You don’t make friends with salad…

Got meat?

Got nose?


Feelin' hungry Jimmy?

Graduates from Bovine University

The food chain

Chop chop chop...dead on a block

My appetite's whet...for some toads in a net!

Street meat

Get some pork on your fork!

Meat and You: Partners in Freedom

The food chain

If a cow ever got the chance, he'd eat you and everyone you cared about...

Hackin' meat can leave you beat!

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11 Responses to You don’t make friends with salad…

  1. m says:

    hee hee. Gotta admit those markets turn my stomach too.

    Still, perhaps it’s good in a way to get a real dose of in-you-face reality about the meat market. That’s why I’m also a regular visitor to the Wanchai disco’s every weekend 🙂

  2. Iago says:

    Tragically depressing, as always.


  3. Ms says:

    Guess what people…meat isn’t pretty !
    It may be gross to see but at least these people are honest about what they eat, they don’t fool themselves with fancy packaging or nice sounding words to make themselves feel better about the fact they are eating what was a living creature.
    No I’m not a vegetarian but I think its ridiculous when I see meat eaters turn their nose up at seeing meat in its most natural state i.e. with bones etc

  4. Yep…agree. The only bits that are gross are the giblet or intestinal tract tubs. The rest is just a delicious array of animal.

  5. Cletus says:

    @ Ms: No one is saying that because the meat LOOKS disgusting, that that is the main problem. The truly horrifying thing about meat here is the way it is handled, displayed, protected, imported, grown, and the (lack of) knowledge of proper hygiene by the so-called butchers. Don’t believe me? Hang back and watch a butcher at the wet market for five minutes next time. I guarantee that at some point during that time you will see one or all of these offenses: meat dropped to the floor and put back on display, butcher coughing ALL OVER the meat, cigarettes smoked int he vicinity of meat or without washing hands afterwards, flies laying all manner of eggs on warm meat, knives improperly sterilized, mis-labeled items, day-old meat served as fresh, meat being dyed to look fresher. Honest about what you eat? Please. The butchers are so desperate to push every bit of meat out of the shop on any given day, so anything goes.

    That said, it’s not only the local butchers that are so brutal. The meat available at most Wellcome or Park ‘n Shop locations is downright tragic. The meat on store shelves that comes from China is laden with huge amounts of steroids, dyes, preservatives, and any other number of heinous things (don’t even get me started on the produce… jeez!). I’m sure that most people would test positive for steroids if they were tested by an anti-doping agency for Olympic athletes (ever wonder why the free-range meat imported from Canada, NZ, etc at City Super costs so much more?). There is absolutely no oversight about how animals are raised, what they are fed, or what hormones/steroids they are injected with in the mainland. It’s a complete free-for-all. Oh, the Chinese government has implemented some safety and morality rules for raising chickens, cows, and pigs? Bullshit. No possible way to monitor that, nor would it be economically wise for them to do so. Remember the tainted milk scandal? Oops, seems to have re-emerged yet again! I’m surprised there isn’t a “meat pipeline” coming down from China into Hong Kong so they wouldn’t have to deal with those pesky border crossings, freezer-trucks, deadlines, and hassles. Imagine, a pipeline just like an oil pipeline, but containing tons and tons of delicious BBQ pork, chicken wings, and all other manner of meaty foulness! Hong Kongers would lose their fucking heads with joy! BBQ pork for all! Let the shitting begin!

    Lastly, there are always a few pompous fools who say “I’m conscious of the issue, I only eat the locally grown pork, beef, etc.” Holy fucking shitballs. Take a Sunday and go for a hike on ANY trail near a village in the New Territories and see what ‘locally grown’ really means. I’ve personally seen pigs sleeping on slabs of concrete on the sides of hills, in gulleys, ditches, and elsewhere, completely exposed to the elements, no manure cleanup, no fresh water to drink, eating other dead pigs, and all of them just laying there on their sides in the hot sun WAITING TO DIE! Revolting. The most inhumane, horrible way to raise animals. Many even have 10 or 15 pigs in the backyard, not in pens, being abused, malnourished, and generally uncared for. Disgusting. Zero farming know-how displayed.

    Do I eat meat in HK? Of course. Does it look disgusting? Without a doubt. Do I know it is likely bad for me? Sure. What can I say, I love meat. But am I completely fucking delusional like people like “Ms” who think that these local meat shops are so good because they are not all ‘dressed-up’ and packaged, and therefore must be better? Fuck no. But at least I REALIZE that I am eating shit meat when I eat it.

  6. K-man says:

    @Cletus… the fruit and veg is a close second to the meat… rounding out the top three… the milk beverages… not quite milk… not quite beverage. Fuck it all…

  7. agree says:

    I concur with Cletus, my friend works at a chicken farm in Pinggu outside of Beijing. Enough said.

    It’s a shame they don’t farm chinese people, they are probably cheaper to raise than traditional animals: just give them a cell phone, a tiny room to live in, and throw some grizzle or flavored water in there from time to time and they’ll be happy until the end comes. With population as it is maybe the Government will come around to this logical solution.

  8. Feelin hungry Jimmy?

  9. Gwailo says:

    Can someone tell me what they do with all the nice cuts of meat? I am a meat lover and tbh my time in HK has always left me thinking that perhaps they pics and cows are made entirly out of offle.

    ta 😀


  10. I’m fucked if I know what happens to the nice cuts of meat. They butcher and hack it up in such a way that you get 90% bone (people love to gnaw on bones here) and 10% meat. It’s just in the way they like to cut it. I think all that bulbous looking meat hanging from hooks they use in soups. Who knows.

  11. At least these are RAW meat and you can sanitise to some degree back home. Have you guys ever visited the Cooked food markets? We asked for some crispy skinned duck and yer man came back from the toilets, wiped his hands on his already stained trousers and proceeded to chop a chunk for us. Appetising indeed.

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