29° Celsius Cold Snap



This outfit will keep out the chill

This outfit will keep out the chill

A dollar each way...flannel top for the obvious chill factor..giant golf umbrella for the hot sun

A dollar each way…flannel top for the obvious chill factor…HUGE golf umbrella for the hot sun…

Rug up

Rug up

Wind breaker makes sense

Wind breaker makes sense because 29 degrees celsius is cold

Jack Frost's teeth are cold

Fuck you Jack Frost

Expecting snow

Expecting snow

This post brought to you by a refusal to walk

This post brought to you by a refusal to walk

This post brought to you by a refusal to move and failure to be aware

This post brought to you by a refusal to move, walk or demonstrate awareness for other people

God damn that looks tasty

God damn that looks tasty…

...but I think I'll go for the goose liver.

…but I think I’ll go for the goose liver…

...right after I get through this line...

…in about 45 minutes…

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19 Responses to 29° Celsius Cold Snap

  1. End of HK says:

    2+2=5 指鹿爲馬

  2. middlefield says:

    血地獄, 調理農務蘭花係!

  3. End of Hk says:

    What are you think about who will win if the beetle and dragon fight?

  4. homemadeinhk says:

    Hk peeps are so afraid of the cold. Here I am wearing shorts and tshirt, sweating. And people around me are bundled up for a blizzard.

  5. Dirty dan says:

    Love it. You need guest submissions. I have so much HK cultural material.


  6. End of Hk says:

    A racist who can’t realize and know their own family!!

  7. End of Hk says:

    It’s full of shits even the water in your cup!! Bitch was ran away!!

  8. End of Hk says:

    Communist slaves of whites LOL

  9. End of Hk says:

    I’m Chinese myself, I learned a lot of words and sentences in UK. But in Hong kong, I learned only 5 words”Moron” “Idiot” “Shit” “Prostitution” “Noodle with poop”!

  10. End of Hk says:

    Fuck you Li keqiang! Fuck you Li kashing! Fuck you Li kuan you!

  11. stuart from singapore says:

    Nick davis is a dirty white faggot

  12. End of Hk says:

    Once upon a time, a lot of whites treated you like slaves, idiots and dumb until the coke have invented. But after the coke have invented, whites and gooks can live in same class and simple. That’s why we should pray and thank for coke. But lately, the horrible thing that bullying both whites and gooks too. Finally you poured your coke on your computer until it get exploded.

  13. 15wongnh1 says:

    Thanks for the link, DirtyDan!

  14. Are there any mainland chinese in there?

  15. Chances for only I feel pity for you were when you hugged your son and cried besides exploded cyclo.

  16. 15wongnh1 says:

    OK guys, I’ll tell you the REAL reason why Hong Kong people do this:


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