I’m Right Jack!

Hong Kong...the new Switzerland

Tycoon Lee Shau-Kee has his finger well and truly on the pulse I guess.

But then again…so might this guy…

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11 Responses to I’m Right Jack!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Its pathetic really. The glory days are behind this place. Of course the rich are going to promote this place so they can reap all your money. Fools here seem to be buying into it as they continue to live their half-life.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve read this blog through, and it does touch on some truths. The problem is though – Hong Kong doesn’t suck, and I miss it dearly. I stumbled across this site as I was desperately trying to find some way of persuading myself that life is worse in Hong Kong than it is where I live now. But the truth is I love ‘this scum sucking turd of a city’, with its inherent chaos and filth. I can empathise with the feeling of alienation and ‘not wanting to be here’ – I live in Salford, Manchester, and there is not a day goes by that I do not wish I was back in Hong Kong. But alas, work commitments means I too am a prisoner of sorts, not daring to leave the flat after dark for fear of the roving gangs of ‘Chavs’. As to the locals I encounter the ‘Best of British’ everyday in my line of work, dealing with teenage mums, iv drug abusers, 3rd generation welfare recipients and an entire generation unemployed and on benefits on a daily basis. There are obviously many decent folk as well, but the difference is I don’t expect them to speak Chinese to me, nor expect them to adopt my cultural norms or practices. Or feel compelled to write a blog.

    People are a product of their environment – the so called ‘Chavs’ that are so despised yet so abundant in Manchester didn’t choose to be poor, yet their accent and education essentially dooms them to a lifetime of poverty. Similarly the so called brainwashed in Hong Kong are a product of the education system, which was designed by the British to produce efficient, rote staff and bureaucrats for the civil service. Freethinking is not a desirable attribute in the colonies. Scratch the surface though, (if you speak the local language, of course), you will find that some of these ‘Chavs’ are quite thoughtful, and some of these HK automatons actually have more than one dimension – I was once chatting to this local HK girl who confessed that she was obsessed with The Smiths (!) – Maybe she should visit Salford?

    Basically I feel that it is impossible to understand people’s behaviour without having some understanding of the background – my family escaped the communists in the 50’s to build a new life in HK, my father was not well educated, came from the slums but managed to do well in the economic boom of the 70’s and 80’s and send me to school in the UK. Social mobility has been the defining theme of Hong Kong. The truth is, most HKers are one generation away from poverty and strife – the mentality for survival and security is hardwired into our psyche. In basically an immigrant society, wealth is the only differentiator, and the pursuit of it becomes the only thing people care about. People are willing to put up with less than ideal situations precisely because they truly believe that if they work hard and get lucky they can make it big (witness Happy Valley Racecourse on a raceday). Funnily enough Hong Kong is probably one of the few places in the world where the ‘American Dream’ still lives on.

    I don’t mind people hating the place, everyone is entitled to their opinion, particularly in Hong Kong (rather too loudly perhaps) but I think the somewhat racist undercurrent in this blog is unnecessary, and is particularly ironic considering one of the chief complaints is the lack of manners and civility in the local population.

    I will not be visiting this site again, however I hope you are able to find some iota of happiness in your remaining time living in Hong Kong. A position I would dearly love to be in.

  3. I was with you all the way up until ‘racist undercurrent’ which is an emotive swipe you’ve made, backed up with no evidence.

    As for ‘understanding the background’…you should read here:

  4. K-man says:

    Dear anonymous…. if you are homesick… you have a few options… a) move back to the dump that is HK. b) Start a blog glorifying HK. c) start a blog bitching about the UK d) shut the fuck up and let Dudley here have his say and either love the writing or hate the writing… or e) go find an inflatable sheep.

  5. Mic says:

    K-man, you forgot the last option which is always available to all of us. Kill yourself.

  6. humpty says:

    man, you are being silly to have too high expectations as an expat! i guess if you’re the grumpy old type, you won’t be pleased no matter what and where … there are ferals everywhere in this world and they would do irritates regardless, so why let the annoyances upset you? if you’re unhappy because you are surrounded by chinese people i think you really should change job to one that you don’t or seriously consider priesthood if that were good for your mental health. when i rotated 15+ years ago from hk off to australia i found the annoyances ending up the same, just that the idiots look different, so don’t be a girl, shrug off the nonsenses and chill out. choice is all yours if you really want to internalize all year and be unhappy while spent your hard earned 2 weeks back home whinging.

    to call it a quit next time you are due back to hk is not that hard, there’s always a real sheep waiting for you in wales.

  7. Who says the behaviour of these skanks upsets me? This blog is strictly observational. You are the one investing emotion into what you’re reading.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous is correct. Massive racist undercurrent here.

    ‘This blog is strictly observational’ – meaningless words you ignorant turd Dudley Dawson.

    These are the sort of expats that make me ashamed to be an expat.

  9. This site observes the:

    self interested



    qualities that are on display in Hong Kong every day.

    Your perceptions of the observations as racist are your own.

  10. NoChinksPlease says:

    Yes, that’s true. Chinks from Hong Kong are rude, mean, money-centred, arrogant, selfish and dirty. They don’t respect other cultures, manners and rules when they travel abroad. Always complaining and demand a lots against others while they don’t care for people around them. Hong Kong Chink believe that they are the most educated and sophisticated in the world and see themselves as the Brits despite their yellow faces with strong Chinese accents! lol.

  11. That video was so accurate!

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