Hong Kong Dog Obedience

Lots of concrete in Hong Kong…not to worry…still got to walk your dog. If the puddle’s yellow though…better tell your kids not to splash in it.

It's hard to tell who looks more embarrassed here...in some ways it just doesn't seem right...but I think it's the dog.

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6 Responses to Hong Kong Dog Obedience

  1. K-man says:

    Better the dog does it than the guy… oh wait, seeing guys hang a piss on the street (or worse) is quite common too… on a funny note, have you seen the ladies who wipe the dog’s ass after it takes a shit??? If not… you are missing out.

  2. lol…I saw a guy do it the other day…I fumbled my camera though and couldn’t get a happy snap

  3. theknowledgethetruth says:

    Wipe a dogs ass?..Talk about being hygienically neurotic,it is bad enough they do it,and do it to their children..now animals? *sigh* (groan)..That is unnecessary,i thought that was what their tongues were for?

  4. Mike says:

    Yes, I’ve seen the wiping. I’ve also seen people train their dogs to shit directly into the bag, which I guess is a bit less disgusting.

    But speaking of “walking the dog”, did you ever notice that a lot of people CARRY their dogs? And I’m not talking about only little dogs, either.

    (Carrying dogs and… pushing around a kid who looks at least 5 years old in a stroller).

  5. Anonymous says:

    Really?,…. oh fuck that is sick. UNGHFG!!

  6. s says:

    Used to live next to Victoria park. Wasn’t allowed to take my (little) dog in there… they had a dog walking place in Wan Chai (it was concrete) but that got removed… Dogs aren’t allowed into those little ‘parks’ they have for sitting out in… so where is the dog meant to pee? Anywhere remotely dog friendly you are at risk of the mutt being poisoned!

    That bottle the guy has is probably water to wash it away… or at least that’s what most people do. Fair enough he could have dragged it into the gutter… but still…

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