Let’s get physical Hong Kong!

Let’s Get Physical…Hong Kong!

While you might get away with labeling the millions of Hong Kong people who eat 3 square take-away meals a day as being lazy or of being shamefully incapable of lifting a finger in the name of fitness, no such thing can be said for the thousands of ‘aunties’ and ‘uncles’ getting physical every day at the crack of dawn. It’s great to see old people out there doing something. If I had one criticism though, and I do, it’d be about their penchant for loud, blaring ‘workout’ music as pumped through reverberating and surprisingly loud mini boomboxes, mp3 players with nasty, nasally sounding speakers and small playing units mic’d up to larger speakers…in the park. Why? Because that’s their park, not yours…and because they can’t hear it unless it’s turned up slightly louder than a 6 man jackhammer team…and because loud music really gets their arms flailing in all sorts of positive, therapeutic and crazy styles that you never would have thought would be physically useful.

Take a look at this home workout training video highlights package to the tune of Olivia Newton John’s Physical. Just what the doctor ordered.


What’s good about old people in Hong Kong exercising like this is that it’s about the only time during the day (apart from when they’re sleeping) when they aren’t screaming their lungs out on mobile phones or yelling at each other while they idly chit chat about their latest toilet paper purchase, arm flailing workout routine or restaurant special promotion. They do substitute that down time…that relative quiet time, with fairly aggravating exercise music though…but again you have to remember that it’s their park.


This post brought to you by:

...fish heads fish heads....diced fish heads of Hong kong

...Rusty the now dead rock cod.

...gangland style 'sideways Sam' the illest fish in the tank


...the good folk at Park and Shop who leave their trolleys in your way without a care in the world.


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9 Responses to Let’s get physical Hong Kong!

  1. melonbelly says:

    Reading your site is like support group therapy..aahhh..I’m not alone or losing my mind, validation. Thank you.

    The trolley carts discarded or pushed aside because HRH no longer requires it.

    When I remember I will elegantly with my foot push the cart back at them so it blocks them!

  2. lol…pushing the cart back at them is just too subtle…for them to get any message whatsoever you’d have to lift it above your head with both hands and crash it down onto their head…and repeat that about 8 times…snapping people out of a fully automatic Park & Shop trance is not easy.


  3. K-man says:

    They like to move it move it, they like to move it move it they like to…. MOVE IT!

  4. Solo says:

    Your posts are hilarious.

    I asked my friend what his opinion of HK was after a visit. He said “It’s very international”

    Lived in Vietnam for 1.5 years. I dealt with the same annoyances you’ve mentioned about HK. HK is probably worse though. I’m thinking of visiting and might want to live in Stanley or some other quiet areas of HK.

    Awesome posts. Very entertaining.

  5. gowron says:

    Is that the “Special Ed class” of Richard Simmon’s Senior citizens class? Like the the elderly with mobilty problems I can understand doing that, but the young guys in the video?

  6. Anonymous says:

    i dont see any problems with aunties and uncles getting a bit of physical exercise in the recreational area, this is just chinese culture, adn as a foreigner you should show a bit of respect to local culture.

    it is like when i visited those obscenely obesed western countries like US UK AUS CANADA, people there culturally shocked me every second, however, unlike u, i respected the local culture and i smiled back elegantly.

    if u think people in hong kong r so arrogant and rude and mean to you, maybe u hav to be nice yrself first.

  7. Mike says:

    I agree with the other anonymous: it’s very inconsiderate of Americans (especially in the South, where I’m from) to go out in public with HUGE FAT bodies. No one wants to see that, except for a few fetishists who are into that kind of thing.

    I realize everyone needs to go out occasionally, but it’s VERY inconsiderate of them to take their disgusting fatness into public where other people have to look at it. They should wait until they lose 50 pounds or so before they step into my line of vision.

  8. I agree with Mike who agrees with anonymous…I also respectfully smile elegantly at fat people. (should they venture out in public)

  9. Diulaylomo says:

    It can get pretty funny when you see multiple groups within close proximity to each other.
    It’s a battleground in Tin Shui Wai’s Ginza, especially when the fan flicking types hit the town!


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