You don’t make friends with salad 2

More meat than you can heft a cleaver at!

A tub of giblets. How none of this ever found its way onto the menu at Fairwood I'll never know.

Tendon removal


Three tubs of awful...I to the piggery

cut slice chop hang

Kind of like a sushi bar...except...well...ah hey hey...nice to...meat you!

Where do pigs go when they die mommy? Right there, see...on the meat hooks and hacking table

Making friends with meat...a delicacy in ALL parts of HK

Tastes as good as it looks!

Dead meat in a life pose. This is why you don't make friends with salad. Absolutely delicious offerings garnished to perfection. And look at the price's just win win than you could poke a disemboweling knife at!

Go back to Russia!

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2 Responses to You don’t make friends with salad 2

  1. K-man says:

    Bring over some beer, and fire up that grill, we’re gonna have ourselves a bbq!

  2. We’re going to fire up old ‘Propane Elaine’ and put the heat to the meat!

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