a lot of sex going on in HK, apparently, at least not amongst the locals. Perhaps they don’t need it. They’re all getting fucked by the government.

  382. Anonymous says:

    Spot on Buck.

    I agree with the earlier post…imagine getting on a CX flight and hearing: this is Captain Chan…I think many of us would insist on getting off!!!

  383. Gweilo suck says:

    Inherent attractiveness of gweilos… lmao, yes there is comedy on this site.

  384. fuck off loser says:

    To Anonymous
    I’m pretty sure you will be excting getting on Cx flight and hear your pilot is one of your White fellows.
    But don’t forget your Nazi friends Andreas Lubitz deliberately crashed the plane in the French Alps ,killing all 150 people on board a few months ago .

    Good luck for that , White Trash ……………………you all are cold-blood monster ,deserve to riot in the Hell .

  385. Anonymous says:

    Good point re the pilots Anon…Cathay has got that right. To add to that…how many of us trust Chinky Doctors?!…Anyone who can afford it avoids those fools like the plage!! Caucasian, Indian OK…Chinky = no thx and no way!!!

  386. fuck off loser says:

    To Buck aka ( The former Banana jokes lover )

    My favourite White Narcissist.I thought you were gay .Don’t lie to yourself , it s not a shame
    to being gay .(God hates fags duh………)Compare to your Narcissism , I prefer your stupid jokes. When will you throw the banana again ? LOL …ha ha White Trash .

  387. Anonymous says:

    Great point yourself Anon… I know someone who married a Chinese after he impregnated her…she insisted on Chink doctor who told her stuff like don’t eat watermellon or baby’s head will be to big, don’t eat bananas or mum will slip, throw away the colostrum cos it looks dirty (vital early breat milk that’s grey colour)

    Bananas advice from bananas. A reason to agree that HK Chinese Suck. They do need to fuck off back to their ancestral lands as many have suggested!!!

  388. Anonymous says:

    Indian Doctors!!!!!!!!!!! No, thanks. They smell like curry.

  389. Anonymous says:

    If Captain Wrong, Chan, Lee or any other banana is at the controls I am getting the fuck off the plane as well…and let’s be honest, so are half of the bananas on board!!! Cathay is not racist, they simply have to select the best based on brains, temperament, being able to stay calm and perhaps most of all…laterally problem solve under pressure.

  390. fuck off loser says:

    To Anonymous aka ( ask a question and answer it oneself)

    Did you reply to yourself lmfao .Time to take pill , Kideo.

    White Psychopath……………

  391. Gweilo suck says:

    Can’t any of you retards think of a name for yourself? Or are you really that chicken shit to even do that? Racist little pricks on keyboards, total fucking losers.

  392. Anonymous says:

    Classic comments:

    ‘this Captain Chan, me no understand airplanes, is there Australiany or Englushy in planes to help???’…PLEASE!!!’

    Hilarious, but also truly scary!!

  393. Gweilo suck says:

    Still can’t think of one? Let me help you out: “White pride 4ever”.

  394. French Fries says:

    Alright, let’s everybody just calm the fuck down . i just want to ask a question. How often do French people bathe?

  395. Nazi Germany says:

    I’m White , i ‘m a Nazi . i will fucking kill anybody who are not white, just watch your ass!

  396. Hitler says:

    Nazi Germany…your posts are hilarious! Laughed out loud to some. Nice work!!

  397. British Pride says:

    @ Gweilo suck

    SHUT THE FUCK UP CHINAMAN !!!!!!!! White people are the best .

  398. Buck says:

    “Is not”, FOL

  399. Fuck says:

    Buck…your posts are hilarious! Laughed out loud to some. Nice work!!

  400. fuck off loser says:

    ” it ‘s not” lol you’re wrong, Buck

  401. American Beauty says:

    I ‘m Angela Hayes . I’ve always been attracted to older men. Hello, My Darling.

  402. Buck says:

    who let the dogs out? I thought they had all been eaten.

  403. Anonymous says:

    Dudes…jumping back before the troll shit…which I don’t have time to read…is a great point: Chinaman flying the ‘plane??!! NO THANKS but it ain’t gonna happen, they will never make the cut. They can’t even drive cars. HK would slip another notch.

  404. Anonymous says:

    Agreed about Captain Wong….and Doctors!!!

  405. fuck off loser says:

    WOW, so many White Psychopath .

    God , I pray for you , please kill all the White People , they ‘re so fucking crazy and can’t be saved.

  406. fuck off loser says:

    To Buck

    Clearly It’s you .Some of your “Substitute” are crazy , please stop it!!!!!!!!!

  407. Buck says:

    you keep repeating the same stuff, FOL. There’s something about your tone that makes you funny rather than offensive. Like a little noddy. I’d like to slap your head. That would be funny too, yes?

  408. fuck off loser says:

    To Buck
    LOL You clearly feel offend , oh Baby boy please don’t cry .

    Please stop your Substitute ,especially those ( Buck…your posts are hilarious! Laughed out loud to some. Nice work!!) . White Psychopath…lol .

    By the way ,a Banana Jokes from you will be funny , ha ha ………….White Trash

  409. Buck says:

    Got to leave you folks now, my fat white wife needs me to clean her folds.

  410. fuck off loser says:

    To Buck

    Lol ,bring your Substitute with you, please ……. ha ha White Trash

  411. Buck says:

    go to sleep, slaphead.

  412. fuck off loser says:

    To Buck
    LOL. You should go to sleep with your Substitute, Jewhead . ha ha……….

  413. Gweilo suck says:

    Could it be that Buck is the banana after all? Was he one of the Chinese at the function when the gweilo got seated at the head of the table? Does he have to clock in and out? Is he the one who is westernized but never accepted? Say it aint so, Buck!

    But credit where credit’s due, the best defence is offence.

  414. Heinrich Himmler says:

    We need to kill all the Jews !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “Es lebe Adolf Hitler ” “Es lebe Adolf Hitler” Es Lebe Deutschland !!!!!!!!!!!

    Meine Ehre heißt Treue !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  415. Bananas says:

    Gweilos suck… your posts are hilarious! Laughed out loud to some. Nice work!!

  416. Buck says:

    Last night I dreamt I was in the MTR with huge crowds of locals. I woke up crying. What the hell is wrong with these sneaky fuckers, everywhere you go there are so many of them with their black hair and slitty eyes, why can’t they look like white people.

  417. Chinese Army says:

    White People go to Hell .Fuck you all White Pig . You ‘re all fucking Nazi. You ‘re all fucking gay. Fuck your father ,sister ,mother , brother, grandfather , grandmother, Fuck You all .You all fucking suck . Hope you all kill by terrorist .

  418. Anonymous says:

    Hang in there buddy, I know how it feels.

  419. Chinese Army says:

    @ Ugly White Buck

    No one want to look like a White Pig . You all fucking ugly. You all have ginger hair ,it mean you have no soul . You all smell like fucking pig , never shower .You all have fucking soft penis ,never get laid. You all have fucking big eyes look like a Gollum . White is a disgusting race , hope you all die soon .

  420. Mafia says:

    Chinese Army ,Watch your mouth ,son. If you don’ t shut up ,we will see what is gonna happen. Mamma mia !!!!!! I forgot to buy pasta.

  421. Buck says:

    Ths morning I held a door open for a child, and he burst into tears because I was so ugly. That’s HK.

  422. Buck says:

    clearly a couple of local fellas in this forum are butthurt.


  423. fuck off loser says:

    To Buck
    Lol , clearly your “Buck”hurt too . ha ha……….

    Gotcha , White Trash ………ha ha

  424. Bananas pride says:

    Fuck off loser… your posts are hilarious! Laughed out loud to some. Nice work!!

  425. Anonymous says:

    I think with the ferry crashes, sinkings and death since 97 handover questions need to be asked about the competence of HK Chinese to manage the service….or even captain the boats. Sad but true.

  426. Heinrich Himmler says:

    We need to kill all the gay people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “Es lebe Adolf Hitler ” “Es lebe Adolf Hitler” Es Lebe Deutschland !!!!!!!!!!!

    Meine Ehre heißt Treue !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  427. Natalie Portman says:

    @Heinrich Himmler
    Fuck you Nazi , How about i dance the Black Swan for you, and then you fucking kill yourself .

  428. Elton john says:

    Heinrich Himmler, What’s wrong with you ? Why do you hate gay people so much?

    I loves my honey bear David Furnish so much , you can’t hurt him , i will beat you by my song ,”your song”.

  429. Gweilo suck says:

    Well said anonymous about ferry safety! But you may want to start with Italian captains, what with the costa concordia. And check out the maritme safety record of the Philippines – truly scary stuff!

  430. Gweilo suck says:

    Canadians make pretty bad ferry captains too…

    Or maybe the problem is caucasians. After all, Titanic had a white captain, and we all know what happened there. Questions need to be asked about the competence of caucasians to captain boats. Sad but true.

  431. Edward Smith says:

    As the captain of RMS Titanic I declare that I sunk the ship because I am white and wanted to commit suicide, go straight to hell and take everyone with me. I instructed my crew to smash the ship into the first iceberg they could lay their eyes on. Caucasians should all go to hell, I say.

  432. Josef Mengele says:

    I want your eyeballs!!!!

  433. Gweilo suck says:

    Yup, definitely a pattern here. The 2003 Staten Island ferry crash, one of the worst in US history with 11 deaths and 165 injuries, was caused by a caucasian pilot. From wikipedia:

    “The ferry’s pilot, Richard Smith, attempted suicide by slitting his left wrist while still on the boat. He then slipped away so suddenly that he left his house keys. He was found shortly afterwards at home, having apparently broken in. Smith had again tried to kill himself, this time by shooting himself twice in the chest with a pellet gun, but also survived this second suicide attempt.”

  434. Buck says:

    “lived in the west, but can’t live like a westerner”.

    ouch. That comment caught you two in the solar plexus. That pain is going to linger. Yes?

    I should apologise. mmmm. nah.

  435. Buck Mistress says:

    Buck Buck , My Honey Bee . I love you so much .You ‘re always right .

  436. Anonymous says:

    Then live in fucking Hong Kong:

    Enjoy the minibus ride. It happened a few hours ago.

  437. Adolf Hitler says:

    Heinrich Himmler !!!!!!!!!!!!! Mein Genosse!!!!!!!!!!Mein Genosse!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Es Lebe Deutschland !!!!!!!!!!! Es Lebe Deutschland !!!!!!!!!!! Germany tomorrow will expect you, Germany’s young boys !!!!!!!!!!! They carefully, someday our patience has come to an end, then we will let those shameless Jews never shut up!

    Gib Gas!Deutschland!Gib Gas!Deutschland!Gib Gas!Deutschland!

  438. Hitler says:

    Heinrich Himmler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mein Genosse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mein Genosse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Germany tomorrow will expect you, Germany’s young boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gib Gas!Deutschland!Gib Gas!Deutschland!

  439. Gweilo suck says:

    Buck, all your pointless racism is doing is showing me, your fellow white man, that you’re a few giant leaps down the evolutionary ladder from the average local.

    Actually you haven’t said what you are, although you don’t deny you’re a banana which is noteable.

  440. Gweilo suck says:

    Don’t like Hong Kong? Then live in fucking London. Enjoy the bus ride, happened a few days ago:

  441. Lazy Spaniard says:

    Hola zzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ …………………… Hola zzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…..Hola

  442. Anonymous says:

    And there it is another fuckhead trying to rebut the incident with yet another incident in London. How fucking clever! The coverage of the bus crashing into a tree in London is inconclusive – it does not cover the cause of the accident. Typical crap coverage of fucking English tabloids like the Daily Mail. The difference here is that the incident involving a minibus and a container lorry in Hong Kong (Ting Kau Bridge) is that the accident was caught on camera. Maybe if you get your head off your ass you will watch the video (yes, there is a video of the actual crash on the above link, you fucking idiot). And if you care to take your fucking head off your ass and watch the video you’ll realize that the minibus driver launches the vehicle into the back of the lorry like a fucking rocket. There’s not a sign of brake likes. The lorry was coming to a halt because the engine stalled and the driver was trying to pull over as the lorry was coming to a halt. The minibus driver maybe thought he could fly pass the lorry and drove into the back of it like a kamikaze. And that’s how they drive on a daily basis, like fucking Kamikazes. You twat think that Caucasians who were born in HK cannot understand and/or read Chinese. Well, you’re way out of your depth.

  443. Buck says:

    Is this a fucking road safety blog?

  444. Buck Wife says:

    Buster Buck ,Where have you been ? when will you come home ?I ‘m so angry right now but You are funny, I forgive You.

  445. Gweilo suck says:

    Anonymous, I sure hope your Chinese is good because your English sucks. Now read this.

    Does this prove anything? No, unless I have a preconception about British bus drivers. Does your story prove anything? Same.

  446. Anonymous says:

    Fuck you Buck.

    And for you G Suck shit, yes my English sucks but your mind sucks even more. Fuck you, fuck Hong Kong, fuck minibus drivers and fuck this blog. You fuckers can all rot in hell.

  447. Anonymous says:

    You should see this beautiful apartment asking $90,000 per month in rent.

    What a tasteless shithole.

  448. Buck says:

    meanwhile, while I’m extremely busy getting laid and paid, the western wannabies (GS and FOL) are sitting here all day with one hand on the keyboard. It says a lot.

  449. Gweilo suck says:

    Well it’s great to see you had time between English classes to post yesterday at 5:07 pm.

  450. fuck off loser says:

    To Buck aka (Lonely Little Buck )
    Lol , What can a lonely animal do? Buck said you can siting at zoo all day ,dreaming getting laid and paid.Loser…………..ha ha

  451. Handsome Italian says:

    Mamma mia !!!!!! !!!!!!!! Mamma mia !!!!!! Mamma mia !!!!!! Mamma mia !!!!!! Mamma mia !!!!!!
    Mamma mia !!!!!! Mamma mia !!!!!! Mamma mia !!!!!! Mamma mia !!!!!!

  452. TonyM says:

    HK Chinese are not good at driving. Facts are Facts. Indicating, sowing down, awareness of others….rather like their ability to walk and check the phone at the same time: NOT GOOD.

  453. Stupid Aussie says:

    As you know I’m stupid . I love eating Kangaroo .

  454. Sowing down says:

    Your are a failure tony. Facts are facts.

  455. Tdong says:

    Hi all. As Korean in HK for nearly 3 years I don’t know why all so named ‘Luxary’ or expensive apartment buildings and developments must have an English name?! I lived in London and know these names Right? You guys now China for 330 years, why all nice places having UK names? No Chinese want to live in special building with Chinese name??

  456. Buck says:

    “lived in the west, but cant live like a westerner”. Ouch.

    GS/FOL is showing his true Chinese colors now. “Full force” means fake names, biting, kicking, screaming. Typically Chinese. Typically barbaric.

  457. My name is Buck says:

    Most of the time my name is Buck , at other times my names areTonyM ,Winnie Chan,Man Ho Wang,etc………………………………… I’m retarded . I love to repeat my racist speech Two Thousand Times, cause i ‘m lonely . I ‘m a stupid White man ,psychopath.I love to butt fuck my father ,I’m a gay bastard .

  458. A fucked up mind says:

    There’s not a sign of brake likes. You fuckers can all rot in hell. Like a little noddy. You’re a sad loser who dwell on garbage to prove your point. And thank you for the anonymous above who acknowledged the disgusting insult to my deceased mother. I like white guys.

  459. Buck says:

    all you’ve achieved, GS/FOL, is reinforce all the reasons why the Gweilos here poke fun at HK and HK people. All you’ve achieved is to make the Gwielos here more determined to shoulder charge the clown walking round steering at his cell phone, or demote the idiot that cant do anthing independently without a step by step manual. By spamming, you’ve stiffled the opportunity for Gwielos to vent their frustrations here, so that instead they will channel it towards the locals they meet on a day to day, face to face, basis. Online to offline.

    Mission accomplished?

    See you on the streets, loser. You represent everything that sucks about HK.

  460. Gweilo suck says:

    Sure Buck. First learn how to spell gweilo, it’s “your peoples” stupid romanization system after all.
    I’m sure the 7 million inhabitants of HK are fucking quaking in their shoes now that the 1 or maybe 2 english teachers have been “set loose” from this pathetic site. So go ahead with your campaign of terror, maybe a triad will take a meat cleaver and carve you up like a fat pink pig. What a fucking twat. People like you can only lose in HK, so just fuck off while you have a little self respect left.

  461. Revise Machine says:

    All you’ve achieved, Buck/Man Ho Wang/TonyM/Winnie Chan/etc……………is reinforce all the reasons why the HK Chinese here poke fun at Western and White people. All you’ve achieved is to make the HK Chinese here more determined to shoulder charge the clown walking round steering at his cell phone, or demote the White idiot that can’t do anything independently without a step by step manual. By spamming, you’ve stiffled the opportunity for HK Chinese to release their angry here, so that instead they will channel it towards the White people they meet on a day to day, face to face, basis. Online to offline.

    Mission accomplished?

    See you on the streets, loser. You represent everything that sucks about Western.

  462. TonyM says:

    Error…I am NOT Buck. You Loser and Suck are to panicky and aggressive to ever be pilots or senior in business.

    -Why, when HK has twice the population of New Zealand are HK people sooooo bad at all sports
    -Why do triads have to attack only when it’s 30 to 1…cowards?
    -Why do HK girls prefer Western guys?

    Tony…promise not Buck.

  463. Gweilo suck says:

    – Because they are smaller and most sports were invented by white people who have different physiques. Although HK would kick NZ ass at ping pong. Why does NZ have to import so many asian doctors?
    – Really? They’re criminals, who cares.
    – Only the trashy ones. On the whole, they don’t, too much cultural differences. Why do white guys prefer asian girls?

  464. I 'm not Buck!!!!!!!!!! I swear!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    @ TonyM

    Buck…your posts are hilarious! Laughed out loud to some. Nice work!!

  465. Anonymous says:

    Ping pong a sport????

    What blog is this!!??

  466. Shinzo Abe says:

    Should have let us Japs keep it.

  467. Akie Abe says:

    Shinzo Abe , my lovely husband . We jap …………….jap………. jap ………jap ….jap will take over the world .

  468. Western Hypocrite says:

    France is a lovely place . My White Fellows please change your facebook icon into a France Flag,

    Lol………………Dumb shit .

  469. Not a Terrorist says:

    White Pig………………………. ha ha …………………………….. saw our power…………………we are coming……………..

  470. Barack Obama says:

    Hello , Mr Terrorist . We’re not afraid . I’m a OREO , i will deep fried you in the milk.

  471. White People Suck says:

    White people are ugly , rude and stupid, please fuck off and riot in the hell .

  472. France Suck says:

    France is a dirty ,horrible country . france people are ugly , rude . ISIS , well done

  473. Everyone Suck says:

    Salt the earth start again

  474. Pamela says:

    I love this piece. It’s like you are reading my mind. It’s where souls come to die I am currently planning my escape back to real civilisation where people are friendly and courteous.

    Mtr rage is a favourite of mine. Please allow passengers to alight from the train first. As they squeeze on in a desperate attempt to knock over old people and pregnant ladies for a seat so they don’t need to stand for 5mins…. Another favourite of mine is them closing lift doors on you whilst maintaining eye contact…. Like they are evil!

    I mean maybe it’s a survival of the fittest kind of thing but either way, it’s not the way I was raised nor how I want to live my life. 😦

  475. Gweilo suck says:

    Where are you from, Pamela?

  476. Anonymous says:

    Don’t tell him its none of his fucking business

  477. Anonymous says:

    Where are you from, Gweilo suck?

  478. vi vi says:

    I was born and raised in Chungking Mansions.

  479. Anonymous says:

    Hong Kong should be re named as ‘Fuckwit Island’. It’s useful in a lot of ways, but also tragic.

    It would be a generous moniker in that it does not go to the density of scum out there like the sad liars who troll this blog: Gweilos Suck and equally his angry, fantasist, lying, insecure, racist friend of many names.

  480. Anonymous says:

    Hey Dudley,

    How about a post on those retards, I mean outdoors enthusiasts, who got themselves stranded on Tai Mo Shan over the weekend? I don’t mean the ultramarathon contestants. These were your ordinary members of the public who wanted to sample some adverse weather.

    According to the SCMP over 100 “frost hunters” (Hmm. yeah me too) went for a hike on the mountain leaving their cars so badly parked on the access road that the emergency seviices had to walk 3 clicks to reach them when they called for help after realising they couldn’t walk across icy ground.

  481. Yeah I was thinking about it…maybe…dunno. I got a couple of other ideas in the pipeline anyway. I’ll unleash them a bit later.

  482. Anonymous says:

    “– I don’t care how drunk I am…I still refuse to burp and fart audibly at work. It’s just not right.”

    There are two instances in which any human being, with a shred of human sense of basic social behaviour and manners, would do that:

    1. You absolutely fucking hate your job and everyone around you, therefore you don’t give a shit about social etiquette (the pleasure of despise).
    2. You are an unbelievably rude, oblivious and ignorant asshole.

    Mr and Mrs Chan are obviously well aware of the two; and although they may hide behind their fucking Chinese culture (or Hong Kong people’s culture, or whatever the fuck you may call it), they will never behave in this manner in the West – surprise, surprise!. This can only lead me to believe that they actually fit both instances. A combination of psychopaths (or sociopaths) and a deeply ingrained oppositional defiant disorder, which is constantly smoked screened by a culture that is clearly worth shit. If their culture is so “righteous and meaningful” as they are so proud to display in that shithole of theirs (Hong Kong), they would be more than happy to display their cultural traits and behaviour further afield, which is clearly not the case. Classic case of double standards, and dishonesty at its best.

  483. Gweilos Suck says:

    Look, your western viewpoint is worthless, so your pathetic banal rant has no relevance to hk. Please kill yourself, you hateful little shit.

  484. Anonymous says:

    My western viewpoints are very worthy. Your pathetic and banal answer does not detract me from my view point. In fact it strengthens it. So go fuck yourself whether you’re a fucking chinese, or a fucking white, or both. My hate has very deep roots in this evil, banal and materialistic, society of yours. and I will not let my hate go until I see this satanic place suffocating in its own materialistic sewage. I am not going to kill myself because I have a lot to live for, but I advice you to kill yourself because the style of life you chose for yourself will kill you before your time. Not that I care about it, you filthy motherfucker.

  485. Skyhigh says:

    Why are you so mad about bringing money to a wedding? It’s simply the tradition of HK. When you attend a wedding you bring a “lai see” to the couple as the gift. That’s not an “entrance fee”. Everyone you see in the wedding banquet pays it. Why should you, a foreigner, be the only exception? Is it very hard to follow the HK tradition just for once? Or are you simply a miser who wants to eat and drink for free as you’re a “new-comer” while others paid hundreds or thousands?

  486. Gweilo suck says:

    Because stupid gweilo think they are superior to Chinese.

  487. Why are you so mad about bringing money to a wedding? It’s simply the tradition of HK. When you attend a wedding you bring a “lai see” to the couple as the gift. That’s not an “entrance fee”. Everyone you see in the wedding banquet pays it. Why should you, a foreigner, be the only exception? Is it very hard to follow the HK tradition just for once? Or are you simply a miser who wants to eat and drink for free as you’re a “new-comer” while others paid hundreds or thousands?

    Me: Kenny Fong! Welcome to my country. How was the flight? Want to go to a wedding?
    Kenny Fong: Umm…well…I don’t know…
    Me: Come on! Come check out our culture!
    Kenny Fong: Err ok. Are you sure…I mean I don’t even know anyone…
    Me: Sure!! Don’t worry.
    Kenny Fong: Well ok, thanks for the invite! That’s real friendly of you 🙂
    Me: Kenny, it’s gonna be $100US…just put the cash in this envelope ok.
    Kenny Fong: oh…um..huh?

  488. Anonymous says:

    Everyone you see in a wedding banquet will either know the bride, or the groom, or at least some member of the family from either. If you do invite a complete stranger to a wedding banquet (especially a foreigner), you are either offering a gesture of hospitality, or kindness. You know… that sort of gesture hongkongers think only comes out of someone’s pocket. Remember (or at least try to), that this person has no obligation whatsoever towards your “lai see” tradition. Nobody should have to feel coerced to comply with your tradition, this is called intimidation and it is exactly what that git from the previous post just said in reverse “a way of imposing your perceived Chinese superiority on other people”. Two words for you hongkongers, GENEROSITY and HOSPITALITY, if you remotely know the meaning of those words in practice.

  489. Gweilo suck says:

    The real problem here is that you guys are taking offence where none was given. Be it wedding gifts or people spitting in the street, nobody is trying to piss you off. Your little world of rage doesn’t exist outside your gweilo bubble. So yes, asking wedding guests for money is rude from a Western perspective. It’s not rude from a Hong Kong perspective. Since YOU ARE IN HONG KONG NOW, it should be obvious which perspective matters.

  490. Gweiloo Sucker says:

    I came to this place and was surprised that the government is coercing me to pay taxes!!

    They should be more generous. I am a Gweiloo after all.

    I am the life of the party.

    Don’t they what hospitality means!!

    goodness me..

  491. If you invite a complete stranger to a wedding banquet (especially a foreigner), you are either offering a gesture of hospitality, or kindness. If you ask him to cough up money, you’re from Hong Kong.

    My country has a tradition of gifts and money for weddings too. But I would never dream of asking a stranger/ foreigner to contribute money had I extended an invitation to them. God, what a fucking cunt I would be to do that. Could you imagine?

    See, that’s the difference. It’s SUBTLE but people with empathy and heart get it.

    Hong Kongers don’t.

    Thanks for visiting my site!

  492. Gweilo suck says:

    You’re welcome Dudley, and thanks for making it. Which country is that by the way? Perhaps that tradition of empathy and heart has led to such a dilution of your culture that there’s nothing left, which is why you have such trouble understanding a real culture when you see one.

  493. Clint says:

    Hong Kong’s a ‘real culture’??? Don’t think so. HK’s a schizophrenic east meets west mish mash of confused spiteful morons who don’t know if they’re western or asian, Arthur or Martha. HK was pimped out to the British East Asia Company like a commodity by limp irresponsible Chinese authorities over a hundred years ago. The whole town is based on it being a whore…something to ‘use’ and that’s reflected in a ‘culture’ of spite, fear, greed, superstition, shallowness and mental disorder characterized by abnormal social behavior and failure to understand what is real.

  494. Anonymous says:

    Gweilo suck says:
    November 29, 2016 at 11:00 pm
    “Which country is that by the way? Perhaps that tradition of empathy and heart has led to such a dilution of your culture that there’s nothing left, which is why you have such trouble understanding a real culture when you see one”.

    You have a real problem. What do you mean by “dilution of culture”? There are people living in the West, people who work to earn their living, who constitute families, who aspire to provide a better quality of life for the future of their children, who do their best to educate children with good notions of values (including empathy, generosity, respect for others, etc.). Now if you are another one of those delusional conspiracy theorists, that’s your problem. Nothing left? If you have really been to the West as you claim, either you only looked for trouble, cannot see an inch beyond your nose, or you’re suffering from some sort of mental disorder which blocks your capacity for reasoning, distorting everything Western in favour of your so called “real culture”. You’re probably simply a psychopath, like most of your Hong Kong friends. By the way, those values discussed hitherto have nothing to do with “real” or “unreal” culture, those are qualities attributed to the human species as a whole (with the exception of Hong Kong, it seems).

    And for that dipshit who named himself Gweiloo Sucker, the tribute of paying taxes isn’t coercion, it’s an accepted legal obligation in ANY country. Now, if you’re a scumbag, or corporate wanker, or a business dealer involved with corrupt government individuals you can always strike a deal, an opt out from your tax duties. Why don’t you try that, sucker?

  495. Gweilo suck says:

    There’s the talk of mental illness again. Apart from me and Dudley, I think there’s only one other person here. I couldn’t read most of that diarrhoea sorry.

  496. Mickey Mouse says:

    My name is Mickey and I ain’t going to pay no taxes to the locals.

    They pay me to come, provide me with free whores, a place to live and thousands of cheap labour and willing slaves!!

    Best of all, I will make billions of dollars from their countrymen!!

  497. Anonymous says:

    OOOOOh! Sucking up to Dudley now, eh Gweilo Suck. Don’t read, just piss off and get a life.

  498. Rothchild says:

    Mickey Mouse says:
    November 30, 2016 at 3:00 pm

    “Best of all, I will make billions of dollars from their countrymen!!”

    Exactly! And I enjoy filling my fat arse pockets with dollars from this rank and file pleb.

    I enjoy eating idiots like Li Ka-shing and Lee Shau Kee for dessert.

    Keep spitting on each other and keep that cheap labor coming! That’s how I like it.

    I’ll give you a lai see at the end of every year for you to feel happy about your culture.

    Merry Christmas!

  499. Anonymous says:

    Gweilo suck says:
    November 30, 2016 at 2:33 pm
    “There’s the talk of mental illness again. Apart from me and Dudley, I think there’s only one other person here. I couldn’t read most of that diarrhoea sorry”.

    It’s Diarrhea idiot. Apart from “you” and “Dudley” there’s only one person here… your nightmare. Sleep well, Sissy.

  500. Anonymous says:

    Gweilo suck says:
    November 29, 2016 at 11:00 pm
    “You’re welcome Dudley, and thanks for making it”.

    So that I can troll and shelter my lifeless existence.

  501. Gweilo suck says:

    Sorry can’t respond, got to go and buy a box of extra large condoms for tonight, got a fuck date with the 25 year old.

  502. Sigmund says:

    this place has got plenty of personality disorder…

    Schizoid, Paranoid, Borderline, Obsessive-compulsive, Passive-aggressive, Negativistic, Avoidant, Narcissistic, Antisocial, Depressive etc

    they are everywhere!!

  503. Gweilo suck says:

    Four condoms in four hours, I’m exhausted. These local girls are insatiable. Personality disorder? Who gives a fuck!

  504. Skyhigh says:

    I’ll try to explain it to you…attending a wedding banquet and bringing “lai see” is a tradition, and also a gesture of kindness. Because hosting a wedding banquet costs a lot (FYI unlike the west it is paid by the groom), and it is a gesture of kindness to share his costs. You may not agree with it, but then this is the tradition. Whether you are a stranger or a foreigner or not doesn’t matter. If you don’t feel comfortable with it, you can simply say “no”.

    I’ll make an analogy. Think of you inviting a Chinese guy to a formal western classical music concert. You would expect him to be well-dressed (in western style) and not yell at the phone during the concert, and he may not even be able to get into the concert hall if he wears sneakers or such. Well, this Chinese guy “has no obligation whatsoever towards your tradition” right? He must “feel coerced to comply with your tradition” and feel “intimidated” when he was barred from entering the concert hall. But then this is the tradition, and this doesn’t depend on whether that guy is a foreigner or not.

  505. Clint says:

    Got it. Weddings in Chinese culture are about ‘a ledger of cost’. It’s a culture of cold hard cash but even more importantly…of making sure that no one person gets anything for free. Duly noted. I think, however, that the blog writer is clearly stating that he does in fact disagree with this kind of mockery, insult to and perversion of the union between man and woman.

    That you singularly fail to comprehend the sentiments expressed here…that you fail to pick up on the nuance of the situation explained, shows you to be lacking in basic universal human compassion, empathy and understanding. Much like the vast majority of Hong Kongers.

    Your only recourse is to hide behind a weak “cultural” defense and to trot this defense out as a justification that excuses an asshole who fleeced cash out of a newcomer to Hong Kong.

    There is no culture in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a whore city. Sold by irresponsible Chinese authorities to greedy and treacherous British East India Company ghouls. It’s a schizophrenic mish-mash of confused, alienated, shallow cretins who, it would appear, think it’s well within social norms to expect a new arriver to their city, going to a wedding reception for strangers to hand over $100 US.

    This is shameful. If you want to defend these superficial assholes, then use the only true defense: that they have been living in a city designed for economic rape…not for family, heart and soul. This is a city built to service business. Therefore the only defense lies specifically in this very thing. The people are commodities. The ‘government’ (the criminal syndicate) don’t care about them at all. Most locals work in the customer service industry. They serve business interests…but from low vantage points. They are slaves. Their point of view is informed by the coldness of the situation they find themselves in. That’s why they themselves, are cold.

    There is no ‘culture of money’ like you are trying to argue. That’s crazy talk, fool. Money and cash should never be proudly displayed as an aspect of a people’s ‘culture’. And if it is…then, well, just as this blog says…ridicule should ensue.

    As for your painfully confusing and inarticulate ‘analogy’ about classical music….LOL…is the only ‘word’ that comes to mind.

    Now fuck off and go and learn something. Reading more posts in this fine blog would be a good place to start.

  506. Anonymous says:

    Skyhigh says:
    December 4, 2016 at 5:22 pm
    “… gibberish…”.

    Here he is again, the ape without a shred of knowledge and understanding of… well, anything. Western Classical Music tradition in this case. Where the hell did you hear that bullshit about “dress code” for entering a classical concert hall in the West? This is not “Eyes Wide Shut” you colossal idiot. Nobody has ever been barred from entering a concert hall for wearing sneakers, or jeans, or t-shirt in the West. You’re probably talking about that pile of junk called Hong Kong Cultural Centre. The only instance when your Chinese guy would not be able to access a concert hall in the West is if he hasn’t got a valid ticket, is pissed drunk, wants to show his tiny knob trough his fly or is only wearing underpants. And by the way, if a Chinese guy yells on his fucking mobile phone during a concert in the West, he’s an unbelievable asshole, and deserve to be kicked out with his fucking teeth smashed in and his phone across his throat. That would certainly not be “coercion” or “intimidation”, I assure you. Now fuck off.

  507. Anonymous says:

    Come on.

    Asking a stranger to a Chinese wedding is rare.

    Asking a Gweiloo is rarer.

    Reminding a friend or stranger to pay money for the wedding is unheard of.

    You are making stuff up.

  508. Abdul the bull says:

    I love this blog and fools it attracts, up there is Skyhigh thinking westerners all wear tuxedos or suits with nicely polished shoes to concerts! So Skyhigh’s knowledge and opinions of the west are all founded on and informed by…MOVIES!

    Then we have the Guilo Suck…lets not be too cruel to him, we don’t want him not trolling with his hilarious nonsense and lies….all written in Chinglish!!!

  509. James says:

    As a Classical Music lover, let me give my account of attending a classical concert at the Hong Kong Cultural Shit (Centre) and its Hong Kong Philharmoronic Orchestra. I was unfortunate enough to spend my money to watch a disgusting rendition of Mahler Symphony No. 9, given by HKPO. I have seen amazing orchestras such as the Berlin Philharmonic at the Berlin Philharmonie, The Vienna Philharmonic at the Musikverein, New York Philharmonic at the Carnigie Hall, the Budapest Symphony Orchestra at the Müpa Budapest, the London Symphony Orchestra at the Barbican Centre, The London Philharmonic Orchestra at the Royal Festival hall, etc. I was disgusted to see the level of semi-professionalism at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. One of the most disgusting performances I have ever seen in my life. A bunch of Chinese half-wit trying to show some sense of performance in the best ape style. Mingled with the Chinese there were some Westerners who looked like they were as displaced as lab rats in an diseased experiment. The Hong Kong Cultural Centre was conceived and designed by British architects, probably the same ones ones who conceived and designed the crap Barbican Centre and Royal Festival Hall, but at least the LSO and LPO surpass the limitations of those crap halls, whereas the HKPO emphasizes the faults of HKCO. I felt like asking for my money back, but then again, bad experiences are to be taken as life learning processes. Never to be repeated again. But I take my bad experiences in Hong Kong as life experiences. They are learning processes, learning that the Chinese culture is as shallow as an open sewage, where people don’t have a shred of knowledge about anything, and yet assume they have. Where the grotesque can be considered “acceptable” and where pure incompetence and mockery is hailed as something to behold.

  510. Anonymous says:

    Fuckin brilliant 😂😂

  511. Cat's Eye says:

    It never smells fresh in HK, but today it smells especially bad. Has anyone else noticed?

    Does anyone leave HK with their sanity intact?

    I’ve always wanted to attend classical concert or other event at the Cultural Centre. Thank you, James, for saving me time and money.

  512. Dim Sum tastes horrible Island says:

    Cats Eye: Chinese people re-use their cooking oil many many times until it is thick and almost solid when room temperature. Worse, the garlic used every time becomes burned and rancid. The smell of this ungodly smoking mixture permeates this hell hole. Additionally, locals very rarely use toothpaste, and the breath smell times a few million must add to the miasma. Local staff have to be told to clean their teeth…always an awkward moment.

  513. farhan says:

    You are always 100% right!
    i am done with hong kong chinese peope these days.The bus seats are so small,MTR seats are small,everything is small,They keep yelling that they are different from china people,They still dont freaking understand that it is the British law that always and still saves them from others but still they keep yelling that we are different!!!!Your English is so poor in international stranded
    Hong Kong Chinese Peoples biggest problem is they dont respect their own country and their people.
    Hong Kong Chinese People Here is something that i want you to deeply understand.

  514. farhan says:

    Sorry typo: international *standard*, Chinese *People*

  515. Anonymous says:

    if you have so many complaints, please leave the city. buy a ticket and get the fuck out of here, no-one will try to stop you.

  516. Martial arts is bogus says:

    Just avoid the chinks unless they are:
    -Serving you in one form or another
    -Licking your asshole (goes to first point I guess, personally, I have never and will never stop to fucking them)
    -Giving you money
    This is my advice for sanity and survival here.
    Never forget they are angry, unsigned racists with shit for brains.

  517. Martial arts is bogus says:

    stoop to fucking them

  518. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous says:
    July 17, 2017 at 11:27 pm
    “if you have so many complaints, please leave the city. buy a ticket and get the fuck out of here, no-one will try to stop you.”
    Yeah… get the fuck out of our countries as well you pieces of shit.

  519. Anonymous says:

    “if you have so many complaints, please leave the city. buy a ticket and get the fuck out of here, no-one will try to stop you.”

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