Textbook Canine Toileting

At some point, everyone’s issued a dog in Hong Kong. Which is a good thing because Hong Kong people are incredible lovers of nature. They’re mad for it. Nothing can make a 19th floor, 400 square foot unit feel more natural than a dog…or maybe a plant or two. Anyway, owning a dog in such a location is great. Don’t believe anyone who tells you that Hong Kong has a pet abandonment problem or that dogs in backpacks, prams or handbags are little more than disposable novelty ornaments. Everyone in Hong Kong has the right, dedication and environment to own as many dogs as they want. And…if your dog jumps out the window, runs away or you just don’t like it any more…you can always just go and get another one! This is Hong Fucking Kong…you can get anything you want here…now! You can probably even order a dog through some 24 hour hotline home delivery service. Anyway, fuck all that…here’s some pictures of a dog hangin’ a shit…

1. Textbook HK toileting...lay down some protection. If it hits the bricks it'll only be harder to get up later.

2. Keep a firm grip on the leash...and keep an eye on the prize...mind your fingers though 😉

3. Don't lose your nerve. Wait until the last drop.

4. Carefully fold the edges so nothing falls out on the way to the rubbish bin.

5. Don't be put off by the fact that now the dog is distancing himself from the scene and giving you a look like he had nothing to do with it.

6. Get that shit outta there

What a lucky dog. Textbook stuff.

What kind of dog is that any way? Looks like a Scottish Deer Hound.

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3 Responses to Textbook Canine Toileting

  1. Charles says:

    Medium sized schnauzer. Very popular in HK.

  2. This owner is responsible. I know some who aren’t. But that’s a story for another day

  3. James says:

    Yes, the owner is responsible to stop his animal from doing one of the most basic things of nature, pooping. How about if those fucking retards, shitheads, realized for once in their fucking miserable existence that Hong Kong, and its 300/400 sq ft shitholes in the sky, IS NOT a place for pets!?
    This will always be the best illustration of the septic tank of fucking morons Hong Kong is.

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