Hong Kong Snapshot

It's not a good sign...when you see a sign like this...

Success rate of this initiative...ZERO

Listen baby we've been through this before, just because we're married doesn't mean I have to help you carry shit.

Don't question my credentials you crazy purple vegetables!

Anyone got a straw?


Outdoor food prep...in an alley no less...

...I'm lovin' it!

Sai Kung pet shop

Hey now!

Sometimes it's best to stay in when you step out in HK.

Damn you paparazzo!

Hong Kong will chew you up and spit you out.

Make it stop...somebody please...make it stop!

Who wants to buy a fuckin' balloon?

Space-aged personal exercise bays

Hahaha...so this is Hong Kong?!

Get out of my way! The pace of life in Hong Kong is FAST! Note the collision on the left.

If only HSBC would accept huge bags filled with hobo trash as a downpayment for a new bindle

The ocean is teeming with....

Spit what you want onto the dinner table...but cover your damn mouth when you use a toothpick

This photo makes about as much sense as spitting whatever you like onto a dinner table...but having to cover a toothpick when it's near your mouth. There's probably a reasonable explanation for it all.

The happiest man in HK...Mr M.F. Sunshine

That covers pretty much everything I suppose...

Nothing like a cold one on a hot day...especially as downed through a straw...ahhhh....that hits the spot.

Trolley return area? Fuck you Park 'n Shop. And fuck all your blank faced, nasty, automatic and wilfully oblivious customers. And I don't think that's an oxymoron because even the most oblivious shopper would have to somehow exert a bit of extra conscious will to be as stupendously oblivious as the shoppers you find in Park 'n Shop.

Jackhammer practice...because every square inch of tile and concrete needs to be replaced every 1.439 years.

Too much McDonald's is never enough

711...dine in or take away. Always good when there's 5 or 6 people camped around the fish ball eating counter. I like to walk in swinging a cat by the tail, hang around...have my lunch in there.

There's a thoughtful shopper. Coins down on the counter.


Real boss!

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7 Responses to Hong Kong Snapshot

  1. Anonymous says:

    man o man, laughed out so loud at the old lady covering her eyes and your hilarious comment “Please make it stop”. sounds like a serial killer trying to fight his urges……….

  2. She just looks how I feel nearly every time I travel on the MTR…I just want it to stop so I can get off and get away from these loud, inconsiderate, base and boorish people

  3. gowron says:

    Now I know why my Grandpa died when he came to Canada. He decided he was “SAFE” and stopped taking his heart pills that he took for years. Oh well at least he had 8 months of heaven, and suburbian Toronto, with lots of trees and stuff.

    No wonder my Uncle renounced his chineseness, and married a white chick, and essentially assimilated. I’d freak out with heart pills too if I had to live in this noisy shithole. But the question still remains, Dudley why are you here? Are you a pain freak like I am? Stuck with a lease as I have, or trying to save as much as I can to exodus from this part of the world?

  4. K-man says:

    How bad must the public urination problem be when a ‘please don’t urinate in public’ sign is needed??? Also, public nose picking… outdoor food prep…. and oceans full of waste… while some folks say this makes Hong Kong a bad city and gives it a bad reputation… well, I think there should be more of it… MORE!!!! perhaps then… and only then will people start to see this place for what it is…. an International City with about as much to offer as clogged toilet.

  5. I’m here gowron (and by the way…nice comments…haha) because I’m addicted to stale 711 sandwiches, I love watching grown men and women spit food and bone onto the table when they eat…I can’t tear myself away from the Fairwood Feedbag…in my home country McDonald’s doesn’t home deliver…niether does KFC…and yes…it’s a reasonably good place to save money.

  6. lol…agreed kman…and I’m speechless about the sign asking people to keep the noise down…incredible. That’s the kind of sign that needs to be everywhere in HK. That’s the worst thing about HK…the fucking noise.

  7. hongkrap says:

    you miss the construction worker wearing CROCS as a “safety work shoes”, and the scaffold made in BAMBOO…

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