12hr Hong Kong Noise Baffle

This is 12 hours of white noise plus 1 minute fade in and out. Ideal for looped play when anywhere near Hong Kong. It won’t protect you from all of the many, many…many mega disgraceful noise ‘issues’…but it can deaden their impact and make the sound of your own swamp like tinnitus seem somewhat buried.

Can be used to combat the following: Cantonese, mobile phone ring tones, Putonghua, Park & Shop, restaurant ambiance, car  horns, rude & inconsiderate morons, loud mouthed single reflex bottom feeders, train rides, bus trips, waits in line, stupendously slack-jawed screamers, park screamers, nasty microphone abusers, bank yellers and bank tellers, mainlanders, endless construction, 9pm home renovation, street crowds, shopping malls, maid day off, shopping trolley collection collisions like draws full of knives and forks smashing endlessly to the kitchen floor, minibus driver phone abuse, car horn derbies, restaurant plate smashing, waiters who crash plates and cutlery onto your table, concrete buildings built like echo torture chambers so that a pin drop sounds like a plane crash, people who just have to have a dog (against residential regulation) in a high rise pigeon-hole housing environment, grunting, slurping, smacking, sucking, gulping, chewing, biting, gnarling, crunching, spitting, farting, base-minded half-wits…etc

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4 Responses to 12hr Hong Kong Noise Baffle

  1. K-man says:

    That is exactly what my playlist has been missing… and the beauty of it is that it is in stereo.

  2. Gwailo says:

    My Mrs is from HK so when i popped over to meet the family, I must admit the noise was something to behold. The 2 noises that stand out in my memory are
    1. Mahjong tiles being mixed no matter the time of day
    2. Phlegm being rattled up from the back of some guy / gall’s sinuses.

    I am set to visit the family again soo and im so glad i found this. It wil be fare better then knitting needling my ear drums.

    also why the fuck dont they turn off the aircon in winter.. last time i was there I almost froze by arse off.

  3. Because they’re fucking idiots

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