Token mainlanders

What can you say about mainlanders that hasn’t been said a thousand times already? Exactly. Anyhoo, I know they like to talk…er…loud. They like to get onto buses and trains…first. They like to shop for cheap bargains and super expensive crap in Hong Kong. I am aware that they also like to set their brain to some kind of auto pilot, filtering out all spinal reflexes and stimuli that don’t gratify and feed their dopamine receptors. I don’t know what to make of them really. I only tend to see them when they’re on holiday here…and you know what people on holiday are like. Mainlanders on holiday…forget about it.

Here’s a guy letting the station know a whole bunch of…stuff…for some reason…


…and here’s some dude with a taste for…just about everything…

The bare essentials

 Note: I think the guy in the video is mixing a bit of Cantonese in there…still a mainlander though. He has a lust for life. Good on him.

Here’s a pleasant scene:

If that link is dead:


Yao Ming’s little brother

Make yourself at home

When you’ve got to shit on the floor in public…you’ve got to shit on the floor in public

For a scholar’s view on mainland/ Hong Kong/ western relations…turn to no other. Hong Kong Sucks presents…Professor Fling Long Chop:

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3 Responses to Token mainlanders

  1. Anonymous says:

    you are like an asian version of Becker – an extremely funny and easily irritable misanthrope. instead of living in the Bronx, you are in Hong Kong……..

  2. gowron says:

    Must control self. Can’t go on canabalistic feeding frenzy… must make it to May when my land lease agreement lol, must make it back home in one piece….

  3. lalala says:

    lol hk and china sucks

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