Hong Kong Protests China Lies

Power to the people

Power to the people

Poor little Hong Kong. The one country, two systems formula has been turning sour by degrees for some time now. What a shock! Under the terms of its return to Beijing rule in 1997, Hong Kong was guaranteed a great deal of autonomy until 2047. That means freedom of speech, assembly and religion. It means a free press and a local government that represents the interests of the local people…a government for the people, by the people. But with the announcement by Beijing that the Central Government will hand-pick and approve all candidates for the 2017 Chief Executive Elections, tear gas canisters and pepper spray flying 2 seconds into pro-democracy protests, a thinly veiled pro-Beijing media chipping away at the legitimacy of Occupy Central and a flagrantly unsympathetic Chief Executive, the reality looks like the hundreds of thousands of desperate protesters trying to stand up for the future of their city are hitting nothing but dead ends. The city they love…their home…is being overrun in every possible way and is at risk of becoming just another city in China.

CY Lacky

CY Lacky

An awesome display

An awesome display

But it’s not really so much 2017 that Hong Kongers are worried about, that’s just solidified their resentment…it’s what is happening in Hong Kong now, and what has been happening in Hong Kong for some time that’s united this current awesome display of people power. These massive peaceful protests are about local Hong Kong disatisfaction with having to live as virtual second class citizens in their own home while hoards of wealthy mainland Chinese consumers strut the streets of Hong Kong buying everything that’s not nailed down, driving property prices and rent through the stratosphere, taking hospital beds, welfare, school places, jobs and automatic residency rights through birth…in a nutshell – lowering the standard of living for Hong Kong local residents. It’s a free-for-all…an unlimited mainland pig trough. Hog heaven.

Over the last few years particularly, Hong Kong/ mainland relations couldn’t be much lower. Who could forget class act, Kong Qingdong, the Chinese Professor who called Hong Kongers bastards and running dogs? Or the ‘Mainland Locust’ campaign? The D&G protests, milk powder, public urination and defacation, hard core chemist shop product hoarding, overcrowding, shameless suitcase shopping and a host of other niggling issues that underlie a more serious problem. Hong Kongers fear an encroachment on their way of life, a slow suffocation as they are swamped and crushed, invaded and infiltrated. Anti-mainalnd sentiment dominates Hong Kong opinion and rightly so, because China is a treacherous bald faced liar.

Fuck you Dolce & Gabbana.

Fuck you Dolce & Gabbana.

Everything that's not nailed down

Everything that’s not nailed down

Straight shooter, King Qing

Straight shooter, King Qingdong, discusses dogs and spanking…in a raw manner

Get the insecticide

Get the insecticide


Far be it from me to say…but if I was a local, I wouldn’t be occupying Central for democracy, peace and love…I’d be occupying it for complete independence from one of the world’s all time major players in corruption, greed, inequality, authoritarianism, hypocricy, persecution and crime.

Too bad HK is so dependent on China…or that might just work.


All the best Hong Kong…may the force be with you!





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4 Responses to Hong Kong Protests China Lies

  1. orchid says:


  2. Don Quixote says:

    I’ve never ever have seen more ridiculous people than this poor morons with the ” Chinese Colonist get out”; frankly pathetic and very very ignorant. what they need is definitely to get spanked in their pampered asses in a raw manner.

  3. End of Hk says:

    This protesters have strike now. Let’s think about the goal for this protest.
    For democracy? independent? or freedom?
    Originally Hong kong have been a colony of UK as opium war.
    And Hong kong have no basic structures for modern nations such as welfare, law etc.
    I admitted mainland China also haven’t legal welfare and systems.
    But it has constitution and frame for modern nation.
    Hong kong was testment for neoliberalism from opium war to present.
    As a result, justification for independent haven’t exist in anywhere.
    Also think about when the Hong kong have independent from Britain
    why I’ve got to apply the principle of Cantonese to my English grammar.

  4. OCCUPY CY's home and hire African guys to help public shaming him says:

    Recommend someone to hire some forceful African dudes (like the one in the Wanchai Lockhart police vs African guy arrest youtube video) to Occupy CY’s home and take off his pants, take some pictures and public shame him like how they did it in the Cultural Revolution pre-1976. I am sure CY would prefer that he be dealt with in the “traditional Chinese way”.

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