Hong Kong 3rd Least Friendly

Skanky, closed minded Hong Kong has surrendered top least most friendly spot and slumped to 3rd place on a list of least friendly places on earth according to a recent Trip Advisor survey.




At giving up first place, Hong Kong chief executive, Leung Chun Ying, demanded Hong Kongers hang their heads in shame and observe an open ended period of disgrace, loss of face and dishonour. He did however, offer some insight into the third place plunge.

“With all these mainlanders scuttling around the city these days it’s not easy to scowl, be dismissive and ignorant as is the Hong Kong style. It’s hard to dismiss and ignore shovel loads of mainland money.” Mr Leung said. “We have to keep those crazy mother fuckers happy!”

Protest groups disagree, stating that any pleasantness displayed by Hong Kongers is completely wasted on mainland tourists who essentially throw a brown paper bag over Hong Kong’s head and just come to fuck it. They advocate the return of genuine spite and the complete abandonment of any semblance of friendliness.

“We’ve been fucked, used, abused and raped for over a hundred years…why should we have to smile about it?” a protest spokesperson argued.

We're sick of mainlanders taking dumps on our chest

We’re sick of mainlanders taking dumps on our chest

Protesters lead the charge for an increase in genuine spite. 'It's who we are', one protester announced.

Protesters lead the charge for an increase in genuine spite. ‘It’s who we are’, one protester proudly announced.

This post brought to you by Hong Kong pressure.

This post brought to you by Hong Kong pressure…and…

...this determined shutterbug

…this determined shutterbug

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10 Responses to Hong Kong 3rd Least Friendly

  1. Jrm says:

    Oooohhh man this blog is hilarious! Write more ! really makes my day every time a new post pops up

  2. BSL says:

    Yeah write more. Amusing.

  3. IH8HKies2 says:

    Love your post

    Two questions:
    1) Have you done a post on these scumbag taxi drivers?
    2) what’s up with Hk women and the fashionably “in” bald patches?

  4. HailSatan says:

    I really did not believe my eyes when I saw your photo with the dog-child. And today… it happened in front of me… a child unloading under the reassuring supervision of his father. All that in Yuen Long, a hellhole bordering mainland China. So, the child was not from mainland, but from Yuen Long, that is a species somewhere in between HK and mainland.

  5. Oh fuck…Yuen Long? What a fucking hole

  6. Ronnie Poo says:

    Got in a taxi today and promptly stuck my hand in a goo filled tempo stuffed in the door handle. I’m done.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Your mistake!

  8. Mattstar says:

    The habit Hong Kong people have of filling the taxi door closer with used tissues is disgusting, unhealthy, antisocial and sums so much of this hell hole.

  9. Anonymous says:

    We should start a support group. I haven’t felt this happy since the day before I arrived in this hell hole. Thank you all for sharing the pain. Makes it much more tolerable. Well ALMOST !

  10. mike dale says:

    I visited in hong kong first . In first few hours I noticed most people i came in contact were most definitely less friendly then all other places i went . TAxi drivers are worst i think. at some point i though is this me only thinking people here are unfriendly and rude or there some others think same way. i searched online and found this form.

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