Hong Kong: Keystone Cops!?

I don’t care what anyone says…Hong Kong police are damn good at their job. Look at this textbook piece of law enforcement! Study how they cordon off the area, work efficiently as a team and get their man with a minimum of fuss…hmmm maybe I’m wrong…take a closer look and watch as oblivious HK pedestrians amble like morons right through the middle of a clearly chaotic and posssibly dangerous scene…of how standers-by are totally free to try out their choke hold skills and arm bar technique…of how a deranged woman is permitted to buzz and interfere around the scene  for 8 minutes wailing like the drunk baglady she clearly is and of how every man and his booze adled dog is able to offer up all kinds of slurred advice to rattled and indecisive police.

Sure it’s not easy dealing with drunks on the street but come on…there were about 40 fucking coppers on the scene! Anyway, I suppose they can be cut a bit of slack…these kinds of ugly scenes happen a thousand times a night in places like America, Canada, England or Australia…where agitators and anyone who even looked like interfering with police business would be tazered into a ball of screaming pain and dispatched to a cell quicker than you could say Book ’em Danno! HK coppers just aren’t used to dealing with it I suppose.

Plus…who knows what kinds of goofballs that guy was hooped up on?!!



This post brought to you by keeping your cool on the hot hot streets on HK...

This post brought to you by keeping your cool on the hot hot streets of HK…

...and...fuck it...keeping your cool in fully air-conditioned shopping malls...

…and…fuck it…keeping your cool in fully air-conditioned shopping malls…

...and by stringent HK safety.

…and by stringent HK safety.

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13 Responses to Hong Kong: Keystone Cops!?

  1. Fanny Poon says:

    Wah, black people many dangerous laaaa

  2. Chris G says:

    The frightening thing is the cops in the berets are the Police Tactical Unit, supposed specialists in riot control and public disorder. Exposing yourself to a headbutt like that at 1.28! As soon as the twat was in the van he should have been driven from the scene pronto, that would have removed the focal point for everyones anger. Edwina Scissorgob should have been given the good news with a can of cs or pepper spray from the get go. As for the cops replace them with PSB mainlanders, only way to be sure.

  3. Innocent Bystander says:

    Berets and bloused uniform trousers – do they think they’re paratroopers?What a bunch of poseur tools those cops are.

    Agree with previous poster – that cow should have gotten a quick squirt of pepper spray to settle her down. As for Mr Dreadlocks, pepper spray followed by a few taps with the night stick to get him to cease resisting. Or a choke hold.

    Also note the giggling beta male (complete with utterly superfluous but very euro scarf) at about 1:57 – bet his dad’s proud.

  4. Clean Hands says:

    A brawl broke out in a dim sum restaurant in Shatin a few days ago. Towards the end of the video, the waitress dutifully asked the customer to pay the bill before leaving.

  5. John Doe says:

    I was so happy when I saw the YouTube video thumbnail – finally, HK cops growing a pair and arresting a white man for a change. 10 seconds into the video, I realize it is the same old story all over again – HK men displaying their impotent rage towards people of colour.

    I swear to god, this is the most racist place on the planet – Race A favouring Race B against the interests of Race A and discriminating against Race C, D, E….

  6. Jhon Doe Two says:

    O man… every time I read your blog I start to hate this place more and more. I can’t wait to leave this F**KED UP place for ever 🙂

  7. Sgt. Grimes says:

    Oi what a bunch of law enforcement experts we have here. Wonder how many of you muppets have tried to actually restrain someone charged up on who-knows-what-fucking drug and rage and just doesn’t give a shit. All things considered they did okay. Restraining someone for an arrest is a whole different ballgame than going apeshit gorilla nuts and beating the living fucking tar out of someone. I’ve been in messes worse than that in the States. I’ve had instances where we had up to five officers attempt to detain someone half my fucking size. As to the comment on pepperspraying the hysterical yob crackwhore…. I prefer the Hong Kong Police way. Err on the side of kid gloves before you start walking up the threat deterrence ladder. From the looks of it there was quite a mob assembled on the sidewalk, and it’s not like pepperspray is an exact science either.

    Nah, it’s not a pretty take down, but takedowns never are. The guys did okay.

  8. Chris G says:

    Actually I have 20 years experience in two different countries, 17 of which were on patrols. I”ve been to more disturbances, domestic and public than most people have had hot dinners. The way to get this resolved was to get the shithead away from the scene asap. Even when he was in the van they were still buggering about. I concede your point on the pepper spray and the stupid bint. The officers would have been better using it on the arrested guy, The whole point of issuing pepper/cs spray in my force was to reduce injuries on duty that were affecting staffing levels and to reduce the chance of a suspect suffering physical injury. The officer would have avoided getting a headbutt, having to put in injury on duty paperwork, then possibly taking time off work to recover thereby depleting his team of staff for several days..

  9. Sgt. Grimes says:

    @Chris G

    Yeah, no argument. It’s just my experience that you walk away from every encounter reviewing what you could have / should have done differently and it’s always easier to make those decisions from the comfort of home than on the street wrestling with the shithead in question at that point in time. I’m sure the officers in question will walk away weighing those issues, but as such thing are want to play out, the next time will be different officers dealing with different shitheads in yet different circumstances. Live and learn.

  10. Chris G says:

    Spot on I’ve had that.. Have a safe one

  11. Mattstar says:

    The police are incompetent and racist.

  12. Police victim says:

    HK police are racist fuck-wit fools.

    Advice to people who are not of Chinese ethnicity, even if you are from HK and speak Canto = be VERY careful of these lying, deplorable RACIST, sexist, cowards.

  13. James says:

    Ditto. Bunch of cowards and racist bastards.

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