The Life of a Dog

Over the past couple of weeks my neighbour’s house has started to reek more and more of dog again. She has one in there somewhere…some small, poor sad eyed thing that hasn’t seen another dog or the outside of its detestable owner’s house since it was imprisoned there many years ago. It’s a living ornament…a symbol of its owner’s selfishness and ignorant disregard for the rights of dogs to piss on tree trunks and sniff the air. Hey Hong Kong, your soulless letterbox houses forfeit your rights to keep pets. The environment isn’t suitable. Don’t you get it? Your tiny homes, cramped conditions and ugly tight spaces have turned all of you into nasty, distasteful, spite filled thorns…god knows what’s happening to the animals forced to live with you. I say ‘god knows’…but there’s really no secret. A quick look at the SPCA site or a walk through pretty much any Hong Kong pet shop will show you that ‘Hong Kong’ and ‘animal cruelty’ are as synonymous as ‘abhorrent’ and ‘despicable’. But that’s a topic for another post. Today, I want to focus on cruelty of a different kind…cruelty that Hong Kong all but institutionalizes. But first, back to that smell…

Hong Kong dog in its natural environment

A Hong Kong dog in its natural environment…loving life.

So my stupid neighbour’s house reeks of dog. Her door is so close to mine that if they both opened outward and not in, they would hit each other half way. Every time I come or go, I get a nostril full of filth. ‘Run a mop over the floor, splash some Dettol around, spray some air freshener, light a box of matches…anything you dirty old bag. Just get rid of that stench. It’s been getting steadily worse for 3 weeks.’ She lives in there with her deranged son. He’s a minibus driver. He walks in huge thunderous clomping steps because he lacks fine motor skills and his fingers for some reason are so bulbous he can’t bend them or hold a piece of paper. In summer, he likes to sit at the kitchen table in his underpants while his mother serves him some kind of Chinese slop. He’s about 40yo. Both of them have prodigious booming voices and like to slam the door as hard as they can every time they come home or go out. I know, I know…it could be worse. As far as Hong Kong neighbours go, I got lucky…but there is that issue of the smell…and I’ll get back to that, but first let’s turn our attention to the Hong Kong mother of 2 who was found guilty this week of the systematic abuse and torture of Indonesian women, Erwiana Sulistyaningsih.

The guilty woman & her victim

The guilty woman & her victim

For the full article go here. For more info go here or here.

Hong Kong court finds Indonesian maid Erwiana Sulistyaningsih ‘tortured’ by former employer

A Hong Kong woman has been convicted of beating and starving her Indonesian maid in a “torture” case that sparked international outrage and put a spotlight on the plight of migrant domestic workers in the Middle East and Asia.

The verdict, read out to a courtroom packed with journalists and activists, was met with cheers by supporters of Erwiana Sulistyaningsih, a former domestic helper who has become the face of a campaign for improved workers’ rights in the financial hub.

Pictures of the injuries sustained by Ms Sulistyaningsih, who was admitted to hospital in her home country emaciated and in a critical condition, at the hands of mother-of-two Law Wan-tung fuelled anger in Indonesia and shocked Hong Kong.

“She was, for want of a better word, a prisoner on those premises,” Judge Amanda Woodcock said.
“She was completely isolated.
“She did not complain about the abuse because of fear…When Erwiana left Hong Kong, she was a shadow of her former self.”

Law, who was arrested in January last year, was found guilty of 18 of the 20 charges laid against her. She had denied all the charges. Law was convicted of offences including grievous bodily harm with intent, assault, criminal intimidation and failure to pay wages. The only two counts she was not found guilty of were related to her treatment of another domestic worker.

During the six-week trial, prosecutors said Law turned household items such as a mop, a ruler and a clothes hanger into “weapons” against her maids. Ms Sulistyaningsih has described in vivid detail how she was “tortured”, starved, beaten and ritually humiliated by Law, with prosecutors saying she was treated as an “unpaid slave”.

She said she lived for months on nothing but bread and rice, sleeping only four hours a day and being so badly beaten by her then-employer that she was knocked unconscious.

Law is due to face sentencing on February 27.

Strings to Hong Kong's bow...racism, abuse, slavery...

Strings to Hong Kong’s bow…gaudy restaurants, bigots, bores, shallowness, racism, abuse, slavery…

What makes this case even more deplorable is that the Hong Kong government has built the potential for this kind of abuse into the foundation of the whole ‘maid’ system…and what’s more, have taken no action to stamp out maid abuse in the wake of the case. Basically, the stance of the government is that it’s ok to pay foriegn domestic workers in handfuls of magic beans, to lie to them, fleece money from them via bogus recruitment initiatives, confiscate and withold documents, manipulate debts, create an environment where it’s ok to portray them as clumsy and inept, to sexually abuse them, to racially abuse them, to withhold holidays, over-charge them in administrative fees, work them like animals for up to 17 hours a day and give them a 14 day window to get out of town or get a job should they find themselves out of contract.

Business as usual for the HK Government. Nothing to see here, nothing to see here.

Business as usual for the HK Government. Nothing to see here, nothing to see here.

The system breeds a dangerously nochalant and negative attitude from a city made up of people notoriously at the bottom of the barrel in terms of the concept of ‘other people’ and the idea of fairness and civility. When gross disrespect is built into the system on a government level, you can imagine the kind of contempt and disregard in the minds of those who buy into the services of a cheap slave. And I say ‘slave’ because euphemistic terms like ‘maid’ and ‘helper’, after all, just don’t cut it and are really only favoured by locals and expats alike, who just can’t manage to take care of their own responsibilities and think they need…’help’. ‘Maid’ and ‘helper’ are soft words for hard labour. And employers know it. Local slave drivers are full of superiority and malice while expats glibly support the system, throwing a few extra bucks at their slave at Christmas to make themselves feel good.

Institutionalized discrimination

Institutionalized discrimination

Man's best friend's home.

Mummy can we have a puppy? I see no reason why not my darling.

So anyway, my neighbour’s a deadshit. And so’s her halfwit son. Guess what happens when the stink of their imprisoned dog gets bad enough to peel paint off the wall? Yeah, a couple of Indonesian ‘helpers’ come to clean up. Their body language says it all. The old bitch intimidates them with her ingrained sense of self importance. She holds all the aces while the maids clean up dog shit and scrub her S-bend. The workers slink in and out of her house with their shoulders hunched and their tail between their legs, as if they are expecting a short clip over the ears at any moment. They speak in hushed tones and don’t look their master in the eye. It’s pitiful. But it’s perfectly ok in Hong Kong. Everybody does it because it’s cheap. It doesn’t matter that a woman was systematically tortured, starved, humiliated and cruelly beaten under this system does it? That’s just an isolated case, isn’t it? Well sure it may be…or it may not be…but that’s not the point. The point is, that Hong Kong encourages an environment where minorities such as foreign domestic workers are treated like dogs…and sees nothing wrong with it.

Law Wan Tung, guilty of torture.

Law Wan Tung, guilty of torture.

I shudder to think what kind of lessons kids like this are learning, as they stroll comfortably down the street with their human mule doing the heavy lifting behind them.

Hong Kong students stroll comfortably down the street while their human mule does the heavy lifting.

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60 Responses to The Life of a Dog

  1. Solo says:

    Nice post, Dudley. I was in Hong Kong for a month—would not live there. Is mainland China worse? As far as being unaware of other people, loud phone and conversation decibels, teeth sucking, bone spitting, belching and farting in public places?

  2. Disgusted says:

    Very sad.

    The only people who can hold positive views of chinese ‘culture’ are those who have had no real exposure to it. Those who have seen it close to know the loathesome reality.

  3. Anonymous says:

    In my small building, there lives a dragon lady type who owns several flats and connected two or three on the top (4th) floor. She does as she pleases and has work going on at all hours. Her psychotic son visits occasionally and screams so loud people start peering out their doors and windows facing the inner courtyard. I confronted him recently, as it was 7am on a Saturday, and told him to shut the fuck up. He said he was just yelling at the maid. I reminded him it was 7am and to go back inside and shut the fuck up. He said the maid was his property and he that he was a lawyer, so he could do as he pleased with her. I reminded him it was 7am and to shut the fuck up because he was disturbing the peace. He said he owned most of the flats in the building and could do as he pleased. I asked security to go and talk to him and/or call the police. The poor security guy was so scared he begged me to let it go for fear of losing his job.

    30 days to go in this city. I wonder if I’ll keep checking this blog when I’m gone.

  4. HK mall island says:

    This post is bang on, unfortunately it is not sarcastic since this 100% truth. HKers are fucking slavers, I really hope something could be done against that. The thing is, when you tell them about this, they all kind of make up some excuse like ” but they’re not all well behave, when I was 5 one maid stole 5 HKD from my purse” so yeah they justify the torture. Last time I saw a guy in the market hitting a filipina maid with his stupid cart (we all know they don’t look ahead since they’re HK level of retardness), she fell a on the wet floor, you would think he would say sorry, of course no, instead he was yelling insults at her in Cantonese saying she was “only” a helper!

    What infuriates me even more is that all these fuckers are raised by their maids, yet they don’t respect them. The only thing they love here is money and face planting in their stupid phone. They can make fun of mainlanders but deeply they are the same, except they think they’re better.

    For anyone who does not believe it, just try having a girlfriend from any of those places, you will see the amount of angry stares you get, it’s like you just stole their Congee from their table.

    Bunch of cunts the whole lot, I can’t wait for Philippines and Indonesia to have enough money to tell them to get lost. They can’t take care of themselves, you see at work with the locals, they can’t do shit unless you give them a step by step list of things to do. Retards

  5. Mattstar says:

    Excellent post. This is a racist island. HK Chinese see Filipino and Indonesian races (as well as most others) being far beneath them. There is also an inherent cruelty in this ‘Kiss up and kick down’ culture. Re the anonymous post reference to the dragon lady and her half wit son…I actually call Hong Kong ‘Half wit Island’.

    The stench of dog piss in the dry season is repugnant. Most Chinese owners like to look at their dogs, believe they can talk, but not take care of them in any way.

  6. Anonymous says:

    HK mall island, having worked in HK for more than 3 years and having a wife from a country that supplies DH’s to this shithole, everything you said is true. What’s more is that for all the 24/7 DH help, these locals are still FUCKING FILTHY. The winter stench when they get their clothes out of mothballs and storage! The summer unwashed stench! The cigarette-ridden hair! The breath! The horror, the horror. At least the Mainlanders are relatively new to money. They are inbred country bumpkins so there’s somewhat of an excuse, isn’t there? Those Mainlanders just came into money so their ignorance of how to be civilized is, if not forgiveable, at least understandable. But the bloody locals? What’s the excuse? Ruled by the Brits, live-in help, and yet they are still cretins! I swear to God that you could take one of those goons in a wrinkled dress shirt and NHS-style glasses from the MTR exit where they are hyping real estate, or from a “learning center” — that’s a joke — and plop them down on any street in a Western city and the local guy in the glasses would get pegged as a retard. Am I wrong? They remain obsessed by germs but live in a dirty city, in ancient, abestos-ridden buildings, smoke constantly, and eat garbage out of dirty dishes at restaurants where rinsing one’s chopsticks in dirty hot tea water counts for “being clean” — I mean, what the flying f***? There are cultural differences but then there are just things that are wrong in any culture that need to be shouted about. One can’t excuse genital mutilation in Africa on “different culture” grounds and nor should one excuse DH abuse, or the behavior of these buffoons here either.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Where else in the world could someone who makes less than a cashier at Tesco have a live-in DH on call 24/7? Where else in the world could the same person look at their life in a dirty 200 sq. foot apartment and think it’s success? What’s funny is that those same local people who think they are successful here couldn’t function in the most menial of jobs in the West. Local People in offices here couldn’t successful hold down a job in an office in the West. There is no way. Long Duck Dong in 16 Candles had it more together than the fuckers who work at banks in this city.

  8. HK mall island says:

    Couldn’t agree more with anonymous, same case here my wife is from one of this so called DH provider country. The funny thing about HK is that this is the only place where I struggle to recognize if the person has down syndrome or is normal, they’re so much alike it’s hard to spot. Probably why they hire them in Mcdo – since for that price retards do the same quality job!

  9. Nate says:

    Again, couldn’t agree more with the above commenters. People back home ask me what living with Honkies are like. I say, “You know Spock from Star Trek? Imagine an island full of Vulcans with Aspergers syndrome, and that’s Hong Kong.”

    This past Sunday on the bus, an old man began yelling at a Filipino domestic worker for not giving up her seat to him. She said that she was sorry and didn’t see him behind all the people. He continued to lay into her. She suddenly snapped and let it all out shouting, “We do all the work you Hong Kong people don’t want to do. We work like dogs for you day and night, and on our one day off, you still treat us like crap. You are a sad, lonely old man, and if I wasn’t on my way to church I would wish you would go to hell!” She got off the next stop visibly shaken. All the other passengers, in typical cowardly fashion, just kept staring into their phones as if nothing had happened. Whole thing made me sick to my stomach.

  10. Leventselèveilfauttenterdevivre says:

    Spot on once again

    Was infuriated today by the Armani ”Happy Chinese New Year” sign that I saw while strolling in the Landmark on my way to work

    How could a city be entirely comprised of idiots ?

    Dirt and filth everywhere, concrete, moist and hostile vegetation, old people pulling cartloads of shit in lan kwai fong while rich fuckers honk from their ferraris, I swear this city brings out the worst in people, I once was a open minded friendly young man well not any more. And I’ve been here 5 months.

    People still accelerating in the middle of traffic jams to make sure you won’t be able to cross the street and that their expensive cars will still have mastery of their ridiculously narrow streets with double decker buses still going through.

    I swear the next one to do that to me will get his fucking car scratched with the key my cunt of a landlord graciously gave me while telling me I’d be billed 100HK$ in case of loss where I know it’s not even worth 5HK$

    How about internations ? an event maker just for expats ? just to make sure the events will only be attended by white people ? Was introduced to this this week. I can’t be the only one disgusted by that, sales rep all trying to sell their pathetic services/products and pathetically trying to socialize and share their experiences of travelling to thailand because it’s cheap and sunny ? And don’t get me started on the British/Americans/Australians/French everyone actually, everyone literally becomes a smug fuckface upon arriving to Hong Kong, even the foreign losers with degrees in finance and who do the dishes in restaurants and who think it’s cool. the backpackers, the people who have seen it all and posted it on instagram, the socialist the leftists who think Hong Kong should ”change” the liberals who think this is a heaven ”because there are no taxes !” enjoy your $$$$$ you fuckers…! the smog the shit the noise and the hatred are COMPLIMENTARY!!… you won’t be billed and you won’t have forms to fill in in your cunt fucking banks where you store the money that your homosexual children or grandchildren will squander anyway in a generation or two!!

    Wow, come to think about it I might start my own blog about Hong Kong, written in the style of Louis Ferdinand Céline.

    That felt good

    Rant out

  11. Anonymous says:

    Gonna make a generalization here but that sort of outburst that needs to happen — the things that need to be said — is ’cause she was Filipino and not Indonesian. I’ve been told that the locals are hiring more Indonesians ’cause they don’t fight for their rights as much. And now there’s a trend of hiring Bangladesh DHs. So the abject racism at the heart of this scheme is all the more apparent: “Let’s find the poorest people we can badger and work like dogs.” Read the SCMP piece by Julian Groves today. These HK cretins can barely hold down jobs, then make low wages at times and think they are ‘captains of industry” — nowhere else in the world could you see people who are more or less lower middle class with full-time 24 hours a day live-in help. The situation is tragic and absurd but certainly not a total surprise when you actually interact with this locals. They have absolutely zero understanding of the rest of the world or its people. Racism against those darker is rampant. Asia’s World City? That is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard having worked here.

  12. HK mall island says:

    they’re the saddest fuckers in the world. Of all the places I’ve been to this is by far the most cunted place I’ve been to. They all stay long hours at work (doing fck all by the way cause they’re too dumb to figure things out on their own) to avoid their stupid sad life, going back in a shoe box flat with their stupid wife (who’s probably head stuck in phone playing candry crush) – the only relieve of sort they found is abusing their Indonesian slave, that’s the least bit of power they have left, this city is riddled with the same shops owned by the same families, they’re all fucked so they give their last bit of power to abuse their slaves!

    And yeah a lot of expats here are spoiled cunts, from the hipsters in Hollywood road. To the spoiled expat wives living in a manor in stanley, not only she’s bored out of her mind but she needs 4 helpers to do all the stuff she has time too. And the overpaid teachers in international school who would barely make minimum wage in their home country, they’re complaining all the time on how life is tough here yet they have 4 months holidays and make 5K Euros per months.

    This city is making cunts becoming bigger cunts. It’s the CUNTPITAL of Asia

  13. CommentorA says:

    Just differences between harming and harmed are colour of hair….. LOL
    By the way, Are anyone in here mutes?
    Why are they able to say only”cunt””cunt””cunt”
    why? Are your cunts so itchy?
    Or you all need plaster?
    Anyway, as a HKer, A lot of natives say “We prefer to keep the situation like
    now or dominated by UK”
    But It’s better to be official chine
    se city I think.
    It’s freedom to you think they were rich or fuckers

  14. CommentorA says:

    The accused must be lesbian.
    (Laugh out loud at this pasage)
    But back to my first comment, HK natives will know well about written bla bla.
    But like low IQed, we wasted time. And one country, two systems were idea or torture from mainland for HK….
    Please think and you are seeing this article written by one offering his/her own copyrights to other people like the good earth.

  15. HK mall island says:

    Good to see a 50 cents poster finally made it to Google Translate to post his usual crap. I guess they were probably busy beating their maids and trying to find their small dick! CommentatorA – why don’t you try to learn English – we don’t understand a word of what you’re trying to say.

  16. commentorA says:

    HKers must teach education for human sexuality at this scene.
    Using one word constantly can also considered to Tic disorders.
    (please refer this 2 sentences as good cue)
    Then, HK mall island/ How can you calculate my comments cost 50 cents?
    please explain the principle how you calculated prices.
    Wooden chopstick is also good dildo for your cunt.
    Everybody bow for this manual.Ha ha

  17. commentorA says:

    at this scene.
    I amend the 3 words to “for foreigners”.

  18. HK mall island says:

    The 50 Cent Party (Chinese: 五毛党 wǔmáo dǎng) are Internet commentators (Chinese: 网络评论员 wǎngluò pínglùn yuán) hired by the government of the People’s Republic of China (both local and central) or the Communist Party to post comments favorable towards party policies in an attempt to shape and sway public opinion on various Internet message boards.[1][2] The commentators are said to be paid fifty cents of Renminbi for every post that either steers a discussion away from anti-party or sensitive content on domestic websites, bulletin board systems, and chatrooms,[3] or that advances the Communist party line.[4][5]

  19. Chris G says:

    The best post yet Dudley. I agree with every word and the first 12 comments are all spot on. Unfortunately the usual cretinous retards then have to chime in with their half witted attempts at English. They have to be using Google Translate, no one can be this stupid at putting a sentence together..

    I cant really say much more on the abuse of DHs than has already been said in the post and comments. I have actually heard people from here refer to the employers of the maids as owners!
    There is so much that is wrong with this system its difficult to know where to start. The idea that ts your responsibility as a parent to bring your kids up yourself and not delegate the job to a stranger is completely alien here. Likewise the view of menial work cleaning, dish washing, taking the trash out etc is seen as only something the people in lower paid jobs do.

    If people want to farm their kids out to complete strangers why don’t they try this. Leave the foreign helpers in their countries of origin. Then they can stay with their families and bring their own kids up in a loving caring environment with lots of interaction with the family. Pay them a living wage and not the current pittance. Western Union?

    Then, and here’s the clever bit. The Hong Kong parents send their kids to Indonesia or the Phillipines to live with the helpers family and go to a local school. That they way they get to experience another countries culture at an impressionable age, get used to being away from a pair of money grubbing, dysfunctional excuses for parents (who only had kids to keep up with their peers) and become more self reliant.(Aye, that’s the key) They will become better speakers of English and possibly another language.Probably make friends for life. They may even get access to some nice countryside on a regular basis.

    HK benefits by reducing its population by a third of a million helpers who are still going to get paid for the same job except its in their home countries. There wont be so many annoying spoit local kids around HK apart from when they come here for school holidays.and their parents will get to appreciate them more. Because of the lack of domestic help the parents also will get to see what living as a responsible human being entails and no longer have to do things like call an electrician to change a light bulb. I’m not making that up, I know someone who did it,

    I mean whats not to like? It has to be better than whats happening now.

  20. HK mall island says:

    Chris – this is a great idea, but for a lot of the families they think Philippines or Indonesia will get their kids killed lol. And yes one of the big issue here is that most of the new generation never had to use their hands, all they did was study hard and learn everything by heart.
    They don’t know how to cook, don’t know how to clean stuff, don’t know how to fix simple things. They have a high disregard toward any manual job. It’s basically a generation of spoiled brat!

  21. Chris G says:

    Tell me about it! I remember I was over here a few years ago and the UK had bad snowstorms just before Chinese New Year. A few dozen HK overseas students were stranded at Heathrow. Nothing could take off because the airport authorities had failed to order enough deicer for the planes wings. After being stranded in departures for a while the kids were put up in hotels (ok some of them on the floors of conference rooms) and given meal vouchers. They boo hooed so much on the phone to their parents special planes were chartered from Cathay. They flew to the UK, collected them and bought them back to HK. At Chep Lap Kok they were treated as if they had just done a tour in Afghanistan.

  22. CommentorA says:

    Unfortunately, A lot of words left in my blank.
    HK mall island/
    About the word “spoiled brat” written by you, your comment looks like self-abuse.
    Ha ha.
    But the frighten point is both two harmed and accused looks pretty similar.
    Like fighting rabbits in cage, someone abused stranger. What happened to both? It’s horror! No horror can alternate with this story…..
    Bloody hell……

  23. Anonymous says:

    I really thank God for this site ’cause in my first few months in HK 3 years ago I was thinking things that I dared not express. I kept thinking “How racist am I becoming to think that about these HK people?” But then I found this site and felt relieved that it was not just me thinking these things. And while I can’t make a blanket statement and accuse an entire race I can say that certain nationalities — Mainland Chinese and Hong Kong Chinese — have severe defects of character. Any semblance of morality involves face so it’s not so much morality as it is fear of being seen as not moral, if that makes any sense. These HK people are the cheapest people I have ever seen. I heard from a Western friend’s helper than the Chinese she worked for were paying nearly 100,000HKD per month in rent and they wore the same pajamas 3 weeks in a row without washing. Now think about that: live-in DH (2 of them at the place), more money than sense, and they were not even having the DH wash the clothes. So that puts paid to the idea that HK’ers are so busy that they need this DH help all the time. Nonsense. They are lazy, lazy fuckers. Lazy in heart, lazy in mind, and lazy in soul. Any decent HK person you meet is probably only decent ’cause he or she is worried about face. Thank God this latest DH abuse case has generated coverage in the West. The world needs to see what these people — HK and Mainland Chinese — are like. 24/7 live-in nannies and still walking around in filthy fucking clothes, counting pennies to pretend to go out and make more pennies.
    Frankly it is staggering to think how poor a person can be in this city and still be allowed to have 24/7 live-in DH help. Just astonishing that you can make less than you’d make in Walmart in America and still afford a nanny…a nanny for an 8-year-old who can’t be arsed to carry his own bookbag on an easy-to-use subway system. Just a world of nightmares in this city. The sooner I leave the better.

  24. Nate says:

    Leventselèveilfauttenterdevivre – I actually did key a red ferrari the other day. Most satisfying thing ever! I was about to cross the street with my kids when this guy in a ferrari accelerated to try and make the light. He didn’t and got stuck at the cross-walk. Took out my key and scratched the entire back end while walking behind the car.

    Bus drivers are bad at this as well. I’ve begun taking pictures of bus drivers and their license plates whenever this happens and emailing it to the bus company. I told a driver yesterday that it’s not safe what he’s doing: blocking the cross-walk just so he can make better time. He asked me if I would bother to criticize a bus driver to his face in my country. I said, “I wouldn’t need to. They wouldn’t do something as stupid as you!” He cursed at me in Cantonese. I took his picture and made a complaint to the bus company. I’m sure I’ll be persona non grata on CityBus soon.

  25. Le vent se lève il faut tenter de vivre says:

    Way to go Nate, I’m looking forward to loosing my Key Scratching virginity on some cunt’s overpriced imported ride, My worst so far has been to spit on some dumb fuck’s windshield as he was getting out of range.

    As to cars blocking the cross walk, there are signs in New York City at every single intersection in the city that say that blocking the intersection will result in you losing points and getting fined, why not in Asia’s world City ? Because people are too lazy or too dumb or too selfish to even care.

    Ever noticed how the buses that go to the new territories and departing from Hong Kong Island make every single stop on their way even though they’re full ? Say the bus is obviously full in Wanchai, it will still go through to Causeway bay and go through all the traffic to pick up passengers for an extra 20 dollarswhile everyone has a horrid time . Symbolizes the whole city, Don’t interfere in other people’s profits ! and people think that that is okay because they wouldn’t want anyone interfering in their own businesses/profits if they were rich or on their way to becoming rich. What those sad ultra capitalistic fuckers don’t realize is that they will never make it and they are condemned to spend their lives in this shithole earning mediocre wages while sucking at every dick pointed their way and trying to catch a break. People here don’t just look up at people who have succeeded, they literally worship them, the poor can go fuck themselves as they are losers, that’s all the Hong Kong normal/foreign people should know, there’s nothing more to add.

    And the worst thing is, the more you stay here and the more you become aware of your own shortcomings, these people, with their disgusting behaviors throw that straight back at you, and you have NO CHOICE but to become like them if you want to run a business or keep a job.

    I’ve met only one person that has been here more than 5 years and who is worthy of respect, in six months, and I get to meet people every day in my job. It’s impossible to stay tolerant and open minded, noticed how everyone is super nice when they meet you and then just don’t give a fuck about you when they see they won’t sell you anything ? How the single women become icy when you tell them you have a girlfriend ? The one single reason people put out their hand to you is to grab your money and to then send you on your way, money grabbing whores, the lot of them. My gf is from a neigbouring chinese island which I won’t mention and the people there are incomparably smarter learned and cultured than people are here. I was born here, I spent three years here when I was a child and I don’t recall people being that revolting when I was younger, but most the people I knew then have turned into sheet heels so what do I know.

    Appauling, depressing , pathetic

    Notice how even the fuckers here call it ”Chinese” New Year ? It’s your new year you fucking cretins ! the other one should be christian new year or white new year or whatever the fuck you want to name it !

    I’ll stop here to give my ulcer a rest

  26. LNY says:

    Great post and some great comments – just in time for LNY.
    Gung hei fat choy, bitches!

  27. Chris G says:

    Anyone up for a sweep stake on Law Wan Tung’s sentence on the 27th Feb? The only prize will of course be the pleasure of victory. My idea so I get first bags.

    I say 2 years and out in around 12 months. How about a separate sweep stake post Dudley?

    It would be great if it were more but I can see so much mitigation going on behind the scene I’m not building my hopes up but an example needs to be set.

  28. Jojo says:

    I was walking in IFC the other day and was picturing in my mind how the place would look like if it went through some sort of post apocalyptic mad max type catastrophy. Branded stores half destroyed and exotic plants invading the ruins. For some reason – it felt right. This place, the whole of HK is a shrine to unbridled materialism, selfishness and dehumanization.

  29. Gettin' off easy says:

    @ChrisG- I think the headline sentence will be longer, 5 years or more, to satisfy foreign opinion, but she’ll be quietly released in a year or so because in the eyes of most HK people, including the govt, she really didn’t do anything wrong.

  30. Anonymous says:

    “most HK people, including the govt, she really didn’t do anything wrong.” Oh fuck you! You are so proud to be such living in such a shit-hole removed from reality? So proud to think that beating an employee and shoving a vacuum cleaner hose in her mouth is nothing wrong!?! YOU are why this city is doomed to be overrun by the CCP ’cause the West gets nothing from you but MONEY.

  31. Nate says:

    Dude, chiiiillll! Gettin’-off-easy was saying that “in the eyes of most HK people” the bitch didn’t do anything wrong.

  32. Chris G says:

    Yes Gettin off easy was being ironic. Maybe the comment was read in haste? It would be great to see a heavier sentence but there will be mitigation “defendant was under a lot of stress” or other bullshit. In any other civilized developed country she’d be looking at a good stretch inside. I hope her cell mate is an Indonesian ex DH. That would be poetic karma.

  33. Gettin' off easy says:

    Yeah, not at all what I meant. Let me be clearer:

    I have no sympathy – zero – for that despicable HK woman. I hope she dies in prison.

    But I think a lot of HK people – again, NOT me – probably think that the horrible abuse she perpetrated on a helpless DH isn’t that bad.

    Thus I think that, once international attention is off this story, the govt will release her.

    Is that better?

  34. Anonymous says:

    Yes, I realize that that could have been your intended meaning and I rushed to comment as my usual hatred of these locals boiled to the surface. So let me say a word you’ll never hear one of them say “sorry”.

  35. Anywhere But Here says:

    I live in a middle class housing estate with the usual residents’ club house / swimming pool etc. Every evening a troop of local residents leave their apartments in dressing gowns, towels and flipflops to make free use of the hot showers, soap and hair dryers in the clubhouses’s washrooms, for the sole purpose of not having to pay for it in their homes. The average price of one these estate flats at present is $15M. Enough said.

  36. Anonymous says:

    The shocking part of your story is not that the locals are cheap but that they shower.
    You wouldn’t know from the smells on the MTR, would ya?

  37. 15wongnh1 says:

    Solo, mainland china is…well…pretty bad at the moment. Also, the people there are even ruder. There are good people, but unfortunately, they’re usually busy.

    Also, Dudley, from the Hong Kong teenager who thinks your posts are hilarious…YOU. NAILED. IT. With the Erwiana post. You just summed up what EVERYONE thinks the government should do, but hasn’t done.

    And yes, there does seem to be racism against helpers in Hong Kong.

  38. CommentorA says:

    Everybody in here used and wrote English and spoke English.
    But let’s write English correctly.
    Name of peanut soup factory owner is Mr.nut and name of ketchup factory owner is

  39. HK mall island says:

    Chinese language is so retarded that when you do a google translate you sound like a complete nutcase.

  40. Matty says:

    coomentator…I cant understand anything you have written…Mr Cat?

    Anyway, what a disgrace this place is. So true that low income half wits have maids and take their failure and stupidity out on them.

  41. Matty says:

    sorry…take their own failure and stpidity out on their maids.

    been drinking, only way to survive this dirt box

  42. . says:

    Wow, fucking hypocrites everywhere who blame a group as racists by actions of a few. And yes of course, Hong Kong is a place where everyone is fucking capitalistic, rude, filthy, mentally disabled retards because you know what? I have already been here for a few months and of course what I see in LKF is the whole of Hong Kong.

  43. HK mall island says:

    6 years for the bitch, I wished she got more but that’s a start. I’m sure there are many locals who think it’s too much as she was only a maid!

  44. Anonymous says:

    What rankles any Westerner upon arriving in HK is that the place is dubbed “Asia’s World City”, and there are certainly non-Chinese people in the city, working in various industries, and yet it only takes the first time you see Chinese people refusing to sit next to “dark” people on the MTR, or you see an old, dirty Chinese grandmother hold *her* nose when passing an Indonesian helper on her day off on a Sunday, to change your mind. Most Westerners go into HK with an open mind but quickly find themselves either drunk or aware of how racist the Chinese are. So let’s cut the shit and not mince words here folks. We all know the deal. There are only 2 possible explanations for having live-in help when you are barely making $1000 USD a month and living in subsidized housing: you are lazy, possibly too stupid to do your own chores, OR you are a racist cunt taking advantage of a poor person from a SE Asian nation. Look, you don’t go into Compton and see people with live-in help do you? You don’t go to a farm in Wyoming and see lower middle-class farmers with full-time live-in help do you? The Chinese in HK are spoiled, borderline retarded when tackling the simplest of tasks that require spatial understanding or eye/hand coordination, and they apparently need 24/7 help to cook their fucking greasy fish and noodle dishes that are salty and bland and devoid of spice. The people here smell of unwashed clothing and yet they all avail themselves of 24/7 live-in help? The young adults are cretinous and yet they do nothing as toddlers since they have helpers to do everything for them. So I guess they are not using that extra free time to, say, learn anything practical. In only a few decades this city will be forgotten and just another city in the Communist empire. I plan to be gone or dead before I’m here to see the rest of that story. Fuck these people.

  45. Don Quijote says:

    Regarding dogs, there is no other more pitiful reality for this animals. Imagine to have to fall in the hands of this miserable shit eaters as a pet… In the news I have seen cases of dogs jumping out of windows. Dogs have more dignity than this poor colonial bastards. I wonder how many more tortured maids are in HK? God I would really make eat some shit any of this miserable rats if they only deared to try to put a shoe on top of my dignity. But they fear white people, they know we don’t fool around and messing with us means business. Shit heads, poor enslaved colonial bastards, they pick on the weak because China has them by the balls. It’s ok the west is waiting for them with arms opened…

  46. Don Quixote says:

    6 fucking years, I hope she scrubs a lot of toilets in jail. Bitch.

  47. Anonymous says:

    “It’s ok the west is waiting for them with arms opened…” Yeah, right. The West wants China’s money. That’s about it. US or UK ain’t gonna march soldiers into town to free this city from the Commies anytime soon. And why should they? Brits gave it up in 1997, signed the deal long before that. Locals are royally fucked by everyone on all sides. I would almost feel sorry for these troglodytes if they weren’t such primitives to begin with. Fuck ’em. Like the CCP bend them over again. For every local protesting now — a bit late that, eh? — there are another 10 wandering the shopping centers and MTR stops with head down looking at Candy Crush on the phone and picking his or her nose. So not a lot of sympathy anymore after living here. Just pray I can get out before the Commies finally put the boot in and finally ruin this place forever.

  48. Gettin' off easy says:

    Miserable cunt got 6 years, close to my prediction of five years or more but not nearly enough in my view. The real test now is how much of that sentence she actually serves. I stand by my original prediction of a year or so, long enough for the int’l media to lose interest in this story – then she’ll be quietly released on ‘medical’ grounds.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Dude…. Brilliant. Fucking brilliant.

  50. fo says:

    hey you hairy half evolved apes with gorilla brow ridges, if you don’t like it in hk you can fuck off instead of hanging around and complaining about the place. And for goodness sake, stop complaining about smells when 98% of you lot have that smelly gene, abcc11, complete with disgusting wet yellow ear wax that most east asians lack, eewwwweee. Now run along smelly apes and go back to the jungle and join the rest of your half evolved relatives. OoooOoOoOooArrAarrraAarrrAarrrr!

  51. Mattstar says:

    Wow, super racist…massively insecure? Anyway, to Fo’s comments above…it may all be true, but if so I am confused, how come so many HK girls love us so much and want to marry us (us being any non Chinese man)…surely they don’t want to be with a lower species!? Maybe its because of the ape like cock thats much bigger than the more evolved little Chinese ones…who would of guessed that evolution would shank the penis!? Who knows. Lastly, I am also confused…sure you are right, but I am confused…Pok Fu Lam reservoir designed by apes and the emperor of China and a huge entourage came to marvel it and learn…then they saw the buildings, toilets, cars and marvelled more…must have been a weird quirk in the apes primitive evolution? But you are correct 100% I am certain…I must go know to swing on a tree in the botanical gardens…

  52. Roly Poly Fish Heads says:

    Says Fo the caged dweller. Hahahaha ! Please at least use more space in the comments because that’s the only space you will get; virtual. We west monkeys can climb trees, have swimming pools, country houses, swim in clean rivers and breath clean air. It’s ok I undestand how it must feel to be born in such a lack of space that the only objects they have witness in the water are their daily floaters in the toilet. No problem and enjoy the summer wetting your feet inside a bucket while the west monkeys enjoy our coconut trees, and all the space in the world. They evolved shorter dicks do to their lack of space because every inch counts. there is no space; in the universe…

  53. Anonymous says:

    Hey fo on, we hairy half evolved apes with gorilla brow ridges really enjoy givin’ your babes real orgasms with our Bentley size dicks, whereas you can only impregnate them with your toothpick size dicks. Now you can as a consolation drive a Bentley to make up for the fact that your dick size is pathetic. Enjoy the ride, and make the most of your stinky craphole called Hong Kong. And as you’re at it go and spend some your precious money to try to improve your frying pan faces.

  54. Pingback: Last Thoughts On Hong Kong | Hong Kong Sucks

  55. Anonymous says:

    abcc11 gene, fo on? Oh how fucking clever of you. You should take a look at your chinese gene 1tlpd1hbfsh (1 tiny little pathetic dick 1 huge big fucking shithead).

  56. R says:

    Whenever I’m really down, I like to come to this site and laugh to revive my spirits. I’m in HK and have been here for about 13 years–kind of spent all my youth here. Married to a local HK person who is one of the most ‘non-local’-acting HK people I’ve met and hence why I married him. Have children together. Life is pretty good but life is not easy. I don’t fit in the ‘expat camp’ and I definitely don’t fit in the ‘local camp’ either even though I’m the only non-Chinese person at my work and have been for 5 years.

    So, about ‘helpers.’ After we had kids, we hired a local Chinese lady to come in and help me because I had really bad health problems and my husband was away 12 hours working as a ‘slave’ at a factory in Shenzhen (yeah, that’s the ‘life ain’t easy part’). Great decision. She was paid a fair salary and we’re still friends–she still lives nearby. Later we hired through the most ethical agency in HK (at the time–since there is one other that is better). The lady we hired is from the Philippines and she’s been working for us for 5 years. We pay her about about 22% above the minimum salary. She gets yearly bonuses and regular trips back home to her home place and mostly a 5-day workweek. Has her own room with comfortable bed, full wardrobe, good AC etc. Has her own bathroom. Access to all the food we eat (which is pretty okay fare). All travel expenses paid. Doesn’t have to pay taxes and can keep and send home 100% of her salary. In total, she actually makes more ‘take-home pay’ than my hardworking husband does right now (back to the ‘life ain’t easy’ thing). But, we’ve prioritized treating our helper right. Has full medical insurance. We even buy fancy supplements and health things for her to help with her health. Sometimes financial needs come up in her family and we do our best to help out–even when it’s financially difficult to do for us.

    We get help from relatives to help take the burden off of her with the kids. But the reality is, there is no such thing as daycare here in HK. If you have kids, before they enter school at the tender age of 3 and even afterward, you have to have someone to care for them if both parents have to work (which we definitely both have to do). So, the only system we have to call on is the FDH system. It’s really not a perfect system. But, I wanted to put forth our story as an example of how it can be ‘done right.’ I think the way we do things, or something similar, needs to be instituted in law, though.

    But, have you heard of the many crazy scams that FDH run on potential good-natured employers in this city? Yeah, that’s the other side of it. They aren’t always ‘the victim’–often they’re the perpetrator of thefts, deceits and general harassment and stress in the lives of people who just want to hire a decent employee and treat them fairly and decently. There’s a lot of ‘Ahmah Drama’ going on in this city that goes untold. It doesn’t in any way minimize the abuse and the broken FDH hiring and deployment system in HK but that side of the story needs to be told as well. That would make for an interesting expose.

    So, that’s my long ‘two cents’ worth. Our helper is on her third contract with us. We love her and I’d say the feeling is mutual. She really has helped us raise our kids and we entrust a lot to her–she’s so much more than a ‘helper’–she’s really an expert at what she does and that’s household management. I would trust her with my life and have already entrusted her with my kids’ lives. That’s also an untold story that happens in HK.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Racist pricks got too much time on their hands…

  58. Anon says:

    Its not the a complete strangers responsiblity to bring your kids up to the age of school entry. Its your and your husband as parents.

    What would you rather have more, two salaries and an affluent lifestyle or well balanced kids who appreciate the time their parents have spent with them?

  59. Troll says:

    I’m a local in hk. I find some of the comments here quite true. I don’t really like it here, because I think most of the people here think they’re superior comparing to the mainlanders or other enthnic groups. However, I think this article is a little bit extreme. You guys talk as if all of us are that rude, ignorant and abusive. But that’s not true, some of us are actually friendly and are friends with our domestic helpers. Although I can’t speak for all hong kongers and everyone is entitled to their own opinions, I hope that someday you would have a better experience in Hong Kong and look at the good side in here.

  60. Bill says:

    whats the big deal, what a load of pussies??? go to Singapore and its worse, granted the flats here are tiny but at least u get a fair shot at the prize. Stop whining and get to work or go back home and get UK or whatever salaries, you aren’t forced to be here!
    to piss u off, i drive a BMW and a Porsche here and have a sea view flat, because i stopped complaining a long time ago ! no pain no gain

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