Hong Kong Obsession with Superficiality & Bullshit

When you reach the age of 15 months in Hong Kong it’s time for a sit down and a serious talk with your parents. Son. This is it. The rest of your life will be dictated by your actions today. Everything rides on this. Don’t disgrace us.

And with those tender reminders it’s off to your $4000, 1.5 hour Pre…Pre-Nursery interview and attainment test. Can you identify more than 20 kinds of fruit? Are you able to calculate simple equations to 2 decimal places by hand? Can you follow simple instructions? Can you ‘give me the ball’? How do you react when taken to a seperate room from your mother?

Now it’s time for some questions for mummy and daddy. What colour is your skin? What is your status…job, wealth, education? Is your child developmentally challenged? Club foot? Cleft lip?



This obsession with education in Hong Kong is as insane as the very society these 15 month old kids will eventually find themselves in. God knows when Hong Kong stopped being a community or ever was…but it’s a shopping mall now where most school leavers end up in the service industry.

And all this fervour…this delusion…this mania…this frothing at the mouth and fixation on education just chums the water for the kinds of two-bit slinking sharks who you can see loftily beaming down at you from billboards accross town in their totally fake roles as expert tutors. Check out these drinks of water…

Nothing but flim flams and shams

Nothing but flim flams and shams

We've turned education into a popularity contest and fashion show. Our goal? To see which tutor can appear the most vacuous.

We’ve turned education into a popularity contest and fashion show. Our goal? To see which tutor can appear the most vacuous.

Bullshit artists

Bullshit artists

Of course, Hong Kong people believe in this bullshit and lap these slimey turds up like ice-cream…because in Hong Kong what’s on the surface is all that counts.


I’m going to get a job in the service industry at a reasonably good hotel all because of you celebrity tutor! I like Korean drama!


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12 Responses to Hong Kong Obsession with Superficiality & Bullshit

  1. ispam says:

    What a damn shame. I’ve heard about this before from family members. I would really appreciate it if you would check out my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ispamyou

  2. hkhater says:

    oh god i wish i could deface those posters

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Arslan says:

    nice blog! as a brown dude born n raised in hk, then 5 years at uni in nottingham. I hated England. I should of done a blog like this in retrospect. would of been a great outlet. been back from uni about 4-5 years now. I don’t hate it as much in now. But, at the same time it wouldn’t be top of the list of my places to visit.

  5. Ok, nice post, dude!

  6. says:


  7. Anonymous says:


  8. End of Hk says:

    By the way Jthe chinese generals Gu chunhui,Wang dong,Sun kailiang,Huang shinye,Wen xinyu etc have sued by FBI.
    Hong kong people have been hating mainland Chinese until now. But they have been familiar with Shanghai people and Vietnamese. If the truth which Hong kong netizens have participated with hack of wanted generals, they are enermy of UK. Not part of UK. And they are too belligent to have English for their mother language.

  9. 15wongnh1 says:

    True, very true. My parents went the other way and gave me lots of books instead. I mean, the children don’t really have time to play because of all that tutoring…thankfully, it’s died down a bit and they’re giving kids more spare time, which is nice.

    As for the tutor thing…I have no idea.

  10. noahsin says:

    Those tutor posters are just so unreal. This is all too crazy. If they were so successful then why are HK kids being sent abroad for higher education in droves?

  11. 15wongnh1 says:

    noah, maybe because the schools are getting expensive? And the tutoring classes are full? (Mainly because of young girls flocking to gaze at their handsome male tutor as he teaches them Algebra.)

  12. Anil Fuq says:

    This place has the worst education system. They are trained to obey ostentatious and amoral rich ruling class tossers and accept this terrible place.

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