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Hong Kong…it’s one big happy hippie commune.

Peace Hong Kong brothers. I love you all.

Peace and love my Hong Kong brothers. Peace and love.

Peace & Love, Tolerance & Understanding

Peace & Love, Tolerance & Understanding

Football hooliganism in Hong Kong? Filipino fans claim racial abuse

Football match at Mong Kok Stadium turns not-so-friendly
Wednesday, 05 June, 2013, 4:43pm
Noel Prentice

Hong Kong football fans were accused of racial abuse, including yelling “you’re all just slaves”, as an international friendly turned not-so-friendly at Mong Kok Stadium on Tuesday night.

Social media sites were alive on Wednesday morning with Philippines fans accusing a section of the Hong Kong supporters of “calling us a slave nation”, throwing bottles at mostly women and children and booing the Philippine national anthem.

One Filipino called it a “traumatic experience”, while another said she was reduced to tears.

One expatriate fan said he was disgusted by the Hong Kong supporters, who were further incensed as Hong Kong went on to lose the game 1-0.

“At the end of the game there were ugly scenes when the Philippines side tried to celebrate with their fans and were subjected to such abuse – verbal, gestures and physical – as they were pelted with bottles and other objects,” the Englishman told the South China Morning Post on Wednesday morning.

“Then I was even more disgusted to hear some local guys shouting to the group of Philippine men, women and children, who were happily celebrating, that they were ‘all just slaves’…and making obscene gestures to them.”

He said they also booed loudly throughout the playing of the national anthem and it was not reciprocated by the many Filipinos during the Chinese anthem, as they stood with reasonable respect.

The expat said he would normally cheer his “home” team Hong Kong, but after “the pathetic and boorish behaviour of the locals during the anthem, and then jeering every time the Filipinos started to cheer their team, I very quickly switched to supporting the underdogs”.

Another fan said security staff tried their best to bring order.

One fan suggested there was still a lot of ill-feeling between Hong Kong and the Philippines after eight Hongkongers died in the Manila hostage crisis in 2010 when sacked policeman Rolando Mendoza hijacked a tour bus and opened fire.

The incident also comes amid debate about racism in Hong Kong after a map created by The Washington Post based on data from the World Values Survey last month revealed that 26.8 per cent of Hongkongers did not want a neighbour of a different race.

Misinterpreted data in an earlier version of the map put the figure at 71.8 per cent, which suggested that Hong Kong was one of the least racially tolerant cities in the world.

While the revised results were less startling, they were still high by comparison with much of the world, alongside Malaysia, the Philippines and France.

Hong Kong soccer fans show their appreciation by hurling missiles and insults at their guests.

Hong Kong soccer fans show their appreciation by hurling missiles and insults at their guests. “You’re all just slaves!” they warmly cheered.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What a bunch of BULLSHIT! Nothing, and I mean nothing can be further from the truth. The fact that the HK government needs to run commercials like these speaks volumes of just how fucked up of a place Hong Kong really is.

    “Don’t mind me when I laugh out loud” – What a joke!

    Don’t mind me if I scream at you for disturbing my day you fucking ugly hag.

  2. Chris G says:

    Ever watch local HK tv programs, soaps,dramas etc? Not my first choice but try them The story lines and acting are crap but that besides the point. Try spotting any actors playing domestic helpers that in real life would be responsible for keeping the characters homes immaculately clean and bringing up their children. There aren’t any!

  3. Don Quixote says:

    Just pathetic, bad losers to put it simple.
    Hong Kong Sucks also at football. And I mean the Phillipines football team is not precisely a World Cup team… They Suck. Is Hong Kong good at any sport? I mean China is great at many but you see HK people very sporty and stuff but at the end of the day if it wasn’t for different races within the rugby team, Hong Kong would be only a city of poor athletes.

  4. Don Quixote says:

    By the way did anyone notice that in the ad the hairstylist is wearing gloves? Come on how filthy hear can be? Well its an early warning signal for how hygienic this city can be.

  5. Yankie says:

    Also heard white guys callin’ ’em “slaves”

  6. They love slaves…nothing new about that…

  7. savagespacecat says:

    i love this blog. I’m a canadian who visited hk a year ago.. brings back great memories =P

  8. Anonymous says:

    Dont waste time to write those rubbish.
    just go back to your lovely country if you dont like Hong Kong.

  9. Anonymous says:

    To the Anonymous post just above this one…

    Spoken like a true Hong Kong/Chinese person. The views shared on this blog are widely felt by others, not just in Hong Kong but around the world. “Just go back to your lovely country if you don’t like Hong Kong” is such a weak comeback and excuse from admitting what many of us already know – you people are indeed scum.

    Karma is a bitch and will eventually catch up to you all.

  10. Yankie says:

    Dudley, wot’s new about it is white guys being *trained* to call ’em slaves by their overbearing, smug, face-serving Chinese wives! Of course, when their Chinese wives aren’t around white guys love slaves…several times a week and in as many different positions as possible…they may even call them honey instead of slave 😉

  11. FredMerc says:

    I was there. Hong Kong missed a ton of shots. Having their penalty saved added more to their frustration as they couldn’t score. Some fucking old men from the back started pushing their way through kids and women telling them to “get out”.

    What do you expect from football though? Nevertheless, though hoolaganism is common it should still never be tolerated.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Yes and this only happens in Hong Kong right? Never happens in the west eh? Wy don’t you pack you fucking bags and fuck off back to wherever you’re from? Biased piece of shit article written by a white fat cunt.

  13. Anonymous says:

    To the anonymous above claiming this is a widely shared view. Seriously take your white arrogance and fuck off back to your financially troubled west. This isn’t a comeback, this is a suggestion. If you hate Hong Kong so much, what the fuck are you doing here??? You live here yet you cannot appreciate the cultural difference and whines like a little bitch on a pathetic little website. Most of the stuff you have posted happens everywhere in the world.

    Let me tell you something, Asia is the growth engine not the west. It’s no longer the days Chinese people are “jealous” of you white people, there are less and less white people in Asia because we have realized we don’t actually need a white guy in the hierarchy doing jack shit. Trust me we no longer need white people, it’s the other way round. Noticed white kids learning mandarin?

    A word of advice, you should really fuck off back to where you are from. From your site I can tell you don’t know a word of Chinese and trust me you will not survive in Asia for long. You are more than welcome for the wake up call.

    And yes, karma really is a bitch. Just wait for it mate. It will come to you.

  14. Chris G says:

    Anon,hold my hand, trust me we can get through this.

  15. Anonymous says:

    To Anonymous (July 27th),

    There’s more hate, rage and jealousy in your two posts than the ones from me dated June 26th & July 6th. I don’t really know how to respond to such a hateful and antagonistic post like yours, but I’ll try.

    I’m simply pointing out the things I see and hear with my own two eyes and ears on a daily basis. The two commercials at the top of this post are total fucking bullshit. The fact that the government needs to run commercials like these speaks volumes. Do you actually think there’s any truth in them? If so, I feel real sorry for bro.

    I’m baffled almost daily at how Chinese people treat each other, as well as those from other races, countries and ethnicities. If having no manners, sympathy, empathy, courtesy, etc is your definition of culture, again, I feel real sorry for you bro. I have no issues at all with true Chinese culture. But what I’m seeing on a daily basis are just a bunch of cunts with not a care in the world for their fellow man/woman. Is this true in the west? Yes, but no where near on the same scale as it is here. The Chinese take first prize for the most cold-hearted people around.

    Speaking of the west, you’re right, you don’t need us “white guys doing jack shit” anymore. I have a newsflash for you though; most governments and bureaucrats are inherently corrupt, and Hong Kong is no different. Once the powers that be suck this city dry and turn it into an unlivable place (in about 10 more years time), they will flee to Australia and New Zeeland with their families, where they’ll have cozy lives. And we’ll all be stuck in this hell hole together. So, why don’t we all just start treating each other a little more humane? Trust me…it’s better for us all!

    I’ve been living here a long time and will unfortunately continue to live here so long as I want. Telling me to get out is just pathetic on your part, and once again I feel real sorry for you bro. It’s a weak fucking comeback and/or suggestion! You seem to have a case of false patriotism. Remember this “Nationalism is the last refuge of the scoundrel”, in your case perhaps “the fool”.

    I’ve written the below comment elsewhere on this blog and truly believe this…

    “It’s almost like we’re living in an alternate universe where being bad is good & being good is bad. In other words, all the traits that I was raised to be believe are good, are considered bad here. These include honesty, sympathy, empathy, kindness, consideration, etc. All the traits I was raised to believe are bad, are considered good here. These include being arrogant, rude, greedy, selfish, sneaky, LOUD, etc.”

  16. Anonymous 27th July,

    Take your pseudo economics and your blatant racism and go an attack a Filipino or something.

    white guy?white people? Where in this blog do you see me refer to the yellow man?

    Shame on you

  17. Don Quixote says:

    HAHAHAHA, jealousy!!! this people don’t even know what is to live in a real country, because they don’t even have the balls to demand their voices to be taken seriously by the government and make a representational democracy or whatever; the fact is Beijing does as they want here and you Hong Kong people can just cry, because you lack the character to stand your ground. We Western people, despite all the troubles still have clean food, clean air, and lots of space and for example in the case of Australia or Europe or even USA is cheap to come here, its like going to Philippines. Before I came to this city i had a twisted view of it, as an international stronghold; but after 4 years in hell i know how fucked up you people really are. feel happy your dog shit cage houses are the most expensive to buy, and you call Filipinos slaves, when the majority of the people of this city can only pay the rent? but if you are lucky enough and have money what will you do? plan on moving somewhere else? you wont be able because the world is too much for your small minds.

  18. Groupthink says:

    As I read this site (quite a few times now), it makes me happy that there are at least a few people who are not willing to accept their misery bound fate in the phlegm-scape. I feel like most foreigners like it here! What kind of creepy LKF loving douche bags are you? Was it the westerner loving, high heel wearing, robot-like, genius gals that sold you on good ol’ HK? Or was it the adorable beret wearing security guards staring you down as you come and go from your prison towers? The locals know just how to feed your ego in the right way, don’t they! So sincere and friendly they are, these little pursed lipped munchkins. I love it most when they’re issued a poodle…. animals understand you my dear little Honkies!

    I also love to hear the replies from angry locals who only seem to say “if you don’t like it get out”. I guess they forgot about all the thousands upon thousands of complaining chicken feet lovers living in nearly all western countries. If we’re not welcome here, then what should we do about them? I’m thinking along the lines of treating them exactly as the domestic helpers are treated here. Hey, fair is fair. In fact, we could ship a few of them out to clean toilets in the Philippines. But the world isn’t fair, and well, that’s just not going to happen.

    So, my dear ex pat prison mates who have a clear sense of reality, how can we unite and what can we do?

  19. Anonymous says:


    “Or was it the adorable beret wearing security guards staring you down as you come and go from your prison towers?” That’s some funny shit right there, but oh so true!

    Was entering the outside of a housing estate one time to visit my wife’s family. The racist security guard there wouldn’t let me in. He told me I had to walk around and enter from the main gate. All the while, countless numbers of (Chinese) people were entering without him even batting an eye. In the end, I just walked around and entered from the other side. It was obvious what was going on here. My wife’s family didn’t seem to think it was a problem, but my wife was furious.

    Here’s another one…

    Got in a taxi the other day and asked that driver ‘politely’ if he could stop talking so loudly on his phone. “Why, this is my taxi”, he said in a smug voice (after all, I should be lucky that he even let me get in his taxi). So, I asked him again, but this time not so politely. He starts raising his voice at me (borderline shouting) so I began to do the same. Long story short, I opened the door and got the fuck out of there, all while the taxi was still moving. The hell I’m going to take abuse from a cunt like that. Could have easily been avoided had he not been such an arrogant prick.

    These sorts of things are routine in Hong Kong. Some will say there are annoyances that happen everywhere. Sure, but nowhere near as frequently as they do here. This sort of crap happens daily unless you isolate yourself. And even then there’s a good chance you’ll get fucked with by some loud mouth local or mainlander nowadays.

    Man, I wish I had an answer to your question on what do we do. Not much we can do I suppose, when we’re considered the crazies. Things will unfortunately get worse. I find writing about how I feel and my experiences, as well as reading posts like yours therapeutic. Thoughts?

  20. Groupthink says:

    To Anonymous Aug 4:

    Do I have any thoughts? Yeah, just that I think people who gravitate towards this site could benefit from meeting each other. I’ve got some cool expat friends but not nearly enough, I find many of the expats here like it, and it usually seems that getting their ass kissed all the time because they are white has something to do with it. The author of this site is right on the money and I would love to meet them some day, you should read every post in detail. I don’t know how long you’ve lived here or what your circumstances are, but I think you’ll come to find that it gets worse before it gets better, and if you can believe it I’m a very positive person. Hong Kong is truly a messed up, cold, rigid, and awful place. I once proposed having a gathering, not necessarily to focus on complaining about Hong Kong, but just to get people together who are not part of the yuppie expats, and are not local, just so we could be there for each other. I got a pretty negative response that time, as if people had been here for so long that they had given up hope and were circling the drain! Haha, anyways, I’m curious to see if there could be any momentum for a gathering, even if just to have the privilege of meeting the author (although I doubt they would be willing to show in a public setting due the political nature of the site!), You can be sure some spiteful locals wouid show up!

  21. Anonymous says:

    To Groupthink,

    Would indeed be great if of bunch of us like-minded people could get together. Like you said, it wouldn’t have to be a bash fest, but more of a gathering of people who have some things in common and who can see through all the crap. I reckon it might be a challenge to get something like this started. Most people on this site probably don’t want their identity to be known due to the nature of the topic.

    By the way, I’ve been living here for quite a long time. No need to tell me how cold it can get sometimes. After all these years, I’m still trying to figure out why it is the way it is. The people can be real rotten sometimes (including the yuppie expats you mention) no matter what part of Hong Kong you live in.

    If our paths ever do meet someday, may I suggest a group of us walk on the pavement five wide at a snail’s pace shouting on our mobile phones. Could be rather amusing when you’re not on the receiving end. Haha!

  22. Don Quixote says:

    Well about the meeting, i think this site is just perfect for expressing our thoughts and feelings regarding this rotten society, and number too; I don’t want to sound paranoid but regarding the invitation i respectfully decline; you never know when a shit head can set us up. I mean i’m more than ready to beat anyone who tries to attack me but its better not to let them have the chance. We will still be here and continue to dig and show the insides of this city. And by the way this opinions are just about Hong Kong, not Asia. So fuck you honkies, this is called freedom of expression. SUCK IT UP!

  23. Groupthink says:

    Yeah, after thinking it over, its probably best to hold off on a gathering until we figure out a good way to do it which would protect our privacy. I suppose the moderator would have to send out emails. I wish all of you struggling in this place the best in you plight!

  24. Anonymous says:

    F local bosses at international institutions who swear at staff “generously” and F stupid useless local HR who always stands by their side and not doing what HR is supposed to do. Thank you Hong Kong for making me learn your concept of “justice and fairness”.

  25. Anonymous says:

    And F local colleagues who has entitlement issues and never recognize the issue is with them: —

    Local: “oh, why are they asking us to do this and that? so ma fan.. blah..bleh”
    Bystander: “oh, because we are paid… salaried employee that is”
    Local: “oh, why are they asking us to comply with personal dealing rules why do we need to get pre-approval (when the rules had been there since company inception and trainings given every year)… we want to trade stocks same as clients… whats the conflict… just trading big-cap stock on the same day as clients… why need pre-approval?”
    Bystander “oh, because we are paid… we are working for a financial institution and every institution got their set of rules, and you are trading the same stocks on behalf of clients… so theres conflict and you need to seek approval which will mostly be given — it’s normal to comply with rules from the company, right… these basic rules are common sense to financiers… i thought you had been in the industry for 10 + years?”
    Local: “NO, it is unfair! I need to make money for myself, too!”
    Bystander: “what is so unfair? Every other financial institution in the world, not only HK, has rules like this…”
    Local: “I need to COMPLAIN!” (starting yelling and kicking)

    The most unfair thing must be that the stupid locals got the job — the job should have been given to someone else who had better work ethics and common sense. Better economy of scale. Better productive outcome for the world.

  26. Peter says:

    Genuinely interested – why are so many of you bitter, twisted people here? You use words like “stuck” and “trapped”…surely in this day and age you can move pretty much wherever you want?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Hong Kong-lover and in my year here have seen many things I’m appalled by. But there is also a lot to like about the place so I’m going to stay a little while longer before moving on.

    Why are you here? Not a loaded question, I would love to know.

    Also makes me laugh how scared you all are to meet up..on other articles you say things like “WE ARE THE ONLY ONES BRAVE ENOUGH TO SPEAK OUT” but then you are too cowardly to arrange to meet in a public place in case you get bashed..haha that is probably the funniest thing on this whole pathetic website!!

  27. Peter says:

    “So fuck you honkies, this is called freedom of expression. SUCK IT UP!”

    Don Quixote, where were you during the Civil Rights movement!? You sound like a real freedom-fighter. Would love to have been on the front line with you, putting perceived wrongs right…

    Oh hang on a second, you probably wouldn’t have been on the front line you keyboard warrior.

    That’s the problem with the internet – every small-minded idiot gets a voice and acts braver than (s)he actually is.

  28. No. HK is not all bad. It just happens that this website is about all the bad. I freely admit as much in the ‘about’ link at the top of the site. I’ve never used words like trapped or stuck or miserable. I love it here…and I love needling Hong Kong for all it’s worth.

    About the ‘meet up’…as creator and writer of this blog, I never for a second entertained the idea of meeting anyone, anywhere, anytime for anything.

    I can spot a Nigerian internet scam when I see it!

  29. Peter says:

    Haha wasn’t really directed at you DD, I think you seem quite sensible. But you have attracted some rather unpleasant followers.

    My question was directed more at the people who are using such melodramatic vocabulary.

  30. Ex-I-wanker says:

    wow peter, I ain’t Don Quixote, and I am a local actually. I already got a few comments re your response above. lets try to be analytical here-some stuff are relatively straight-fwd and does not require a rocket-scientist to figure out.

    I am not the ones who used the word “stuck”, “trapped” and the like above, but I would actually like to defend those who used them.

    Ok, let’s start with the honkies who feel “stuck” here: quite a few locals do not want to live in HK, many do love it here tho no doubt, the ones that feel “stuck” and “trapped”, could be because they don’t have the ability to get a job elsewhere (e.g. poor eng ability like mine), could be because they got sick parents to take care of and their family values hold them back from being “individualistic”, could be because they don’t have a silver spoon up their ass hence no money for an easy way out and struggling with daily lives (e.g. a FEW of my local friends who failed their HKCEE exams miserably, actually got into Oxford for Maths as a matter of fact, and this is just one of the few examples by the way). For me, my parents are getting old, my values taught me to take care of them at this stage in life-this trumps my desire to move abroad although HK is definitely never my first choice.

    Ok, now let’s talk about the expats. Possible reasons: got a newborn in HK with a HK wife, need to cater to HK wife’s family and stay in HK. Got a new gf/bf here whom they see a long-term potential. Here on a good contract with nice housing bonus, and a VERY specialized area of work where HK is hub (e.g. Asia IPOs and), etc-in this case I won’t blame them for bitching abt HK because work culture here could be a massive culture shock from the western world (re the above i saw someone wrote that HK bosses like swearing and i have personally experienced that many times-not very pleasant to be honest-and this is acceptable bahavior, mind you), and these expats sometime do bring valuable skills across the border. I am just human, too, and i do bitch from time to time-to quote your MELODRAMATIC vocabs-“TWISTED”-is a very heavy word to use and i will most likely immediately think of someone who used this word as not that uncivilized and quite self-righteous. Their vocabs you listed above might be heavy-but you get these in any kind of forums anywhere in the world, really (e.g. politics, relationships, RPG games, poker)-so just get real?
    I am sure there are many things these people love about HK-but its just human to bitch about things you don’t like, thats the purpose of the existence of this forum i believe. without bitching, everyone would suppress stuff inside them and get sick at one point =P i think its quite healthy to let it out in a non-harmful such as through here =P

    About not meeting-up, well, i normally just read but don’t respond i don’t have much comments to add on this point.

    Welcome your further comments Pete.

  31. Ex-I-wanker says:

    Correction and apologies-as not that “civilized”.
    The ones that got into Oxford while failing HKCEE are from rich families-forgot to mention.

  32. Ex-I-wanker says:

    And Pete, i find people like you weird no offense.
    how do u know “most of you” do not have the “courage” to “meet up”? have you talked to all subscribers and all commentees? are you trying to form a silent majority already based out of nth but your own perception? yea, the silent majority thing, baby. my guess is half of these ppl don’t mind meeting but can’t be bothered, and the other half don’t want to show their face, which, again, as simple stats, is normal in any society/community, just get real really.

    i am LMHO too.

  33. Ex-I-wanker says:

    and i will, “pathetically”,even go as far as this to defend peeps i don’t know.

    your lack of analytical skills and unnecessary condescending tone (to the whole group) frustrated me. ok, my points

    1. the forum url is
    2. when you google using key words “hong kong sucks”, this is one of the top search-results
    3. therefore, people who actually need an outlet to speak about this issue and find their “comrades”, wil; go to this site (wow so hard to understand, right)
    4. i actually think its quite respectful for these peeps to keep their “nasty”/”twisted”/”unpleasant” comments to a forum which is created to facilitate this primary purpose (yea, read the url again, or creator of blog-pls correct me if i am wrong, i would apologize to u if i get your intentions wrong)
    5. the way you “crash” this forum and talked like you are “above” my fellow internet mates is almost like a straight guy crashing gay people forum which serves to let ppl voice abt discrimination against gay peeps and a straight guy trashing these gay ppl who have tried to keep their complaints to this one single forum dedicated for this anti-discriminatory cause
    6. of course a gay forum such as the above would welcome straight ppl but i think its not that hard to understand y on a gay forum u would see relatively heavy wordings when gay ppl complain abt mistreatments against them, in a low-profile manner (versus going to directly to HK locals’ forums to verbally slash them)
    7. and how do u knwo these ppl don’t confront hk locals in their face when feeling shxxty? how do u know? and why do u need to know anyway? do they owe you an answer?
    i as a local, can tell u, many a times i just swallow misfortune after being mistreated-thats how i was raised-as a chinese, to not create trouble or u wil be treated an outcast. if these ppl speak up in real life-do they really need to tell u and explain to u how they manage their lives? they prob just wanted a peaceful alternate space for their voices, and be heard-aka here.

    i hope the above clarifies my thoughts. and i accept that not all would agree with my analogy above, and ready to be “slashed”. i just want to make my point =P

  34. Ex-I-wanker says:

    and honestly, peter, do these ppl owe you an answer after being labelled “twisted”, “unpleasant”, “pathetic”, etc. by u? do you even understand the way you talk is quite unpleasant yourself? is your ego being over-fed by local ppl (girls most likely) who prob dig your foreignness regardless of your shape and form, and hence you talk like this? yea this is quite wrong, what i said.
    i m guessing you are a gdlooking person, with some gd education (but not great, i am assuming now like you did-how does that feel?), scoring alot of girls here, and feeling like a king, but still, take a good look at yourself and stop applying double-standards and sound so condescending. i can smell your condescending-ness from 10 miles away.
    ya my eng sucks but at least i admit it =P

  35. Anonymous says:

    Dudley, do you really love it here or are you being sarcastic? I only ask because I’ve read nearly all of your blog (posted on it several times). Certainly, there are many good things about HK, but to go as far as to say ‘I love it here’ seems a bit contradictive to a lot of you’ve written. I’m curious…really.

    As for Pete, the grass is always greener on the other side. It must be great to be you! I’m one of those people who are ‘stuck’ in HK, who cannot just ‘stay here a little while longer before moving on’. People like you just don’t live in reality man – I can tell that by your above posts.

    As for meeting up, that will never happen. It was mentioned more as a ‘we should’ or ‘what if’ sort of thing. I don’t think there are any expectations for anyone to meet up. I would like to know though what’s so funny about not wanting to meet up. Why would I or anyone be considered a coward for not wanting to meet up? Why would I or anyone get bashed? Why is this website pathetic? Why do I have a small mind for posting here? Pete, please enlighten us all…please! These are your words after all.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Do you genuinely think that if you arranged to meet a few like-minded people on here for, say, dinner at Crystal Jade on Friday at 8pm, a big gang of pro-Hong Kongers would turn up in the IFC with pitchforks and try to bash you?

    Who doesn’t live in reality now…

    I think the reality is that everyone wouldn’t get on as well as you might expect. When people are brought together only through a common negativity and “hatred” rather than any sort of positive emotions, then that is never a healthy way to form relationships.

    As for your small mind point, I have never used that phrase. The only person who has used it repeatedly (here and elsewhere on the site) is Don Quixote – ” plan on moving somewhere else? you wont be able because the world is too much for your small minds.”

    I’m not trying to dig everyone on here out, I just think it seems to have attracted a fair few very bitter and very angry people so I’m tryin to understand them. Don’t worry, I am very aware of the HK “bullshit bubble” as someone called it – I laugh and complain about it in equal measure with like-minded friends.

    I don’t know where to begin with Ex I-Wanker but I would say that comparing yourself and your fellow users to discriminated against homosexuals is preposterous, come on.

  37. Stone Mason says:

    Peter you speak of these “keyboard warriors” but you’re no different. You sound like a typical ignoramus; maybe took a gap year, saw a few places, now lives abroad and therefore classes himself as a “worldly man”. Step down from your pedestal and try living in the real world. I grew up in the Sudwala caves, S.Africa, before it was invaded by tourists. I’d never seen the world or read a single word until I stole an encyclopaedia from the local school. I grew up being told what I couldn’t achieve, what was unreachable to me. It’s exactly those type of negative vibes that crush the spirits within young individuals in this day and age. I think you need to take a look into your own life before you decide to persecute everyone else – and that goes for you all!

  38. Anonymous says:

    Here in lies the problem…

    I would never meet up with someone at Crystal Jade on Friday at 8pm. I take it that’s one of those cool restaurants at IFC where all the trendy people hang out? Not my cup of tea. God…where have all the normal down to earth people gone?

    I’m certainly not into persecuting others (not my thing) but the people in HK make it too easy. And I mean that in the most unpretentious way.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Stop being so judgemental. It’s not very pretentious, or particularly cool or trendy – about HK$100 for a good feed in a relaxed and clean environment. Given everyone’s disgust at the “filth” of Hong Kong, I thought somewhere affordable and centrally-located yet clean would probably be the best place to find it.

  40. Dudley, do you really love it here or are you being sarcastic? I only ask because I’ve read nearly all of your blog (posted on it several times). Certainly, there are many good things about HK, but to go as far as to say ‘I love it here’ seems a bit contradictive to a lot of you’ve written. I’m curious…really.

    It’s alright.

    I’m being a bit over the top there.

    I don’t hate it and I don’t love it.

    It’s alright.

  41. CE says:

    This is the first time I have ever commented on any online forum; it goes against all my rules of engaging with deplorable, boring little men sitting behind computer screens carefully constructing nonsensical arguments that if presented in the oral form (i.e. court, debating society, spoken argument) would fall completely flat on their faces.

    The only person that seems to be speaking any sense in this tirade of utter baloney is Peter! It doesn’t matter why any of us here in Hong Kong, whether locals or expats, we are all here in the same rocky boat. Grow some orb shaped objects, man up and enjoy this place that we live in. I unreservedly dismiss this argument that people are trapped in HK (whether local or expat), you all have control over your own lives, your own set of morals/rules to abide by – do/see/believe what you want.

    I won’t name names but some of you are so unbelievably lost and confused. Take a walk outside, help an old lady cross the road, do something that makes you feel good. But for God’s sake have some fun and enjoy this land of opportunity rather than huddling over your computer spreading your drivel across the internet.

  42. Anonymous says:

    To CE:

    I honestly do not think it is meant to be an “argument” that people said they are “trapped”.

    I honestly believe it is an expression of a state of feeling, an emotion – take the example of a marriage where people might feel trapped while some say just “man up and deal with it” (is it that simple-just man up and deal with that? why some people go for divorces and why some won’t? why does it take a while to think through issues? not up to you to “dismiss” their feelings I am sorry, no need to play god when you have not been through what they have been through-perhaps there are stuff that only these people have been through but not you-think compassion…). Take it easy. Expressing how they feel is perfectly acceptable in my opinion-try not badger people for expressing their feelings… what if they do find peace from writing it out?

    I am pretty sure there are people that need to do very formal writing and “arguments” during day time at their job; and I am also very certain that these people do not wish to adopt the same modus operandi (since you used wording such as “court, debating society, spoken argument”-let’s use some jargons here to your liking) after they finish work and head home… seriously… i for a fact do not like to feel like i am working after i got home. i rather feel like a kid and talk non-sense from time to time-and what’s wrong with that anyway? do you not watch comedies sometime just for a laugh and take yourself out of reality briefly?

    Take it easy-have some compassion; “control your fate”? sometime you have to be aware that your life is not only about you but your family, etc. i have had friends that go through financial crisis-got laid of and unemployed for 2 yrs-is it fair to dismiss their feelings and ask them to just man up? think about it again.

    “Have some fun”-maybe blogging like this and commenting in a sarcastic/funny manner are ways that people have fun. I honestly find reading these blogs very entertaining-the creative writing is amusing for real. Who are you to teach how people should live, and seek happiness anyway? Do you never suffer in your life where you feel upset and want an outlet to speak? Have some compassion.

    I am sure you meant well and some points are well taken, and i meant well too!

  43. CE says:

    Dude it was just an opinion…no need to break every word down like an Agatha Christie murder mystery. It’s nice to have a walking dictionary follow me through these forums.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for being nice.

    Mine was just an opinion, too. Let’s respect everyone’s opinion whereby they expressed that they felt trapped or stuck then and expressed that they felt HK (partly) sucks for them. Not everyone was born to look at the silver lining. And being optimistic at all times does not make you a better person-certain degree of negativity is very healthy IMO-I read about research into that. Think grieving when someone lost their loved ones, or when someone went through war. Well, of course not that drastic most of the time.

    I agreed with Peter that Crystal Jade was a suggestion that makes sense, HKD100 is reasonable for age from 18 – 48, and the place is clean, but that doesn’t make me feel I will be agreeable with his blanket uninformed bashing against the whole group and that one would be deemed “coward” when they simply don’t care about meeting up… ah hem.

    Stone Mason’s points were well noted, too.

    Good day.

  45. CE says:

    Don Quixote is the only person who is a coward. He is super-aggressive in his posts but then claims he is scared of being bashed at a public meeting. Most people on here are pretty reasonable. Negative and pessimistic but decent people. I don’t think any of you would even want to meet Don Quixote, he sounds absolutely vile.

    Noone has lived in the Sudwala caves since 1910…how old is Stone Mason??!

  46. Anonymous says:

    1. A Person who, being unable to express his anger through physical violence (owning to their physical weakness, lack of bravery and/or conviction in real life), instead manifests said emotions through the text-based medium of the internet, usually in the form of aggressive writing that the Keyboard Warrior would not (for reasons previously mentioned) be able to give form to in real life.

  47. Don Quixote says:

    Ok Ladies and gentlemen, and Pete… Do I seem like a bitter, old man bald and loveless? well you would be surprised that i’m exactly the opposite, My fair opinions about Hong Kong are my deepest thoughts and feelings of all the wonderful things i’ve learnt during this exciting years living inside this turtle shell. Pete you call me a coward… what am I suppose to tell you? think what you want of me, actually it amuses me your dearest thoughts. Regarding the meeting what could be more boring than to meet some guys to talk about the same old things we remark in this blog? Maybe ill better hang out with the guys from the blog of Hong Kong carnival, but sadly it just doesn’t exist, maybe some Carioca samba joint or some underground ultra anarchic industrial Punk bar, but sadly it doesn’t exist. So i can express myself how i please regarding how terribly boring is to live here in the city of fences. And well yes i’m a warrior not only from the keyboard but from the streets, yeah those good old streets packed with thousands of very radical protesters against this neoliberal fart cities full of the thievery and scum of the world. Can it be that a Hong Kong Sucks blogg preludes a massive rally against this miserable laboring condition that expats and locals have to endure here? Give me a break, so Pete you can use your cheap sarcasm against my opinions, I don’t mind; It won’t change the fact this city is deeply messed by the arrogance of the locals. There are surely many things about Hong Kong That i like, but i want to stress the mayor flaws of this society, the way I see it i find a way to channel my anger in this blogg, which i like because makes me laugh, has that rich black humor that i enjoy so much. Relax I have a Hong Kong friend living in the city where i came from and He has a blogg too, complaining about food, about traffic, about many things and I don’t care one bit, as a matter of fact I enjoy his criticism, nevertheless I know he loves it there beside his love. I said it before my wife is a local, I love her. Not all sucks but the things that suck, really SUCK.

  48. Ronnie Poo says:

    Holy fishballs! Just how much woodwork are we dealing with here? Sheesh.

  49. Don Quixote says:

    And by the way, for anyone to come to this blog for sure they typed ” Hong Kong Sucks” and Bingo, that proves the whole point. Cheers.

  50. Don Quixote says:

    Regarding the contradictions that arose due to certain comments I will explain why I feel trapped and miserable; by the way i’m talking about my experience which some of you might find laughable or sad, I don’t care; but to be able to represent everything that I consider wrong and evil, I must start with my arrival almost five years ago. After graduating from the University with a Major In fine Arts, I worked publishing Author photography books, I am a photographer myself, a good one too, with knowledge in art history and movements, I’m an artist. After working In L.A and New York, i was offered a post as a lecturer,I was doing very well, I had lots of lessons, lovely students, creative environment; I mean, a nice life. I met my Hong Kong GF and decided to move here, not knowing where i was coming and my downfall started. After savings ran out I applied to many schools of art here, with not a single reply. I was and always been a great students and my grades and history as a teacher serves me well; sadly none of this is enough in this city, where you should mayor only from Harvard or whatever; the world surely is bigger that that. I mean University means Universal Knowledge right?; so i found only closed doors. The only doors that were opened to work, and sometimes not even that, where the Kindergartens, out of pure necessity as i don’t want to call my family for help I had to work in this environment, with that kind of people. I thought of it in a positive way, I might learnt about this society this way, and I did. I discovered how kids are mistreated, brainwashed and directed like animals, to which one day I couldn’t take it anymore and finally quitted; out of pure respect for my childhood teachers, who now i remember with much love. Despite being payed very low, and having my MPF stolen for a while in this company, the colors i brought with me didn’t fade for the gray concrete that seems to paint everything here.
    After some time i managed to enter a High School here, lucky me… I entered as the principal remarked a to a school for rich failures, having to put up with all the garbage this kids seem to profess to the culture of the west, being an artist is never easy, but being an art teacher for shit heads is even worst; fortunately some kids made the counterpart and i manage to deal with it enjoying the good ones. Sadly and this are the words I will never forget after a Student told me he was going to “fuck me up” for requesting of him to clean the mess he made in the classroom, The principal told me the following words of wisdom. “Teacher in Hong Kong Are not allowed to have dignity” this words coming from the principal of the school to a teacher? dear god what the fuck?. Everyday’s little things build up inside of me, I never felt what it was to be discriminated anywhere, until I came to Hong Kong, To finish and before I take away a tear or laughter I will resume my one million experiences with the most shocking and Important one. My mother came to visit, I was so happy to see her, she stayed for about 5 months, before returning home. One day she wasn’t feeling well, she told me her thoughts where disassociated from reality, I got very scared thinking my mother might be suffering a stroke; I remembered my wife told me to call 999 for any emergency, I called, an ambulance came, while the “paramedics” where checking information, one asked me my nationality , to which i answered; This was his reply: ” YOU AND YOUR MOTHER BETTER GO TO YOUR COUNTRY”. As my mother was sick, and coming from a traditional medical family i didn’t beat the shit out of that man, thinking about making a scene in front of my mother. This resumes the tip of the shitberg i have to dodge everyday, so you’re a newcomer to The plastic paradise? enjoy it while it lasts.
    Good luck my friends.

  51. Anonymous says:


    No need to explain yourself man. Most of us who live in reality know the truth…there’s some messed up shit going on in this city. Do these things happen elsewhere? Sure they do, but nowhere near as frequently or on the same scale as they do here. I often tell people the crap I’ve been through here and they just don’t believe me. They think I’m exaggerating the truth for shock value or something like that.

    Like I said somewhere else on this website, once the powers that be suck this city dry, they’ll move themselves and their families to a western country (probably Australia or New Zealand) where they’ll have cozy lives. And we’ll all be stuck here living in absolute squalor. Anybody notice the huge decline in HK over the past 15 years? I know I have! And the worst part is that it is like this by design. It’s really important for all of us like minded people (who get it) to stick together.

    If I had a HK dollar for every time someone said ‘That’s just the way it is in HK’ or ‘It’s Chinese culture’ I just might be able to afford my own shoebox to live in instead of renting someone else’s at a ridiculously high cost. What piss poor excuses to treat people like crap. I’m baffled daily at how horrible the people in this god forsaken city behave. Cruel, cold, calculating and just downright rude in my opinion.

    Good luck to all those ‘stuck’ or ‘trapped’ here just trying to get through the day without being fucked with. Good luck!

  52. Anonymous says:

    Firstly – the game was held in Mong Kok which consists of the lower classes of society, just like anywhere else, and simply don’t know any better.

    Secondly – due to recent events, there has been subtle animosity between Phillipines and Hong Kong due to events such as the hostage crisis a few years back, and the firing on Taiwan fishing boats.

    The act was definitely despicable – but if you guys or this blog hates Hong Kong so much just LEAVE

  53. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous (Aug 27th),

    Spoken like a true Hong Konger. You spout out lots of excuses and then yell LEAVE. No ability whatsoever to think critically or logically. And forget about having a civilized debate with people like you.

    What an awful place with awful people in my opinion. Well most anyway.

  54. Anonymous says:

    Agreed with Anon at 527pm.

    Whatever happened between HK and Philippine’s government does not, IMO, justify AT ALL such ABUSIVE language. HK ppl have been racist like this WAY before the tragedy in Manila took place 3 years ago!


  55. Anonymous says:

    Here’s the thing no one ever acknowledges: why do HK’ers care what happened to Taiwan? Why do you keep using that as an excuse? By using that as an excuse you are showing that your antagonism against the Filipinos is really an “us Chinese against them” thing. It would be the same as me as a white Canadian hating Jamaicans that killed a British tourist (assuming that the Brit was a white westerner). Taiwan and the Philippines HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HONG KONG. PERIOD. NEVER DID AND NEVER WILL. Okay, that removes one excuse. Now what? HK people are subtle and smart that their behavior at a soccer match is some grand intentional expression of their collective outrage at a once-in-a-million years tragedy in the Philippines? I’ve noticed a pattern after being here 2 years: excuses. “They did this to us.” “The Japanese in WW2 did…” “The Filipinos do this…” “The British did…” “The Mainlanders come down here and…” It’s all excuses. There is no there there. HK is a city without a soul or identity. You run to the British flag when you want to claim independence from the Mainland and you bash on the Philippines which has been a free nation for longer than HK has. HYSTERICAL. Just hysterical. This city is like one of those snowglobes. Just shake it up with the same nonsense and watch the flakes fly. All while the real outside world moves on and looks in on the snowglobe. Nobody outside this city gives two shits about anyone here or anything. You should thank your gods that Snowden landed here ’cause that’s probably the last time that people outside the snowglobe will be yakking so much about this poor blighted place.

  56. Don Quixote says:

    And the political asylum was not granted…. shame, such a shame; Hong Kong could have made a statement about their freedom, but…Lets bash on the poor filipinos who live here we need someone to bully. By the way Phillipines its beautiful, poor but beautiful and the people are happier; How can that be, they don’t have things?… they have a country called Philippines which they love, as the Chinese have a great country called China. Like people in Shenzhen tell me, ” Hong Kong is the past ” .

  57. Andy Anonymous says:

    The truth about Hong Kong is complex. On the surface, I doubt many would disagree that HK is a great city that generally works. Infrastructure, safety, efficiency, opportunity, entertainment. I’ve been to many of the world’s big cities, and in all these categories, it is in the top 10%. But of all this is just surface level, which is why it’s great as a visitor or short term resident. The lights and energy are intoxicating. Annoyances are glanced over and seem insignificant compared to the tangible vibrancy, the feeling of being at swept up in it all.

    It’s different when you live here. Hell, it’s different when you live anywhere. Holidaying in an island paradise for a week is many people’s idea of heaven. But living on one?

    Setting aside the pollution (a big one, granted), HK has everything a city needs to be world class.
    The problem is the people. Not all. I have met very nice ones, but even as someone who tries to see the good in HK, I freely admit that the majority are not nice – at all. It’s therapeutic to complain, but I think the more interesting question is ”why?” Below are some of my own theories on the ”why” this blog even exists.

    People here mock the Mainlanders. Yes, the mainlanders can behave atrociously, but many don’t even know that what they are doing is wrong. Hong Kongers are better educated, but still behave badly. And I think it all comes down to one basic point: augmented levels of selfishness.

    Everyone is selfish to a degree, but in other places (not just the west), people also have some in built empathy. Not most Hong Kongers. Most choose to be oblivious to the existence of others. And even if they are aware, they don’t care. This is why we witness so much rudeness, obnoxiousness, boorishness on a daily basis. It’s because Hong Kongers have no concept of other people mattering. Their relatives are on the ”inside”, their friends are kind of on the ”inside”, their colleagues are on the ”inside” out of necessity, and everyone else is ”outside”, meaning they don’t matter, or exist.

    Elsewhere, strangers are generally treated with a minimum level of respect. It’s an unwritten, unspoken social contract. Some break it, most abide by it. In Hong Kong, this contract is absent. Strangers are barely seen. If they are noticed, they are mere shells, obstacles to the objective: money and face.

    Money is king. Yes, money is sought everywhere, but here it’s on a manic scale. It is a religion. And therefore universal standards of behaviour are neglected, because nothing matters unless it is going to make you richer.

    While co-operation is valued in much of the world, in Hong Kong it is not valued as a virtue so much as a means to an end (money). Unnecessary co-operation is seen as a waste of time.

    Same for kindness and courtesy. Waste of time. Unless it somehow benefits the bank account or the image, why bother? And it doesn’t really benefit the image because helping others is not held in the high regard it is elsewhere.

    Inner goodness is nothing compared to outward appearance. Showcasing wealth is far more important than striving for the traits that many foreigners would see as noble and virtuous.

    The generation system is different too. Elders within a family are respected unconditionally. They can say and do anything, and no matter how inconsiderate, hurtful or stupid, it remains unquestioned. This extends to the public arena, where it is often older folks talking loudly, pushing or being rude.

    From an entirely objective point of view, it probably makes evolutionary sense. It’s a dog eat dog world, and Hong Kongers have grasp the nuances of the system better than most. Has the rest of the developed world softened? Who can say which is right? I don’t know. As a ”westerner”, I know which I prefer.

    So yes, it’s the culture. And since most of the contributors here herald from a different culture, the ”shock” is amplified, hence the term ”culture shock”.

    As for whether Hong Kong/Chinese culture is inherently ”worse”? Maybe! But by who’s standards? Again, I know which I prefer, but we are all animals after all – Hong Kongers are just more in touch with their survival instincts. And we don’t like it. The human race should have evolved beyond such viciousness, right? Perhaps not.

  58. Andy Anonymous says:

    I should follow up that the above theories are not a defence of Hong Kongers. I think a lot of their behaviour is abysmal and I’ve felt more ”soul” from places I’ve visited for a few days than Hong Kong that I’ve lived in.

    Probably the example that winds me up the most is the MTR seat scenario. We’ve all seen it: a heavily pregnant lady or a 90 year old with a walking stick having to stand. Countless times I’ve been the only one to offer my seat. And that’s not because I’m an ever so wonderful human being, it’s just because i’m a human being! it’s the right thing to do. If the train stops suddenly, that pregnant lady could fall and lose her baby, or that 90 year could fracture a bone and be confined to a wheel chair for the remainder of their days. It’s common sense, the lowest level of decency, yet it’s apparently lacking in so many.

  59. Anonymous says:

    You know who deserves that train seat? The Indonesian helper who is stuck with that 90-year-old wretch. The older here, the ruder. Everytime I think of offering my seat to an old man I remember every old woman who cut a line in a store without anyone saying anything. Or an old person who yelled and hollered like an idiot in some market. Too shit. Let ’em stand. It’s not that long a ride is it now?

  60. Anonymous says:

    To Anon at 1224pm, Aug 27:

    “Firstly – the game was held in Mong Kok which consists of the lower classes of society, just like anywhere else, and simply don’t know any better.” <– you deserve some spanking here. What lower classes are you talking about here? I do not generally generalize people based on the "area" they live in or their occupation. Lower class, higher class, educated, uneducated, the HKers are pretty much the same to me haha. The richer the HK man/woman, the nastier/same-nastiness as the less well-off, just in a different way and different means for their nasty-showoff.

    Based on what you said, I assume you are theorizing that maids or other blue-collar workers are "lower" class; and if my understanding of you is correct, then why do Filipino maids in HK act with courtesy and discipline on Sundays mostly? Their average politeness and consideration for others whether at home (aka their work ethics, too) or outside home is an 8, whereas a HK-er is a 4.

    "Secondly – due to recent events, there has been subtle animosity between Phillipines and Hong Kong due to events such as the hostage crisis a few years back" <– exactly, "A FEW YEARS BACK", just move on already; if the hostage-event happened like 2 days before the match, the HK ppl's abusive behavior would still not be justifiable at all (in my opinion) but at least you have a marginally (just marginally btw) acceptable view for insane behaviors. But i call the use of word "slave" insanity, uber bullying, and uber disregard for others (and in the end for themselves), not rage. Lack of class — whether you have money or not, whether you live in MK or HK island (because your tone makes it sound like you are "better" than people in that Mong Kok match — see how stupid you sound, you look down on your own people!), you HK ppl.

    Time for work. Enough said.

  61. Clockatron says:

    you fucking imbeciles – go to a football game anywhere in the world any you will see that sort of behaviour, and much worse – ever heard of Millwall in London? “Noone likes us, we don’t care” they sing. Their coked up fans beat the shit out of each other at last year’s FA Cup Semi-Final and are constantly in the news for racism and violence. Same with Newcastle United – one of their supporters even punched a horse during a riot! What would you be saying if that happened in HK? “OOH Hong Kongers are so disrespectful that they even attack animals, ohh why are they so selfish, ohhh someone save me from this horrible place please”

    And not just the UK – the game between River Plate and Boca Juniors in Argentina often results in stabbings and deaths and wide-scale riots. Brazil has the highest rate of football-related murders than anywhere in the world, not to mention the referee who had his head, arms and legs chopped off following a confrontation with a player. Italy,Spain and Portugal and constantly being disciplined for making monkey noises at black players. I could go on and on but you get the gist.

    All of you negative nellies just stop being so bloody pessimistic and at least when you criticise HK, make it something relevant and unique to HK. Otherwise you just sound ridiculous.

    And none of the usual “oh, you are so blinded by the HK bubble, you can’t see the reality like us enlightened souls” please – save that cliched crap and address my points above.

  62. Anonymous says:

    Because any fair comparison would be one of orange-to-orange not durian-to-orange.

    HK vs London vs NY would be more appropriate, because HK flaunts itself as the 3rd biggest financial center in the world behind NY and London, and a “world-class international city.” I don’t think international people cares about the comparison between London and Newcastle. In NY, recently there is this host on the Food Network who got into some lawsuit and got fired from the channel bacause she used the “N” word. It is a matter of expectation. In NY, if you bully your colleagues, the law protects you and a MD can get fired for racist comments. In emerging markets, not yet — the law is developing. HK flaunts itself on its full-blown legal system.

    HK vs. Brazil vs. Argentina — Brazil vs. Argentina is a more appropriate comparison because they are emerging markets. It is a matter of expectation.

    I (I don’t use “we” because I am not of the position to represent the whole group) don’t dispute the facts you stated re the UK at all — happily agreed with your observations that the country is known for its interesting football-matches manners — but the difference is — I don’t think these Brits try to justify their behavior — they PROUDLY admit it and… it could be annoying though I don’t disagree.

    I don’t agree with their behavior in the UK and I am sure there will be a separate thread on these other violent behaviors/racist issues somewhere on the WWW. But this board is for HK — issues about HK and discussions/observations about HK. Let’s not get distracted.

    Also, HKers might have inherited racist behavior from their former colony (ouch!). I love the UK having said that.

    Let’s agree to disagree!

  63. Anonymous says:

    And re my above “love the UK” comment — I am not a Brit by the way — just lived there for a bit, and I love it irregardless of those behaviors because normally they are quite lovely.

    When they get funny, it is annoying but the difference is — much more pros than cons, and I am learning some gd stuff from them (e.g. I can never tell what Brits are truly thinking — their sarcastic comments and lack of facial expressions are quite hard to dicipher sometime; as a result, i have never quite developed a trusting relationship with Brits, I just can’t open up to them. BUT I also find them very cultured, knowledgeable, and well-spoken generally)

    In HK, more cons than pros (to me), and i learn no nothing from them. I feel that I am not missing out on nothing if I don’t stay/live here — actually I am planning my relocation and figuring things out.

  64. To Clockatron…this site isn’t about the fucking shit Millwall in London or the shit FA Cup and it’s not about Newcastle United or dickheads who punch horses in the face or the River Plate or dismembered referees in Brazil…it’s about Hong Kong. This is not a comparative website. It’s strictly into the bashing and mockery of Hong Kong. Fuck me how hard is that to understand?

  65. Clockatron says:

    “It’s not a comparative website”

    Tell me why the vast majority of the comments make comparisons to other places then, eh? This website is all about negative comparisons and lamenting why HK isn’t as good as the West, the UK, the US, Australia, New Zealand, China, etc, etc.

    One of the most common complaints here is that HKers live in a bubble…well what’s more bubblicious than only focusing on “the bashing and mockery of Hong Kong”

    Anon – the UK is an amazing place and I agree there is nowhere better on earth, and no people are more genuine and fundamentally decent than the Brits. Interesting article in the Economist this week about it if anyone’s interested.

    Hong Kong does have a disproportionate amount of cunts, no doubt, but so too does this blog.

  66. Anonymous says:

    Clockatron: I didn’t say it is nowhere better on earth though I am actually considering relocating to London (where I lived for a few years) after CNY next year; I would be very ignorant to say that (the best place on earth part) because my travel experience is rather limited at the moment compared to many of my international friends.

    I love many places — I love the US too and lived there for a few years. I do not hold any anti-americanism as many of my Chinese and European friends do. I actually also find Americans very cool, very friendly and very funny at times; I love their enthusiasm, their movies, the generally non-judgmental culture etc., although most of my Brit friends find their hyper state uber annoying. There are stuff about the US I find crappy — e.g. their food. And I actually work for some French institution — I also love the Frenchies albeit their infamous arrogance (but I don’t love French as much as Brits and the Americans and the Germans hahahaha..)

    My point being — I love most ppl I have met so far that i have met so far BUT HK ppl (I do love, maybe, 20% of the HK ppl i know) — it must tell you something… to be honest,
    I don’t mind the PRC ppl but I don’t love/hate them — I am indifferent toward them but I would instead say I am SCARED of them because I got lied to so many times, even “close (PRC) friends” that I have known for years. The lies would touch on many aspects including age, where they were born, where they studied (yes they really do lie about their credentials all the time), whether they are married (yes, even my PRC Mandarin teacher who is 45, educated, a woman, married, with 1 daughter told me it is normal that PRC ppl lie about marital status because the way they see it is such that — “this is my privacy why do you need to know if I am married” (and therefore I lie) — and THIS is precisely the scary part — the way people perceive things… privacy could be an excuse for overt lies perceived by “universal morality standards”…).

    I just wanted to be fair about the HK vs PRC part — neither places are to my fancy… selfishness (in HK) and lies (in PRC) are just not the things I would like to add to my valuable life, I am not tough enough to pretend that I am OK with that… call me coward or self-righteous, or whatever. I basically try to stay away from PRC communities… with all due respect because I don’t have time to do due diligence on people to avoid fraudsters and cheaters!
    and Re HK communities, I don’t care if I don’t get invited to their parties, I don’t mind if I am not part of their community… of course I then question myself a lot why I am in HK, too… so because I have no family burden/mortgage, I am looking fwd to my next chapter — all is well. I am choosing to leave in my case. =P But I take responsibility that the next location might screw up as well… but I am gonna try anyway… with all the risks in mind.

    Good luck to you all!! Thumbs up also to Dudley for setting up this blog and enabled such great platform for discussion! Love your writing and also love many of the commentors’ comments (which I share!)! I have learnt a great deal just reading and understanding your comments and whatnot. Really, thank you and don’t give up on finding the silver lining in HK if you intend to stay =D.

  67. Cockatron said: “Tell me why the vast majority of the comments make comparisons to other places then, eh?”

    They’re…comments aren’t they? I didn’t write them. The…comments are not part of the blog per se.

    There’s nowhere in this blog that compares HK to any other place in the world. There’s no lamenting that HK isn’t as good as any other place in the world.

    This site…and this must be the 100th time I’ve had to say this…IS about gently pointing out the inconsistencies and annoyances in HK…that’s what it’s for.

    If you don’t like it…just write more comments telling everybody how much you…don’t like it!

  68. Anonymous says:

    I second that Sir Dawson… comments aren’t part of the blog per se. And blog-master cannot possibly control how people comment… and i see no wrong in comparing at times, if comparisons are done meaningfully (e.g. not comparing Angelina Jolie to your wife, or comparing James Franco to your bf).

    However, the comments are just as entertaining and at times v insightful heehee.

  69. Foobar says:

    HK and the Hongkies suck. Full stop. May an epidemic come soon (which is not difficult, given how dirty Hongkies are). All of you burping, slurping, farting, stinky Pinkies, Piggies, Pansies and Whatevers, go ahead and insult me!

    Blaaaaaaah! Blaaaaah! Blaaaaah! Yek! ug! Erh! Pla! Pla! Pla! PRRRRRRRRR! Zuuuuk! Rat-rat-taaaaa! Pngui!

    (You can’t have a rational, articulated argument with an HKger, no matter how “highly” “educated” he or she may be)

  70. Anonymous says:

    just beat the crap out of them, foobar.

    just kidding…

  71. Monkey D Luffy says:

    Hong People are the biggest piece of shit on earth.Most racist motherfuckers.Although I m born in Hong Kong but I dont look chinese(glad i dont).Hong Kong city of multicutrism , yeah right piss off fags.Normally people would fight for their countries but I would never do.I had dreams of being a government worker in HK but unless you look like a chinese fag they will never hire you.Have you ever came across a minority enthic cop or fireman? lol.Before you hello kitty t-shirt wearing fag boys come bashing at me about leaving Hong Kong, Don’t worry I am.Infact i have applied for other places.

    And oh yeah , I never hated Hk or its people before.I am strictly against racism,but guess what you guys made me this way.

  72. Anonymous says:

    Not sure if calling people ‘fags’ is cool. But one thing’s for sure…

    Hong Kongers & Mainlanders tend to bring out the worst in you. I’ve done and said things here I would never do in other places. Sometimes these people drive so crazy that you have no choice but to stoop to their low fucking standards and idiocy. They really are in a world of their own (both the locals and overseas HK/Chinese) and seem to be proud of that fact. Most (not all) are just totally rotten human beings in my humble opinion.

    Good luck to everyone with half a brain!

  73. Expat says:

    To the Anonymous cunt telling nonchinese to get out of HK: I’ll get out as soon as all the opportunistic HK chinese cunts get out of my country. You aren’t welcome anywhere.

    And by the way, how long has it been since your relatives swam or crawled into this western colony? FOAD

  74. Player69 says:

    Expat you stupid cunt, what are you even talking about.

    Stop acting the big man and let’s arrange a meet you racist fucking pussy.


  75. Player69 says:

    Monkey d Luffey you probably can’t get a job cos you’re a dumb ugly cunt. Doubt you will get one abroad either

  76. Don Quixote says:

    The truth is simple, When i came To Hong Kong five years ago i had the wrong Idea about the this people, I thought of them to be honourable simple people. Hong Kong changed my perspective, taught me how racist and poorly moral and ethic they were. Soon as I’m returning to my country but I carry with me a sadness and an unpleasant unwelcomeness towards the Hong Kong people. Its not my fault, I was good in my heart; I remembered my teacher of putonghua being very cordial and friendly, I used to like China. I can’t say i Hate the mainland as the mainlanders I met are cordial people. But Hong Kong people give a bad name to China and I hope to get rid of my animosity towards the Chinese as I just want to treat them back home as I was treated here. Hong Kong people don’t know what they are doing to their fellow citizens abroad.

  77. Anonymous says:

    Hooray – well said,
    Anonymous says:
    July 28, 2013 at 2:16 pm

  78. Anonymous says:

    I live in Toronto, Canada. The Hong Kong Chinese here are the same. They are sneaky, rude, calculating, hold a false sense of superiority – I really find them disgusting in their thoughts, the way they carry themselves .. they walk from behind you and push you like a typhoon – it appears to be a common practice here especially in long lines and crowded places.
    I am very proud to be Filipino. The Chinese are bullies and they always will be until someone puts them in their place. Your time will come Chinker Hong Kong – your time will come!!!

  79. Anonymous says:

    The Hong Kong Chinese call Filipinos “slaves” but HONG KONG Chinese must realize they are scums of the earth. They are the cockroaches and rats that infest the world. There are way too many of your kind. They are world class leaders and designers of fake goods, they create toxic “made in China” garbage that kills your children, they are rude, load, spiteful, mothball soya stinky and just down right disgusting. I would rather be called a “slave” then scum – the lowest of low. The planktons of the sea, a sea slug. GARBAGE.
    Even here in Toronto, ON I feel the same about the Chinese. I have encountered many negative situations in my lifetime that I must agree with this blog.

  80. Richard says:

    Funny all these locals telling us to ”get the fuck out” or ”go back” to where we came from because they ”don’t need whites” anymore.

    Well, foreigners made this city what it is! Hong Kong would be a small, unimportant, regional Chinese city if it weren’t for the British administration and years of foreign trade. We made you!

    And last time I checked, I saw a lot of colonial Hong Kong flags being flown at protests. Seems quite a lot of you want the ”good old days back”. Well, they aren’t coming back. And sure, it’s good right now, all these mainlanders fueling your arrogant attitude and prosperous lifestyle. Too bad it won’t last. There are a thousand other places the mainland Chinese can take their money, and when they do, what will you be?

    When the property bubble bursts, what will you do?

    When you become absorbed into the world’s largest single party stage (and you will), what will you do?

    An ”every man for himself” society only works for so long. Sooner or later it’ll catch up with you. Every truly great country in the world got there through cooperation and team work. Hong Kong (and China in general) don’t understand the concept and so will ultimately fail in their current form.

    Hong Kong’s are among the world’s best at biting the hand that feeds. And the best part is, they see nothing wrong with it.

  81. Anonymous says:

    Saying that hong kong is a BRITISH place is wrong. WRONG. if you don’t have china and hong kong you would DIE. you live on us. go back to your fucking dirty country if you don’t like it here. we don’t need you spoilers here ruining this place. you fuckers better appreciate china because if you don’t, well, you’d better go fucking jump off one of your shitty buildings. Don’t like it? WELL TOO BAD FUCKERS BECAUSE WE’RE EIGHTY PERCENT OF THE ECONOMY, SHIT EATERS

  82. Mattstar says:

    Hong Kong is a racist place. I am Caucasian and was born here. I have experienced racism, persecution and so much profiling. To the racist scum above saying ‘Pack your bags fat white’ well I am fat and I am white, but where should I go…amazing right…you can be white and from here?? WOW. I wonder if the racist cunts on this blog can believe that you can be white and from HK.

    This place is a racist hole. Well done DD for shining a light on it.

  83. alain says:

    I don’t know which of those two videos is more horrifying.

    The first one ignores the fact that there are white people, south asian people, and others living in HK. The nepalis helped build the Tsing Ma bridge, but no, only cantonese faces to be seen in that first video.

    And that second video? Defer to an old woman for being loud and rude, just because she is a local elderly chinese?

    If they spent more time improving manners, and less on these propagandamercials things might improve….might.

  84. Anonymous says:

    So many sexual workers are from south east Asia they put the sexual ads on the dating sites finding customers. They are disgusting

  85. Anonymous says:

    Many fucked up filipinos Indonesia thai women providing sex in HK.. they are maids.

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