Shortest escalator in the world?

Well…it’s the shortest one I’ve seen. It’s underground somewhere near the Cultural Center/ Space Museum area. It’s about 6 or 7 steps. I don’t really get it, but I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation. Maybe they had extra escalator material after a bigger job. Maybe it’s an urbanely kitschy tourist attraction. Maybe it’s good for wheelchairs. I don’t know.


At least that escalator works…what about this one…

Warning: Serious hazard...use the 9 stairs to the left...carefully

Or these ones…

Warning Warning! Extreme danger zone!

Out of service

Out of order

Doesn't work

Out of luck

Lots of break downs with these HK escalators. But maybe the repair jobs are more economically viable than the incredible amount of injury claims that people lodge when all they have is deadly stairs.

Hong Kong is so cost effective…


Lots of break downs

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One Response to Shortest escalator in the world?

  1. There’s also one at Provident Centre in North Point. Doesn’t annoy me, just befuddles the heck outta me.

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