Hong Kong Car Horn Love

On to the lighter side of Hong Kong now…with Hong Kong: Car Horn Love.

In time, I hope to collect a video highlights package showing car horn orgies, car horn money shots, 2 horns 1 car, general car horn porn and car horn cornholing. Won’t be difficult. Hong Kong drivers can’t help themselves behind the wheel. They…must use the horn at the slightest delay…because they know…they just know that using the horn will make everything go much, much faster. Everybody knows that! No toots here though…no friendly beeps…this is the motor jungle and only the loudest, most obnoxious, basest and most prolonged horn abuse can get it through to the driver in front of you…that you are concerned about the fluidity of the current traffic situation.

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6 Responses to Hong Kong Car Horn Love

  1. Cletus says:

    2 horns, 1 car. Classic.

  2. K-man says:

    Horn porn is great… bus on car action… car on minibus…. plus the cars that can handle two blasts at once…. and the street cars… they really know how to blow…

  3. m says:

    When someone sits on the horn while I’m standing 2 feet away on the footpath…it’s the only time I almost lose my temper. The urge to smash the side window and punch them in the face almost overcomes me.

    In other dreams, I fantasise about walking over and gently tapping on the hornblower’s window – when s/he winds down I pull out one of those large foghorns and blast it right in their face. I’d do this, but I seriously worry the ignoramus just wouldn’t make the connection between what they’re doing and my response – my point would be totally lost on them!!!!!

  4. gowron says:

    I feel your pain M. It’s just so sudden these blasts. This one time in some rural shit city in Guangxi (Rongxin), this car full of fur babies, (those stupid girls who wear these silly stuffed animals, (like this one to make her look like a cat). They honked their horn right at me, they see me and they honk. I flip them the finger after frowning, they laugh like the cute little bubble headed sluts they air, cute though in a pedobear kind of a way. I laugh back and key their car with a broken piece of garbage, a brick chip I believe. As they slowly drive away, I just stood there because I couldn’t go anywhere. heh heh heh. bitches.

    Anyways, This video the honker is actually quite tame, compared to the morse code of Shitchen, I’m in this restraunt at the Shitchen rail station, if you guys don’t have to go into Szehchen don’t. See Hong Kong is like a zoo, it stinks it’s full of animal junk then you go into the beasts section once you get to Szehcneh, full of growling gorillias apes, lions and other beasts.

  5. m, I am like that too. Happened to me today. Wanted to throw a rock at them and give them something to really honk about.

  6. Sounded like only one car (or horn model) doing all the honking
    10% of drivers produce 90% of honks

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