Hong Kong Summer

Well it’s getting hot in Hong Kong. Damn hot. The full force of summer is just about here and that means chicks with short skirts…and dudes with their shirts pulled up under their armpits.

In Hong Kong…summer’s like a sauna…a sexy sauna…

chk chk...chk ka chk ahhh....oh yeah!

This's how I roll

Working on my stomach and nipple tan

Puttin' out the vibe

Walking this kind of walk takes a lot of guts

Meet me in 20 minutes. I'll be the guy with the newspaper in the designated for newspaper carrying plastic bag...and guts hanging out of a rolled up white singlet. You can't miss me...

Roll em up

Keep torso cool

Money shot

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6 Responses to Hong Kong Summer

  1. et says:

    o. they are mainly mainlanders.

  2. Lots of mainlanders in HK

  3. gowron says:

    Love when they push up against me yup yup I certainly do. Noooo standing in line with a blank zen like brain dead sad face is too good for them queueing up in line. So then I stand at a perpendicular angle with my arms and legs outstretched, doing a body block, so they can’t sneak past. ha ha ha.

    But meh, if I can make it until May (hopefully April), without snapping and going postal on someone, then I’ll be ok… It’s fucking off back to Canada…. I actually though Hong Kong was really like a tropical paradise, not a toxic swamp of sweaty mosquitos. The Commedian from Watchmen said it best. I’m going to forget all about your sweaty little country (Vietnam).

    But I’ve seen men who wore their T-shirts in the butterfly (the shape of the knot, when you take the bottom of the shirt slip it through the top. Like Chicks do. But I haven’t seen that since the 90s, like early 90s, when communism fell, well not in China because they’re blood thirsty savages. So wow. Hell I’ve seen strange soft cans here with the pull lids, I haven’t seen though since never. But I know they’re from the 80s’. Hell, I’ve never seen Fido Dido (that wavy haired stick mascot for 7up) since what, ’91. Man is Hong Kong backwards.

  4. manisha says:

    WTF has it got to do with them being mainlanders? So irrationally judgemental typical HK narcissists. WTF is ‘HK’ people.. HK used to be a godforsaken island used for opium trade..filled with brothels, greedy british dudes who couldnt get enough tea and wily merchants who made a few bucks. Then ‘mainlanders’ got lured by all that cheap glitter, took a sampan, and a few ricebowls, to come here and make money, and try to be like the westerners who were actually trying to make addicts out of them so that Mrs.Higgins could invite the little ladies to fancy little tea parties in dear ol’ England.. Where’s your Identity HK people? You are technically from the mainland, get it? Whats this silly identity crisis? You can never be white AND Why why do you want to try so hard to be? Be cool with who you are!

  5. hongkrap says:

    a summer in hk is a great opportunity to taste ad smell , the chinese beast enjoy…

  6. No et darling, they’re Hong Kong-ers alright. Own it.

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