Hong Kong Education Sucks

Take this guy’s word for it…it sucks!


Update 18th July, 2011:

It’s summer holidays all around Hong Kong right now…but you wouldn’t know it. Thousands and thousands of students and teachers are participating merrily in summer catch up classes, remedial lessons and school activities. And they’ll be doing that all July and all August, so I am told. It’s a sad state of affairs when holidays have finally come…after a year, I’m sure, of schools ratcheting up the pressure, whipping up the stress, mythologizing the stakes and pushing kids to the limit…to know that as far as the eye can see, all through the holidays…students will be scurrying around in full school uniform petrified by the fear of failure, trying to gain that extra .0005% advantage that will secure them a slightly better customer service job than the next student.

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13 Responses to Hong Kong Education Sucks

  1. K-man says:

    Roughly 1100 primary and secondary schools in this country…. with thousands of colour coordinated kids all packed in sardine tin classrooms with teachers spoon-feeding them answers, preparing them for their ever so important ranking in life…

    Well there Mr. Chan, you sure worked hard these past 15 years in school, but sadly, your 97.5 percent average over that time is only good enough to get you an entry level position at our firm… We have 152 other applicants who managed to sacrifice a little more of their childhood and got a 97.7 percent average… we will be making our choice from those candidates for our ‘next to entry level position. Bet you wished you hadn’t played basketball on Saturdays with your friends for the past 15 years… think of the studying time lost…

  2. Long-Cuu Phan says:

    Man bro. if you were on the mainland, your head would explode.
    Everytime I go to Hong Kong, I remark to myself how civilized Chinese people can be.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I go to an international school here. I was appalled when a friend of mine – who goes to a public school – told me that she had exams everyday for 2 weeks of her Christmas holiday. Crazy

  4. 15wongnh1 says:

    Very, very true.

    University must be heaven for them when they finally leave.

    And international schools aren’t so great either, I can tell you. They like to slash holiday times.

  5. Anonymous says:

    as someone whos been through all this, i can proclaim hk education rubbish.

  6. tonytam says:

    the teachers give so much hw for us in holidays, mentally abusing us

  7. Will it ever stop? says:

    UNICEF knows how serious the mental abusing against children are in Hong Kong.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The Hong Kong Education is like Formula 1, with exception that the extra .005 won’t get you a pole position and millions of Dollars into your bank account. At the very best it might get you 1 extra foot for your next rented flat.

  9. Anonymous says:

    … “1 extra sq. foot”…

  10. When I asked my student – after our 3rd 1.5-hour class of the week – what he wanted to do most, he said that he wants to rest, go outside and play in the grass.
    Can we just stop and frickin’ reflect on that please??

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