Hong Kong Psycho

Minibus pyscho's early works were a little new wave for my tastes...but when he flipped out majestically and kung fu kicked and punched a minibus driver...while that minibus driver was driving...I think he really came into his own commercially and artistically. The whole attack had a clear, crisp sound of consummate 'Hong Kong' that really gives the image of Hong Kong a big boost. He's been compared to Norman Bates...but I think Minibus Psycho has a far more bitter, oblivious sense of 'other people'.

Minibus Pyscho’s early tantrums were a little new wave for my tastes…but when he majestically flipped out and kung fu kicked and punched a minibus driver…while that minibus driver was driving…I think he really came into his own commercially and artistically. The whole attack had a clear, crisp sound of consummate ‘Hong Kong’ that really gives the image of Hong Kong a big boost. He’s been compared to Bus Uncle…but I think Minibus Psycho has a far more bitter, oblivious sense of ‘other people’.

Minibus drivers in Hong Kong don’t get the best of press…and rightly so because the overwhelming majority are boorish morons. But here’s one of the greatest videos of all time showing that even when minibus drivers do get something right and behave in a reasonable fashion there’s always some other boorish moron ready to step in and fulfill the Hong Kong creed of selfishness, obliviousness, ignorance, anger, spite, thoughtlessness and good old fashioned wild lashing out.


Early reports state that the driver refused to let the passenger off in a restricted zone…makes sense…but then all hell broke loose. The passenger…or Minibus Psycho as I like to call him…just flipped out…completely lost his shit. A fantastic display showcasing what Hong Kong is all about…your narcissistic right to do whatever you damn well like up to and including putting human lives at risk because you might have to walk 10 extra steps or because somebody you probably consider your subordinate (a term shamelessly used in the HK workplace, by the way…along with ‘minor staff’) didn’t obey your command. This is what happens in Hong Kong when adults don’t get their lollipop.

We've seen these kinds of tantrums before

We’ve seen these kinds of tantrums before

Minibus Pyscho in action. Heyyyyyy ya!!!

Minibus Pyscho in action right before he launches into a flurry of kicks, punches and the always amusing ‘straight arm finger point’. You don’t stop where I want? We ALL die!!

The scene of the crime

The scene of the crime

Anyway…awesome stuff! I’d like to think that when the van came to a stop Minibus Psycho was dragged off by his fellow passengers and beaten to an unrecognizable bloody pulp…each stinging blow reinforced by stern teachings….you BANG stupid SMASH stupid BANG fucking SMASH dumb SMASH fuck faced RIB KICK cunt SNAP who the SMASH fucking BANG hell TEETH SMASH do you CRUNCH think BANG you SMASH are? SMASHBANGCRUNCHSNAP…but that’s just me…

Keep on truckin’ everyone

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23 Responses to Hong Kong Psycho

  1. John says:

    love your page! its amazing how angry hong kong people actually are, from the outside ppl think they are quite peaceful but after living here for a couple of years you get to see the real hong kong, there is a lot of pressure on these people and they just don’t know how to handle it so they become extremely violent towards each other or worse towards animals. There is a lot of tension, possibly due to all the mainlanders or perhaps the need to make a lot of money and work crazy hours. who knows, who cares there is no need to act like baboons. you can see it just by walking down the street, people always mumbling and cursing at other people under their breaths, of course they dare not say these things out loud otherwise this sort of thing would happen more often. Best stick to yourself people as you never know when someone might punch you. Someone should of used a taser gun lol

  2. Ted says:

    I used to laugh at the sheer stupidity of people here. Now it just makes me sad. China’s population growth and their sheer numbers, are disproving Darwin’s theory…

  3. roger says:

    Somewhat off topic but…

    I like to bash HK locals as much or more than the next fellow, but in the past several weeks I have begun to feel truly sorry for them.

    Their city is being overwhelmed by Mainlanders with the govt’s acquiescence if not active encouragement, the Cantonese language is slowly being replaced by mandarin (with the govt denigrating Cantonese), they can’t get milk powder for their kids due to ‘parallel traders’ (ie smugglers, to which the govt turns a blind eye), you can’t swing a cat practically anywhere in this town without hitting a mainland cretin dragging a wheelie suitcase behind him – and if they dare to protest (like last weekend’s outburst) they are vilified and demonized by the press, the govt and the pro china bootlickers. In short, they are screwed. Or at least those of them not lucky enough to hold a foreign passport are screwed.

    As expats most of us can and probably will pull up stakes and head home or somewhere else when things get bad enough (eg PLA in the streets beating the crap out of or shooting dissenters), but most of HK’s people are stuck.

    With that said, how about a piece on all the scarf/muffler related douchebaggery so evident during the recent cold spell? You know, all the local males proving they’re ‘fashionable’ by walking around with wool mufflers wrapped around their necks while wearing shirtsleeves? Cold enough for a massive muffler but not cold enough to wear an overcoat or even a suit jacket?

    Maybe it’s just me….

  4. brigida_b says:

    There’s a pervasive malaise over here, and people are literally going crazy: I have been here for a little less than two years, but I have already seen three coworkers getting compulsory mental treatment…

  5. Anonymous says:

    what industry are you in brigida? just curious…

  6. Hong Kong - Hell on Earth says:

    People in Hong Kong are seriously the most rude, spiteful and mean people – that makes the earth’s scum. It is a pity that we have Filipinos and Indonesians as domestic helpers because seriously I’d happily start a human trading business importing Hong Kong people – I mean all you would have to pay them in is iPhones, delicious foods and free holidays to Bangkok or Taipei. I’d love to have a Hong Kong person working in my house barking orders at them to lick the skids off my toilet bowl. If they snarl at me (which they’re pretty good at already) I’d chain them up in my backyard and throw my dog’s leftovers at them for dinner. I mean you can’t really argue about it breaching the human rights law since Hong Kong people don’t really count as humans – humans have feelings and they can empathise with others.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Importing Hong Kong people? Good luck with that, fucker. Hell on Earth? Think of the shitty place you probably come from. You will think of Hong Kong as a lovely paradise. Honestly, I’d just love you to lick the sewage clean for us… And if we’re not human, you’re probably dead. You’re just jealous of our amazing human rights law because you’re not treated well enough. Well let me tell you why: Your government is actually wise enough to ignore your kind of fucker. Snarling? As if you all don’t do it. Fuck you and your stupid thoughts. No one gives a fuck to your shit.

  8. John says:

    umm…dear anonymous…are you drunk?…can I just ask what ”amazing human rights law” you are talking about? there is no country in the world that has ”amazing human rights law” firstly, and secondly you must be wearing blinkers…yes i do not agree with the person that wrote ”hell on earth” but seriously HK does not have ”amazing human right laws”…all they do is turn a blind eye when something serious happens, if there was ”amazing human right laws” then HK would be an independent country and listen to its citizens..there would be free and fair elections to choose whoever we want as our leader and everyone (gay, straight, white, asian, whatever) would be treated equal….we do not want to go back to filthy China that has NO human rights laws…so do some research before you say that there is ”amazing human rights laws”

  9. Anonymous says:

    You can see your own country… Compared to you there should be amazing human rights laws. And I am not drunk, we Chinese do not easily get drunk unlike your kind of people… You guys get drunk like EVERYNIGHT

  10. ies says:

    Hong kong… This city is very brilliant douche. Don’t you think that it sounds like douche bags?
    “Reihao? hehe”

  11. Anonymous says:

    You are just so brilliant I bet that the insane asylum would love to have you…

  12. 15wongnh1 says:

    I would have kicked that guy’s ass.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The Youtube link does not work. Here’s another: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-a_wKWmyoY

  14. Anonymous says:

    BTW, I’m not the same Anonymous as the idiot above. It’s because of people like the minibus man that I don’t live in Hong Kong. The worrying thing is, he will probably be let off by the law because this is just classed as “common assault”. Having said all that, there are English people who are equally as bad as this guy. Just in a different way.

  15. Youtube link works for me

  16. Anonymous says:

    Someone should have put a rear naked choke hold on that guy… Would have been much better to put him to sleep.

  17. 15wongnh1 says:

    What’s a rear naked choke hold?

    And couldn’t slamming his head into the windows repeatedly then beating him up until your arms fall off suffice?

  18. CY Cat Simon says:

    I worked in hong kong for a few years. Generally I have more bad experience with Hong Kongers than good ones. I grew up in Singapore. I speak cantonese more slowly and with a slight accent. I am usually mild mannered which doesn’t look smart to them. I am also not as familiar with the culture the way they expected me to. Sometimes my colleague teased me but I just shrugged it off. I constantly come across with acquaintance, e.g., shop keepers, people at events, the hong kongers judged me within 1 minute and make me feel like I am not worth talking to, or worse somebody who should be looked down at – until I speak english. Hong Kongers are the most impolitely snobbish and quick-to-judge people I have ever met around the world. I had even worse experience working with hong kong bosses. I ever worked in an office whereby the hong konger bosses – yea, more than one, constantly degrade the employee’s physical appearance, family background, …and everything personal under the sun, and even pat each other’s on the back for being the ‘meanest’. There are less extreme but other creepy example of a supervisor who looked suppressed all the time, and sometimes like to write email in BOLD RED letters to warn me about what he think is major mistakes, e.g., Being not on time while my job can also be done at home. Not to mention, the hong konger’s boyfriends I used to date would openly discuss the possibility of cheating, hey I never say I am open to “open relationship”! Now I am happily married to non-hong konger and left hong kong for good.

  19. The Enlightened says:

    To CY Cat Simon,

    Surviving HK is actually simple.

    1. Realise that people here are psycho.
    2. Realise that they cannot be changed but can be managed.
    3. Pretend you like them, and act accordingly.
    4. For other tips, read this..


  20. Anonymous says:

    What’s with the federal prison link?? What’s that got to do with anything?

  21. The Enlightened says:

    To Anonymous of October 14, 2015 at 1:20 pm

    The theme of this blog is this: “Hong Kong is a prison, and it is run by inmates.”

  22. Anonymous says:

    Where does it say that? Where do you get that from? The theme of the blog is that crazy shit happens in HK that boggles the mind.

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